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Comprehensive Survey of Newhall and Contiguous School Districts (Castaic, Saugus, Honby, New Era, Felton) by Lester Dalbey, 1933.

Bygone Days Of A Town Called Newhall by Judy Stevens • The Gazette, Feb.-March 1997

AP0729 - S.D. Dill's High School Bus, 1918.

S.D. Dill's High School Bus Contract from Brunner's 1940 History


1933 Fourth of July Parade and Homecoming; Dedication of Newhall School Playground News reports, 1933.

Newhall School District Organization & Earliest Teachers from Brunner's 1940 History

History of Newhall Elementary School from Brunner's 1940 History

Newhall Elementary School Bus System from Brunner's 1940 History

NS6001 - Classroom Rental and Lease Agreement Between Newhall School District (Lessor) and Hart District (Lessee), 9-1-1960.

History of Newhall School by Leon Worden • May, 1997

First Newhall School (1879 to 1890)

AP0113 - First Newhall School (1879-1890).

AP0124 - First Newhall School, Class of 1884 (grades 1-8).

Second Newhall School (1890? to 1910?)

HS0731 - Second Newhall School (1890-1914).

AP1705 - Second Newhall School (1890-1914).

AP1710 - Second Newhall School (1890-1914).

AP1011 - Second Newhall School (1890-1914). Photo 1891.

AP1708 - Baseball Game at Second Newhall School (1890-1914).

LW3640 - Second Newhall School, Photo Postcard ~1909.

RL0100 - Second Newhall School, 1911.

Third Newhall School (1911? to 1925)

RL1401 - Irene Ruiz's Newhall Grammar School Diploma, 1914.

RL1502 - Third Newhall School Class Photo, c. 1915.

AP0527 - Third Newhall School Class Photo, 1910s.

GR0220 - Third Newhall School, Sixth Grade, 1919.

KU2501 - Third Newhall School, 2nd Grade, 1925.

KU2502 - Third Newhall School, 4th Grade, 1925.

Video - Third Newhall School Site, 1995 (Go to 23:25).

LW2638 - Third Newhall School Building Razed, 16 Views, 7-4-2014.

Fourth/Fifth Newhall School (1925 to 2-14-1939; 5-10-1940 to Present)

NS2801 - Student Body, Fourth Newhall School, 1928-1929.

KU2902 - Fourth Newhall School, 8th Grade Commencement Program, 5-23-1929.

NS3001 - Fourth Newhall School, Quad Area, 1930.

PC3201 - Fourth Newhall School, Kindergarten Class of 1932 (Pupils named).

PW3301 - Fourth Newhall School, First Grade, 1933.

PC3501 - Fourth Newhall School: Thanksgiving ~1935.

PC3502 - Fourth Newhall School: Miss Frisbee's Class, December 1935.

PC3601 - Fourth Newhall School: Tom Thumb Wedding ~1936.

PC3602 - Fourth Newhall School: School Play? December 1936.

PC3702 - Fourth Newhall School: Arabian Nights ~1937.

PC3701 - Bertha & Emma Blum of Acton; Newhall School Teachers, 1937.

PC3801 - Fourth Newhall School, Eighth Grade Graduating Class of 1938.

GR0221 - Newhall School Fire, 2-14-1939.

Fire Destroys Newhall School, Pupils Rejoice News Reports, 2-15-1939 (fire 2-14-1939).

Short History of 1925 Newhall School and Auditorium The Signal, 2-17-1939 (fire 2-14-1939).

GR0222 - Newhall School Fire Aftermath, 1939.

PC3901 - Newhall School: Patricia Cook's Eighth Grade Diploma, 1939.

TR5501 - Newhall School: 6th Grade Graduation Program, 6-16-1955.

HG5601 - Arbor Day 1956 Tree Planting at Newhall (School) Park?

Class Pictures

Newhall School District
Modern Era

Jump to: Old Orchard Elementary School.

Dr. J. Michael McGrath, Superintendent 1972-1997 • Video Interview 8/7/2017.

Marc Winger: New Chief For Newhall Schools By Patti Rasmussen, Old Town Newhall Gazette, 9/1997.

Measure E Construction Plans & Status, 10-28-2014.

LW2534 - Dr. Marc Winger, Superintendent, Newhall School District, 1997-2015.

NS1501 - Newhall Elementary School: 2-Story Classroom Building Under Construction, 3-4-2015.

Paul Cordeiro, Superintendent, Newhall School District, 2015-2018.

Newhall School Auditorium

Description of Interior of Original Auditorium News Reports 1925-1926.

1926 Graduation Ceremony Includes Performances in New Auditorium (Names) News Reports 1926.

Beautiful Entertainment: School Plays Performed in Newhall Auditorium, 4-19-1929 • The Signal, 4-25-1929.

MS0003 - Old Timers Fourth of July Photo at Original Newhall School Auditorium, 7-4-1936.

Dreams of Raising the Curtain on Newhall Elementary Auditorium by Carol Rock • 11-13-1994.

NS9601 - Newhall School Auditorium as Warehouse (Multiple Views), 2-1996.

LW3118 - Newhall School Auditorium as Warehouse, Interiors (Multiple Views), 5-1996.

Simple Dreams of Good Times at Newhall Auditorium Patti Rasmussen • 11-8-1997.

Stars Align to Restore Newhall School Auditorium by Carol Rock • 2-24-1999.

Newhall School Auditorium Rises Anew by Margie Anne Clark • 11-30-2003.

LW2663 - Newhall School Auditorium (Exteriors) 7-15-2014.

LW2664 - Newhall School Auditorium (Interiors), 75 Images, 7-15-2014.

LW2961 - Newhall School Auditorium Refurbishment, Multiple Views, 2015-2016.

Newhall School Auditorium Reborn as SCV's Newest Live Theater (Video) • SCVTV 10-26-2017.

Placerita Junior High

HB7601 - Placerita Junior High School 9th Grade Graduating Class Photo 1976.

Recollections of a Boy Ranger by Mike Shuman, July 1998

Mike Shuman, Placerita Principal, 1919-2000 by Patti Rasmussen • The Signal, 8-15-00

Wm. S. Hart High

SEE ALSO: Hart High School District

How Did the Hart District Obtain Its First School Site?

Picture Story of Hart High School (and District) • May 1952.

How Hart High Students Became the Indians in Only 2 Paragraphs • The Signal, 1-17-1946

Why the Hart High "Indians?" by Leon Worden • The Signal, 9-24-1997

Lester Dalbey, Pioneer of Hart High by Mary Catherine (Dalbey) Troka, 9-1-2001

GA4501 - 9th Grade Class, Group A (1 of 3), 1945-46.

GA4502 - 9th Grade Class, Group B (2 of 3), 1945-46.

GA4503 - 9th Grade Class, Group C (3 of 3), 1945-46.

GA4601 - Hart ASB Civic Committee, 1946-47.

GA4602 - Hart ASB Constitution Committee, 1946-47.

GA4603 - Hart High Lettermen, 1946-47.

GA4801 - First Graduating Class, 1949 (Photo November 1948).

LW2285 - Gwen (Class of 1949) and Dean (1950) Gallion's Class Rings and Other Items.

JN5101 - Lettergirl's Sweater with Original School Colors: Maroon & Gray.

1949 Graduation Ceremony (First).

AP0815 - A.B. Perkins Addresses Hart High Graduates, 1949.

AP1422 - Hart High School Commencement Practice, June 1950.

HG5201 - Program Book: Dedication of Henry Mayo Newhall Auditorium (Hart High Auditorium), 9-12-1952.

LW2092 - Henry Mayo Newhall (Hart) Auditorium, Postcard, 1950s.

LP5401 - William S. Hart Junior & Senior High School, mid-1950s.

WR5501 - 8th Grade Basketball, 1955.

WR5502 - Varsity Basketball, 1954-55.

LW2712 - Pep Club Officers, 1957-58. Tomahawk Yearbook 1958.

WR5801 - Varsity Basketball, 1958.

1958 Commencement Program

WR5901 - Varsity Basketball, 1959.

WR5902 - Varsity Basketball Game, 1959.

GF6001 - Hart High School 1960 Commencement Program.

SG6001 - George Harris, C.M. MacDougall & Ronald Reagan at Hart High, 9-17-1962.

TR6101 - Hart High School 1961 Commencement Program.

TR6102 - Hart High School Lettergirls Installation & Awards Banquet Program, 6-1-1961.

LW2708 - Senior Class Officers, Hart High School 1964-65. Tomahawk Yearbook 1965.

LW6601 - School Colors: Transition from Maroon & Gray to Red & White. Tomahawk Yearbook 1966.

LW6601 - 1966 Wrestling Team.

DM6801 - Honby Men's Club, 1968.

Class of 1969 Commencement Program (6-11-1969), 10-Year Reunion Program (8-11-1979).

LW3315 - Hart High School Class Photo: Class of 1969.

GA7001 - Cecil Sims, Original Hart High School Faculty Member.

GA7002 - Hart High School Alma Mater, 1970-71.

Class of 1988 Commencement Program (6-22-1988).

Remembering Louden Stanford, Newhall's Own John Muirby Dennis McLane, 2017.

Golden Valley High

SEE ALSO: Hart High School District

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