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SC0201 - Copper Fire: Central Park Transformed Into Tent City for Firefighters, June 2002.

Graffiti Removal at St. Francis Dam Site • 2-28-2017.

LW3484 - Envelope Addressed to Fred W. Gross, Acton, 9-22-1908.

SC0503 - Newhall Community Center Under Construction, 12/2005.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 3000-3182: State, National Interest.

LW3483 - Motocross Riders at Indian Dunes, April 1978.

Ashley Tisdale, Valencia High 2003, Stars in "Scary Movie 5" • Trailer 2013.

LW3482 - Call Sheet: "Westworld" Pilot (S.1.Ep.1), 9-8-2014 (Day 15 of 21).

LW3481 - Report: Squadron of Giant Tillers Speed California's Castaic Dam, Towner Mfg. Co., ~1969.

LW3480 - Elizabeth Lake Postcard; Postmarked Roosevelt (Lake Hughes), 1921.

LW3479 - Hotel Lebec, Postcard, 1920s-30s.

LW3478 - Thomas Vernon Mugshots, 12/1929.

LW3477 - Fort Tejon: Enlisted Men's Barracks, Souvenir Postcard, ~1960s/70s.

FW3801 - Bob Steele at Walker Cabin in "Desert Patrol" (Republic 1938).

LW3476 - Why Jerry Quarry Can Beat Muhammad Ali • World Boxing, 7/1974.

LW3475 - William S. Hart, Green Arcade Card ~1920.

LW3474 - Ramona Cottage at Robert E. Callahan's Mission Village, Culver City ~1930s.

Golden Valley High School: 2011 Growler Yearbook (Complete).

Valencia High School: 2008 Viking Voyager Yearbook (Complete).

HB1901 - Enrique (Henry) and Rosaria Ruiz, St. Francis Dam Victims, Ruiz Ranch, n.d.

LW3473 - Montie Montana's Hat, 1964-1965.

Wicked Wicks of the West: A Brew-Ha-Ha of Editorial Cartoons by Randy Wicks • The Signal, 1995.

Newhall First Presbyterian Church Women's Association Cookbook, 1976.

Newhall-Saugus Athletic Club (SCVAA) Warriors 1973 Yearbook.

LW3472 - Starting Lineup, Bonelli Stadium, ~1946.

Canyon High School: 1971 "Trails" Yearbook (Complete).

Vigilance Forever: The Signal 75th Anniversary Special Edition, 1919-1994

The Camulos Rancho • Ventura Free Press, 7-28-1899.

Water Supply • Ventura Free Press, 7-28-1899.

LW3470 - Matchbook Cover: Castaic Landing Restaurant, 1976-1988.

LW3469 - Bouquet Junction Corners (Cafe), Matchbook Cover, 1950s.

Bowman High School: 1995 "Visions" Yearbook (Complete).

LW3468 - Announcing New CBS-TV Series: "Gunsmoke" Starring James Arness, September 1955.

LW3467 - Ridge Route: Serpentine Drive, Real Photo Postcard, ~1920s.

LW3466 - Castle Oaks Garage, Sleepy Valley, 1920s-30s (Later Le Chene).

LW3465 - William S. Hart, Tobacco Card, 1920s ("Wagon Tracks").

LW3464 - "Santa Clarita Café" (Halfway House) by Bob Dylan, Acrylic on Canvas, 2018.

LW3463 - Archive Video: Mitchell Cemetery, Future Vista Canyon Ranch, 4-20-2008.

Bowman High School: 1989 "Visions" Yearbook (Complete).

LW3462 - Video: Scene on Sierra Highway, TV's "CHiPs" S2.16, 1979.

Saugus Speedway Racing Program, 5-29-1982: Cover: Tru Cheek; Insolo Takes Checkered Flag at Saugus (Complete).

DI2819 - St. Francis Dam Disaster: (2) Tourist Photos of the Tombstone with Ladder, 1928.

JD7501 - Program Book: N-S-V Chamber Salute to Montie Montana, 10-30-1975 (Walk of Western Stars Predecessor).

Bowman High School: 1990 "Visions" Yearbook (Complete).

LW3461 - Winter Scene at Frazier Park, ~1930s.

LW3460 - Tip's Santa Monica Restaurant: Wooden Menu, 1950s.

JD8003 - 1980 SCVCC Western Celebrities Dinner Program (Walk of Western Stars Predecessor).

LW3459 - Cliffie Stone Presents "Square Dance Promenade" LP 1959.

JD4801 - Newhall Old West Fourth of July Celebration Program, 1948.

Four Seasons Cookbook, SCV Chapter-California Women for Agriculture, 1984.

LW3458 - William S. Hart in "Singer Jim McKee," New Colonial Theatre (Beach Haven, N.J.) Program, Week of 7-28-1924.

JD8301 - Photo Gallery: Enrobing Ceremony for New Judge H. Keith Byram, 2-2-1983.

Notice of Inventory Completion: U.S. Department of the Navy (Human Remains Recovered from San Nicolas Island), Federal Register 11-19-2018.

UC8901 - Scott Newhall: A Newspaper Editor's Voyage (Oral History, 1988-1989), ~700 pgs.

LW3456 - Solemint Store, Cafe, Chevron Station, ~1940s.

LW3455 - Concrete Mold for Turtle Water Spouts, Newhalls' Piru Mansion Pool, ~1970s. The Birth of Newhall (Cont.) • Story of Our Valley by Arthur B. Perkins, The Signal, 1-2-1947.

Antelope Valley Indian Museum: FAVIM Bulletin Vol. 34 No. 4 • Oct-Nov-Dec 2018

JD7902 - Photo Gallery: Historical Society Event at Mentryville, 12-9-1979.

LW3454 - U.S. Highway 99 at Piru Gorge, ~1950s.

HS1804 - (3) Oil Paintings by W. Lloyd Houghton of Newhall, 20th Cent.

West Ranch High School: 2009 "The Pride" Yearbook (Complete).

JD9002 - Photo Gallery: President George H.W. Bush Dedicates North County Correctional Facility, 3-1-1990

NP2601 - William S. Hart Attends Little Bighorn 50th Anniversary, 2 Views, June 1926.

Junior Women's Club of Newhall-Saugus-Valencia Cookbook, ~Early 1980s.

JD9101 - Melody Ranch Under Construction, Mike Antonovich Visits, Photo Gallery, ~1991.

HS1803 - Historic Dance Hall-Morgue Piano Donated to SCV Historical Society, 2018.

LW3453 - Lebec (Hotel?) Restaurant and Coffee Shop Menu, n.d. (~1960s).

Hart of the Matter: Friends of Hart Park & Museum Newsletter, Winter 2018/19.

HG5201 - Program Book: Dedication of Henry Mayo Newhall Auditorium (Hart High Auditorium), 9-12-1952.

HS8802 - Oral History: Barbara Sitzman Cook, Pico Resident 1920s-1930s, Interviewed 5-26-1988.

Bowman High School: 1992 "Visions" Yearbook (Complete).

Bowman High School: 1991 "Visions" Yearbook (Complete).

JD1901 - Tom Mix and "Wonder Horse" Tony, Newhall, 1919.

SB4001 - Mint Canyon Highway, ~1930s-1940s.

JD4001 - Tom Mix Studio Cottage, Today's Main Street, n.d. (1940s?)

LW3452 - Gary Lockwood (Hart High 1954) and Leslie Parrish, Early 1960s.

LW3451 - Beale's U.S. Camel Corps: Hi Jolly's Tomb & Cemetery at Quartzsite, Ariz., 10-30-2018 (Mult. Views).

Rancho Camulos Oral Histories: Dr. Glenn S. Dumke, Mary (Rubel) Burger, Jaime Del Valle • 10-9-1958.

LW3450 - Handbill Advertising William S. Hart in "The Whistle," Edmeston, N.Y., 10-20-1923.

HS9701 - Heritage Junction: Spring Pole Oil Drilling Demonstration Project Plans, 1997.

LP5402 - Bouquet Falls, 5-16-1954.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 2800-2999: National, Some Local Interest.

RA3501 - Photo Gallery: Rancho Camulos, 1935: August Rubel Collection.

California Gold Discoveries Before (and After) Lopez 1842; Mining Techniques • By William Wirt Jenkins, 1906.

John William Myers: Opened School at Elizabeth Lake; Newhall Schoolteacher 1884-1886.

LA7501 - 1876 Lechler Adobe, aka Honey House, 1975.

LW3438 - Video: Pedestrian Bridge Erected Over Sierra Highway, 2018.

Bowman High School: 1998 Yearbook (Complete).

Newhall-Saugus Republican Women's Club Cookbook, 1964.

LW3449 - Hotel Lebec at Sunset, ~1920s.

JD1802 - Jo Anne Darcy Collection: 10 Antique Glass Bottles.

JD1801 - Jo Anne Darcy Collection: 5 Glass & Ceramic Telephone & Telegraph Insulators.

LW3448 - La Cañada Pottery of Newhall: Orange Dinner Plate, ~1930s.

LW3447 - La Cañada Pottery of Newhall: Small Green Pitcher, ~1930s-40s.

LW3445 - William S. Hart Park, August 1967: Dogs' Graveyard, Turret, Fritz's Grave.

HB6201 - Photo Gallery: Circle J-Melody Ranch Fire: Olive View Sanatorium & Environs, Aftermath, September 1962.

LW3444 - SP Train Derailment Near Ravenna in Soledad Canyon, 10-27-1956.

Saugus Speedway Racing Program, 10-10-1981: Annual Saugus 330 (Winner: Ron Hornaday Jr.) (Complete).

Valencia High School: 2007 Viking Voyager Yearbook (Complete).

Hart High School: 1987 "Tomahawk" Yearbook (Complete).

La Reina: Los Angeles in Three Centuries • Security Trust & Savings Bank, Publ., 1929

Bowman High School: 1996 Yearbook (Complete).

LW3443 - CAL FIRE: California Fire Siege 2007, incl. Buckweed, Ranch, Magic Fires.

Soldiers Spark Brush Fire that Rips Through Fox Farm, Surrounds Hart Mansion • News reports, July 1942.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 2600-2799: National Interest.

EC1801 - Photo Album: Los Angeles Aqueduct Under Construction, 1908-1913.

LW3442 - FILM: Motocross Racing at Indian Dunes, 1970s.

Bill Clinton on Tony Alamo: He's "Like Roy Orbison on Speed" • Excerpt from "My Life," 2004.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 2400-2599: National, Local Interest.

Bowman High School: 1997 Yearbook (Complete).

JF3201 - William S. Hart: Instructions to Real Estate Agent Jessie N. Sackrider, 7-22-1932.

Florence Merriam Bailey's California Journal, Incl. Saugus and Soledad Canyon, 1907.

Remembering Antonio F. Coronel, 1817-1894 • HSSC 1900.

In Memoriam: Henry Clay Wiley, 1829-1898 HSSC Annual, 1898

Booklet: Yesterdays of Los Angeles • Howard Automobile Co., Publisher, ~1927

LW3306 - Green Pastures Dairy: Half-Gallon Milk Bottle, 1940s-60s.

LW3440 - La Cañada Pottery: Candle Holders (2), Uranium Orange, ~1940s.

AP0720 - Emile Chaix's Firestone Tire and Vulcanizing Shop, 1920s.

Wildfire: "Worst Threat to Newhall Since 1914," 12 Oil Wells Ruined, Backfire Saves Mentryville • News reports, July-August 1940.

"Our California" Explores Rancho Camulos Museum (Video 2017).

NSD: 1999 Wiley Canyon Elementary School Yearbook (Complete).

LW3439 - Souvenir Postcard with Rare Camulos Postmark, 1908.

Hart High School: 1986 "Tomahawk" Yearbook (Complete).

Bowman High School: 1994 Yearbook (Complete).

Kawaiisu of South-Central California: Creating a New Identity • Zaglauer 1995.

RA7101 - Photo Gallery: Rancho Camulos, 1971.

RA9401 - Photo Gallery: Earthquake Damage to Rancho Camulos, Photographed 1-21-1994.

RA3601 - Photo Gallery: Rübel Family Garden Party at Rancho Camulos, 11-23-1936.

RA3602 - Photo Gallery: Rübel Family Views of Camulos, 1936.

California's Statewide Historic Preservation Plan, 2013-2017.

DOI Guide to Developing a Historic Landscape Preservation Maintenance Plan, 1998.

DOI Preservation Brief 15: Preservation of Historic Concrete, 2007.

DOI Preservation Brief 48: Preserving Grave Markers in Historic Cemeteries, 2016.

DOI Preservation Brief 36: Planning, Treatment and Management of Historic Landscapes, 1994.

Dept. of the Interior Standards for Treatment of Historic Properties, 2017.

Autry Collects Locomotives, Plans Tourist Train Rides Around Ranch • News Reports, 1955-1957

LW3437 - Melody Ranch: United Artists Pressbook for "Man of the West," 6 pgs., 1958.

MU1801 - William S. Hart Park & Museum Discovery Guide & Map • NHMLA 2017.

LW3436 - Vasquez Rocks Scene from Michael Jackson's "Black or White" and "Making Of" Excerpt, 1991.

LW3435 - Lady Linda Ties Yellow Ribbon; City Cuts Red Ribbon to Open Space (Mult. Views) • 10-10-2018.

International Flavors • Zonta Club of SCV Cookbook, 1985.

Newhall Story 1965: Santa Clarita Valley at a Crossroads Film by Jack T. Robson, 1965.

LW3434 - "Gunsmoke" Comic Book No. 1 (Dell No. 679), February 1956.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 2200-2399: National, State Interest.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 2000-2199: National, State, Regional Interest.

LW3433 - William S. Hart, Robert Taylor, Great Dane at Fritz's Grave, Newhall, 1941.

LW3432 - William S. Hart and Louise Glaum in "The Aryan," 1916.

LW3431 - William S. Hart, Alma Rubens Star in "Truthful Tulliver" (1916/17).

LW3430 - William S. Hart and Fritz, Horseshoe Ranch, Newhall, Publicity Photo ~1920s.

LW3429 - Fritz, Jocko the Monkey, William S. Hart Star in 'Travelin' On' (1921-22): Publicity Still No. 414-24.

HS1802 - New Signage for Saugus Train Station, September 2018.

LW2321 - James Montgomery Flagg Presents Portrait to Hart; Photo Autographed by Both, 1924.

LW3428 - William S. Hart on His Horseshoe Ranch, Newhall, n.d. (~1920s).

LW3427 - William S. Hart in "Riddle Gawne" (1918): Original Publicity Still No. A47-61.

LW3426 - William S. Hart in "The Toll Gate" (1920), Original Publicity Still No. A100-3.

LW3425 - William S. Hart Stars in "Three Word Brand" (1921): Publicity Still No. L386-51.

LW3424 - William S. Hart, Ann Little in "Square Deal Sanderson" (1919): Publicity Still No. A79-18.

LW3423 - William S. Hart is "Wild Bill Hickok" (1923): Publicity Still No. 619-16.

LW3422 - William S. Hart in "A Bullet for Berlin" (1918 Liberty Loan Promo): Publicity Still No. A47-54.

LW3421 - William S. Hart is "Wild Bill Hickok" (1923): Publicity Still No. 619-79.

LW3420 - William S. Hart is "The Captive God" (1916): Publicity Still.

LW3419 - William S. Hart in "Wagon Tracks," 1919.

University of California Policies & Procedures on Treatment of Native American Remains and Artifacts, Report 9-26-2018.

California Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act of 2001.

LW3418 - Saugus Resident Harry Carey in "Canyon of the Fools" (1923).

Saugus Speedway Season Opener, 4-5-1980 • Introducing Track Announcer "Irish" Virgil Kilpatrick; Trophy Queen Roselyn Royce.

Saugus Speedway Program 5-11-1991 • Rod Johnson Scores First Win of 1991; Profile: Jim Marlewski.

LW3417 - Melody Ranch: Buster Crabbe in "Gunfighters of Abilene," Multiple Lobby Cards, 1960.

About the Namesakes of the Kingsburry House • By Jerry Reynolds, 1989-1993.

LW3416 - Souvenir Postcard: New Ridge Cutoff Near Lebec, 1930s.

LW3414 - Trick Roper Montie Montana, 1970 Tournament of Roses Parade.

LW3415 - Saugus Train Station Interiors & Exteriors in NBC's "Supertrain," 1979.

Saugus Speedway Program 6-27-1981 • Hornaday Jr. Wins First-ever Modified Main Event at Saugus; Profile: Steve Colbert.

OLPH Catholic Church: Parish 50th Anniversary Book, 1944-1994.

LW3413 - Tiburcio Vasquez, Bandit King. By Bruno Coletti, The West, January 1967.

LW3412 - "Ramona Waltz" Sheet Music, Canadian Version, English & French Lyrics, 1927.

LW3411 - Annual Saugus Rodeo: End of Show, n.d., Charles Miller Photo, 1920s-1930s.

LW3410 - William S. Hart, Ione Reed, George Putnam (Amelia Earhart's Widower), Newhall 1938.

LW3309 - Gunsmoke: Memo to Cast & Crew on Use of Firearms, 1974.

LW3408 - Melody Ranch Opens Its Doors for James Garner and "Gunsmog," 1959.

LW3407 - John Wayne in "The Trail Beyond," Lone Star 1934, Publicity Photo (Rare).

Hart of the Matter: Friends of Hart Park & Museum Newsletter, Fall 2018.

HS7804 - SPRR Saugus District Train Orders, Nov. 15-18, 1978.

LW3406 - Wildflowers Along the Ridge Route, Grapevine Area, 1937.

Friends of the Eastern California Museum Summer-Fall 2018 Newsletter.

JD8501 - Newhall Walk of Western Stars: Jimmy Stewart Regrets, 1985.

Dan White, Character Actor: News Features.

LW3405 - James Arness Prank, "Gunsmoke" Opening Sequence, Melody Ranch, 1955.

HB2803 - St. Francis Dam Disaster: Visiting the "Tombstone," Reservoir Side, ~1928.

HB2802 - St. Francis Dam Disaster: Visiting the "Tombstone," March 1928.

LW3404 - J.C. Agajanian: Saugus Hog Rancher, Race Promoter. Biographical Profile, Car Life, November 1964.

LW3403 - Where It Filmed: German Movie Herald for "Django Unchained" (Columbia 2012).

Traveling Through Time on the Saugus Local, by Jeff Hosford, September 2018.

LW3402 - Charlie Chaplin at First Presbyterian Church of Newhall in "The Pilgrim" (1923).

Rancho Camulos Appraisal (and Inventory), 1939.

Saugus Speedway Scrapbook 1979-1995 by Harold Osmer and Lyn Pherigo (Complete).

Saugus Speedway Program 7-25-1981 | Hornaday, Calczynski, Hooper & Bosse Win at Saugus.

William S. Hart Mobbed by Fans, Honored by Sioux on Little Bighorn Anniversary, Billings & Crow Agency, 1926.

LW3401 - Ex-Queen of Iran, Hugh O'Brian, Champion at Melody Ranch, 11/24/1960.

MU8901 - Hart Park & Museum: Wm. S. Hart's Newhall Property Acquisitions (& Subsequent), by Tom Sitton, NHMLA 1989.

LW3400 - Saugus Train Station (Exteriors) in "Oh, Susanna!" with Gene Autry, 1936.

LW3399 - Lobby Card: Rodolfo Acosta Co-stars in "Apache Warrior" (1957).

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