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Old Town Newhall Gazette Archive
Year 15 No. 4: October 2009
Year 15 No. 3: Summer 2009
Year 15 No. 1: Jan.-Feb. 2009
Year 14 No. 4: November-December 2008 (.pdf)
    Selections in .html (plain text) format:
    Editorial: In Newhall Time,
       Change Is Happening Fast.
Year 14 No. 3: September-October 2008 (.pdf)
    Selections in .html (plain text) format:
    Editorial: City Council Takes Step
       To Preserve Historic Buidings.
    Downtown Projects Moving Forward.
Year 14 No. 2: Summer 2008 (.pdf)
    Selections in .html (plain text) format:
    Editorial: Redevelopment Bucks Are
       In The Bank. Now What?
    Coming Soon: A New Library For Newhall.
Year 14 No. 1: Feb.-March 2008 (.pdf)
    Selections in .html (plain text) format:
    Editorial: A Long And Rutted Road.
    Newhall Moving Forward.
    Saletore: Young At Hart.
    Newhall Hardware Quits.
    Mulholland: "There It Is, Take It."
    SCV Weather 101.
Year 13 No. 4: Nov.-December 2007 (.pdf)
    Selections in .html (plain text) format:
    Editorial: Where Is Gate-King?
Year 13 No. 3: Sept.-October 2007 (.pdf)
Year 13 No. 2: July-August 2007 (.pdf)
    Selections in .html (plain text) format:
    Editorial: From Dream To Reality.
Year 13 No. 1: Spring 2007 (.pdf)
Year 12 No. 4: July-August 2006 (.pdf)
Year 12 No. 3: May-June 2006 (.pdf)
    Selections in .html (plain text) format:
    Editorial: Build The Future With Eye On Past.
    Four Added To Western Walk.
Year 12 No. 2: March-April 2006 (.pdf)
    Selections in .html (plain text) format:
    Editorial: North Newhall, Home
       Inspections And Eminent Domain.

    Cowboy Festival Gallops Into Newhall.
    An Update On Redevelopment.
    A 'North Newhall' Plan.
    Life Lessons From The 'Good Old Days.'
    Evolution Of The Local Rancho.
    And much more...
Year 12 No. 1: Jan.-Feb. 2006 (.pdf)
    Selections in .html (plain text) format:
    Editorial: A New Plan For An Old Town.
    Community Center To Open.
    History: The Finest Hotel South Of San Francisco.
    Master Plan For Master's College.
    Events: Everything Fun Happens In Newhall.
    What Next For Veterans Memorial Plaza?
    Arts Play A Vital Role In Old Town.
    Gate-King: Downtown Neighbor A
       Part Of Revitalization Cast.

    Newhall: A Gem In The Making.
    Business Spotlight: Planet Soccer.
    In Newhall, History Is All Around You.
Year 11 No. 1: Nov.-Dec. 2005 (.pdf)
    Selections in .html (plain text) format:
    Editorial: A Long Road to Recovery.
    A Specific Plan for Newhall.
    Redevelopment Committee At Work for Newhall.
    Shaping Newhall Inside and Out.
    Where Do We Get the Name, Newhall?

By Leon Worden, Publisher.

    Maybe you don't notice it by driving the streets of Newhall — or maybe you do — but things have really been moving with lightning speed since the City Council adopted the Downtown Newhall Specific Plan a couple of years ago.
    No longer is it a question of whether Newhall will see a rebirth, or what the town will look like, but rather what should happen first, and how quickly it can get done.
    Folks can argue about the timing of projects — and they do — but when you stop and consider that way back in the early 1920s there were merchants who dreamed of fixing up Newhall, you realize that everything truly is relative.
    Within the next three to four years — yes, even in this economy — we should see a new and bigger library, all five blocks of new landscaping and walkways along Main Street, and at least one parking structure with retail shops on the ground floor and residential units upstairs.
    We know what's coming to Old Town Newhall. But what about the rest of Newhall — and, for that matter, the rest of Santa Clarita?
    Where should new shopping centers go? Parks? Low-income housing? What should be preserved as open space? How will the new traffic flow?
    The city of Santa Clarita is putting those questions to you right now as it works with Los Angeles County on a new general plan. You might have heard of it. It's nicknamed "One Valley, One Vision," the idea being that we are a single, unified area, regardless of which side of the municipal border we're on. What happens on one side of our valley affects people on the other, and we need to plan accordingly.
    The city and county held a series of workshops in November ...
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