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           I Editorial I

                                                                                                           !Opinion J

          The  Student  Council  recent-                                                                       By  Bill Leach
      ly formed a Constitutional Commit-
      tee  to  rewrite  the  Associated  Stu-                                                              What  is  a  radical?  Some  de-
      dent  Body  Constitution.
                                                                                                      fine  him as  someone  not dressed in
          The  ASB  Constitution  was                                                                 slacks  and  a  sport  shirt.  Others
      cited  as  violating  certain  amend-                                                           contend he is anyone with hair over
      ments  to  the  federal  constitution.                                                          his  ears.  Still others state he  is  any
      Rewriting  the  ASB  Constitution  is                                                           deviant  from  society's  rules.  Are
      the proper way of dealing with such                                                             these  just  definitions?
      discrepancies.                                                                                       As  Freshman  class  president,
          There  are  those,  of  course,                                                             I have  been labeled a radical in  the
      who  say,  "Why  not overlook these                                                             Student  Council,  by  some  of  my
      Amendments?  After  all,  there  are                                                            colleagues,  and  by  certain  anony-
      still  plenty  others  left."                                                                   mous  students.
                                                                                                           Even  during my campaign for
          To  these  we  reply:                                                                       class  president  that  label  was  ap-
          The  actions  of  the  least  of
     our  governmental  units  will  either                                                           plied  by  insinuation.  One  elderly
                                                                                                      student  said he  would  not vote  for
     improve or imperil us all.  Our philo-                                                           me  until I got a haircut. Since when
      sophies  are  molded  by  our institu-                                                          has  a man's quality  depended upon
      tions.  To  allow  permissiveness  and                                                          the length of his hair?
      over-sights  of  federal  law  to  per-                                                              Why  some  people are  content
      sist,  particularly  in  an  educational                                                        only  when  applying  labels  has  al-
      institution, will  certainly  affect our                                                        ways  puzzled  me.  Labeling,  actu-
      attitude  and  our  behavior  towards   Tom  Yaeh  (foreground) and Mike  Mahonec  played to  a full  house at  the   ally, is an over-simplification requir-
      these  laws  in  future  years.   first noon concert staged in the new student lounge.
                                                                                                      ing  little  thinking.  This  may  be  an
           Our  identification  and  our                                                              indication of the intellectual capaci-
      duty  as  COC  students are  of trivial   Our  Lass  In  Scotland                               ties  of a  person  using  such  tactics.
      significance.  They are  merely  a rip-                                                              Still,  the  question,  "Why?"
      ple  in  the  stream.  Our  major  alleg-                                                       remains  unanswered.
      United  States,  and  our  primary  Meets  Loch-Bound  Lads                                          Four  years  ago  when  I  en-
      iance  remains  pledged  to  the  50
                                          1                                                           tered  the  navy,  I  took  an  oath  to
    ~  duty,  as  Americans,  is  "to  secure                                                         "serve,  protect and defend the Con-
      the  blessings  of liberty to ourselves                              One  afternoon  we  were  on   stitution  of  the  United  States".
      and our posterity."                    By  Suzanne Muhl         our  way  to  a  seaport  town  called   Today, certain social elements
                                                                      "Oban".  It  was  a  sunny  day,  and   desire  to  change  the  Constitution
           The  United  States  Constitu-  Our hotel was the "Portland".   you  could  see  many  people  on the
      tion is our liberty. It is our freedom.   It's  in  a  district  called  Kensington,   road  with  fishing  poles  heading   to  conform  to  their  own  philo-
                                                                                                      sophies.  But  I  have  not  forgotten
      It is  _our  lives.  To  belittle it in  the   near  Chelsea,  King's  Road,  and  all   towards  the  "Loch".   the  oath  I  swore.  Perhaps  that  is
      least  demotes  us.  To  deny it, even   that.  It  was  a  quiet,  modest,  cozy   The  bus  stopped  for  some   why  I  have  been  stigmatized  by
      a  part of it, will  begin  a  process of   hotel with the  bathroom at the end   boys  who  were  also  going  fishing.
      decay  that  will  ultimately  end  in   of the hall.  They don't know about   I  was  sitting  in  the  very  last  seat,   some.  Such  an  attitude--strict  ad-
                                                                                                      herence  to  the  Constitution--is cer-
      slavery.                        showers  in  England.  Just bathtubs,   reading  an  Agatha  Christie  novel,
                                      which are  nice,  too.                                          tainly  considered  radical  in  some
           A  Student  Council  seat  to   The  bathroom  had  a  small,   and  they  . all  piled  into  the  long   quarters  today.
      represent  Associated  Veterans  was   low window that you could look out   back  seat  next  to  me.   .Or,  perhaps  it's  because  I
      proposed  recently.  It  was  pointed   of while  in the tub. I really enjoyed   I  didn't  look  up  at  first  be-  would  rather  preach  "Love  and
      out that this action would open the   that.  You  could  see  trees,  and  be-  cause I wanted to sort of "feel them   Brotherhood"  than  adorn  my  car
      way  to  all  interest  groups  having   yond the  trees,  people  in  windows.   out" vibration_~wise  before I jumped   with  "Love It or Leave  It".
      representation  o.n  the  council.  A   Looking  through  a  window   into anything. They began talking to   Furthermore,  if  we  classify
      compromise  was  reached  and  the   at  someone  looking through a win-  each  other,  laughing  and  smoking.   all  "long-hairs" as radical, let us not
      proposed new seat became  Student   dow  is  fascinating.  I could do  that   They seemed to be my age or a little   forget  Thomas  Jefferson.  He  wore
      Senator-at-Large.               for  a long time. For a few moments   younger.                  his  hair  over  his  ears.
           There  is  no  shame  here  be-  they  stopped being  busy  with their   I  looked  up  a  little,  and   If radicalism  is  equated  with
      cause  compromise  is  essential  to   own  life  inside,  and  looked  to  see   glanced  sideways  sneakily  at  the   a person's dress, let us label Andrew
      harmonious  government.  But  we   what the outside is up to.   one  to  my  right.  He  was  looking   Jackson  a  radical.  He  wore  buck-
      must  be  cautioned.                 People appear so content look-  out  of  the  corner  of his  left  eye.   skins  instead  of slacks.
                                      ing out of windows, head on hands   So  we  both looked  up  and laughed   And  if  a  radical  denotes  re-
           Although  one  of  our  sacred
      privileges  as  Americans  is  our free-  and  smiling  a  little.  Maybe  they're   and said "Hi".   bellion  against  the  present  system,
                                                                           "Wach y' nime, wea y' from~"
      dom  to compromise, we  must never   smiling  just  to  see  that  life  is  still   "What's  a  Loch?"  "Oh, a  Loch's a   let  us  also  condemn history's most
      compromise our freedom.         going  on  out  there--that  they  still                        profound  social  deviant.  At  a time
                                      have  time  to  figure  out what it's all   saut-water  like  cut  off  from  the   when  nations  believed  in  war  and
           The  moment  any  of us  does,   about.  Maybe  they  take  heart  in   ocean  o'  connected  to  't".   hatred,  he  taught  love  and  peace.
      the erosion of liberty begins.                                       They  told  me  a  story  about
                                      noting that life hasn't stoppedonce,                            His  name  was  Christ.
                           Bill  Leach   so  it's  doubtful  that  it  ever  will.   Ohan,  the  town we  were  approach-
                                      That's  a  far-out  thing  to  think   ing.  Here's  how it went  (translated   HOW  TO  SCORE
                                      about.                          from a very strong Scottish accent):   Scoring  for  a  cross  country
                                           We  were  in  London a couple   "When you get  to  Ob'n, look   race  is  a  simple  process,  but  for
            THE CANYON CALL                                           up  on  the  hill,  and  you'll  see  an
                                      of days  but  didn't  do  much  sight-                          those  unfamiliar  with  the  method
         PUBLISHED  TWICE  MONTHLY    seeing.  Mostly  we  walked  around   enormous  structure  that  looks like   it can  be  confusing.  When  a  runner
         BY  JOURNALISM  STUDENTS     looking  in  shops and breathing the   an  arena,  but  only  half-finished.   passes  the  finish  line,  he  receives  a
         AT  COLLEGE  OF  THE  CAN-   terrible  air.  I'm  sorry  to  say  this,   Well,  the  story  is  that  this  man   number  corresponding  to  his  place
         YONS.  EDITORIAL  OPINIONS                                   Flanigan  was  building  it  all  by
         EXPRESSED  IN THIS PUBLICA-  London, but your air  is  worse than                            in  the  order of finishers.
         TION ARE THOSE OF THE WRI-   L.A.'s!  Every  time  a bus,  truck, or   himself,  brick  by  brick.   First  place  is  given  one point,
         TER  AND  NOT  NECESSARILY   even  a car  drove by, I'd go into this   "It took him two years to get   second,  two  ,and  so  on.  When  all
         THOSE OF THE COLLEGE.        little  death-swoon  number,  clutch-  it  haJfw?.Y  done,  but  when  he  had   participants  are  in,  each team adds
                                      ing at  my throat, just to emphasize   accomplished  that  much,  he  de-  the  points  of  its  first  five  places.
             EDITORIAL STAFF                                          cided  after  so  much  hard  work
             David  Hoeltje,  Editor   my point.                                                      This is the team score and low score
                                           Power  to  the  ecology  move-  that  he  wanted  to  take  a  better   wins.
         Suzanne Muhl   Kenneth Nix   ment!  Ecology--some  fad!  It  must   look  at  what  he'd  done.  So  he
         William Leach   James Beydler                                climbs to the  top of another moun-   "There  are  no  great  men.
         Reid Worthington  Scott Peterson   be  one  of  the  most  intelligent   tain  so  that he  can  see  it  properly.
         Richard Hunter   Don Chambers   movements  ever  to  happen  any-                             There  are  only great challenges that
         Gregory Knights   Robert Stevens   where.                         "When he  looks,  he  discovers   ordinary  men  are  forced,  by  cir-
         Kevin  Dooley   Ron Boydston      In  London we  bought tickets   that he's built  the front in the back   cumstances,  to  meet."
                                      to  tour  Scotland  by  bus  for  eight   and  the  back  in  the  front.  Seeing   Adm. William  F. Halsey
              PHOTOG RAP HE RS
         Tom Burlew   Bruce McKinney   days.  Now,  that  was  both a beauti-  that,  he  climbs  to  the  top  of the
         Paul  Osterhues   Pau I Plamondon   ful  and  wonderful,  and  extremely   half-finished  structure,  shakes  his   A politician thinks of the next
                                      hard  trip.  It  was  funny,  too,  at   fi~t  at heaven, and jumps right off."   election.  A statesman  thinks  of the
          TONY REMENIH, ADVISOR                                       (,Cmtinued in next issue)
                                      times.                                                           next generation.
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