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         Vol.  II,  No.  2                               COLLEGE OF THE CANYONS                                        Nov.  1,  1971

                                                                         Loyd  :Heads                    Constitution
                                                                        Campus  Vets  To Be Revised

                                                                            Mike  Loyd,   recently   dis-   A  Constitutional  committee
                                                                       charged  army  veteran,  has  been   has  been  formed  by  the  Student
                                                                       named  president· of  the  newly  or-  Council  to  revise  the  Associated
                                                                       ganized  Veterans  Club  on  campus.   Student  Body  Constitution.
                                                                            Mike  came  to  COC  with  the   Committee  members  are  Bill
                                                                       idea  of  forming  a  veterans'  group ·   Brewer,  chairman;  Sharon  Rapp,
                                                                       to  help  armed  forces  dischargees   Associated  Women  Students' repre-
                                                                       adapt  socially  to  the  college  en-  sentative;  -Rick  Hoeffel,  council
                                                                       vironment.   According  to  Loyd,   Parliamentarian;  Bill  Leach,  Fresh-
                                                                       "The  veteran  needs  organizational   man class president; Neil McCauliffe,
                                                                       backing  to  let  him  know  he's  not   · Freshman  class  vice-president,  and
                                                                       alone."                         'Jerry  Pigg of the Student Council's
                                                                            After  the  club's  constitution   Constitutional Screening committee.
                                                                       was drafted, it was submitted to the   Don  Allen,  ASB  president,
                                                                       Student  Council screening commit-  called  for  the  committee  after
                                                                       tee  ~J:iere  !t  m~J _ considerable.  op-  several alleged conflicts between the
                                                                       position. The committee's main ob-  present  Constitution  and  its  by-
                                                                       jection  is  directed  at  Article  II  of   laws were pointed out. Char~es tha!
                                                                       the  constitution  which,  the  com-  the  ASB  Constitution also  violated
                                                                       mittee  maintains,  has  "discdmina-  federal law  were  made.
                                                                       tory  membership  because  it  is  not   The  Inter-Club Council pn•~i-
                                                                        open to all  COC  students."   dent  clause  was  cited  as  a  "cc.n-
                                                                            The  screening committee rec-  flict."  The  ICC  president  is  the
        Juanita Gomez, sophomore, and Bill Leach, freshman, new class presidents.   commended that the  veterans form   representative  of all  campus  clubs,
                                                                        an  "organization". An organization   organizations  and  societies,  but
          .New · Class  Presidents                                     comes under Student Council juris-  only  clubs  are  permitted  to  vote
                                                                       diction. The veterans, however, elec-
                                                                       ted  to  organize  a  "club"  which  is   for  him.
                                                                                                            This,  it  was  charged,  denies
        Tell  It  As  They  See It                                     permitted to  maintain its own bank   organizations  and  societies  the
                                                                       account and is  not required to turn
                                                                       over  profits  to  the   Associated   right  to  choose  their  representa-
                                                                                                       tive,  a  violation  of  the  United
                                                                       Student  Body.
              JUANITA  GOMEZ                    BILL LEACH                  Loyd,  however,  feels  that  a   States  Constitution's  14th Amend-
                                                                                                       ment  which guarantees "equal pro-
                                                                       precedent  should  be  set  by  the
           Juanita  Gomez,  new  Sopho-     "Outspoken"  is  a  relatively                             tection  of  the  laws"  to  all,  in-
       more  class  president, insists she will   mild term to describe College of the   council  and is  pushing for  approval   cluding  equal  votes.
       conduct  an  "active"  rather  than  a   Canyons'  newly  elected  Freshman   of  his  constitution  in  its  present   Another  alleged  infraction in
       "passive"  role  in  her  first  elective   class  president,  Bill  Leach.   form.             the  present  regulations  is  the
                                                                            Loyd,  22,  is  enrolled· in  his
       office.                              A  pre-law  student,  Leach  as-  first  quarter  at  College  of  the   method of electing Associated Mens
           "I mean to  take  the initiative   serts  his  main  objective  is  to  "get                representatives   and   Associated
       to  help  my  class  and  not  wait  for   student government working for the   Canyons.        Womens  representatives.  The  ASB
       students  to  come  to  me  with  sug-  student  again.  The  onesided aspect                   by-laws  state  they are  to  be  voted
       gestions  and  complaints," she  said.  •  it has  assumed is  wrong and not to   HOMECOMING QUEEN   on  only  by  their  respective  sexes.
           "I  also  believe  that  the  Stu-  be  tolerated.  The  Student  Council                   However,  the  19th  Amendment to
       dent  Council  need  not be  enlarged   should  work  for  all  students  and   Queen will  be  elected by  the entire   the  Constitution states the right  to
       to  function  effectively  as  do  some   not  a  certain  few."   student  body,  which  will  also  sub-  vote  cannot  be  abridged  on  the
       members.  I  do  believe,  however,   "I  also  hope  to  see  students                         basis  of  sex.
       that some student representatives on   soon  take  over  publication  and   mit  names  of candidates.  The  top   This  matter will go  before the
                                                                       three  vote  getters  will  be  named
       the  council  are  not necessarily  rep-  financial  responsibilities for the col-  queen and princesses.  A Homecom-  soon-to-be-activated Studen tJ udicial
       resenting  to  their  fullest  capabili-  lege  newspaper  and  yearbook,"  he                  Council.
       ties."                           said.                          ing committee will select three male   The  committee  will  place  the
                                                                       students for escort duty.
            Miss  Gomez is  an advocate of   .  An ardent supporter of George                          ASB  constitution  before  the  Stud-
                                                                            The  queen's  duties  at  half-
       vigorous  student  participation  in   McGovern  for  President,  Leach is  a   time  on  Nov.  20  will  include  pre-  ent  Council  for  approval.  If  ap-
       student  affairs.               ·member  of  Alpha  Gamma  Sigma,                               proved,  it  will  then  reach  student
            "I  deplore  the  apathy  of   campus honor  society, and current-  sentation  of two  $100 scholarships   voters  for  ratification.
       many students on  campus who show   ly has a grade point average of 3.96.   to  the  respective  senior  class  presi-  How  long  will  this  take?  Ac-
      no  interest  in  student  government   Leach named Neil McCauliffe,   dents  of  Hart  and  Canyon  High   cording  to  Chairman  Brewer,  "Vo-
      which,  as  I  see  it, is  really  a minia-  whom he  defeated for  the office of   Schools.  These  scholarships  later   ters  can expect a new  Constitution
      ture  of  federal,  state,  and  local   president,  as  Freshman  class  vice:   will  be  awarded  to  worthy seniors.   in  about four  weeks."
      government  they  will  endure  when   president.
      they have  left  school."                                             Don  Allen,  Associated  Stu-
           Miss  Gomez,  who  attended       "Our  thinking  and  platforms   dent  Body  president,  has appointed   College  of the  Canyons' cross
       Hart  High  School,  is  a great  sports   were  similar,  so appointing McCaul-  a  committee  of  five  students  to   country  team  will  host  Mira  Costa
       fan  and  participant.           iffe  to the vice  presidency seems to ·  select  films  to be shown as a recrea-  here  at  1  p.m.,  Friday,  Nov.  5,
                                                                       tional  activity  in  the  Student   announced  Ed  Jacoby,  coach.
              (Cont'd on Page  4)             (Cont'd on Page  4  )    Lounge.  Bill  Leach  is  chairman.
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