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LW3545 - Sen. Felton (Mentryville School Namesake) Stumps for Stricter Chinese Exclusion Act, 4-21-1892.

LW3544 - Patch from Aborted Boy Scout Camporee, Piru, 1969.

LW3543 - R.F. Del Valle Recognized as UCLA's "Latino Forefather," 5-24-2019.

LW3542 - William S. Hart, Australian Pinback, Late 1910s-1920s.

Eyewitness to the 20th Century: Irene Ruiz McKibben (1898-1995) • The Signal 11-25-1984.

LW3541 - Melody Ranch: Horseplay on the "Gunsmoke" Set, TV Guide 9-12-1959.

Marcus Abad (Tony Alamo) Sings "Big Coal Man" ("B" Side), 1964.

Marcus Abad (Tony Alamo) Sings "Little Yankee Girl" ("A" Side), 1964.

LW3540 - Lobby Card: Buzz Barton (William Lamoreaux) Stars in "Rough Ridin' Red," FBO 1928.

LW3539 - LP Cover: "Together Again: Cliffie Stone's Country Hombres," Tower 1967.

LP1502 - Photo Gallery: Interior Damage, Dry Rot, Detritus in Pico Cottage, Felton School in Mentryville, 10-14-2015.

Eyewitness to the 20th Century: Willis Dyer, Agua Dulce ApiaristThe Signal, 9-6-1985.

Eyewitness to the 20th Century: Ted "Bones" Sloan, LAPD (Sloan Canyon) • The Signal, 12-16-1984

RA3002 - Directory to August Rubel's Library at Rancho Camulos (Illustration), n.d.

LW3538 - Photo Gallery: St. Francis Dam Disaster Site and Start of PH-2 Reconstruction; Robert Wenzel, 1928.

Dr. Alan Pollack and the SCV Historical Society • The Signal, 5-12-2019.

Demolition Starts on Former Pinecrest, Einstein School Buildings • 5-14-2019.

LW3537 - Sheet Music: Song Gems from "Ramona" with Loretta Young (1936).

Saugus Speedway Featured in "Rolling Man" with Dennis Weaver, ABC-TV Movie of the Week, 10-4-1972.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 4351-4504: Local Interest, Misc. Artwork.

LW3535 - Lobby Card: "Happy Landing," (Monogram 1934).

LW3534 - Course of the Month: Indian Dunes • Dirt Bike, June 1973.

SCV World War II Casualty | William Ernest Pineau, U.S. Army Air Corps, 1924-1944.

Photo Gallery: Cleanup Day at Camulos Cemetery, 9-29-2007.

RA1002 - Camulos Cemetery, 2 Views, n.d. (Early 20th Century).

SCV World War II Casualty | James Robert Ball, U.S. Navy Reserve, 1922-1944.

SCV World War II Casualty | Joseph B. Balsz, U.S. Army, 1919-1944.

CN8002 - Pottery Sherd, 1891-1905, from Tolfree's Saugus Eating House (Saugus Café).

SCV World War I Casualty: Edward Guy North, U.S. Army, 1890-1919.

HS9907 - Photo Gallery: Stuntman Ray Saniger Performs at Callahan's Old West, 1967-1970.

LW3533 - "Curse of the Headless Horseman" (1972): Western-Hippie-Horror Film Made at Callahan's Old West.

President Benjamin Harrison Passes Through SCV (Without Stopping) • 4-24-1891.

LW3532 - Lobby Card, "The Vanishing Legion" Chapter 5: "The Trackless Trail" (Mascot 1931).

SP Locomotive Engineer Killed in Train Wreck Near L.A.-Ventura County Line • Incident 10-23-1898.

Oak of the Golden Dream: A Legend is Born • Belderrain 1930.

Video: Trashing Elsmere Canyon • City of Santa Clarita 1988.

SC1901 - City of Santa Clarita: State of the City Newsletter, Spring-Summer 2019.

Hart High School: 1969 Tomahawk Yearbook (Complete).

Hart High Class of 1969 Commencement Program (6-11-1969), 10-Year Reunion Program (8-11-1979).

"NCIS" Ep.11.2: Tony and Ziva in Israel (Rancho Camulos)CBS 10-1-2013.

FT6101 - Dedication of Trueblood Roadside Rest, Castaic, 7-31-1961.

HG5902 - Fort Set, "Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers," ~Late 1950s.

HG5901 - Photo Gallery: William S. Hart Mansion and Park, 1958-1961.

Architect Sues Mack for False Claims About 8th Street House Designs, 1931 • News reports, December 1931.

The Distribution of Coccidioidomycosis (Valley Fever) in Southern California • Kessel et al., 1950.

LW3531 - Souvenir Program: Baker Ranch Rodeo, Under Direction of Hoot Gibson, 4-27-1930.

LW3529 - Newhall Petroleum Company Stock Certificate (Wildcat), Related to Stock Fraud Scheme, 1876.

SW3005 - Dedication of Placerita Canyon Gold Discovery Site, 3-9-1930 (Panorama).

CN3202 - Opal Mayhue Houghton Astride Horse, Happy Valley, 7-4-1932.

HS7066 - Power House No. 2 Reconstruction: Construction Camp, Top View, 1928.

HS7050 - Photo Gallery: St. Francis Dam Disaster: Bardsdale-Fillmore-Santa Paula Flood Damage, March 1928.

HS7044 - Photo Gallery: St. Francis Dam Disaster: Wreckage at Kemp Station/Blue Cut, L.A.-Ventura County Line, March 1928.

TV1901 - Photo Gallery: James Drury ("The Virginian") Joins Walk of Western Stars, 4-11-2019.

TV1902 - Photo Gallery: Robert Fuller ("Laramie") Joins Walk of Western Stars, 4-11-2019.

TV1903 - Photo Gallery: Character Actor Dan White Joins Walk of Western Stars, 4-11-2019.

Mrs. William S. Hart's Wedding Mementoes, Baby Clothes Donated to SCV Historical Society • 4-7-2019.

HS7010 - Pioneer Oil Refinery & Pico Derrick Float, 1939 Pasadena Rose Parade.

LW3528 - William S. Hart: Tobacco Card, Guernsey Co. (England), Cinema Stars Series, 1921.

LS1901 - Photo Gallery: 2019 Soroptimist Wine Affair, 3-24-2019.

Eternal Valley Memorial Park: California's Pioneer Cemetery (General Newhall History), 1969.

History of Eternal Valley from 1769 (General Newhall History), 1958.

"My First Wild Turkey" by Henry Clay Needhamn ~1900

Hart of the Matter: Friends of Hart Park & Museum Newsletter, Spring 2019.

HS7038 - Controlled Burn of St. Francis Flood Debris, March 1928.

HS7067 - SoCal Edison Saugus Substation After the St. Francis Flood, March 1928.

Antelope Valley Indian Museum: FAVIM Bulletin Vol. 35 No. 1 • Jan-Feb-Mar 2019

HS7074 - Coroner's Jury Inspects St. Francis Dam Site, March 1928.

HS4416 - Tom Mix in "3 Jumps Ahead," Original Publicity Still, Newhall, 1923.

HS7420 - Boys' Club Building (Pardee House) in the Snow, 1-4-1974.

HS3674 - Robert E. Callahan with Carrie Jacobs Bond Inside His Ramona Chapel, 1927.

SK6201 - Photo Gallery: Newhall and Castaic in the Snow Storm of January 1962.

HS0880 - Trash Dump Plan Thwarted as Cemetery Firm Buys Needham Ranch, April 1957.

LW3526 - Envelope Postmarked Acton, Jan. 2, 1894; R.E. Nickel, Postmaster.

LW3525 - Copper Hill Mining Co. Stock Certificate, Soledad Mining District, 1863.

LW3524 - Occidental Copper Mining Co. Stock Certificate, Soledad Mining District, 1863.

LW3523 - Saugus Speedway Trophy Girl Amedee Chabot Crowned Miss California (and Miss USA), 1962.

The Newhall Incident: Anatomy of a Gunfight by Michael E. Wood (Book Excerpt), Gun Digest, May 6, 2013.

HB302 - CHP Active in Rescues During Great Flood of 1938 • California Highway Patrolman, 4/1938.

Bermite Powder Co. Patent No. 3334536: Releasable Nut with Radial and Longitudinal Lockout, 8-8-1967.

Bermite Powder Co. Patent No. 2995088: Multi-Stage Igniter Charge, 8-8-1961.

Bermite Powder Co. Patent No. 2875959: Tilted Axis Muller, 3-3-1959.

Bermite Powder Co. Patent No. 2869463: Delayed Firing Cartridge, 1-20-1959.

AL1101 - L.A. Aqueduct Worker Sends Postcard to Mom from Jawbone Division (Mojave Desert), 1911.

AL4701 - Postcard: Gorman Hotel and Cafe on the Scenic Ridge Route, 1947.

LW3522 - Photo Gallery: Perkins Building ("Red Signal Buildings") Under Construction, 6th Street, 1956.

GD1402 - Mayhue Grocery and Feed Store, Corner Railroad & Market, 1914-1919.

LW3521 - James Garner as Maverick: "Relic of Fort Tejon," Dell Comic No. 930, 1958.

LW3520 - Ali-Foreman Preview by Jerry Quarry; Quarry vs. Joe Alexander Recap• World Boxing, 9/1974.

LW3519 - Bob Steele, Buzz Barton in "Wild Horse Valley," Placerita Canyon 1940.

Geology of Canyon Country (a Portion of Eastern Ventura Basin) • Wakefield Dort Jr., Master's Thesis, CalTech, 1948.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 4200-4350: Local Interest.

TO7601 - Photo Gallery: SCV, Chinese Historical Societies Celebrate Golden Spike Centennial at Lang, 9-5-1976.

JK7002 - Film: SP Freight Train from Newhall Pass Through SCV to Acton, ~1970.

Santa Clarita Diet: Season 3 Trailer, Netflix 3-11-2019.

JK7001 - Film: SP Freight Train Through Soledad Canyon, Acton-Ravenna Area, ~1970.

LW3518 - The Pacific Mineralogist, December 1941 (Complete): Includes Minerals of Mint Canyon.

DB6901 - Film: Santa Clara River Flooding, February 1969?

LW3517 - Bermite's Patrick Lizza: He Sets the Sky On Fire • Saturday Evening Post, 10-13-1951/

LW3516 - 47th Annual SCV Boys & Girls Club Benefit Auction Catalog, 2018.

GT8703 - Lang-Sand Canyon: Gillibrand Titanium Mine: From Site Tour (1987) to Federal Approval (1991): Photo Gallery, News Reports.

Ancient Cud Chewers of Canyon Country: Oreodonts of the Tick Canyon Formation • David P. Whistler, UCB, 1967.

LW3514 - Anthony Quinn, Lita Milan Star in "The Ride Back," Lobby Card, UA 1957.

LW3515 - William Conrad, Lita Milan Star in "The Ride Back," Lobby Card, UA 1957.

Saugus Speedway Racing Program, 9-12-1981: Cover: Jim Kent; Erickson Wins Modified Main Event at Saugus (Complete).

LW3513 - Tip's Sierra Highway Restaurant Menu, June 1963.

LW3512 - Cine-Mundial: William S. Hart Cover, Spain, July 1922.

LW3511 - Cecil B. DeMille Takes Over Newhall for "Chimmie Fadden" Sequel, 1915.

Saint Francis Dam Disaster National Memorial and National Monument • Sec. 1111 of S.47, 116th Congress 2019.

Geology of the St. Francis Dam Area • Jesus Ruiz Elizondo, Master's Thesis, CalTech, 1953.

Nesting of the Dusky Poorwill Near Saugus, Condor Magazine, 1920.

Geology of the Del Valle Area Charles DeVries Edwards, Master's Thesis, CalTech, 1947.

Historic Fault Movement: Deposition and Deformation in the Northern Soledad Basin • W.R. Muehlberger, Doctoral Thesis, CalTech, 1954.

Tick Canyon Camel & Ancient Horse Teeth: Tertiary Mammalian Fauna from the Mint Canyon Formation • John H. Maxson, Master's Thesis, CalTech, 1928.

Restored Saugus Depot is Tribute to Trains That Built the West, L.A. Times, 9-11-1983

Slippery Hills: Geology of the Soledad Corridor • C.D. Cooksey, Master's Thesis, CalTech, 1934

Geology of the Humphreys Station Area R.J. MacNeill, Master's Thesis, CalTech, 1947.

OV2401 - Newhall Land Letter to Mulholland Re: Water Rights, 8-22-1924.

TO8701 - Photo Gallery: Newhall Church of the Nazarene Under Construction, 1987.

Slippery Princess Homes: Anatomy of a Disaster, 1968-1969 • News Reports.

GT8702 - Photo Gallery: Santa Clarita Cityhood? First Public Forum, 1-13-1987.

LW3510 - Automobile on the "Ridge Route to Bakersfield," ~Late 1910s.

HB1902 Photo Gallery: Columbia Memorial Space Center Features Shelby Jacobs, Hart Class of 1953 • 2018-2019.

Video: Last SPRR Saugus Depot Agent Bob Guthrie's Retirement Party, 7-12-1986

GT8701 - Landslides Occur During Grading of American Beauty Classics, Via Princessa Area, 1987.

LW3509 - St. Francis Dam Hero Thornton Edwards Co-Stars in 1946 Cisco Kid Picture, "Robin Hood of Monterey."

SG9102 - Ruth Newhall Barbecues NLF Exec Tom Lee at 1991 Zonta Roast • The Signal, 11-12-1991.

CN8001 - Father-Daughter: Lloyd Houghton and Betty Pember, n.d. (~1980).

Tom Mix and Selig Polyscope Crew Come to Newhall • News Reports, 1916.

Monogram Star Buck Jones Dies in Cocoanut Grove Fire (Diagram); Bonelli Seeks Midnight Liquor Curfew • Los Angeles Examiner, 12-1-1942 (Complete).

LW3508 - Vikings QB Joe Kapp, Hart High 1955, Gears Up for Super Bowl IV, 1970.

LW3507 - Art Logian's Postcard of the Big Oaks Lodge, 1950s.

LW3506 - Rancho Camulos: Leather Postcard, "Home of Ramona," 1907.

FILM: "Rio Santa Clara," 1956 • History of Placerita, Pico, Acton Mines, more.

LW3505 - Story of Edwin Carewe's Version of "Ramona" in Italian | Cine-Romanzo, 8-4-1929.

Video: Olde Town Days at Heritage Junction, 4-28-1991.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 4000-4199: Local Interest.

CN8201 - Wm. S. Hart's 1981 "Western Walk of Fame" Awards Transfered to Hart Museum Friends, 1983.

CN3201 - Opal Mayhue Houghton, Jessie E. Richards, Jessie Nourse Sackrider with Parade Horse, 7-4-1932.

LW3504 - Canoeing on Lake Hughes, Real Photo Postcard, ~1940.

JD8701 - Program Book: 1987 Downtown Newhall Western Walk of Fame (Autographed).

JD8502 - Program Book: 1985 Downtown Newhall Western Walk of Fame (Autographed).

JD8402 - Program Book: 1984 Downtown Newhall Western Walk of Fame.

JD8302 - Program Book: 1983 Downtown Newhall Western Walk of Fame.

LW3503 - United Artists Pressbook: "The Magic Sword" (1962) Starring Gary Lockwood (Hart Class of 1954).

Bill Bonelli Not Cleared: Charges Reinstated After Death • 3rd District Court of Appeal, 1971.

Bill Bonelli Indicted on Bribery Charges by Grand Jury • News Reports, 1939.

LW3502 - Melody Ranch: Gene Autry in "Beyond the Purple Hills" (Columbia 1950).

LW3501 - William S. Hart in "The Toll Gate" (1920), Original-Release Lobby Card.

LW3500 - Montie Montana Wolf Point Souvenir Trade Dollar, Brass, 1975.

LW3499 - Walk of Western Stars: Iron Eyes Cody (1985): Commendation from Assemblywoman Cathie Wright.

HB6202 - Heavy Winter Storm Pummels SCV, January 1962.

The Los Angeles Aqueduct • Chapter 23, McGroarty's History of Los Angeles County, 1923.

LW3498 - (The Real) Castaic Lake, Lebec, 1919. 2 Views.

LW3497 - Joel McCrea en "El Virginiano" (Paramount 1946): Spanish Language Lobby Card.

LW3496 - St. Francis Dam Disaster: Dam Site & Santa Paula Damage (8) | ex-Ruth Teague.

LW3495 - Paul Koslo Co-stars in "Mr. Majestyk" (UA 1974).

LW3494 - Tataviam Twined Basketry Fragment from Piru Creek, NHMLA Collection.

HS9301 - Railroad Avenue: Freighter Delivering Boiler to Pico Oil Field, 1893?

LW3493 - Lower San Francisquito Canyon, Aerial View, 1928.

LW3492 - Paul Koslo Co-stars in "Voyage of the Damned" (Clips, 1976).

LW3491 - Postal Cover: Revival of the Camel Express, Lilac Label, 1935.

LW3490 - Paul Koslo Co-stars in "The Omega Man" (Warner Bros. 1971).

The Life and Times of Scott Newhall, California Publishing's Brilliant Barnum • California Business 7/1989.

LW3489 - William S. Hart: Royalties Received for "Pinto Ben" Sound Recording, Letter 6-1-1929.

LW3488 - William S. Hart Stars in "The Border Wireless" (1918): Magic Lantern Slide.

Historical Society Trio Lauded for Work to Remember Dam Victims • 1-28-2019.

HS1903 - Newhall Dairy Farms: One Quart Milk Bottle, ~1940s-50s.

College of the Canyons: Breaking News, December 2018

College of the Canyons 2017-18 Annual Report

Highwaymen's Relic? Old Safe Unearthed at Indian Dunes • The Signal, April 1974

Two-Gun Bill Hart Lives Atop Mountain in Newhall, L.A. Times, 7-19-1936.

LW3486 - Yesterday's Headliner: "Smiling" Bill Hart, AP 7-12-1936.

LW3485 - Southern Pacific Engine No. 2845 at Saugus, 5-28-1938.

Bowman High School: 1976 Yearbook (Complete).

SC0201 - Copper Fire: Central Park Transformed Into Tent City for Firefighters, June 2002.

Graffiti Removal at St. Francis Dam Site • 2-28-2017.

LW3484 - Envelope Addressed to Fred W. Gross, Acton, 9-22-1908.

SC0503 - Newhall Community Center Under Construction, 12/2005.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 3000-3182: State, National Interest.

LW3483 - Motocross Riders at Indian Dunes, April 1978.

Ashley Tisdale, Valencia High 2003, Stars in "Scary Movie 5" • Trailer 2013.

LW3482 - Call Sheet: "Westworld" Pilot (S.1.Ep.1), 9-8-2014 (Day 15 of 21).

LW3481 - Report: Squadron of Giant Tillers Speed California's Castaic Dam, Towner Mfg. Co., ~1969.

LW3480 - Elizabeth Lake Postcard; Postmarked Roosevelt (Lake Hughes), 1921.

LW3479 - Hotel Lebec, Postcard, 1920s-30s.

LW3478 - Thomas Vernon Mugshots, 12/1929.

LW3477 - Fort Tejon: Enlisted Men's Barracks, Souvenir Postcard, ~1960s/70s.

FW3801 - Bob Steele at Walker Cabin in "Desert Patrol" (Republic 1938).

LW3476 - Why Jerry Quarry Can Beat Muhammad Ali • World Boxing, 7/1974.

LW3475 - William S. Hart, Green Arcade Card ~1920.

LW3474 - Ramona Cottage at Robert E. Callahan's Mission Village, Culver City ~1930s.

Golden Valley High School: 2011 Growler Yearbook (Complete).

Valencia High School: 2008 Viking Voyager Yearbook (Complete).

HB1901 - Enrique (Henry) and Rosaria Ruiz, St. Francis Dam Victims, Ruiz Ranch, n.d.

LW3473 - Montie Montana's Hat, 1964-1965.

Wicked Wicks of the West: A Brew-Ha-Ha of Editorial Cartoons by Randy Wicks • The Signal, 1995.

Newhall First Presbyterian Church Women's Association Cookbook, 1976.

Newhall-Saugus Athletic Club (SCVAA) Warriors 1973 Yearbook.

LW3472 - Starting Lineup, Bonelli Stadium, ~1946.

Canyon High School: 1971 "Trails" Yearbook (Complete).

Vigilance Forever: The Signal 75th Anniversary Special Edition, 1919-1994

The Camulos Rancho • Ventura Free Press, 7-28-1899.

Water Supply • Ventura Free Press, 7-28-1899.

LW3470 - Matchbook Cover: Castaic Landing Restaurant, 1976-1988.

LW3469 - Bouquet Junction Corners (Cafe), Matchbook Cover, 1950s.

Bowman High School: 1995 "Visions" Yearbook (Complete).

LW3468 - Announcing New CBS-TV Series: "Gunsmoke" Starring James Arness, September 1955.

LW3467 - Ridge Route: Serpentine Drive, Real Photo Postcard, ~1920s.

LW3466 - Castle Oaks Garage, Sleepy Valley, 1920s-30s (Later Le Chene).

LW3465 - William S. Hart, Tobacco Card, 1920s ("Wagon Tracks").

LW3464 - "Santa Clarita Café" (Halfway House) by Bob Dylan, Acrylic on Canvas, 2018.

LW3463 - Archive Video: Mitchell Cemetery, Future Vista Canyon Ranch, 4-20-2008.

Bowman High School: 1989 "Visions" Yearbook (Complete).

LW3462 - Video: Scene on Sierra Highway, TV's "CHiPs" S2.16, 1979.

Saugus Speedway Racing Program, 5-29-1982: Cover: Tru Cheek; Insolo Takes Checkered Flag at Saugus (Complete).

DI2819 - St. Francis Dam Disaster: (2) Tourist Photos of the Tombstone with Ladder, 1928.

JD7501 - Program Book: N-S-V Chamber Salute to Montie Montana, 10-30-1975 (Walk of Western Stars Predecessor).

Bowman High School: 1990 "Visions" Yearbook (Complete).

LW3461 - Winter Scene at Frazier Park, ~1930s.

LW3460 - Tip's Santa Monica Restaurant: Wooden Menu, 1950s.

JD8003 - 1980 SCVCC Western Celebrities Dinner Program (Walk of Western Stars Predecessor).

LW3459 - Cliffie Stone Presents "Square Dance Promenade" LP 1959.

JD4801 - Newhall Old West Fourth of July Celebration Program, 1948.

Four Seasons Cookbook, SCV Chapter-California Women for Agriculture, 1984.

LW3458 - William S. Hart in "Singer Jim McKee," New Colonial Theatre (Beach Haven, N.J.) Program, Week of 7-28-1924.

JD8301 - Photo Gallery: Enrobing Ceremony for New Judge H. Keith Byram, 2-2-1983.

Notice of Inventory Completion: U.S. Department of the Navy (Human Remains Recovered from San Nicolas Island), Federal Register 11-19-2018.

UC8901 - Scott Newhall: A Newspaper Editor's Voyage (Oral History, 1988-1989), ~700 pgs.

LW3456 - Solemint Store, Cafe, Chevron Station, ~1940s.

LW3455 - Concrete Mold for Turtle Water Spouts, Newhalls' Piru Mansion Pool, ~1970s. The Birth of Newhall (Cont.) • Story of Our Valley by Arthur B. Perkins, The Signal, 1-2-1947.

Antelope Valley Indian Museum: FAVIM Bulletin Vol. 34 No. 4 • Oct-Nov-Dec 2018

JD7902 - Photo Gallery: Historical Society Event at Mentryville, 12-9-1979.

LW3454 - U.S. Highway 99 at Piru Gorge, ~1950s.

HS1804 - (3) Oil Paintings by W. Lloyd Houghton of Newhall, 20th Cent.

West Ranch High School: 2009 "The Pride" Yearbook (Complete).

JD9002 - Photo Gallery: President George H.W. Bush Dedicates North County Correctional Facility, 3-1-1990

NP2601 - William S. Hart Attends Little Bighorn 50th Anniversary, 2 Views, June 1926.

Junior Women's Club of Newhall-Saugus-Valencia Cookbook, ~Early 1980s.

JD9101 - Melody Ranch Under Construction, Mike Antonovich Visits, Photo Gallery, ~1991.

HS1803 - Historic Dance Hall-Morgue Piano Donated to SCV Historical Society, 2018.

LW3453 - Lebec (Hotel?) Restaurant and Coffee Shop Menu, n.d. (~1960s).

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