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LW3608 - Program Book: 50th Anniversary St. Francis Dam Disaster Memorial Dinner, 3-12-1978.

Photo Gallery: Canyon High School Under Construction, 11-19-1967.

Poll: Most JC-Bound Hart Grads Pick New Hometown College • The Signal, 6/1969.

LW3607 - Fold-out Brochure: Indian Dunes Family Motor Recreation Park, n.d. (1970s), Later.

LW3606 - Sandberg's Summit Hotel on the Ridge Route. Postcard, ~1920.

CM9201 - Photo Gallery: Pardee House Arrives at Heritage Junction, August 1992.

Photo Gallery: Plaque Placed in Memory of Leona Cox School Namesake, 10-17-1969.

Overview of Canyon High School, 10-17-1969.

Jon Newhall, Signal Publisher, 6-11-1968.

Photo Gallery: Lionel Rolfe, Signal Reporter and Future L.A. Author, 6-11-1968.

Outlaws Steal Horses from Rancho Camulos, Hog-tie Ranch Foreman • Daily Alta California, 7-27-1853.

Administrators Jeff Wheeler, Gwen Gallion at Newly Opened Old Orchard County Park, • The Signal, June 1968.

LW3605 - The Wizard and Magic Mountain Trolls Greet Guests at Das Alpenhaus Restaurant, 1974-1980.

College of the Canyons Opens with 800 Students on Hart High Campus • The Signal, 9/1969.

CN7102 - Master Inventory: William S. Hart Collection as of October 1971.

CN7103 - Master Inventory: William S. Hart Collection as of October 1971.

LW3604 - Call Sheet: "Wild Wild West" (Warner Bros. 1999) at Vasquez Rocks, 4-21-1999.

LW3603 - St. Francis Dam Hero Thornton Edwards in "Riders of the Dusk" (Monogram 1949).

LW3602 - Nancy Kovack at Vasquez Rocks in "A Private Little War" ("Star Trek" TOS S2.19), 1968.

LW3601 - Ranch House Inn Motor Hotel and Restaurant, Souvenir Postcard, 1970s.

LW3600 - Vasquez Rocks: Lobby Card: Maureen O'Hara, Jeff Chandler Star in "Flame of Araby" (Universal 1951).

LW3599 - The Toughest Chicano: Viking Quarterback Joe Kapp • Sports Illustrated, 7-20-1970.

Norman Harris: Man With a Tale of Two (Sister) Cities • The Signal, 2/1968.

LW3598 - The Four Faces of Jerry Quarry • The Ring, 7/1969.

HB1904 - Color Film: Southern Pacific Cab Forwards at Saugus, ~Early 1940s.

HB1903 - Homesteading at Elizabeth Lake: Reminiscences of Arnold Munz, 2-27-1971.

LW3597 - Gumball Prize: James J. Jeffries Boxing Glove Charm, ~1950s.

Valencia Country Club: Bill Hawley, Winner, 1st Annual Duffers Tournament, 6-3-1966.

LW3596 - La Cañada Pottery: Large Yellow Pitcher, ~1930s-40s.

LA3595 - Tony Alamo: "The Robot Walk," Advertisement and Audio File, 1964.

LW3593 - Lobby Card: Buck Jones, Raymond Hatton, Tim McCoy Star in "Below the Border," Monogram 1942.

LW3592 - Melody Ranch: Joel McCrea Stars in "The Oklahoman," Allied Artists 1957.

LW3591 - Lobby Card: Vasquez Rocks Featured in "Johnny Reno," Paramount 1966.

LW3588 - William S. Hart, Barbara Bedford in "Tumbleweeds" (1925) Publicity Still No. H1-24L.

LW3590 - William S. Hart, Barbara Bedford Star in "Tumbleweeds" (1925) Publicity Still No. H1-73L.

LW3589 - Barbara Bedford, Jack Murphy in "Tumbleweeds" (1925), Publicity Still No. H1-128L.

CN8003 - Photo Gallery: SPRR Saugus Depot Moves to Heritage Junction, June 1980.

Jobs Creation Overlay Zone: New Zoning Allows 5-Story Buildings at Saugus Speedway, Pine Street, Industrial Center, more; Approved 7-9-2019.

LW3587 - Melody Ranch: Dell Comic Book: "The Oklahoman" Starring Joel McCrea, Allied Artists/Dell 1957.

LW3586 - James J. Jeffries: Inside Those Ropes • The Saturday Evening Post, July-August 1935.

LW3585 - Photo Gallery: Geological Investigation of Piru Dam/Lake Site, 24 Years Early (Summer 1931).

LW3584 - Matchbook Cover: Wilson's Restaurant, Shady Acres, early 1950s.

LW3583 - Henry Mayo Newhall Signed Free Pass to Ride on His Railroad, Valid Thru 1-1-1870.

Video: Author Mary Contini Gordon on Chief Charlie Cooke (Tataviam/Chumash),, Calabasas TV 2014.

Author's Night (Video): Mary Contini Gordon, "Chiriaco Summit," • Calabasas TV 7-11-2018.

LW3582 - Beale's Cut, Colorized Souvenir Postcard, 1911.

CN7801 - Sutters Pointe: Floor Plans, n.d. (~1978); Developer Pleads to Grand Theft, Dies.

CN7101 - U.S. Borax: 1971 Annual Report.

Saugus Speedway Racing Program, 4-17-1982 • Cover: Oren Prosser; Last Week: Hornaday Wins Second Straight.

LW3581 - William S. Hart in "The Testing Block" (1920), 8x10 Lobby Card.

LW3580 - William S. Hart in "The Toll Gate" (1920), Original-Release 8x10 Title Card.

LW9801 - Photo Gallery: Sulphur Springs School District Celebrates Quasquicentennial, 4-25-1998.

LW3579 - "Gunsmoke's" James Arness: The Gunman Who Killed the Critics • Argosy, February 1959.

Football Program: Hart vs. Quartz Hill, 9-9-1999.

LW3578 - Movie Herald: "Die Flamme von Arabien" ("Flame of Araby"), Vasquez Rocks Cover, West Germany, 1952.

LW3577 - Aerial Views: Progression of Ernie Hickson's Placeritos (Monogram) Ranch, 1936-1952.

LW3576 - Indian Dunes' First Competitive Event • Road Test Dune Buggy Magazine, November 1970.

LW3575 - Brochure: Dragoon Walk (Self-Guided Trail), Fort Tejon State Historic Park, 1996.

LW3574 - Lang Station, n.d. (~1950s).

LW3573 - Photo Gallery: Bouquet Canyon Dam and Reservoir Under Construction, September 1932.

LW3572 - Cliffie Stone: The Stone Nobody Knows • Country & Western Jamboree, August 1956.

LW3571 - Lobby Card: Harry Carey Stars in "The Square Shooter: A Fight for Love," Universal 1919.

SW1902 - Souvenir Postcard: Entrance to San Fernando (Train) Tunnel, n.d. (1900-1920)

LW2198 - Johnny Mack Brown Costars in "Code of the Saddle," Lobby Card, Monogram Pictures 1947.

LW3570 - Lobby Card: Tim McCoy in "The Man from Guntown," Andy Jauregui Ranch, 1935.

LW3569 - Lebec Hotel and Rancho Coffee Shop Menu, 1949.

LW3568 - Advertisement for Exhibitors: William S. Hart in "Tumbleweeds," Original Release, 1-15-1926.

LW3567 - Fold-out Brochure: Indian Dunes Family Motor Recreation Park, n.d. (1970s).

LW3566 - Lobby Cards (Multiple): Harry Carey Sr. Co-stars in "The Shepherd of the Hills" with John Wayne, Paramount 1941.

Football Program: Hart vs. Thousand Oaks, 9-15-2000.

LW3564 - Stock Certificate: California Bank (of Los Angeles), Signed by H.G. Newhall, President, 1888. Rare.

The Reading of Henry Mayo Newhall's Will • San Francisco Examiner, 3-21-1882.

Photo Galleries: 2005 SCV Fourth of July Parade, Pancake Breakfast, 5K Run.

SG6501 - Newhall Fourth of July Parade: Clymore Ford's Bucking Stunt Car, 7-4-1965.

SG7001 - Newhall Fourth of July: Rotary Club Pancake Breakfast, 7-3-1970.

Antelope Valley Indian Museum: FAVIM Bulletin Vol. 35 No. 2 • Apr-May-Jun 2019

Valencia High School: 2009 Viking Voyager Yearbook (Complete).

LW3563 - Harry Carey Sr. Co-stars in the John Wayne vehicle, "The Shepherd of the Hills," Life Magazine, 4-21-1941.

LW3562 - Newhall Telephone Directory, March 1923.

LW3561 - Old Town Newhall is Reno in "Criminal Minds" S.15, 2019.

LW3560 - Clint Eastwood Directs "Space Cowboys" at Agua Dulce Airpark, 1999.

Paul & Barbara (Sitzman) Cook: Happy Valley Poultry Farming, Mentryville School Days • The Signal, 9-4-1985.

LW3559 - Harry Carey Sr. Co-stars in "The Shepherd of the Hills" with John Wayne, 1941.

Eyewitness to the 20th Century: Warren Wilson: Veteran of 2 World Wars; Bermite, Postal WorkerThe Signal, 12-9-1984.

LW3558 - Photo Gallery: William S. Hart Jr. as Young Adult in Cowboy Attire, ~1940s.

LW3557 - Hart v. Hart: With Bill Jr. in Tow, Winifred Challenges Separation Clause in Court, 1/1925.

HS8601 - Timeline: First Presbyterian Church of Newhall, 1880s-1986.

SPRR Saugus Depot Built, Opened in 1888 (not 1887) • News reports.

Asher Barn in Ashes; Blame Falls on Phantom of Vasquez Rocks News Reports, April 1946

LW3556 - Bonelli Stadium (Saugus Speedway) Pit Pass, 4-21-1946.

LW3555 - California Star Oil Works Stock Certificate, Issued 1901.

Remi Nadeau (1821-1887): From Miller to Hotelier, by Henriette Nadeau (French and English Versions), 2017.

Obituary: Carl Boyer 3rd, Santa Clarita City Founder, Former Mayor, 1937-2019 • d.3-29-2019.

SR5701 - Film: Fishing at Lake Piru, 3/1957.

Ghost Town Memento to Oil Field's Past • Los Angeles Times, 4-23-1962.

HB6101 - North Oaks: Newest Master-Planned Community, Sales Brochure, n.d. (1961).

FW5601 - Sulphur Springs School, 3rd Grade Class, 1956-57.

LW3554 - Wolff Residence in Snow, Frazier Park, ~1940s.

Eyewitness to the 20th Century: Andy and Camille Jauregui • The Signal, 12-19-1984.

LW3553 - Montie Montana Lassos Woman in Oregonian Newspaper Building, Portland, 6-8-1955.

LW3552 - Photo Gallery: Visitors at Curry's Lebec Lodge (Hotel Lebec), Early 1920s.

SG7302 - Carl Boyer, of Newhall, Gets Taxes Cut in Valencia; Wayne Crawford Assists • The Signal, 1-10-1977 (Photo 1973).

LW3551 - Santa Clarita: The Book by Carl Boyer (Story, 2005).

SG7201 - Supervisor Warren Dorn Stands in Patrol Boat at Castaic Lake Afterbay Opening, 5-22-1972.

SG6002 - Historian A.B. Perkins at The Signal, ~1960.

Who Knew? Perkins' SCV History Books Still Available to Researchers by Leon Worden, 6-2-2019

LW3549 - Matchbook Cover: Countryway Kitchen, Acton, 1970s.

LW3548 - Robert Conrad at Indian Dunes in "Baa Baa Black Sheep" Ep. 1.09, 1976.

LW3547 - Amtrak Excursion Train, 4-17-1988.

LW3546 - Louisiana-Bound SP 4449 Pulls Daylight-Painted Train Through Soledad Canyon, 5-12-1984.

Great Flood of 1938: Skies Open Up with Deadly Force • by Dr. Alan Pollack, Heritage Juction Dispatch, July-Aug. 2019.

SC9902 - Photo Gallery: Santa Clarita Competes for All-America City Award, Philadelphia, June 1999.

Eyewitness to the 20th Century: Katherine Hyde, Castaic Activist The Signal, 12-2-1984.

LW3545 - Sen. Felton (Mentryville School Namesake) Stumps for Stricter Chinese Exclusion Act, 4-21-1892.

LW3544 - Patch from Aborted Boy Scout Camporee, Piru, 1969.

LW3543 - R.F. Del Valle Recognized as UCLA's "Latino Forefather," 5-24-2019.

LW3542 - William S. Hart, Australian Pinback, Late 1910s-1920s.

Eyewitness to the 20th Century: Irene Ruiz McKibben (1898-1995) • The Signal 11-25-1984.

LW3541 - Melody Ranch: Horseplay on the "Gunsmoke" Set, TV Guide 9-12-1959.

Marcus Abad (Tony Alamo) Sings "Big Coal Man" ("B" Side), 1964.

Marcus Abad (Tony Alamo) Sings "Little Yankee Girl" ("A" Side), 1964.

LW3540 - Lobby Card: Buzz Barton (William Lamoreaux) Stars in "Rough Ridin' Red," FBO 1928.

LW3539 - LP Cover: "Together Again: Cliffie Stone's Country Hombres," Tower 1967.

LP1502 - Photo Gallery: Interior Damage, Dry Rot, Detritus in Pico Cottage, Felton School in Mentryville, 10-14-2015.

Eyewitness to the 20th Century: Willis Dyer, Agua Dulce ApiaristThe Signal, 9-6-1985.

Eyewitness to the 20th Century: Ted "Bones" Sloan, LAPD (Sloan Canyon) • The Signal, 12-16-1984

RA3002 - Directory to August Rubel's Library at Rancho Camulos (Illustration), n.d.

LW3538 - Photo Gallery: St. Francis Dam Disaster Site and Start of PH-2 Reconstruction; Robert Wenzel, 1928.

Dr. Alan Pollack and the SCV Historical Society • The Signal, 5-12-2019.

Demolition Starts on Former Pinecrest, Einstein School Buildings • 5-14-2019.

LW3537 - Sheet Music: Song Gems from "Ramona" with Loretta Young (1936).

Saugus Speedway Featured in "Rolling Man" with Dennis Weaver, ABC-TV Movie of the Week, 10-4-1972.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 4351-4504: Local Interest, Misc. Artwork.

LW3535 - Lobby Card: "Happy Landing," (Monogram 1934).

LW3534 - Course of the Month: Indian Dunes • Dirt Bike, June 1973.

SCV World War II Casualty | William Ernest Pineau, U.S. Army Air Corps, 1924-1944.

Photo Gallery: Cleanup Day at Camulos Cemetery, 9-29-2007.

RA1002 - Camulos Cemetery, 2 Views, n.d. (Early 20th Century).

SCV World War II Casualty | James Robert Ball, U.S. Navy Reserve, 1922-1944.

SCV World War II Casualty | Joseph B. Balsz, U.S. Army, 1919-1944.

CN8002 - Pottery Sherd, 1891-1905, from Tolfree's Saugus Eating House (Saugus Café).

SCV World War I Casualty: Edward Guy North, U.S. Army, 1890-1919.

HS9907 - Photo Gallery: Stuntman Ray Saniger Performs at Callahan's Old West, 1967-1970.

LW3533 - "Curse of the Headless Horseman" (1972): Western-Hippie-Horror Film Made at Callahan's Old West.

President Benjamin Harrison Passes Through SCV (Without Stopping) • 4-24-1891.

LW3532 - Lobby Card, "The Vanishing Legion" Chapter 5: "The Trackless Trail" (Mascot 1931).

SP Locomotive Engineer Killed in Train Wreck Near L.A.-Ventura County Line • Incident 10-23-1898.

Oak of the Golden Dream: A Legend is Born • Belderrain 1930.

Video: Trashing Elsmere Canyon • City of Santa Clarita 1988.

SC1901 - City of Santa Clarita: State of the City Newsletter, Spring-Summer 2019.

Hart High School: 1969 Tomahawk Yearbook (Complete).

Hart High Class of 1969 Commencement Program (6-11-1969), 10-Year Reunion Program (8-11-1979).

"NCIS" Ep.11.2: Tony and Ziva in Israel (Rancho Camulos)CBS 10-1-2013.

FT6101 - Dedication of Trueblood Roadside Rest, Castaic, 7-31-1961.

HG5902 - Fort Set, "Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers," ~Late 1950s.

HG5901 - Photo Gallery: William S. Hart Mansion and Park, 1958-1961.

Architect Sues Mack for False Claims About 8th Street House Designs, 1931 • News reports, December 1931.

The Distribution of Coccidioidomycosis (Valley Fever) in Southern California • Kessel et al., 1950.

LW3531 - Souvenir Program: Baker Ranch Rodeo, Under Direction of Hoot Gibson, 4-27-1930.

LW3529 - Newhall Petroleum Company Stock Certificate (Wildcat), Related to Stock Fraud Scheme, 1876.

SW3005 - Dedication of Placerita Canyon Gold Discovery Site, 3-9-1930 (Panorama).

CN3202 - Opal Mayhue Houghton Astride Horse, Happy Valley, 7-4-1932.

HS7066 - Power House No. 2 Reconstruction: Construction Camp, Top View, 1928.

HS7050 - Photo Gallery: St. Francis Dam Disaster: Bardsdale-Fillmore-Santa Paula Flood Damage, March 1928.

HS7044 - Photo Gallery: St. Francis Dam Disaster: Wreckage at Kemp Station/Blue Cut, L.A.-Ventura County Line, March 1928.

TV1901 - Photo Gallery: James Drury ("The Virginian") Joins Walk of Western Stars, 4-11-2019.

TV1902 - Photo Gallery: Robert Fuller ("Laramie") Joins Walk of Western Stars, 4-11-2019.

TV1903 - Photo Gallery: Character Actor Dan White Joins Walk of Western Stars, 4-11-2019.

Mrs. William S. Hart's Wedding Mementoes, Baby Clothes Donated to SCV Historical Society • 4-7-2019.

HS7010 - Pioneer Oil Refinery & Pico Derrick Float, 1939 Pasadena Rose Parade.

LW3528 - William S. Hart: Tobacco Card, Guernsey Co. (England), Cinema Stars Series, 1921.

LS1901 - Photo Gallery: 2019 Soroptimist Wine Affair, 3-24-2019.

Eternal Valley Memorial Park: California's Pioneer Cemetery (General Newhall History), 1969.

History of Eternal Valley from 1769 (General Newhall History), 1958.

"My First Wild Turkey" by Henry Clay Needhamn ~1900

Hart of the Matter: Friends of Hart Park & Museum Newsletter, Spring 2019.

HS7038 - Controlled Burn of St. Francis Flood Debris, March 1928.

HS7067 - SoCal Edison Saugus Substation After the St. Francis Flood, March 1928.

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