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       Vol.  II,  No.  1                                 COLLEGE OF THE CANYONS                                          Oct. 15, 1971

                                                                        Elections                       ALLEN  HEADS

                                                                                                       CoC STUDENTS
                                                                          At  press  time,  Bill  Leach  was  a
                                                                       clear-cut  winner  of  the  Freshman
                                                                       race  for  class  president,  but  the   By  Ronald Boydston
                                                                       contest  for  Sophomore  class  presi-  Heading College  of the Canyons'
                                                                       dent  ended  in  a  tie  and  required a   student  government  for  the  1971-
                                                                       run-off.  Leach's  opponents  were   72  school  year  is  sophomore  Don
                                                                       Neil  McCauliffe  and Julie  Bedford.   Allen, past president of the Ecology
                                                                       Cecilia  Gomez  and  Mike  Mahonec   Club  and  recipient  of  last  year's
                                                                       tied  for  the  Sophomore  post.   campus  "Man  of the  Year"  award.
                                                                                --     --
                                                                          While  the  number  of  students   Allen  came  to  California  from
                                                                       voting  is  still  low, the  turnout this   Texas in  1941.  F qr 16 years he was
                                                                       year  is  better  than  that  for  last
                                                                       year's elections, reported Rick Hoe-
                                                                       fel,  election  committee  chairman.
                                                                          Students  also  voted  to  elect  a
                                                                       Homecoming  Queen  rather  than
                                                                       have  her appointed by the  football
                                                                       team.  The  vote  was  233-49.
                                                                          In addition, students were asked
                                                                       to  rate  the  new  food  service  pro-
                                                                       vided on campus. Results: Excellent-
                                                                       42; Good- 191, Poor - 36.
                                                                         SFV Student·s
                                                                                                                  Don Allen
         Bill  Leach, new  Freshman  class  president, conducted an active election   Attend  COC       an  industrial  supervisor  with  ex-
         campaign  last  week  on  campus.  He  argued  strongly  against  what  he                     perience in the fields of sheet metal,
         termed  an  "imbalance" in  the  Associated  Student Body  budget which   College  of  the  Canyons'  Board
                                                                                                        electronics,  aircraft  and  pyrotech-
         provides  generous  amounts  of money  for  athletics  and  little, propor-  of  Trustees  recently  approved  an   nics  - explosives.
         tion~tely, for  academic  activities.                          interdistrict  attendance  agreement
                                                                                                          Eight  years  ago  he  moved  to
                                                                        with  Los  Angeles  Community Col-
                                                                                                       Saugus  from  the  San  Fernando
         Coed Makes European Trip                                       ege  trustees.                 Valley  with  his  wife,  Emma,  and
                                                                          Under the agreement, COC  is  to
                                                                                                       their  four  children.  Mrs.  Allen  was
                                                                        act  as  a  "safety  valve"  for  over-
                                                                                                       graduated from COC's Licensed Vo-
        In ~~Airborne Chicl~en t:oop"                                   crowded  Pierce  College  in  Wood-  cational  Nurses  program  last  sum-
                                                                        land  Hills  and  Valley  College  in
                                                                        Van  Nuys.  COC  will  now  be  en-
              By Suzanne Muhl             (Please  excuse  my  comparison   rolling students from  20 valley area   Why is he back in school? Taking
                                        to animals, but I felt very much like                          advantage  of a  disability,  he  is  pre-
         Suzanne  Muhl  was  one  of  a   one  in  such  crowded  situations.   high schools.           paring  for  a  possible  second  career
       number  of COC  students who  visi-  One  loses his  sense  of individuality   The agreement, however, created   as  an industrial arts  teacher.  Event-
       ted  Europe  last  summer.  She  will   to some extent, and becomes simply   a  turmoil  when  the  Valley  College   ually  he  would  like  to  work  on -a
       describe  some  of her experiences in   part  of a whole.  This can or cannot   coaching  staff insisted  on adding a   reservation for the Bureau of Indian
       a series  of articles  written  for  this   be  a  good  feeling  -- in  this  case  it   ban  on  athletic  competition  for   Affairs.
       11ewspaper.                      wasn't!)                        valley  students  at  COC.  This  ban   Asked  about  his  hopes  for  the
         Our  crowded  charter  flight  out   We  were  tired  and  groggy,  and   originally eliminated six players from   student body in the coming months,
       of  Los  Angeles  International  air-  we  had  entirely  too  much  luggage   COC's starting football line-up.   Allen  replied,  "I  would  like  to  see
       port  was announced over the speak-  (a  good  time  to  find  that  out,   In  a  move  to  rescind  the  ban,   many, many  more students become
       er,  and I experienced the dull sensa-  huh?) But, with some  inner  will  to   COC  trustees  asked  Los  Angeles   involved in school functions. There's
       tion  a  cow must  feel  -- that she  is   survive,  we  whipped  ~ut  our  pass-  trustees  to  pay  $110,000 in tuition   not  a  club  on campus that doesn't
       part  of a vast,  slowly  moving  body                           fees  for  valley  students  presently
                                        ports, all  nice  and green  and  shiny,                        need  more  student  participation."
       of  things,  all  trying to  get  through                        enrolled.  The  Los  Angeles  trustees
                                        with that nice  little golden eagle on                            The  new  ASB  president, resplen-
       a small  opening  at  once.  This  feel-                         then  rescinded  the  ban  by  a  6-0
                                        the front.                                                      dent  in  short  handle-bar  mustache
       ing  I  was  to experience many times   Now, if I may digress for a mom-  vote.                  and  stylishly  greying  hair,  is  a voci-
       before I returned home!          ent. I have  never  felt  very national-  The  immediate  effect  of  this   ferous COC booster.
         After  14  hours  in  the  air,  we   istic,  I  mean  I  knew  I  was  an   agreement  on  COC?  According  to   "I  think  we're  off  to  a  good
       landed  at  Gatwick  airport  in  Lon-                           Dean  Carl  McConnell  of the  office   start  at  this  college.  We  enjoy  the
      . don.  A  warm  breeze  was  blowing,   "American,"  but  never  had  any-  ot admissions and records:  "Present
                                        thing  to  compare  that  with,  really.   enrollment  is  now  1577  students,   support  of  the  community  as  few
       and  it  felt  good  to  be  there  after   I  always  laugh to  myself when I see               other  schools  do ,"  he  said.
       flying  so  far in that air-borne chick-  those "Love It or Leave  It" _stickers.   of whom  more  than  100 are  valley   "I believe,  furthermore, that our
       en coop.                              (Cont'd on page  4  )      residents."                           (Cont'd on page  4  )
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