Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures

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LW3333 - William S. Hart in "The Toll Gate" (1920), Original Publicity Still No. A100-41.

LW3332 - Edwin Carewe's "Ramona" (1928): 6 Spanish Pressbook Illustrations.

LW3331 - "Ramona's Waltz" Sheet Music for Edwin Carewe's "Ramona," Piano & Organ Version, 1928.

NS2801 - Student Body, Fourth Newhall School, 1928-1929.

LW3330 - Rodolfo Acosta in "The Littlest Outlaw" (Disney 1955), British Lobby Card.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 1400-1599: National Interest; Some State and Local.

Abandoned SPRR Newhall Depot Burns Down; Chilly Hobos Blamed, 1-11-1963.

LW3329 - Detail from Aerial Photo Series, Downtown Newhall, 1930, Labeled.

Open House at New CHP Station, 2-21-1968.

Newhall CHP Office Opens at 25022 N. Golden State Highway, 5-8-1957.

Local Ethnobotany: TEA21 Rural Roadside Inventory, Caltrans District 7 • Fortier 2008.

LW3328 - Man with Spade, Walking Through Beale's Cut, 1910s-1920s.

DI2901 - Tourist Stops at Hotel Lebec, 7-30-1929.

LW3327 - William S. Hart Stars in "The Primal Lure" (1916). Publicity Still.

Valencia High School: 2002 Voyager Yearbook (Complete).

LW3326 - Veranda, Ramona's Home, Rancho Camulos. Souvenir postcard, c. 1910.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 1000-1199: National Interest; Some State and Local.

LW3325 - Graves of Henry Mayo Newhall & Heirs, Wyatt Earp, H.H. Bancroft, more.

LW3323 - Lobby Card (COPY): Tom Mix in '3 Jumps Ahead,' Newhall, 1923.

Hart High School | 1984 Tomahawk Yearbook (Complete); Laurence Strauss is New Principal.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 1200-1399: National Interest.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 0800-0999: National Interest.

Hart of the Matter: Friends of Hart Park Newsletter, Summer 2018.

LW3322 - James Montgomery Flagg Painting of Hart's Horse Comes Home After 90-Plus Years, 6-29-2018.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 0600-0799: National Interest.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 0200-0399: National Interest.

Golden State Gateway Coalition "Interchange" Newsletter, Summer 2018.

MS0009 - Tataviam Culture: 2 Steatite Bowls Unearthed at Hydraulic Research Site, Valencia, October 1968.

LW3321 - St. Francis Dam Disaster: Initial Associated Press Wire Photo, Distributed 3-13-1928.

LW3320 - Lobby Card: "The Return of Casey Jones," Monogram 1933.

HB8401 - ZZ Top "Legs" Music Video & Candids, Old Orchard Shopping Center 1984.

Obituary: Charles Edward Sitzman, 1927-1937 Mentryville Superintendent, 1878-1950

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 0400-0599: National Interest.

St. Francis Dam: L.A. Board of Public Service Commissioners Annual Report, 6-30-1923.

Beautiful Entertainment: School Plays Performed in Newhall Auditorium, 4-19-1929 • The Signal, 4-25-1929.

Video - Grading, Phase 1, Gate-King Industrial Park; Drone Video 6-18-2018.

LW3319 - Montie Montana Ropes President Eisenhower During Inaugural Parade, 1-20-1953.

Friends of the Antelope Valley Indian Musem: FAVIM Bulletin • Vol. 34 No. 2, April-May-June 2018.

LW3318 - Cliffie Stone Record Label: Newhall Records, 1966-67.

LW3317 - Canyon Meadows American Baptist Conference Center Pool, Lake Hughes, Postcard Used 1975.

HS7905 - Aerial Photo: Whites Canyon Road, 8-14-1979.

HS7904 - Aerial Photos: Bouquet Junction, Saugus High School, Citation Homes Under Construction, 8-14-1979.

HS7903 - Aerial Photos: Saugus Speedway, Santa Clara River, 8-14-1979.

LW3316 - Railfanning on Southern Pacific's Saugus Line • Pacific Rail News, November 1991.

HS5802 - County Report: Intent to Purchase Frew Addition to Hart Park (Future Heritage Junction), 7-18-1958.

LW3315 - Hart High School Class Photo: Class of 1969.

HS8001 - Photo Gallery: Relocated SPRR Saugus Depot Set on Block Foundation, 9-10-1980.

LW3314 - Gene Autry Stars in "Tumbling Tumbleweeds," Placerita Canyon, 1935. Lobby Card (1944 re-release).

HB1828 - Vista Ridge: New Home Brochure & Floor Plans, 1976.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 0001-0199: National Interest.

LW3313 - Jauregui Ranch, Placerita Canyon Bob Hope, Rhonda Fleming in "Alias Jesse James" (UA 1959).

LW3312 - The Story of Saugus Racecar Driver Dan Press (Valencia) • Stock Car Racing Magazine, July 1981.

HB1827 - Oak Lane by Beazer at Circle J: Tract Maps & Floor Plans, 2000.

LW3311 - Old Yeller: Full Revised Shooting Script, 1-22-1957.

Golden Valley High School: 2010 Yearbook: The Growler Vol. 6 (Complete).

Saugus Speedway Program 07-26-1980 | Cover: Don Linder; Profile: Oren Prosser; Feature: Prosser Wins 3rd Straight at Saugus.

LW3309 - Lobby Cards: Harry Carey Jr. in "The Raiders" with Robert Culp, Brian Keith (Universal 1964).

HB1826 - Mountainview: The Homes: Tract Maps & Floor Plans, Late 1980s.

LW3308 - Air Force Pilots Sight UFO Near Lebec • OSI Report, 9-5-1949.

Home Movie: High School Students Visit Fort Tejon, 1939.

Inventory of Fort Tejon State Historic Park Collection, 2015.

The Piru Oil Industry • Ventura Free Press, 7-28-1899.

SC1204 - City Library's First Chinese New Year Celebration • 1-23-2012.

LW3307 - Bob Steele, Janis Elliott in "South of Santa Fe" (Trem Carr 1932).

LW3306 - Green Pastures Dairy: Half-Pint Milk Bottle, 1940s-60s.

Vasquez High School: 2002 Yearbook (Complete).

LW3305 - Melody Ranch: Lobby Card: Gary Cooper, Julie London in "Man of the West" (UA 1958).

LW3304 - Melody & Walker Ranch: Lobby Card: "West of the Law," Monogram 1942.

Creative Cookery, 1973 | Charity Cookbook by the Women of Grace Baptist Church.

HB1825 - Harry Lechler's Piru Museum: Wooden Nickel Advertising Piece, 1969-2000.

LW3303 - Melody Ranch: Window Card: Gary Cooper Stars in "Man of the West" (UA 1958).

Saugus Speedway Program 08-9-1980 | Cover: Hans Wesski; Profile: Don Lindner; Feature: Covan Wins 3rd Straight at Saugus.

Sierra Vista Junior High School: 1969 Plainsmen Yearbook (Complete).

LW3302 - Burham Canyon Pictographs: Kitanemuk, Tataviam, Kawaiisu Birthing Cave. Photographed 6-3-2018.

HB1824 - Harry Lechler's Piru Museum: Postcard & Business Card, 1969-2000.

HG5603 - Newhall Elementary School: Second Grade 1955-56.

HG5602 - Newhall Elementary School Faculty, Late 1950s.

HG5601 - Arbor Day 1956 Tree Planting at Newhall (School) Park?

Warring Family of Piru & Buckhorn Station. Plus: Taxation of Rail Property; Couple Reunited After 50 Years • Ventura Free Press, 7-28-1899.

LW3301 - Melody Ranch: "Man of the West" (UA 1958): Danish Herald, 1960.

NSD: 1998 Wiley Canyon Elementary School Yearbook (Complete).

Bonelli Stadium, 1-29-1956: J.C. Agajanian Presents 100-Lap National Championship Midget Race.

Saugus Speedway Program 08-2-1980 | Cover: Jim McAlister; Profile: George Stiles; Feature: Robinson Wins 3rd at Saugus.

Buck Ware's Soledad Sands Park • Advertisement, 1976.

HB1823 - Mountain View West: Sales Brochure & Floor Plans, 1985.

An 1890 Plan to Run Santa Fe Railroad through Tejon • Jack W. Kelly 2006.

DI6701 - Construction of Interstate 5, Grapevine Area, March 1967. Multiple Views.

LW3300 - Hwy. 99, Approaching the Grapevine, Real Photo Postcard, ~1950s-60s. Color.

The Piru Rancho Gold Mining Co. • Ventura Free Press, 7-28-1899.

William S. Hart's Introduction to "My People the Sioux" by Luther Standing Bear, Houghton Mifflin Co., 1928.

LW3298 - William S. Hart: "Wolf Lowry," Kay-Bee/Triangle 1917. Magic Lantern Slide.

LW3297 - Hoot Gibson in "The Denver Dude" (1927), Lantern Slide.

LW3296 - WW2 Ace Pappy Boyington Takes "Surprise Bride" to See Newhall Attorney, January 1946.

LW3295 - Southern Pacific Cab-Forward No. 4202 at Ravenna, 1940s-1950s.

LW3294 - Placerita Canyon: Monogram's Rough Riders in "Forbidden Trail," 1941.

Hotel Lebec: The Untold Stories, 1916-1971 • By Dr. Alan Pollack, Dispatch July-Aug. 2018.

Pinecrest School (PreK-6): 1976 Yearbook (Complete).

LW3292 - Melody Ranch: Monogram's Rough Riders in "Below the Border." 2 Lobby Cards, 1942.

The Inside Scoop on Bill Hart's Film Career • Scoop Conlon biography, McCallum 1960.

HB6601 - 8 Aerial Photos: Hart High, Placerita Junior High, 7-10-1966.

LW3291 - Arcade Card: Buzz Barton Stars in "The Little Buckaroo," 1928.

HB5701 - 1957 Telephone Directory: Newhall (SCV), Lake Hughes, Palmdale, Lancaster. PacTel.

LW3290 - Plane Crash at Lebec Kills All 8, 1-29-1932; Future Sheriff Biscailuz, Future Gen. Hap Arnold Direct Weeklong Search. 3 Views.

View from Valencia with Valencia Hills Floor Plans • September 1968.

LW3287 - Valentino, Hart, Fairbanks Greet Shriners Arriving for L.A. Convention, 1925.

LW3285 - Lobby Card: Cary Elwes, Amy Yasbeck in "Robin Hood: Men in Tights," Sand Canyon, 1993.

LW3286 - Lobby Card: Cary Elwes, Eric Allan Kramer in "Robin Hood: Men in Tights," Sand Canyon, 1993.

SC1805 - Santa Clarita: Gateway to L.A. • 2018 Official Vistor Guide.

HB1822 - Original Valencia Meadows: Floor Plans, 1969.

LW3284 - Onetime Home of Child Actor Buzz Barton Torched in Fire Training Exercise, 4-22-2018.

HB5801 - Phone Book: 1958 Newhall (Santa Clarita Valley) Telephone Directory, PacTel.

Princess Cruises, 'Love Boat' Cast Honored on Hollywood Walk of Fame • 5-10-2018.

JC Board Picks Contentious "Santa Clarita" Name for District (1967), "Canyons" for College (1969).

Scott Newhall Buys The Signal • The Signal, 10-31-1963.

Scott Newhall: "I'm Calling You Out, Art Evans" • The Signal, 12-23-1965.

E.F. Beale's Rancho La Liebre • Parks 1929.

La Laguna de Chico Lopez, aka Elizabeth Lake • Parks 1929.

Cañon del Buque: Origin of Name, Martin Ruiz Adobe, Suraco Family, Tiburcio Vasquez • Parks 1929.

LW3283 - William S. Hart and Vola Vale Star in "White Oak." Lobby Card, 1921.

LW3282 - Castaic High School Construction Update: Drone Video 4-18-2018.

Valencia High School: 2004 Voyager Yearbook (Complete).

LW3281 - Lyons Oak/Lyons Stump at Placerita Nature Center, Photos 2018.

LW3279 - St. Francis Dam: Preparing to Blow Up the Tombstone, 4-16-1929.

About Matthew McCormick, Mentry's Assistant in the Pico Oil Field, 1880s-1890s

SZ8701 - California Star Oil Works Time Book, 1887-1889.

Past Lives On at Hart Ranch • L.A. Times, 11-18-1962

HG5802 - Montie Montana Jumps Through Rope, Late 1950s.

The Piru Valley: A Ruccension of Beautiful Orchards • Ventura Free Press, 7-28-1899.

BA3001 - Newhall Auto Tunnel from the Air, July-August 1930.

A Lopez Family Who's Who and What's What by Francisca L. de Belderrain, HSSC 1928.

HB1821 - Meadows West: New Home Brochure & Floor Plans, 1976.

Piru Fruit Rancho: Mammoth Orchards • Ventura Free Press, 7-28-1899.

HB1820 - Rancho La Salle (Calgrove Area): Sales Brochure & Floor Plans, 1978.

Piru City: Important Trade Center and Highly Favored Horticultural Section • Ventura Free Press, 7-28-1899.

HB1819 - Discovery Homes: New Home Brochure & Floor Plans, 1979.

HB1818 - Oak Valley Estates (Happy Valley): Sales Brochure & Floor Plans, 1981.

HB1817 - Circle J Ranch & Equestrian Center: Sales Brochure & Floor Plans, 1981.

LW3278 - Grapevine Grade and Town, Pre-1936.

LW3277 - William S. Hart, "Queen of Diamonds" Arcade Cards (2 Varieties), 1920s.

LW3276 - Ruins of Fort Tejon, Postcard, 1940s.

HB1816 - New Valencia Meadows (School Area): Floor Plans, 1975.

HB1815 - Encore by Larwin: Floor Plans, 1988-1989.

HB1814 - Drycliff Estates: Floor Plans, 1979.

HB1813 - Diamondhead (Townhomes): Sales Brochure & Floor Plans, 1989.

LW3274 - Hugh O'Brian (vs.) The Real Wyatt Earp • TV Guide, 5-2-1959.

LW3273 - Hugh O'Brian: The Man Behind the Gun • TV Guide, 4-12-1958.

WA1801 - DWR Photo Gallery: Castaic Dam Under Construction, 1967-1970.

Valencia High School: 2003 Voyager Yearbook (Complete).

LW3272 - Magic Mountain: Revolution Roller Coaster, Publicity Photo, Early 1990s.

HB1812 - Mountain View Courtyards: Tract Maps & Floor Plans, 1987.

Annual Camulos Picnic of 1886: A Party for the Ages • News Reports, May 1886.

HB1811 - Valencia Meadows East: New Home Brochure & Floor Plans, 1977.

HG5801 - Photo Gallery: Melody Ranch Buildings, Late 1950s.

RA2001 - Southern Pacific Rail Ticket, Camulos to Los Angeles ~1920.

Major Patton, After 35 Years, Revisits Camulos Rancho, Historic Home of Ramona • Los Angeles Examiner, [n.d.] 1920.

HB1810 - Canyon Village (Phase 3): New Home Brochure & Floor Plans, 1981.

LW3271 - Actor Leo Carillo at Hoot Gibson's Home (Bonelli House), Saugus Rodeo, 4-28-1935.

Centennial at Tejon Ranch: 19,333 New Homes at Quail Lake • DEIR May 2017.

LW3270 - Hilltop/Aerial View of Thatcher Glass Mfg. Co., ~1980.

LW3269 - William S. Hart: 4-Up Movie Star Arcade Card-Postcard, Exhibit Supply Co. 1928.

Saugus Speedway Program 08-23-1980 | Cover: George Ayers (Retirement); Profile: Rodney Peacher; Feature: Covan, Thompson, Bosse Win Mains.

Saugus Speedway Program 09-20-1980 | Cover: John Covan, Ron Hornaday Jr.; Profile: Bruce Erickson; Feature: Willard Wins Grand Prix & Championship.

LW3268 - Coiled Tataviam Basketry Fragment from Vasquez Rocks, Likely Pre-Contact. Rare. Photographed 4-23-2018.

LW3267 - Photo Gallery: Arthur Charles Mentry's 1901 Blacksmith Forge Rediscovered in 2018.

Saugus Speedway Program 06-14-1980 | Cover: Oren Prosser; Profile: Dan Press; Feature: Prosser Victorious at Saugus.

Saugus Speedway Program 07-19-1980 | Cover: Ken Davis; Profile: Jim McAlister; Feature: Covan Repeats at Saugus.

LW3266 - Loretta Young and Pedro de Cordoba in "Ramona" (20th Century Fox, 1936).

LW3265 - The Winged Monster of Elizabeth Lake • Old West, Fall 1969.

Saugus Speedway Program 06-21-1980 | Cover: Gary Johnson; Profile: Bill Sedgwick; Feature: Prosser Wins Second Straight.

LW3264 - Harry Carey Jr. in "Gremlins" (Warner Bros. 1984).

LW3263 - Letter from George A. Newhall (HMN Son) to Mrs. William McKinley on Death of Husband, 10-13-1901.

LW3263 - Matchbook Cover: Manzanita Room, Munz Lakes Resort, Earliest 1932.

LW3261 - BSA (Cubs/Webelos) Patch: Vasquez Rocks Geologic Hike, 2010s.

Valencia High School: 2001 Voyager Yearbook (Complete).

COC Local History Project: Esther Dyer, Video 4-15-2009.

COC Local History Project: Doreetha Daniels, Agua Dulce Resident, Video 4-14-2009.

Saugus Speedway Program 07-05-1980 | Cover: Roman Calczynski; Profile: Mike Barnett; Feature: Willard Wins Saugus 150.

LW3260 - The Locomotive Tom Vernon Wrecked: SPRR Engine No. 5042, ~1940s-early 1950s.

LW3259 - Gary Lockwood (Yurosek), Hart High 1954, Costars in "2001: A Space Odyssey" (MGM 1968).

LW3258 - Rancho Camulos: Ramona's Home, Brewster Photo, Published 1907-1914.

LW3257 - Photo Gallery: Largest Ancient Chumash Basket Ever Found (SBMNH 2015).

LW3255 - Hilltop View of Hotel Lebec and Adjacent Buildings, 1921-1923.

LW3254 - Southern Pacific's Historic Soledad Canyon Link • Pacific News, April 1984.

Valencia High School: 2000 Voyager Yearbook (Complete).

LW3253 - "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp," Dell Comic No. 1, 1957.

HB1809 - Downtown Newhall Scenes in TVs "Highway Patrol," Mult. Screenshots, 1955.

HB1808 - Robert & Marion Callahan and Visitors, Callahan's Old West, July 1967.

LW3251 - Commemorative Cover: SPRR Lang Station Golden Spike Centennial, 9-5-1976.

LW3250 - "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" on Location in Sand Canyon, Publicity Photo, 1993.

GT9201 - Will Harper with IROC Camaro, NASCAR Southwest Tour, 9-10-1988.

LW3249 - Lobby Card: "The Singing Hill" (Movie) Starring Gene Autry, 1941.

LW3248 - Jack Lord Stars as "Stoney Burke" (ABC 1962-63) with Bruce Dern.

GT8902 - Saugus Speedway: Dale White, No. 33 Chevelle Stock Car, ~1989.

LW3247 - Emery M. Whilton's Florafaunium in Lebec, Mult. Postcards, 1940s.

LW3246 - Lobby Card: "The Disciple" with William S. Hart, 1915 (1923 Re-release).

LW3245 - Lobby Card for "Tumbleweeds" with William S. Hart, Original 1925 Release.

LW3244 - Greeting Card-Postcard, Saugus, 1914.

LW3243 - Hotel Lebec, 1920s.

Saugus Speedway Racing Program, 5-22-1982 | Photos: John Lux, Chris Campanella, Ray Hooper Jr., Ronald Main, Tom Fuller, Ken Davis, Fred Wolgamott, more.

Saugus Speedway Racing Program, 5-21-1977 | Photos: Glen Steurer, Mike Fortier, George Allison, Steve Rowe, Jim Robinson, Oren Prosser.

LW3242 - French Movie Poster: "Le Shérif est en Prison" ("Blazing Saddles"), Warner Bros. 1974

LW3241 - Lobby Cards: Rough Riders (Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Raymond Hatton) in "Ghost Town Law," Monogram 1942.

The View From Valencia, Vol. 1, No. 1 • October 1967: First Homes Attract Crowds; CalArts Coming.

TV Interview: Montie and Marilee Montana • Santa Clarita's Backyard Treasures Ep.64, SCVTV ~1995

Lyons Ave. to Cross Train Tracks — in 1965, 1971, 1984, etc. • News Reports, 1967-2010.

LW3240 - William S. Hart and Friends at Hoot Gibson Rodeo, Saugus, 4-30-1933.

LW3239 - "Blazing Saddles:" Mel Brooks Directing Desert Scene, 1974.

Travelogue: Restoration of Fort Tejon Ruins Under Way, 1949 • Los Angeles Times, 10-16-1949.

LW3238 - Old Gate at Fort Tejon, Pre-1950.

Saugus High School: 2001 Sword & Shield Yearbook (Complete).

RA9601 - 1867 Del Valle Winery, Exterior and Upstairs Wine Vat(s), 10 Views, Post-Quake (1996 ff.)

LW3237 - NASA DC-8 Flies Over Mint Canyon, 1972.

RA2101 - Main Del Valle Adobe at Camulos, 8 Views, 1920s-1940s.

LW3236 - Melody Ranch: Mexican Lobby Card: "Man from Del Rio," United Artists 1956.

LW3235 - Melody Ranch: Mexican Lobby Card: "Wichita," Allied Artists 1955.

Rancho Camulos: Children's Home Society Tea Draws 600 • Ventura County Star-Free Press, 5-16-1951.

Rancho Camulos Oral History Project: Shirley Rubel Lorenz • Interview 4-2-2002.

SC1804 - City of Santa Clarita: State of the City Newsletter, Spring-Summer 2018.

SB4501 - Vasquez Rocks, Postcard 1945.

LW3234 - Ruins of Old Fort Tejon, 1930s.

LW3233 - Mexican Lobby Card: "Bowery at Midnight" with Bela Lugosi, Monogram 1942.

LW3232 - Hotel Lebec Coffee Shop in Snow, ~Late 1920s.

California KKK Holds Rally, Fake Cross Burning in SCV, 9-17-1966.

William S. Hart Museum: The Hart Beat, April 2018.

SB1801 - Business Card of Paul Bachert, Acton Discount General Merchant, 1894-1903.

LW3231 - Dedication of H.M. Newhall Memorial Pool (1949) and Park (1950).

How Hart High Students Became the Indians in Only 2 Paragraphs • The Signal, 1-17-1946

LW3230 - Mexican Lobby Card: "Toby Tyler, or Ten Weeks with a Circus" (Disney 1960).

LW3229 - A Final SP Excursion: No. 6459 Enters Soledad Tunnel, April 1971.

LW3228 - Hart Describes Gun Work for Latin American Radio Audience, 3-5-1941.

College of the Canyons 2016-17 Annual Report.

LW3227 - Early Snowfall in Lebec, 2 Views, October 1949.

LW3226 - Hotel Lebec, Dorman Bros. Photo, 1920s.

LW3225 - Lobby Card: Tom Mix Stars in "The Rainbow Trail," Fox 1925.

LW3224 - Gene Autry in "Apache Country," U.S. Lobby Card, Monogram Ranch, 1952.

LW3223 - Lobby Card: "Contrabando Fatal" ("Port of Missing Girls") with Harry Carey, 1938.

LW3222 - Saugus Speedway: Fireball 500 (1966): Lobby Cards (Full Set of 8).

Valencia High School: 1999 Voyager Yearbook (Complete).

Video - Santa Clarita: Fulfilling the Dream | The First 30 Years of Cityhood • SCVTV 2018.

2018 Silver Spur Recipient: Howard "Buck" McKeon • Documentary Video 3-24-2018.

LW3220 - Thousand Trails Soledad Canyon Resort, Postcard 1981.

Hart of the Matter: Friends of Hart Park Newsletter, Spring 2018.

LW3218 - Wildflowers in Bloom, Standard Oil Advertising, 1930s.

LW3217 - "Children of the South," Scenario by William S. Hart, 1925 (Rare).

LW3216 - "Travelin' On," Scenario by William S. Hart, 1920 (Rare).

LW3215 - John Carradine in "Voodoo Man" with Bela Lugosi, Placerita Canyon, 1944.

"Westworld" Season 2 Trailer 2 (Super Bowl Ad) • HBO 2018.

LW3214 - James J. Jeffries, Prizefighter & Saugus Gunpowder Manufacturer, 1910.

LW3213 - Leonard Ward and Paul Hill, Saugus Rodeo Bosses, n.d. (1936-1937).

ST3201 - Video: Beale's Cut Scenes in "The Devil Horse" (Mascot 1932).

LW3212 - Richard Dix Stars in "The Arizonian," Encounters Nudists at Vasquez Rocks, 1935.

LW3211 - Barbara Britton, Fay Bainter in Owen Wister's "The Virginian," Paramount 1946.

LW3210 - Johnny Mack Brown Stars in "Valley of Fear," Lobby Card, Monogram Pictures, 1947.

TV1801 - Video: Canyon Country Community Center Groundbreaking, Demolition 3-20-2018.

LW3209 - Harry Carey in "The Devil Horse" Ch. 7, "The Battle of the Strong" (Mascot 1932).

The Los Angeles Aqueduct (Map and Facts) • Bullock's Advertisement, L.A. Times, 3-8-1926.

LA5001 - Val Verde Park, Pool, Clubhouse, Community, ~1950.

BOOK - Saugus Stadium Stock Car Racing Program, 9-8-1962.

HB1806 - "Gypsy Jaunts" Hiking Guide to Beale's Cut, 1964.

LW3208 - Lobby Card: Winifred Westover (ex-Mrs. William S. Hart) in "Lummox," 1930.

LW3207 - Lobby Card: Ken Maynard Stars in "Lawless Riders," Trem Carr Ranch (Columbia 1935).

LW3206 - Lobby Card: Johnny Mack Brown is "The Sheriff of Medicine Bow" Melody Ranch 1948.

LW3205 - Lobby Card: Gene Autry, Nan Leslie in "Rim of the Canyon" (Columbia 1949).

LW3204 - Colombo Lilac and Peony Ranch, Acton, Postcard 1958.

LW3203 - Map of Los Angeles Aqueduct and Adjacent Territory, October 1908.

Bank Robbed, Banker Kidnapped by Movie Cowboy's Bootlegging-Human Trafficking Gang • News reports; Incident 12-11-1922.

L.A. Board of Water & Power Commissioners Annual Report, 6-30-1929.

SC1802 - State Assembly (Dante Acosta, Tom Lackey): St. Francis Dam Disaster Commemoration Month, March 2018.

SC1801 - City of Santa Clarita: St. Francis Dam Disaster Commemoration Month Proclamation (March 2018).

VIDEO: The Story of the St. Francis Dam • City of Santa Clarita, 2018.

The Last Dam Victim: Youth Dies After Falling from "Tombstone" • News reports, May 1929.

VIDEO - County of Los Angeles: St. Francis Dam Disaster Proclamation (March 2018).

LW3202 - County of Ventura: St. Francis Dam Disaster Commemoration Month Resolution (March 2018).

LW3201 - City of Fillmore: St. Francis Dam Disaster Commemoration Month Proclamation (March 2018).

3 Minutes to Midnight at the Dam • Jim Harris, 3-13-2018.

VIDEO: Big Surf: A St. Francis Flood Story by Brian Smee, CalArts 2017.

AS1801 - Victims Memorialized at Lancaster Cemetery • March 12, 2018.

1928 Dam Failure: A Vital Lesson for Today Association of State Dam Safety Officials, 3-12-2018.

LW3199 - Sheet Music: "So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed" by Cliffie Stone, Merle Travis, Eddie Kirk, 1947.

Rancho Camulos: Del Valle Co. Labor Records, 1919-1924.

Comprehensive Survey of Newhall and Contiguous School Districts (Castaic, Saugus, Honby, New Era, Felton) by Lester Dalbey, 1933.

Study: Advantages of the Unification of the Hart School District • Butler & Thyberg, June 1948.

Castaic Lake Recreation Area: 5-Year Operating Agreement, Effective11-18-1969.

Santa Clarita Diet: Season 2 Trailer, Netflix 3-23-2018.

1990 Canyon High School "Trails" Yearbook, Complete.

El Camino Real: It Wasn't What You Might Think •News reports, early 1900s.

LW3198 - St. Francis Dam Site: National Register of Historic Places Nomination, Rev. 6-23-2004.

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