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I Editorial]                                                                               ~aucatIOll  IS
        Last  year  in  this  column  I  in-
     vited  College  of the  Canyons'  stu-                                                             College  of the Canyons' student
     dents  to  contribute  features,  news                                                           body is comprised of many different
     or  opinionated  material  for  publi-                                                           age  groups,  from  last  year's  high
     cation in  The Canyon Call.                                                                      school graduates to  housewives and
        I am  again  extending that invita-                                                           businessmen.  All  have  their  own
     tion  to  all  students  and  to faculty                                                         reasons for persuing academic goals.
     members, as well.                                                                                For  Henry  Denomme  it  is  simply
        If you have  a newsworthy  item,                                                              stated:
     a feature, or an opinion column you                                                                "I'm trying to get  the education
     wish  printed,  simply  submit  it  in                                                           I  didn't  get  when  I  was  younger."
     written  form  to  Anton  Remenih,
                                                                                                        Henry is  62 years old, the oldest
     the  Call 's  advisor  or  to  any  staff                                                        student on campus.
     member.                                                                                            Between  the  8th  grade,  where.
        Submit  the  story  typed  and                                                                his  formal  education  ended,  and ·
      double  spaced.  Any  material  or                                                              his  enrollment  at  COC,  Denomme
      subject  matter will  be accepted and                                                           served  in  the  navy  through  two
      printed if found to be of interest to                                                           wars,  retired,  then  began  a  second
      the  student  body.  The  only  guide-                                                          career  with  a  civilian  aircraft  com-
      lines  are  those  dictated  by  good                                                           pany.
      taste  and  rationale.  Material  must   Dave  Schuster working on wiring for a student response panel under   World  War  II  saw  First  Class
      be  signed,  although  names  will  be   construction in Robert Seippel's electronics class.    Petty  Officer  Denomme  involved
      withheld  on  request.  Anonymous                                                               with  navy  aircraft  as  a  structural
        -This paper depends upon student  The  A nastasit1  Class Bu\ilds                             mechanic  and flight  deck inspector
      material will not be accepted.
      reaction  and  participation.  One  of                                                          aboard aircraft  carriers operating in
                                                                                                      the  Atlantic  and  Pacific.  He  sur-
      its functions  is to provide a podium   Look: Is Bac;k  Response U1nit                          vived numerous battles in the South
      for  students  and  faculty  to  air                                                            Pacific  as  well  as  the  suicidal  last
      grievances  and  share  stories  and                                                            ditch  measures  off Okinawa  of Ja-
      opinion of general interest.           by Lee Sorensen                 By  David Hoeltje        panese  Kamikaze  pilots.  During the
        The  course  The  Canyon  Call   Christmas is  a time of soft snow-  College  of the Canyons will soon   Korean  conflict,  he  "flew  a  desk"
      takes is  up  to  you. It should not be   fall  and  a  warm  glow  in  the  fire-  possess  an  unusual  classroom  stud-  as a naval administrator.
      and  cannot  be  any  other  way.   place.  A  time  of  gentleness  and   ent/teacher instructional aid  that is
                David  Hoeltje,  Editor   feminity.  The  look  for  this Christ-  as  unique  as  the  purposes  it  is  to
                                      mas  time  is  the  Anastasia  look.  A
                                      return  to  the  long,  quiet  fashions   serve.
                                                                        The  project's  official  name  is
        ICC Election                  before  the  Roaring  20's  and  the   Student  Response  Center, and it is
                                      Hectic  60's.
                                                                      scheduled  to  be  in full  operational
          Ends In Tie                                                 use  by  the  next  school  quarter.
                                                                        Its main  uses will revolve around
                                                                      exactly what its name implies - stu-
        The  Inter-Club  Council,  com-                               dent response.
     posed  of representatives  of all  col-                            Serving  as  an  experimental test-
     lege  clubs,  recently  held  an  elec-                          program, the center is now being in-
     tion  for  president ,  with  a  voting                          stalled  in  room  G-6  by  Robert
     seat  on  the  Student  Council  at                              Seippel,  engineering  technology  in-
     stake.                                                           structor.
        Candidates were  Rodney Grimes                                  The  system, which was  designed
      of  the  Black  Student  Union,  and                            and is  being assembled  by  the  elec-
      Bill  Jeffers  of the  Volleyball  club.                        tronics  class,  will  include  30  desk
      A "question-and-answer" period was                              units  and  a master  control panel to
      held  during  which  the  nominees                              supervised by the instructor.
      presented their desires and goals for                             The  desk  units  will  be  equipped
      the  council,  and  their  reasons  for                         with  a  system  of response  buttons
      seeking  election.                                              that  are  connected  to  the  master
        This  vote  was  secret,  with  the                           panel  by  wire.  Students  will  be
      result  a 4-4 split. A run-off election                         able  to  respond  to  virtually  any
      was  scheduled  for  the  following                             question/answer  situation  given  by
      ICC meeting on November 12 ..                                   the  instructor  by  pushing  the  ap-
         By-laws  require  that the ICC  be                           propriate  button.
      represented  on the Student Council                                The  class  response  to  a question
      immediately.  This  dilemma  was  re-                           will  be  relayed  to . the  master  unit   The  white-haired,  soft-spoken
      solved by voting that the candidates                            where  any  one  of  four  light  as-  student is enrolled in Math, English,
      alternate  as acting presidents until a                         signed  to  each desk unit will go on,   Psychology  and  Oral  Communica-
      clear-cut  choice is made.                                      showing the student's answer.    tions  courses  this  quarter,  a  full
                                                                         The project, which was proposed
         The  first  acting  president  was                           by  Instructors  George  and Mildred   16  units.  He  heartily  approves  of
      decided  by  a  flip  of  the  coin.                            Guernsey,  is  being  constructed  ba-  the  new  methods  of  education
      Grimes  won  the honor of being the                             sically  with material bought at sur-  today.
      first  ICC  representative  on the  Stu-                        plus houses.                        "Students  have  a  better  chance
      dent Council.                                                                                    to  express  themselves  than  when  I
                                                                        Housing  for  the  individual  desk   was  in  school,"  he  said.  "There  is
                                                                      units  is  being  constructed  at  Ven-  more  opportunity  to  think,  and  a
                                                                      tura  College,  which  has  welding   greater emphasis in  learning how to
            THE CANYON CALL                                           facilities,  with all  other  work being   think".
                                                                      done at COC.                       · To  Denomme, education is  "the
         PUBLISHED  TWICE  MONTHLY                                                                     key to understanding life."
         BY  JOURNALISM  STUDENTS                                        The  unit  will  run  on  a  12-volt
         AT  COLLEGE  OF  THE  CAN-                                   system,  removing  any  chance  of   When  asked  what he  considered
         YONS.  EDITORIAL  OPINIONS                                   electrical  shock to  users.  Each but-  to  be  the  greatest  development  in
         EXPRESSED  IN THIS PUBLICA-                                  ton  will  withstand  more  than  2   science  during  his  lifetime,  Den-
         TION ARE THOSE OF THE WRl·-                                                                   omme  named  the  laser,  with  its
         TER  AND  N·OT  NECESSARILY                                  million  individual  pushes  and  the
         THOSE OF THE COLLEGE.                                        light  bulbs  will  have  a  lifetime  of   potential  use  in  communications
                                                                      approximately 20,000 hours.      and  weaponry.
              EDITORIAL STAFF                                                                            Henry Denomme feels that youth
             David Hoeltje, Editor       Anastasia,  youngest  daughter  of
                                       the  Czar  Nicholas,  was  the  most                            is  a valuable  resource  for  our coun-
         Suzanne Muhl   Kenneth  Nix   beautiful  and  beloved  of  all  the   que,  a  mere  evening  at  home  be-  try.  He  expressed  his  belief  that  ·
         William Leach   James Beydler   princesses.  She  typified  the  roman-  comes  an  adventure.  Accessorize   politicians and judges might well re-
         Reid Worthington  Scott Peterson   tic  yet  lively  look  of the  Imperial   with  white  tights  and  ice-white   tire  at  the  age  of 60, thus opening
         Richard Hunter   Don  Chambers                                pumps tied like ballet slippers. Wear   positions for younger people.
         Gregory  Knights   Robert Stevens   court.  A  look that even now is con-
                                                                                                         After  he  completes  his  studies,
         Kevin  Dooley   Ron  Boydston   sidered  one  of history's most femi-  your  hair  braided  and  pinned over   Denomme plans to travel extensively
                                                                       the  ears.  For  a  touch  of  Old
              PHOTOGRAPHERS            nine.                           Russia,  add  a  fake-fur  muff  and   throughout the United States.
         Tom Burlew   Bru.ce  McKinney   Today,  any  girl  can  have  the   pearl  earrings.  The  gown  pictu·red   "There  is  nothing  in  the  world
         Pau I Osterhues   Pau I Plamondon   look  of  Anastasia.  In  a  flowing,   is  by  Barbara  for  Murray  Hambur-  that  isn't  duplicated  in  the  United
                                       Empire  gown  of  porcelain-blue,
           TON Y  HEMENIH . ADVt,SOR                                   ger.                            States", . he  concluded.
                                        •    1   ~.: ..Ll _   .C~ ,.~--=-"-  .......,... o,  -~'""'-+   0 .......,.......,1''1 _
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