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         Vol.  II,  No.  4                                 COLLEGE  OF  THE  CANYONS                                        Nov.  29,  1971

                                                                           Queen Vicki  1st Reigns

                                                                          At  1st COC Homecoming

                                                                                                 By  David  Hoeltje
                                                                             College  of  the  Canyons'  first   formance  titled  Music  10 4  Devel-
                                                                          annual HomPcoming  could  only  be   opment of Jazz Code  number 60280.
                                                                          tcrmect a roaring  success as  Vicki   The  pep  squads  ranks  were
                                                                          Sine lair  was crowned  Homecoming   also bolstered  by  returning  alumni
                                                                          Quf'f'n and  the  mighty  Cougar foot-  and  all  obviously  had  an  enjoy-
                                                                          ball  squad  handed  a  humiliating   able  evening.
                                                                          49-0  defeat  to  the  College  of  the   The  first  half  of  the  football
                                                                          Desert  Roadrunners.             game,  which  saw  COC  go  into  the
                                                                             During   halftime  cerPmonies·   locker  room  with  a  35-0 lead,  was
                                                                          which  saw  the  debut  of  COC's   highlighted  by  the  passing  of
                                                                          newly  formed  marching  band,  ASB   Quarterback  Red  Stevens  and  the
                                                                          Prt•sident DonA llen introduced the   running  of Gary  Hamilton  and  Don
                                                                          three  qm'('n  candidates.  Donna   Phillips.
                                                                          Cooksey,   Holly  Peterson  and     In  his  most  productive  game
                                                                          Vicki  Sinclair.
                                                                                                           as  a  Cougar,  Phillips  ran  for  155
                                                                             The  quPPn  candidates and  their
                                                                                                           yards in 13 carries and three  touch-
                                                                          l'scorts,  Mark  MPade,  John  Rex-  downs.
                                                                          winkle  and  Bill  Jeffers  were    Stevens  passed  for  195  yards
                                                                          clri ven  to  the  COC  50 yard  line  in
                                                                                                           and was instrumental in the victory
                                                                          1972  Ford  Thunderbirds  provided   as  he  completed  14  out  of  22,  two
                                                                          by  Canyon  Ford  and  there  the   for  touchdowns.
                                                                          closely guarded  result of the  elec-  COC's  other  outstanding  quar-
                                                                          tion  between  the  three  was  an-  terback,  Geoff  Brown  completed
                                                                          nounced  by  Allen.              3-8  for  55  yards  and  one  touch-
                                                                             The Queen and Princesses each
                                                                          received  a  bouquet  of roses during   down  and  center  Mike  Underwood
                                                                                                           had  a  fantastic  game  as  the  man
                                                                          the  ceremony  which  also  included   in  the  middle  of  all the  action.
                                                                          the  presentation  of  two  $10 0
                                                                                                              The  win, of  course, makes  the
                                                                          scholarships  to  Canyon  and  Hart   Cougars  Desert  Conterence  cham-
                                                                          high  schools.                   pions but more importantly, it gives
                                                                             The  two  scholarships  derived
                                                                                                           them  a  berth  in  the  state  semi-
                                                                          from  money  that  would  under  nor-  final  play-offs.
                                                                          mal  circumstances  be  used  for
                                                                          floats.  This commendable  act was
                                                                          dent  Council  to  put  the  money  to  R&E  GROUP
                                                                          a  result  of  a  decision ·by  the  Stu-
                                                                         . better  use  as  financial  aid  to
                                                                                           a  brown-eyed  SCORES HIT
                                                                          soon-to-be college  students.
                                                                             Queen  Vicki,
           Queen  Vicki  the  First!  College  of  the  Canyons' first  Homecoming   brunette,·  was  crowned  by  Laura
           Queen  was  crowned  at  half-time  of  the  College  of  the  Desert  foot-  Lyman, Home coming  committee   By  Suzanne  Muhl
           ball  game.  She  is  beautiful  Vicki  Sinclair.              chairman,  and  was  given  a  life-  RATTLESNAKES  AND  EGGS!
                                                                          time  pass  to  all  Cougar  home   This  fine  group  made  College
                                                                          sports  activities.              of  the  Canyons'  first  homecoming
                                         be turned into a district warehouse   Princesses  Donna  and  Holly   dance more  than just a  dance. The
         BOARD  OKAYS                    and  maintenance  center.        memento of the  occasion, and they   f i v e  m e m b e r s--Tim,  T o m m y,
                                                                          were  each  given  an  engraved
                                            The board also recently award-
                                                                                                           Keith,  Peter  and  Marty- -produced
         CAMPUS  PLANS                   ed  a  contract  for  construction  of   with  Miss  Sinclair later reigned at   an experience that  made  us quick-
                                         Phase  2  site  development  to  the
                                                                          the  Homecoming  Dance  held  in
                                         Strecker  Construction  Co.,  whose   the  Hart  High  cafeteria.   .  ly  forget  any  concepts  we  might
            The  Board  of  Trustees  has   bid  of  $1,044,000  was  lowest  of   A  highlight  of  the  evening  was   have  had  about  a  band  with  such
         authorized  development  of  plans   eight  received.  Development  will   an  outstanding combo  with the  un-  a  funny  name.
         for  an  on-campus  auto  shop  pro-  begin  immediately.        likely  name  of  Rattlesnakes  and   It  is  obvious that  they are  out-
         ject  to  replace  current  facilities                           Eggs,  who  provided  the  entertain-  standingly   talented  musicians.
                                            Work  includes  extension  of  the                            Their show, nevertheless, is main-
         on  Pine  street  in  Newhall.   west  road;  extension  of  the  east   ment  for  the  dance. The group was
            The  proposed  auto  shop  build.,.   road  to  the  site  of  the  first  per-  a c q u ·1 r e ct  t h r o u g h  e ff o r t s  of   ly  visual.  They  establish rapport
         ing,  containing  5,700  square  feet,   manent  buildings;  installation  of   Suzanne  Muhl,  Homecoming  com-  with  the  audience  by  living  their
         will  be  erected  along  the  west   utility  walkways  and  drainage   mittee  member.          music  on  stage,  turning  each  set
         road  south  of  the  baseball  field.   systems  for  the  first  permanent   The  combo,  whose  repertoire   into a vaudeville-ish theater piece
         Plans  call  for  completion·.  of  the   buildings,  and installation of util-  ranged  from  big-band  dance  num-  They  talk  to  the  audience,  joke
         installation  by  the  fall  quarter,   ities  for  the  auto  sho p  facility.   bers  to  modern  rock,  is  critiqued   with them,  and then knock them off
         1972.                              In addition, field  areas for  phy-  elsewhere  in  this  issue  by  Miss   their  feet  with  music  to  suit  any-
            An  additional 1,200 square feet   sical education  activities  will  be   Muhl.               body's  taste.  Able  to  play  just
         at  the  proposed  facility  will  be   trebled.                    The COC  marching  band,  under   about  any kind of music nameable,
         used  as  a  district  warehouse  for   In addition, the board authorized   the  direction  of  Music  Instructor   they  showed  us  only  a  small  por-
         vehicles  and  supplies.         sale  of $500,000  in  district  bonds   Robert  Downs,  put  on  a  splendid   tion  of  what  they  can do.
            Ultimately,  when the  auto shop   to  provide  the  district's  share  of   half-time show, The  25  piece band   Rattlesnakes  and  Eggs  (R&E)
                                                                                                           has: been  together  only  one  year.
         becomes  part  of  the  permanent   funding for the  current  and  up-com-  was  augmented  by  alumni  re-  But the  group  has  a  history  which
         technology  building ,  the  temp-                               turning  for  the  occasion  and  the
         orary  on-campus  auto facility  will        (Cont 'd.  on  page  4)   group  held  its  own  during  the  per-  (Cont'd.  on page  4)
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