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        Praises  Line                                                                                    A  Harrier

                                                                                                              by  Scott Peterson
             By  Don Chambers
         Football  coaches  to  a  man  tell                                                             Many  have  seen  College  of the
      you that your team is no better than                                                             Canyons'  cross  country  team  in
                                                                                                       action, but few  know  what  it takes
      its offensive line.                                                                              to  develop  a  cross  country runner.
         This  is  as  true  of College  of the                                                        The  following  ingredients  are  es-
      Canyons'  tough  Cougars  as  it is  of                                                          sential:
      the  Minnesota Vikings  or  the  Balti-
      more Colts.                                                                                        One  very live body
         The Cougars possess an outstand-                                                                One strong mind
      line.                                                                                              One pound of intestinal fortitude
         The Cougars keep winning.                                                                       A generous helping of dedication
         "The  entire  success  of our team                                                              Two  large  handfuls  of patience
      depends  on  the  ability  of our line-                                                            A  full  measure  of finely  ground
      men  to  block  our  opponents,  and                                                             self-discipline
      up  to  now  they've  been  doing  an                                                              A  brimming cup of School Spirit
      excellent  job,"  said  Head  Coach                                                                Blend  these  ingredients by  alter-
      Don  Kloppenburg.                                                                                nating  between  sprints,  long  dis-
         Linemen,  traditionally,  are  the                                                            tance  runs  and intervals,  until  they
      unsung  -heroes,  although  it  is  they                                                         are fully mixed. Place in a pre-heated
      who  block  the  charging  enemy,                                                                110  degree  earthen  oven  for  two
      punch  holes  through  his  line,  and   .................. /-,  back  Richard  Smith, scoring  one  of his  three  touchdowns   months  and  then  allow  to  cool  in
      generally intimidate the foe.     in  the  Mira  Costa game.  The  flashy  runner carried the ball_ 17 times for   25  degree  weather  for  another  six
         When  they  do  their  job  right,   181  yards, averaging a spectacular 10.6 yards per c~rry. ~mith, ho_wever,   weeks.  Sprinkle  generously  with
      the linemen give  Red Stevens plenty   suffered  a knee  injury  in  the Palo  Verde game which will keep him out   School  Spirit  and  send  to  league
      of  time  to  throw  his  glamorous   of action for  a while .   ·                               finals.
      passes  and  convoy  running  backs                                                                The  preceding recipe is, perhaps,
      on those exciting runs.                                                                          a  ridiculous  analogy  depicting  a
         But,  if  they  falter,  Stevens  gets                                                        cross  country  runner  in  training.
      knocked  on  his  whatchamacallit,                                                               But  that  is  not  to  say  that  the
      and  running  backs  Gary  Hamilton                                                              time  and  energy  a  harrier  puts out
      and  Dick  Smith  are  torpedoed.                                                                is  in  anyway  silly.
        If the  line  falters,  the  quarter-                                                            Our  runners  can be  seen  on the
      back  is  doomed,  and  there  is  no                                                            track  or  in  the  hills  daily  grinding
      offense at all.                                                                                  out  another  15  miles  for  the  sole
        "I've  never  played back of a bet-                                                            purpose of bettering their times and
    ,.  ter  line,"  says  Hamilton,  the  small                                                      winning as a team for College of the
      but dazzling ball carrier.   .                                                                   Canyons.  And  win  they  have,  be-
        Who  are  the  Stalwart  Seven  up                                                             cause  as  of press  time,  College  of
      front  responsible  for  the  Cougars'                                                           Canyons'  harriers  are  still  unde-
      formidable offense?                                                                              feated  in  conference  competition.
        End  Jim  Elford  was  an  all  CIF                                                              Our  runners  have  shown  that
      player  at  Canyon High.  Dave  How-                                                             they  can  win. They have repeatedly
      sare,  right  tackle.,  came  to  the                                                            demonstrated  keen  School  Spirit.
      Cougars  from  Bedford,  Pa.  Center                                                             But have we?
      Mike  Underwood  was  all-league  at                                                               I  have  attended  most  of COC's
      Hart High.                                                                                       home  meets  and, generally, there is
        Right  Guard  Gary  Fitch is  a gift                                                           only  a  scattering  of  students  on
      from  Watick,  Mass.  LeJt  Guard                                                               hand to cheer the team.
      Frank  Ceilya  was  all-league  at  Can-
      yon High, a11d  Dan Minyard, another   Starter  Lee  Smelser  fires  start  of recent  dual  cross  country  meet  with   It  is  true  that  cross  country  is
      Canyon  all-leaguer,  is  awesome  at                                                           not  a glamorous  sport  such as foot-
                                                                                                      ball.  It's not even an ideal spectator
      left tackle. End Bruce Mitchell came   Mira  Costa, which  COC  harriers  won  easily.
      to  COC  from  Savannah, Ga. home-                                                              sport,  but our boys love  it  and  our
      town  of another  star  Cougar, Gary   Council Sets              Calllpus  BSU                  school enough to run their guts out.
                                                                                                         It seems  to  me that the least we,
      Hamilton.                                                                                       the  student  body,  can  do  is  to
        "These  are  the  men  who  make
      our offense  go,"  said  Kloppenburg.  New  Policies              Chapter  Set                  show  up  at the meets in support of
      "They  engineer  the  opportunities   Recent  Student  Council  action   A  new  chapter  of  the  Black   a  championship  team  of dedicated
      for  our  ball  carriers  to  run  inside   includes  adoption  of  several  new   Student  Union  (BSU)  has  been es-
      and  out,  and  protect  our  quarter-  policies.               tablished  at  College  of  the  Can-
      back  so  he  can  get  off his  passes.   One  of  these  was  proposed  by   yons.  Currently,  there  are  approxi-  One  advocated  a  Black  History
        "If we  intend  to  keep  winning,                                                             class,  which  would  cover  the  time
      they  must  continue  to  provide  the   Rally  Committee  Chairman  Laura   mately 15  members in the club, and   period  from  the  beginning  of Re-
      holes  for  our  runners  and  the  pro-  Lyman,  who  also  chairs  the  Home-  their  advisor  is  Mrs.  Hazel  Carter,   construction to  today, and another
                                      coming  committee.  Miss  Lyman  re-
                                                                       COC's one black instructor.
      tection for our quarterback."   ported  that  the  Homecoming com-  BSU officers are  Rodney Grimes,   a  Black  Psychology  class,  which
        When  asked  if  he  thought  the                                                              might  be  based  on  such  books  as
                                                        granting  the
      team,  which  at  press  time  remains   · Homecoming  Queen a life-time pass   chairman; Bruce Mitchell, vice chair-  Black  Rage,  by  Grier  and  Cobbs.
                                                                      man; Jeff Sherman,  secretary; Billy
      undefeated,  could  reach  the  state   to  all  regular  home  athletic events.   Brewer,  treasurer,  and  Larry  Nun-  Brewer  suggested  that  the  book,
      championships, Kloppenburg, in the   This  required  Student  Council  ac-                      Born Black,  by Gordon Parks, might
                                                                       nally,  minister  of defense  (sergeant
      customary fashion of cagey coaches,   tion  and  was  adopted.   at  arms).                      be  of  particular  interest  to  club
      refused  to  park himself on the  end   Freshman  President  Bill  Leach   Committees  are   Membership,   members.  This  book  is  not  in  our
      of a limb.                      presented  a  report  of  the  Noon   Grimes,  chairman; Finance, Brewer,   college  library.
        "I  think  only  one  week  ahead   Hour  Film  committee, of which he                           Meetings  of BSU  are  held  every
      at  a  time,"  he  said.  "I  don't  look   is  chairman,  proposing  that  the   chairman,  and  Alvin  Edwards  and   Tuesday  at  12  noon in  Room  C-3.
                                                                       Mitchell,  members;  Constitutional
      that  far  (as  far  as  the  champion-  council  adopt  a policy  for  showing   By-Laws,  Jerry  Jackson,  chairman,   There  is  no  discrimination in deter-
      ships)."                                                                                         mining  membership.  Anyone  is  eli-
                                      at  least  one  noon-hour  film  each   and Gary Hamilton, member.
        But, as Coach Kloppenburg spoke,   week.  This  was  approved  unani-  Social  Affairs,  Sherman,  chair-  gible.  ·
      this  reporter  noticed  a  dreamy,   mously.                    man,  Alan  Morris  and  Nunnally,   Applicants must fill out the stan-
      far-away  look  in  his  baby  brown   Constitutions  of the  Black  Stu-  members, and BLACK, Alan Morris,   dard  information/application sheet,
      eyes, .and on his  "No, no" lips  one   dent  Union  and  the  Veteran's Club   chairman,  and  William  Savonne,   submit  it  to  the  BSU  for  approval,
      detected  a  "Maybe,  I  hope  so"   were  presented  to  the  council  by   member.            and  pay  a  $1  membership  fee.
      smile.                          Parliamentarian Rick Hoefel, a mem-  The  BLACK  committee  will  as-  Application  must  be  approved  by
        fr  is  obvious  that  a  great  in-  ber  of the  Constitutional Screening   sist  students in  school work  and  in   members.  Dues  are  50  cents  per
      justice has  taken  place so far in this   committee.            procuring  scholarships  and  other   week,  payable  on  or  before  each
      story.  The  defensive  line  also  lives   The  Screening committee found   financial aid.      Friday.
      and  dies  in  the  "Pit."  A  story  on
                                      the  two  constitutions  satisfactory   The  subject  of  a  Black  Studies
      these  brave  men  and  true  is  up-  and  recommended  their  approval.   program  came  up  during  an  early
      coming.                         The  two  new  clubs  were  chartered.   meeting. Brewer reported that Steve   Perhaps  I  do  not  know  what  I
                                        In other action,  Leach proposed   Cerra, history instructor, had asked   was  made  for;  but one  thing I  cer-
        Students  interested  in  playing   that  a  committee be  established  to   for  assistance  in creating a minority   tainly  never  was  made for, and that
     volleyball  at  noon  on  Thursdays   investigate  the  possibilities  of free   studies  program.  Suggestions  were   is  to put principles on and off at the
     and  Fridays  are  invited  to join  the   coffee  for  COC  students. The  com-  taken  from  the  floor  as  to  what   dictation  of  a  party,  as  a  lackey
     Volleyball  club.  Contact club mem-  mittee  was  appro~ed,  with  Leach                        changes  his  livery  at  his  master's
                                                                      these classes might be.
                                                                                                      rnmm~nrl  - Hnr~ce  Mann_
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