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        MIKE  LEADS                                                                                      NEW  GRID

        CC  RUNNERS                                                                                    WHIZATCOC

           By  Scott  Peterson
           Mike  Martinez,  COC's  great                                                                      By Don Chambers
      cross  country star,  began  his  career                                                             "My  main  interest  now  is  to
      at  age  14  on  Placerita Junior High                                                           get  to  Bakersfield  and  the  state
      School's worn  track, unsure that he                                                             championship,"  said  Gary  Hamil-
      could  ever  make  it  as  a  distance                                                           ton,  the  Cougar's new star running
      runner.                                                                                          back.
           But make it he did ... and how!                                                                  "I  don't  think  any  team can
           He  led  last  season's  cross                                                              beat us," he  said. "We're as good as
      country team to a conference cham-                                                               last  year's  team  (which was  ranked
      pionship,  the  first  chalked  up  for                                                          fifth  in  California),  and  I  think
      any  Cougar  team.  Five  wins and no                                                            we're  going  to  make  the  Bakers-
                                                                                                       field (state championship) play-off."
           Mike  was  undefeated  in  con-                                                                  In  only  three  games,  the
      ference  meets  and  set  four  course                                                           Cougars'  most  exciting  ball  carrier
      records.                                                                                         had  scored  nine  touchdowns  and
           His  best  time  on  COC's  rug-                                                            carried  the  pigskin  for  348  yards.
      ged  4-mile  cross  country  course  is                                                               Hamilton's  football  career
      20:45  minutes,  a  mark  likely  to                                                             started at Tompkins High School in
      stand  for  many  years ... unless Mike                                                          Savannah,  Ga.  Hamilton,  dubbed
      betters it this year, of course.                                                                 "Pickles"  by  teammates,  made  the
           At  last  year's  Fall  Sports                                                              varsity  in his  first  year (9th grade),
      banquet,  he  received  the  "Most                                                               playing  linebacker.  He  was 5'8" tall
      Valuable  Runner"  trophy.                                                                       at  the  time  and  weighed  only  165
           Like all  top athletes, Martinez                                                            pounds.
      works  for  his  glory.  Twice a day he                                                               His  coach soon discovered his
      and teammates  run  a grueling com-                                                              extraordinary running ability,  how-
      bination  of  sprints,  intervals,  and                                                          ever,  and switched Gary to offense,
      hill and distance runs totalling about                                                           alternating  him  between  running
      15 miles.                                                                                        fullback.
           In  between,  he  lifts  weights.   Mike  Underwood  (left),  offensive  center, and  Randy  Kruska, offensive   Gary  developed  into  a  top
           He  was inspired to take up the   guard,  with  Dan  Minyard,  offensive  tackle,  in  background.  They're   league  player, and  at the  end of his
      lung-boggling sport of distance run-  Cougar  refugees  from  the  Pit,  that  tumultuous battleground  in  which   senior year his coach recommended
      ning  by  Jim  Ryan ,  world  record   opposing  linemen  struggle  for  the  ultimate  glory  or  demise  of the  ball   him  to  COC's  Head  Coach  Don
      holder  for  the  outdoor  mile,  and   carrier.                                                 Kloppenburg,  who  was delighted to
      was  encouraged  to  continue  when                                                              invite  the  elusive  back to  Valencia.
      he  did  well  in  the  600 yard  run  in                                                             In  his  first  year  as  a Cougar,
      junior high.                                                                                     Hamilton  averaged  7-plus  carries
           Mike  has  set  ambitious  goals                                                            per  game  and  scored  six  touch- ·.
      for  himself  for  the  next  several                                                            downs,  a  fine  record  for  a  fresh-
      years,  but  is  too  modest  to  talk                                                           man.
      much  about  them.  Friends,  how-                                                                    This  season  already  speaks
      ever,  tell  you  that  one  is  to  break                                                       for  itself.  Gary  missed  the  first
      4  minutes in  the  mile.                                                                        scrimmage  because  of an  ankle  in-
          This  is  not  an  unreasonable                                                              jury,  and  played  only  one  quarter
      goal  at  all.  Mike  ran  the  mile  last                                                       in  the  second.
      year  in  4: I O ... and he's  still  a grow-
      ing  boy.                                                                                            But  then   came  the   Cal-
          "Our  team  has  a  very  good                                                               Lutheran  game.  Gary  ignited  fans
      chance  of winding up as  one of the                                                             by  demonstrating  that  he  is  per-
      top  three  in  the  state,"  says  Mike.                                                        haps  the  most  exciting  runner  in
          As  of  press  time,  COC's  har-                                                            COC's  short  history.
      riers  remained  undefeated.                                                                         He  weaved  in  and  out of the
          Martinez, a physical education                                                               opposing  defense  like  a ghost, mak-
      major,  hopes  to  become  a  teacher                                                            ing  it  all  look  simple.  He  scored
      after  college.                                                                                  four  times.
                                                                                                           The Mt. San Jacinto game was
                                                                                                       more of the same. Gary scored three
         PR  Experts                                                                                   touchdowns.  A  week  later  at  Im-
                                                                                                       perial  Valley,  Gary  scored  twice.
                                                                                                           Hamilton, who  with his  com-
          Visit Class                  Mike  Martinez,  distance  running  star,  heads  COC's  cross  country  team   edic  bent  is  probably  the  Cougars'
                                       which is undefeated in regular meets so far this season.        most effective morale booster, gives
          The  Public  Relations  class                                                                credit  to  his  offensive  line  for
     which  meets  on  Wednesday  nights            LEACH                       GOMEZ                  whatever success he  has had on the
     in  G-1  has  scheduled  a  number  of                                                            field.
     key  local  and  Los  Angeles area ex-   (Cont'd from Page  1 )        (Cont'd from Page  1  )        "Our line is  the  best I've ever
     perts  in  the  field  as  guest  speakers.   be  a  logical  thing  to  do,"  said               had  in  front  of  me,"  he  said.
          They  include  Vig  Hall,  area   Leach.                         At  Hart,  she  was  a  member   "They're doing a great job of block-_
     representative  for  one  of  the  larg-  Leach, 22, is a member of the   of  the  softball,  track,  and  volley-  ing  and  opening  holes  for  me  to
     est  printing companys in the nation                             ball  teams,  served  as  statistician for   waltz  through."
     and  president  of  his  own  manu-  Ecology,  Veterans,  Chess  and  Ball   the  varsity  baseball  and  basketball   Hamilton  hopes  to  continue
     facturers  representative  firm;  Craig   and  Cue  Clubs.       teams,  and  was  a  member  of  the   playing  football  at  a  four-year
     Altschul, director of public relations   He  served  four  years  in  the   Lettergirl  Club.     school  after  leaving  COC.
     for  YMCA  of  Metropolitan  Los   navy  as  a  communications  techni-  She  said  she  decided  to  run   His  future  looks  bright  in-
     Angeles  which  supports  the  largest   cian and formed many of his  politi -  for  office  because  last  year  she   deed.
     youth  program  in  the  world,  and   cal views during this period.   made  recommendations  to  student
     Paul  Berthelot,  community  affairs   "The  service  was  a great cata-  government  representatives   and   S.U.R.E. PRESIDENT
     manager  for  the  four  Forest  Lawn   lyst  in  the  sense  that  it  awoke  me   nothing  happened.
     cemeteries  in  Southern  California.   politically," he  said.       "I decided, then, to get things   Dick  LeClair  has been elected.
          Other  speakers  are  Charles    Leach  plans  to  attend  law   done,  I  had  better  try  to  do  them   president  of S.U.R.E.,  the  campus
     Donaldson,  Los  Angeles  Times  re-  school  at  Stanford  University  and   myself,"  she  said.   ecology organization. Other officers
     porter; Jay  Rodriguez,  manager  of   Harvard  University  after  which  he   "T  don't  like  to  see  a  candi-  are  Richard  Hunter, vice  president;
     community  relations  for  KNBC   will  enter private  practice.   date  run  uno~osed.  I  believe  vo-  Maggie  Moore,  treasurer;   Donna
     ( channel 4);  Don  Kelley,  vice  presi-                        ters  should  at  least  be  given  a   Scearce, secretary, and  Ann Moore,
     dent of the Newhall-Saugus Jaycees,                              choice."                         corresponding secretary.
     and  Oscar  Adams,  assistant  vice   The  International Folk Dance   Juanita's  ambition  is  to  be-  Monthly  paper,  bottle,  and
     president and manager of the Santa   Club  will  meet  from  3:30  to  4:30   come  a  high  school  teacher.   can reclamation drives will continue
     Clarita National Bank.           p.m.  each  Monday  in  Room  PE-1.                              this year, said Le Clair.
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