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Newhall Chamber of Commerce:
Minutes of 3-28-1923 Meeting.

ORGANIZED FEB. 21, 1923.
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Newhall, Calif. March 28, 1923.

    Regular meeting of the Newhall Chamber of Commerce called to order at 8 o'clock P.M. by President Swall. Because of failure of the lights at Hap-a-lan Hall Rev. Evans kindly offered the use of the Presbyterian Church and the meeting was held there.
    Forty present.
    Minutes of previous meeting read and approved.
    The Election Committee announced the following members elected to the Board of Directors — J.W. Harker, Fred Lamkin, R.R. Carr, W.H. McMannua and J.W. Doty.
    On behalf of the Committee on Letter Head and Seal, Mr. Perkins reported progress and also showed a partial proof of the proposed letter head.
    After some discussion it was decided that the President appoint a committee to investigate the feasibility of putting up street signs at the two approaches to the town.
    It was also decided to have the President appoint a committee to investigate the possibilities of having the street trees removed which interfere with business places and which obstruct a view of traffic.
    Some of the members advocated the securing of a fire whistle. It was decided to let this matter rest until next meeting as there would be a fire prevention committee appointed and they would look into the matter.
    The Treasurer was instructed to pay all bills, to date, standing against the organization.
    The Secretary was asked to see what he could do in securing a speaker for the next regular meeting.
    The President announced that there would be a meeting of Directors immediately after the regular meeting adjourned.
    There being no further business, the meeting adjourned to April 11th.

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