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Heritage Junction



HS0099 - Site Map: Heritage Junction Historic Park.

HS5802 - County Report: Intent to Purchase Frew Addition to Hart Park (Future Heritage Junction), 7-18-1958.

LW2094 - Street Sign Replaced at Heritage Junction, 2-1-2001.

CM1001-11 - Fun Times at Heritage Junction Historic Park (11 Views), 1990s.

Initial County Contract for Operation of Heritage Junction, 1980.


SG0050 - Tataviam Basket from Collection of Sinforosa Fustero.

SG0051 - Tataviam Basket from Collection of Sinforosa Fustero.

RC8701 - "Ramona Cradle" from Rancho Camulos (2 Views).

LW2731 - Saugus Community Club Plaque for 7 Members who Perished in the St. Francis Dam Disaster, 1928.


Callahan Schoolhouse History.

Report: Callahan's Red School House Came from Emma Mine in Acton.

LW2221 - Red Schoolhouse at Callahan's Old West.

HS8702 - Red Schoolhouse Arrives at Heritage Junction, 1987.


Edison House History.

BC1974 - Edison House, Snow of Jan. 3-4, 1974. 3 Views.

HS8901 - SoCal Edison Saugus Substation Data Sheet, 1989. Gives Edison House History.


Kingsburry House History.


Mitchell Adobe History.


Mogul Locomotive History.

HS8201 - Gene Autry's Mogul Locomotive Moving to Heritage Junction, 4-22-1982.

LW2593 - Gene Autry's Mogul Locomotive Lowered Onto Tracks at Heritage Junction, 4-26-1982.


Newhall Ranch House History.

Map: Original Location.

Notes on the Newhall Ranch House • By Jerry Reynolds, 1990.

Newhall Ranch House: Dean Gallion Interview • Report by Jerry Reynolds, 1991.

The Mysterious Gunshot Death of Margaret Routledge, 1-24-1916.

HS3901 - Front of Newhall Ranch House, 1939.

HS4010 - Inside the Newhall Ranch House, ~1940s.

HS4001 - Newhall Ranch House at Castaic Junction, n.d. (early 20th Century), Multiple Views.

HS5001 - Barbara Fullstone at Newhall Ranch House, ~1950s.

HS7902 - Newhall Ranch House at Original Location in Valencia, 4-20-1979, Multiple Views.

HS0100 - "Spirit of Rory MacGregor."

HS0100 - "Spirit of Rory MacGregor." Digitally reconstructed.

LW3231 - Plaque: H.M. Newhall Memorial Park and Swimming Pool, 1949-1950.

Points of Interest [Visit the Junction] Saugus Train Station
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Pardee House History.

Phone Business Office (Pardee House) Has Seen Local History by A.B. Perkins • The Sentinel, 4-28-1965

Pardee House Becomes Chamber Headquarters · Chamber Program, 1-14-1978.

AP1521 - Pardee House as Pacific Telephone Business Office, 1950s or early 1960s.

LW2082 - Telephone Equipment from the Pardee House.

LF7801 - Pardee House Exterior, 1978.

LF7802 - Pardee House Interior, 1978.

SG9284 - Pardee House Moves to Heritage Junction (2 Views), 8-4-1992.

LW2095 - The Pardee House at Heritage Junction (2 Views), 2-2-2001.


Ramona Chapel History.

Ramona Chapel Gets a Facelift · The Signal, 2-27-2001

SM0101-02 - Graveyard Erected at Ramona Chapel for "The Huntress" (2 Views), 3-30-2001.

LW2149 - Dedication of the Ramona Chapel (10 Views), 12-9-2001.


Saugus Station History.

Moving Saugus Train Station to Heritage Junction. Raw Video, 6-24-1980.

BT1891 - SPRR Saugus Depot with Dining Room, 1890s.

LW3053 - Looking North Past SPRR Saugus Depot, 1907-1912.

LW2099 - "The Pilgrim": Charlie Chaplin at the Saugus Train Station, 1923 (7 Views).

JK0003 - Saugus Train Station & Semaphore, Multiple Views, 1967-70.

AL7001 - SPRR Saugus Depot in Snow, 12-19-1970.

JD8002 - Press Release: Supervisors Approve SPRR Saugus Depot Move to Hart Park, 6-3-1980.

SG8006 - Saugus Train Station Moves to Heritage Junction (Multiple Views), 6-24-1980.

TL8001 - SPRR Saugus Depot Moves to Hart Park, Multiple Views, Donor List, 6-25-1980.

DD8061 - Excavating Beneath the Saugus Train Station (2 Views), 6-25-1980.

HS8001 - Photo Gallery: Relocated SPRR Saugus Depot Set on Block Foundation, 9-10-1980.

Bob Guthrie, Last Saugus Stationmaster, Pays a Visit by Judy Mook · The Signal, 11-30-2003

GU0000 - Bob & Arminta Guthrie Family Photos (SPRR's Last Saugus Station Agent), 1960s-70s.

MORE Saugus Depot Photos.


HS9007 - SBC Pacific Bell Donates $1,000 for Website Kiosk, 7-11-2002.

HS9006 - Doors & Windows From A Bermite House, 2-3-2002.

HS9005 - The Needham Piano & Organ (11 Views), December 2001.

HS9004 - Lang Station Artifacts, 8-18-2001.

HS9003 - Cornish & Co. Pump Organ, c. 1880s, 7-17-2001.

HS9002 - Bakelite Drawer Pulls from Newhall Home, c. 1940s, 7-17-2001.

HS9001 - Antique Singer Sewing Machine, 2-15-2001.


JD7901 - Jo Anne Darcy Serves Punch for Historical Society Event at Mentryville, 12-9-1979.

LW2643 - Betty Houghton Pember, 1985 SCV Historical Society President.

E.J. Stephens Named SCVHS Docent of the Year for 2008 · 2-8-2009

Konrad Summers Named SCVHS Docent of the Year for 2007 · 2-9-2008

SCV Historical Society Celebrates 30th · The Signal, 12-12-2005

Harte, SCVHS Board Member, Named Man of the Year

Rotarians Give History A Helping Hand · The Signal, 4-27-2003

Phyllis Berman Named SCVHS Docent of the Year for 2002 · 4-9-2003

Tom Frew, Former Historical Society President, Given Key to the City · 4-8-2003

LW032402 - Society Participates in 2002 Cowboy Poetry Festival (5 Views).

LW022002 - 2001 Volunteer Recognition: Allan Howe & Philip Scorza.

Stevenson Donates Sink for Train Station · The Stevenson Ranch Signal, 8-3-2001

Boy Builds Outhouse as Eagle Scout Project · The Signal, 7-26-2001

Ramona Chapel Gets a Facelift · The Signal, 2-27-2001

John Mann, Historical Society President · The Signal, 2-21-2001.

SG9301 - Ruth Newhall Honored by SCV Historical Society, 2-10-1993.

HS8701 - 1987 Board of Directors.

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