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LW3411 - Annual Saugus Rodeo: End of Show, n.d., Charles Miller Photo, 1920s-1930s.

LW3410 - William S. Hart, Ione Reed, George Putnam (Amelia Earhart's Widower), Newhall 1938.

LW3309 - Gunsmoke: Memo to Cast & Crew on Use of Firearms, 1974.

LW3408 - Melody Ranch Opens Its Doors for James Garner and "Gunsmog," 1959.

LW3407 - John Wayne in "The Trail Beyond," Lone Star 1934, Publicity Photo (Rare).

Hart of the Matter: Friends of Hart Park Newsletter, Fall 2018.

HS7804 - SPRR Saugus District Train Orders, Nov. 15-18, 1978.

LW3406 - Wildflowers Along the Ridge Route, Grapevine Area, 1937.

Friends of the Eastern California Museum Summer-Fall 2018 Newsletter.

JD8501 - Newhall Walk of Western Stars: Jimmy Stewart Regrets, 1985.

Dan White, Character Actor: News Features.

LW3405 - James Arness Prank, "Gunsmoke" Opening Sequence, Melody Ranch, 1955.

HB2803 - St. Francis Dam Disaster: Visiting the "Tombstone," Reservoir Side, ~1928.

HB2802 - St. Francis Dam Disaster: Visiting the "Tombstone," March 1928.

LW3404 - J.C. Agajanian: Saugus Hog Rancher, Race Promoter. Biographical Profile, Car Life, November 1964.

LW3403 - Where It Filmed: German Movie Herald for "Django Unchained" (Columbia 2012).

Traveling Through Time on the Saugus Local, by Jeff Hosford, September 2018.

LW3402 - Charlie Chaplin at First Presbyterian Church of Newhall in "The Pilgrim" (1923).

Rancho Camulos Appraisal (and Inventory), 1939.

Saugus Speedway Scrapbook 1979-1995 by Harold Osmer and Lyn Pherigo (Complete).

Saugus Speedway Program 7-25-1981 | Hornaday, Calczynski, Hooper & Bosse Win at Saugus.

William S. Hart Mobbed by Fans, Honored by Sioux on Little Bighorn Anniversary, Billings & Crow Agency, 1926.

LW3401 - Ex-Queen of Iran, Hugh O'Brian, Champion at Melody Ranch, 11/24/1960.

MU8901 - Hart Park & Museum: Wm. S. Hart's Newhall Property Acquisitions (& Subsequent), by Tom Sitton, NHMLA 1989.

LW3400 - Saugus Train Station (Exteriors) in "Oh, Susanna!" with Gene Autry, 1936.

LW3399 - Lobby Card: Rodolfo Acosta Co-stars in "Apache Warrior" (1957).

LW3398 - What Now, Quarrys? Jerry Loses to Ali, Mike to Bob Foster • Boxing Illustrated, 9/1972.

FW4801 - Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Trigger, at Walker Ranch, Placerita Canyon, ~1940s.

LW3397 - "The Big Bus" Teeters Over Big Tujunga Canyon Road (Paramount 1976).

Valencia High School: 2006 Voyager Yearbook (Complete).

LW3396 - 160-Acre Land Patent Issued Posthumously to Dolores Cook, 4-2-1891.

Story of Little Santa Clara Valley, Chapter 2: Colonization • A.B. Perkins Manuscript, ~1940s.

SB3201 - Ridge Route: "Graceful Turns and Easy Grades," Souvenir Postcard, ~1930s.

LW3395 - Lobby Card: Main Western Street at Melody Ranch in "Wichita" Starring Joel McCrea, 1955.

LW3394 - Will George Foreman Defend His Heavyweight Title Against Jerry Quarry? • The Ring, June 1973.

HS7803 - SPRR Saugus District Train Orders, Nov. 9-12, 1978.

HS7802 - SPRR Saugus District Train Orders, Nov. 12-15, 1978.

Valencia High School: 2005 Yearbook (Complete).

Jereann Bowman High School: 1974 Yearbook (Complete).

LW3392 - Rock Arch at Needham Ranch Moved, Again • 8-30-2018.

LW3391 - Melody Ranch (Hacienda): Gene Autry in "The Big Sombrero" (Columbia 1949).

TN9301 - SCV Boys & Girls Club Tribute Dinner Honoring Ruth Newhall, 11-13-1993.

LW3390 - Backgrounder: Express Companies & Staging in California by Waddell F. Smith, True West, August 1966.

LW3389 - Buck Jones, Bona Fide Hero •By Joseph G. Rosa, True West, August 1966.

LW3388 - Gary Lockwood (Hart High 1954), Stefanie Powers in "Love, American Style," 1969.

LW3387 - Castaic High School Construction Update: Drone Video 8-21-2018.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 1800-1999: National Interest.

HS9906 - Pardee Family Photos: Unknown, ~1890s.

HS9905 - Pardee Family Members, Newhall or Pico Canyon, ~1880s.

HS9904 - Ed Pardee and Prize Horse, Newhall, 1890s.

HS9903 - Fred Pardee and Future Newhall Old-Timers, 1890s.

HS9902 - Pearle Pardee (Russell) with Pet Pigs, Newhall, ~Late 1890s.

HS9901 - Pearle Pardee Russell with Pug and Donkey, Newhall, n.d.

LW3385 - William S. Hart's Autobiography, Inscribed to & Owned by Amelia Earhart, 1936.

LW3383 - Letter from William S. Hart to Amelia Earhart re: Buffalo Coat, 10-8-1936.

LW3384 - Letter from William S. Hart to Amelia Earhart re: Circumnavigational Flight, 2-24-1937.

LW3382 - Postcard: "Ramona at Camulos" (Not Really), ~1909.

LW3381 - Explorer Bivouac (Verdugo Hills Council BSA), Munz Lake 1959.

The Hart Beat, September 2018: William S. Hart Museum Volunteer Newsletter.

Saugus Speedway Program 5-9-1981 | Pittenger Ends Cheek Streak at Saugus.

LW3380 - Bob Walk Bobble Head (Pirates 2007), Hart Class of 1974.

LW3378 - Boxer Jerry Quarry Bloodied in Fight with Ali, 10-26-1970.

LW3379 - Baseball Cap: Jerry Quarry's Boxer Training Camp at Big Oaks Lodge, 1980s.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 1600-1799: National Interest; Some Local.

LW3376 - Bob Walk, MLB Pitcher (Braves 1982), Hart Class of 1974. Topps Baseball Card.

LW3375 - Charlie Chaplin Inside SPRR Saugus Depot in "The Pilgrim" (1923).

Friends of the Antelope Valley Indian Musem: FAVIM Bulletin • Vol. 34 No. 3, Jul-Aug-Sep 2018.

Full Movie - "The Gunman from Bodie," Jauregui Ranch, Placerita Canyon, 1941.

LW3374 - 2-Sided Arcade Card: Buzz Barton, Child Actor, Early 1930s.

LW3373 - Wall Calendar from Albert Swall's Newhall Cash Store, 1915.

HS8703 - Blueprint: Edison House Relocation Site Plan, November 1988.

LW3372 - Postcard: Correspondence from Chester Smith, Postmarked Acton, 9-28-1921.

LW3371 - Letter Re: Exhibition of "Three Jumps Ahead" (Fox 1923).

LW3288 - Plane Crash Kills All 8, 1-29-1932; Future Sheriff Biscailuz, Future Gen. Hap Arnold Direct Weeklong Search.

LW3369 - Ridge Route Between L.A. and Bakersfield, Souvenir Postcard, ~1930s.

LW3368 - Photo Gallery: Piru Oil Lease with Likely Owner and Visitors, 1912-1913.

LW3367 - Вильям Харт (William Hart). Cinematography, Russian Soviet Republic, 1926.

Saugus Speedway Program 04-25-1981 | Cover: Tru Cheek; Feature: Cheek Wins 3rd Straight at Saugus.

LW3366 - James J. Jeffries vs. Jack Johnson, Reno, 7-4-1910.

HB1829 - Photo Gallery: Big Oaks Lodge Burns Down, 8-11-2018.

New Owner for Big Oaks Lodge: Dee White • The Signal, 8-24-1980.

Big Oaks Lodge Owner George Logian Remembers the Old Country • The Signal, 12-17-1964.

LP1801 - Photo Gallery: Aftermath of Big Oaks Lodge Fire, 8-12-2018.

Special Times at Our Big Oaks Lodge, by Jeff Logian, 8-12-2018.

DI1201 - Photo Gallery: Big Oaks Lodge Interiors & Exteriors, July 2012.

Big Oaks Lodge Traces Origins to Early 1930s.

HS8703 - Blueprint: Kingsburry House Relocation Site Plan, June 1987.

HS8003 - Blueprint: SPRR Saugus Depot Relocation Plot Plan, 3-19-1980.

HS8002 - Blueprints: Mitchell Adobe Relocation to Heritage Junction, October 1986.

LW3361 - Will Rogers and Charlie Russell — Story by Arnold Marquis, 1967 (at Harry Carey Ranch, 1923).

LW3364 - "The Singing Hill" (Movie) Starring Gene Autry; Lobby Card, 1941.

LW3362 - Lobby Card-2: Eddie Dean in "Tumbleweed Trail" (PRC 1946).

LW3363 - Lobby Card-5: Eddie Dean in "Tumbleweed Trail" (PRC 1946).

LW3360 - "Ramona's Waltz" Sheet Music with Italian, Spanish Text, 1928.

LW3359 - Battle of San Pasqual, 1846: Pico Routs Kearny; Beale's Stealth Turns Tide.

LW3358 - Tobacco Card: William S. Hart & Chief Luther Standing Bear in "White Oak" (1921).

LW3357 - William S. Hart in "The Toll Gate" (1920): Publicity Photo No. A13-4.

LW3355 - William S. Hart in "Blixtens Broder" ("O'Malley of the Mounted"), Filmnyheter, Sweden, 1921.

LW3354 - 1994 Earthquake: Anheuser-Busch Earthquake Water, Unopened 6-Pack.

Ruiz Cemetery Census • Eagle Scout Project, SCV Historical Society, August 1992.

Buzz Barton: Bio & Filmography by Buck Rainey, 1983.

LW3353 - William S. Hart and Fritz in "The Toll Gate" (1920), Original Publicity Still No. A13-2.

LW3352 - Loretta Young and Don Ameche in "Ramona" (20th Century Fox, 1936).

Artist James Montgomery Flagg writes about William S. Hart, 1925.

Running California's Ridge Route by Harrison Irving Scott • ATHS 2004.

LW3351 - Triangle Film Corp. Exhibition Invoice for "The Apostle of Vengeance" (Hart), More, 1916.

LW3350 - "The Flintstones" (Universal 1994) in Production at Vasquez Rocks, 1993.

LW3349 - Eugene W. Biscailuz, 27th L.A. County Sheriff 1932-1958 (as Undersheriff in 1929).

LW3348 - LASD Rehabilitation Division Transfer Bus, ~1950s-60s.

LW3347 - Personnel of Sheriff's Substation No. 6 (SCV), 1959.

LW3346 - Plane Crash Victim on Stretcher, 1-13-1937.

LW3345 - Plane Crash Survivor Osa Johnson Rescued, 1-13-1937.

LW3343 - Bonelli Ranch: Custom Christmas Card, n.d.

LW3342 - Newhall-Saugus Lions Club: Los Cantiles Park, Cloissone Pin, 1970s.

LW3341 - Joseph Reynier Land Patent, Sand/Placerita Canyon, 5-12-1897.

LW3340 - Zane Grey's "The Light of Western Stars," Paramount 1940 (Lobby Card: 1954 Re-release).

LW3339 - Roy Rogers Stars in "The Far Frontier," Placerita Canyon (Republic 1948).

LW3338 - Bob Hope, Rhonda Fleming in "Alias Jesse James" (UA 1959). Mexican Lobby Card.

Ted Kennedy Stumps for Brother JFK at Tex Williams' Village Nightclub, 11-2-1960.

HS5502 - Canceled Checks from American Theatre for Film Delivery, 1955-1956.

HS5601 - Handbill: Kara-Kum the Magician Performs at American Theatre, 2-22-1956.

HS6007 - Corral Drive-In: Small Popcorn Bag, 1950s-1960s.

HS6006 - Corral Drive-In: 1960 Playbill.

LW3337 - Winifred Westover Hart: Vital Statistics, 1898-1978.

LW3336 - Nicholas Hart Family (Son William S. Hart), 1880 U.S. Census, New York.

LW3335 - William Surry Hart Jr.'s Birth Certificate, 1922.

DI5001 - Arthur B. Perkins at Work, Newhall Water Company, ~1950.

Hart v. Hart Case File: A Pyrrhic Victory for Winifred, 1924-1925.

1929 Saugus Train Robbery • From "Three Barrels of Steam" by James E. Boynton, 1973

RA3101 - Rancho Camulos: August Rübel's American Field Service Assn. Directory (Ambulance Corps Veterans), 1931.

LW3334 - William S. Hart in "Riddle Gawne" (1918): Publicity Still No. A47-39.

LW3333 - William S. Hart in "The Toll Gate" (1920), Original Publicity Still No. A100-41.

LW3332 - Edwin Carewe's "Ramona" (1928): 6 Spanish Pressbook Illustrations.

LW3331 - "Ramona's Waltz" Sheet Music for Edwin Carewe's "Ramona," Piano & Organ Version, 1928.

NS2801 - Student Body, Fourth Newhall School, 1928-1929.

LW3330 - Rodolfo Acosta in "The Littlest Outlaw" (Disney 1955), British Lobby Card.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 1400-1599: National Interest; Some State and Local.

Abandoned SPRR Newhall Depot Burns Down; Chilly Hobos Blamed, 1-11-1963.

LW3329 - Detail from Aerial Photo Series, Downtown Newhall, 1930, Labeled.

Open House at New CHP Station, 2-21-1968.

Newhall CHP Office Opens at 25022 N. Golden State Highway, 5-8-1957.

Local Ethnobotany: TEA21 Rural Roadside Inventory, Caltrans District 7 • Fortier 2008.

LW3328 - Man with Spade, Walking Through Beale's Cut, 1910s-1920s.

DI2901 - Tourist Stops at Hotel Lebec, 7-30-1929.

LW3327 - William S. Hart Stars in "The Primal Lure" (1916). Publicity Still.

Valencia High School: 2002 Voyager Yearbook (Complete).

LW3326 - Veranda, Ramona's Home, Rancho Camulos. Souvenir postcard, c. 1910.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 1000-1199: National Interest; Some State and Local.

LW3325 - Graves of Henry Mayo Newhall & Heirs, Wyatt Earp, H.H. Bancroft, more.

LW3323 - Lobby Card (COPY): Tom Mix in '3 Jumps Ahead,' Newhall, 1923.

Hart High School | 1984 Tomahawk Yearbook (Complete); Laurence Strauss is New Principal.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 1200-1399: National Interest.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 0800-0999: National Interest.

Hart of the Matter: Friends of Hart Park Newsletter, Summer 2018.

LW3322 - James Montgomery Flagg Painting of Hart's Horse Comes Home After 90-Plus Years, 6-29-2018.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 0600-0799: National Interest.

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 0200-0399: National Interest.

Golden State Gateway Coalition "Interchange" Newsletter, Summer 2018.

MS0009 - Tataviam Culture: 2 Steatite Bowls Unearthed at Hydraulic Research Site, Valencia, October 1968.

LW3321 - St. Francis Dam Disaster: Initial Associated Press Wire Photo, Distributed 3-13-1928.

LW3320 - Lobby Card: "The Return of Casey Jones," Monogram 1933.

HB8401 - ZZ Top "Legs" Music Video & Candids, Old Orchard Shopping Center 1984.

Obituary: Charles Edward Sitzman, 1927-1937 Mentryville Superintendent, 1878-1950

Randy Wicks Cartoon Collection | 0400-0599: National Interest.

St. Francis Dam: L.A. Board of Public Service Commissioners Annual Report, 6-30-1923.

Beautiful Entertainment: School Plays Performed in Newhall Auditorium, 4-19-1929 • The Signal, 4-25-1929.

Video - Grading, Phase 1, Gate-King Industrial Park; Drone Video 6-18-2018.

LW3319 - Montie Montana Ropes President Eisenhower During Inaugural Parade, 1-20-1953.

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