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                                        F~rst  Play  In

             By  Suzanne  Muhl
                                         The  first  Blue  Masque  produc-
         Is  there a revolution  going on in   tion of the year, Montserrat, will be
       America today? I believe so.    presented December 3, 4, 10 and 11
         America  is  emerging.  A definite   in  College  of the Canyons Humani-
       form  is  beginning to take shape out   ties building H-1.
       of a mass of confusion. Black Power,   Written  by  Lillian  Hellman,  the
       Chicano  Power,  Indian Power, Wo-  play  made  its  English version debut
       men's  Lib ... all  seem to be uniting   on Broadway in 1949, and has since
       to  form a new People Power, a new   been  one  of  the  better  plays  pro-
       Peace  Power. Those  who  have been   duced  on  any  stage.
       crying out for a new world can now   This  fictional  account  of an  ac-
       see  the  very  beginnings  of it  right   tual occurrence  takes place in early
       here  in  America.              19th  century Venezuela  during _the
                                       revolution against  Spain.
         Apparently, Black courage to tell   Montserrat:,  portrayed  by  Gary
       it  like  it  is  has  led  the  way.  Un-  Simmons, is  a Spanish  captain torn
       questionably  exaggeration  has  oc-  between loyalty to his  country and
       curred  and  some  bending  of  the   devotion  to what he  knows to be a
       truth  as  the  struggle  for  political   just  cause  - - the  cause  of  the
       power  has,  for  some  blacks,  re-  revolutionaries.
       placed  the  struggle  for  equality.   Withholding information concern-  Photographers  Tom  Burlew and Paul  Osterhues were  assigned  to  come
         But  it  is  also  true  that  Blacks   ing Bolivar, the revolutionary leader,   up  with  a  "campus  construction"  shot.  This  is  what  they  produced.
       were the first minority group in this   Montserrat,  is  held  in  a  garrison   Some  construction!  Her  name  is  Laurie  Salls,  a  biology  major  from
       country  to  indict  the  corruption   commanded  by  Colonel  Izquierdo,   Saugus.
       in  our  courts,  in  our  seats  of gov-  by Erik  Noet.
       ernment,  and  in  our  social  institu-  The  conflict between Montserrat    'Record  Revievv
       tions,  and  to  tell  people  about  it.   and  Izquierdo  and  the  form  of
                                       torture  devised  by  the  colonel  to    TEARS  OF  JOY            DON  ELLIS
         I assume  they believed they had
  r    nothing  to  lose,  and  men  in  that   get  his  information  is  the  main    Columbia        30927
                                       theme  of  the  play.
       situation,  in  most cases,  are  honest
                                          The  conflict  has  con temporary    By David Hoeltje         mers (with Ellis occasionally sitting
       men. They  dared to  look, and they
                                       analogies,  and  because  it  does,                              in on a third set.)
       dared  to  find  fault  in  a  system                             I  first  became  a confirmed Don
                                       modern  clothing  will  be  worn  by
       which,  as  we  are  led  to  believe  by                       Ellis  fan  after  purchasing  his  first   The  band has  toned down quite
                                       the  players  and  a  number  of epi-
       some  TV  commercials  and  maga-                               "live"  double  album  set  D o n  Ellis   a bit since the Fillmore albums. The
                                       sodes  in  the  play  will  be  updated.
       zine  ads,  is  unselfish,  and  whose                          at  Fillmore  (West).            string section, which would seem to
                                          William  Baker,  oral  communica-
       first  priority  is  the  serving  of the                         At  that  time,  the  band  con-  be  out  of place  within  the volume
                                       tions instructor, is  director.  Debbie
       people.                                                         sisted  of  Ellis  on  trumpet  and   level  of  a  big  band,  is  ingeniously
                                       Wilborn  is  assistant  director  and   drums,  eight  more  brass  pieces,
                                       Mary  Woolsey  is  technical  director.                          amplified through a direct line-feed
         No  doubt there  are  some  people                            five  woodwinds, guitar, piano, bass,
                                       Kevin Dooley is in charge of tickets.                            unit  called  the  Barcus-Berry  Trans-
       in  business  who  do  care  about                              conga  and  two  more  drummers  - -
                                          Other  cast  members  are  Chris                              ducer  System.
       serving  the  people,  which  includes                          20 members in  all.
                                       Besha, Kevin Balser, David Williams,                               I  suppose  that  Ellis  and  his
       of course, serving themselves as well.                             The  energy  and  highly  profes-
                                       Don Anderson, Cheryl Bassler, Rich-
                                                                       sional  tightness the  band presented   music and the outstanding members
         But isn't it also  true  that all too   ard  Vanbelleghem, Rory Lee Soren-  then  is  totally  beyond  my  power   of  his  band  (most  notably  Fred
       many  people  in  business  and  gov-  sen,  Ernie  Cline,  and Dooley.   to  describe.          Selden,  alto  sax;  Milcho  Leviev,
       ernment  wish  only  to  serve  their                              Using  time  signatures  and  key   piano and Ralph Humphrey, drums)
                                         lndia;n Site                  changes  I  had  never  experienced,   are  destined to remain popular only
       own  life .styles,  their  own  political
       beliefs,  and, worst of all,  their own                         Ellis  totally  captivated  my  musical   among  the  confines  of  the  jazz
       egos?                          '(J)iig1s' Popular               inquisitiveness  and  the  desire  for   freaks  of the  globe.  This  is  indeed
         Some  revolutionaries  want  to                               more  of this  thing  called  big  band   sad.
       "pick  up  the  gun,"  but  this  is  ob-  As  many  as  20  College  of  the   jazz grew  within  me.   But,  he  has  made  his  mark and
       viously  not  a  responsible  answer.   Canyons  students  are  participating   With  the  release  of  thi.s  latest   many  fine  years  of  outstanding
       America's revolution, which is  hap-  in  archeological  "digs"  of  Y okuts   album  set,  recorded at  Basin  Street   music  are  in  store  for  those  who
       pening  right  now,  includes Nader's   Indian  sites  in  the  San  Joaquin   West  in San  Francisco, Ellis and his   will  listen.
       Raders  and Ecology.            valley.  Although  the  school  year   revised band have entered a virtually   John  L.  Wasserman  of the  San
                                       has  just  begun,  several  digs  have   untouched area  of musical thought.   Francisco  Chronicle  sums  up  Ellis'
          It  includes  a  new  pride  in  our   already  taken place under the spon-  Included in this 21  member group   accomplishments  and  ability  with
       country  which  is  not  related  to   sorship  of  Roger  Basham,  psy-  is  a string quartet (first  and second   one simple paragraph on the back of
       blind  patriotism,  and  a  realization   chology-anthropology instructor.   violins, viola .and cello); a woodwind   the album jacket.
       that America  was  founded  on prin-  The  digs  are  conducted on a dry   quartet  (saxes,  clarinet,  oboe  and   "Ellis  is  the  only  jazz  big  band
       ciples  of  freedom.  We,  the  people   lake (Buena Vista)  near Taft, about   flute); four trumpets, including Ellis;   leader to emerge  and endure  in  the
       of  America,  have  strayed  greatly   85  miles  from  Valencia,  and  in-  french  horn,  trombone,  bass  trom-  last  twenty  years."
       from  these  principles, and it's time   clude  one explored  some  years  ago   bone,  contrabass  trombone,  tuba,   That  says  a  hell  of a  lot  about
       to  return to them.             by  the  Smithsonian Institute.   piano,  bas~,  conga  and  two  drum-  one  hell  of a  man.

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