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Record  Revie~
                                                                            Ch ic:ago  - At Carnegie Ha;//
                                                                                           COLUMBIA      C4X 30865 ,

                                                                                  by  David  Hoeltje      mances  given  on  the  photograph
                                                                             The  only obstacle  that a listener   portfolio, CHICAGO has  played no
                                                                           of this  four  LP  set has to overcome   less  than  650  engagements  since
                                                                           is  the  exclusive  use  of  previously   May  of  1967.
                                                                           recorded  material.              To present material that has been
                                                                             Any  questions  regarding this can   played  again  and again, as if it were
                                                                           be  promptly  answered  by  reading   yesterday,  is  no  easy  feat.  Yet
                                                                           the  credit  notes  included  with  the   CHICAGO  pulls  it  off  flawlessly.
                                                                           LP  package.  The  performance  took   AT CARNEGIE HALL  supports
                                                                           place  during April,  1971, just a few   a  belief  that  I  have  held  for  some
                                                                           months  after  the  release  of  the   time  now.  CHICAGO  is  very  likely
                                                                           group's  third  double  LP  set.   the  best  conglomeration  of  musi-
                                                                             Why  there  was  a  six-month  in-  cians to  be  found  on record  today.
                                                                           terval  between  recording  and  re-  There  is  no  compromising when
                                                                           lease  is  a question I cannot answer,   their  integrity  as  a musical  force is
                                                                           but  it  is  better  the  set  is  late  than   concerned.  They,  apparently,  com-
                                                                           rushed and  poorly edited.     pose,  perform  and  think for  them-
                                                                             All  three  hours of the music can   selves,  bending  for  no  one.  This is
                                                                           be  found  on  one  of  CHICAGO 's   an  extremely  admirable  trait  in  a
                                                                           three  double  LP  sets but each  song   world  built  around  compromise.
                                                                           on  the  live  albums  presents  an   CHICAGO  presents  a  sense  of
                                                                           up-to-date  version  of  the  material   teamwork  and  ability  that  is  rare
                                                                           and  one  can  only  appreciate  and   and  the  sounds  this  seven-member
                                                                           admire  the  professionalism  with   group produce never cease to amaze
            Kevin  Dooley  (he's  at  left)  interviews  Brecken  Myraridge,  COC's   which the tunes are handled.   me.
            versatile  doll-model  used  to  demonstrate  bedside  techniques  in  the   There  is  no  waste  of  time  or   To appreciate them to the fullest
            Licensed  Vocational  Nurse  class.                            material in  the  set and it is difficult   I  recommend that you see  them the
                                                                           to  listen  to  just  one  or  two  sides.   next  time  they  appear  in  Los  An-
            Meet Brecken  Myra ridge  - -                                  There  is  a constant urge  to  play  all   geles.
                                                                           four albums at one sitting.
                                                                                                            In  the  meantime,  these  four
                                                                             A  few  of the  vocals  are  sloppy ,
             What a  Gal!  What a  Guy!                                    but this  is  completely  canceled  out   albums  are  an  outstanding  substi-
                                                                                                          tute  for  the  real  thing.  The  set  is
                  by Kevin Dooley            Questioning  further ,. f  learned   by  the  outstanding  instrumental   a  must  for  CHICAGO  fans  and
             Shade  of  Christine  Jorgensen!   that  Brecken  is  a  women's  libber.   aspects  of  this  live  performance.   anyone who enjoys fine  music.
             A  bisexual  dummy  at  College   He/She  also  confessed  to  being  a   According  to  a  list  of  perfor-
          of  the  Canyons!                male  chauvinist.  He/She  subscribes
             You can bet your bippy.       not only to "Ladies Home Journal",                              A. Heidt Pens
             His/Her  name  is  Brecken  Myra-  but also to "Playboy"
          ridge,  and  he/she's  a  half  life-size   - Interviewing,  now'  in  . greater                  2  Art  Pieces
          doll  used in  the Licensed Vocation-  depth, I  asked  Brecken how he/she   by Suzanne Muhl
          al  Nursing  class  to  demonstrate  a   got into this business.   Bloody noses,  broken arms, bro-  Two  illustrated  articles  by  Ann
          variety  of nursing  techniques, both   ''Well,  one  day  someone  asked   ken  heads, bruises, bumps and blah.   Heidt,  art  instructor,  appear  in  re-
         . _ _intimate and otherwise.      if  I  would like  to  donate  my  body   That's  what  I  used  to  think about   cent  issues  of Arts and  Activities,
             His/Her versatility is  fascinating.   to  science.  When  I  asked  what  for,   football.  People  screaming  "Kill!   national  art  education  magazine.
          Sometimes  Brecken  is  a  gal  and   he  said  I  was  to  be  a  transplant   Kill!",  and  cheerleaders,  the  battle   They  are  "Discharge  and Dye,"
          sometimes Brecken is a guy.      patient. How did I know he  wasn't   maidens,  working  themselves,  the   an  article  about  fabric  design,  and
             Marvelous!                    talking about my heart?"        spectators,  and  the  players  into  a   "The  'Iinpossible' Still Life," which
             No  alert  reporter  could  pass up   "What  were  you before you be-  hysterical frenzy. Did I ever used to   discusses  combining  unusual  ob-
          a  chance  to interview such versatili-                          be down on football!           jects  for  a  drawing  composition.
          ty. Right?                       came  bisexual?" I asked.         Now,  I have  seen  the  light - or,   In  all,  26  articles  on  art  au-
             When  I  asked  Brecken,  whose   "To  tell you the  truth, I  was  so   at  least, I am  working toward some   thored  by  Mrs.  Heidt  have  been
          face,  by the way, remains female at   bad  off  you  couldn't  tell.  I  can't   sort of logical  explanation as to the   published.
          all  times,  how  he/she  liked ,his/her   even  remember;  it's  been  so  long.   reason  for  football.  Doubtless, peo-  On  her  European  trip  last  sum-
           constant sex change, he/she replied:   "At  first--I  wanted  to  go  into   ple  far  more  intelligent  than I  take   mer,  Mrs.  Heidt  took  more  than
             "Well,  it  does  create  a  bit  of a   acting.  After  all,  I  could  play  any   and love football for what it is - the   250  color  slides  of  objects  and
           problem  sometimes.  For  example,   part.                      bataille,  ein  Kampf,  a battle. But I   places  for  use  in  her  art  history
           do  I  open the  car  door myself, and   "Then  I wanted to go  into  poli-  had to  work my way  up  to  accept-  classes,  and  more  than  1,500  feet
           should  I  stand  when  a  woman   tics,  but somebody advised  me  not   ing it.              of sound  color movies  for the same
           enters the room?"               to  because  people are already down   I  will  never  assent to war - our   purpose.
             Obviously,  Brecken  is  a  gentle-  on politicians who just change their   modern  type  of  war  where  per-
           man/lady.                       minds.  Can  you  imagine  the  pub-  sonal  interest  calls  the  shots - but   When  I  now think of football, I
             Removing his/her  hand from my   lic's reaction to someone who could   I  can  now understand that a human   think,  "Right-on,  then.  LeCs  make
           knee,  I  inquired  if there  were  any   change everything?    being  is  basically  a  violent  animal.   war,  as  long  as  we  have  to, on  the
           embarrassing  moments  involved  in   "Finally, I found  a happy home   To  deny this indigenous trait would   football  field.  Not in My Lai, not in
           his/her double life.            right . here  at  College  of  the  Can-  be  like  ignoring  the  fact  that  man   Korea, not in the ghetto."
             "Yes,"  he/she  replied.  "I  don't   yons. And I like almost everything?"   must breathe air to live.   Sure,  football  may  be  primitive
           know  how  many  times  I've  been   "Almost?" I asked.  "What both-                           in  many ways.  But I don't believe a
           arrested  at  the beach for having the   ers you?"                Therefore,  what  makes  better   human being exists who  is  not also
           wrong  pair  of trunks  or  swim  suit   "Nurses  with  cold  hands,"  re-  sense  than  a  game  set  up  like  a   so.
                                                                           battle,  rewards  with  all  the  glory
           on.  But  the  most  confusing  and   plied  Brecken,  shivering  from  the   that  comes  with victory,  utilizes all   The  least  that  can  be done is for
           embarrassing  moments  are  when  I   waist down.               the  cunning  and  skill  that  a  man   us  to  be  honest  and  to  let  it  out
           face those two signs."            So,  in  the  interest  of humanity   can  muster,  yet  makes  use  of  no   but  in  the  right  way - by  incor~
             -"What-do the s igns say?"    and  for  the  sake  of poor  Brecken's   weapon  other  than basic  man him-  porating  our  basic  violences  in  a
             "  'MEN' and 'WOMEN'."        goose-pimples,  nurses  warm  your   self.                     game like football.
             I saw his/her point.          hands.  Please.


                           C)                 c:::>  c::)

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