Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures

Canyon Country


ALSO SEE Soledad Canyon

Tom Mitchell of the Soledad • Book by Richard F. Mitchell, 2002.

Tales of Lang and Soledad by A.B. Perkins • The Signal, March 1961

Story of the Sulphur Springs School by Leon Worden • The Signal, 3-5-1997

Thomas F. Mitchell, Soledad Canyon Pioneer and – Killer? by Alan Pollack, 11-2013.

Tick Canyon Camel & Ancient Horse Teeth: Tertiary Mammalian Fauna from the Mint Canyon Formation • John H. Maxson, Master's Thesis, CalTech, 1928.

Wade Albert Horton, Wealthy Mint Canyon Rancher, Slain in Botched Home-Invasion Robbery News reports, 1930-1932.

Alfred L. Clark's Solemint Store by Harriett Farnsworth, June 1945

So-Called Canyon Country Well Worth Tourist's Time Van Nuys News, 12-31-1963

Solemint Junction: A Happening Place to Be by Jo Ellen Rismanchi, July 2001

Solemint's Early Neighbors: Memories of Mary Warmuth Sathre and Friends by Jo Ellen Rismanchi, August 2001

Mint Canyon From 1947 to 1993 as I Recall It. by Butch Watkins, November 1997

LW9801 - Photo Gallery: Sulphur Springs School District Celebrates Quasquicentennial, 4-25-1998.

Vintage Warplane Crashes Into Mint Canyon Mobile Home, Killing Pilot • 11-2-2003.

Video: Historical Evolution of Canyon Country and Surrounding Areas, 2007 • COC/SCVHS 2007.

SC1203 - Lost Canyon Bridge Widening: Design Contract, 2012.

All About Earl Schmidt: Rancher, Airport Owner, Civic Leader (1906-1979) by Cassandra Skaggs, 5-4-2017

TV1801 - Video: Canyon Country Community Center Site Clearance (Demolition) 3-20-2018.

COC Canyon Country Campus

Video - First Buildings Erected at COC's Canyon Country Campus, 7-11-2007.

Canyon High School

Photo Gallery: Canyon High School Under Construction, 11-19-1967.


BB7000 - Yearbook Cover, 1970.

BB7001 - Howard & Phil's Ad in Canyon High School Yearbook, 1970.


BB7401 - Canyon High School in the Snow, 1-4-1974.


GT8601 - Canyon High School & Environs. 2 Aerial Views, 1-18-1986.

CHS50 - Canyon High School 50th Anniversary, 9-4-2018: Video, Program, 1968 & 2018 Faculty Lists.

Bowman High School

1983 Bowman High School Students' Creative Writing Anthology, Spring 1995.

Video: Bowman High School Celebrates 50th Anniversary, 3-19-2019.

Sierra Vista Junior High

OX6401 - Brand-New Sierra Vista Junior High School, 1964 (4 Views).

GZ0501 - Sierra Vista Junior High School Graduation, 6-15-1973 (3 Views).

HB8601 - Video: Sierra Vista JHS Band Marches in 1986 Frontier Days Parade.

Video: Sierra Vista Dedicates Measure SA-Funded Shipping Container Classroom Buildings by GrowthPoint, 3-28-2019.

  Sand Canyon

GS5801 - Fossilized Whale Rib Bones, Sand Canyon, Collected ~1958.

LW2595 - Marine Fossils, Sand Canyon, Collected 4-1-2014.

Ballfield Named for CCC Worker Killed While Battling SCV Brush Fire, 1933.

DB4801 - Charlie Dillenbeck Sr. on the Crocker Ranch in Sand Canyon, 2 Views, 1940s.

AP0825 - Dedication of Army (Nike Base) Housing in Sand Canyon, 2-24-1959.

JO6001 - View of Sand Canyon, 8-10-1960.

JO5101 - Garrett's Circle G Ranch in Sand Canyon (Multiple Views), 1940-63.

DB6301 - Antelope Valley Freeway Opening at Sand Canyon (First Section), 8-23-1963.

DB6901 - Film: Santa Clara River Flooding, February 1969?

GT8703 - Gillibrand Titanium Mine: From Site Tour (1987) to Federal Approval (1991): Photo Gallery, News Reports.

Space Ordnance Systems Cleanup (1984-1989 ff.)

Sand Canyon Plaza

Sand Canyon Plaza: 15 Years in the Making • By Halie Cook, SCVNews, 1-23-2015.

Sable Ranch/Rancho Maria

LW3250 - "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" on Location in Sand Canyon, Publicity Photo, 1993.

LW3285 - Lobby Card: Cary Elwes, Amy Yasbeck in "Robin Hood: Men in Tights," Sand Canyon, 1993.

LW3286 - Lobby Card: Cary Elwes, Eric Allan Kramer in "Robin Hood: Men in Tights," Sand Canyon, 1993.

New Home Communities

HB6101 - North Oaks: Newest Master-Planned Community, Sales Brochure, n.d. (1961).

HB1814 - Drycliff Estates: Floor Plans, 1979.

HB1810 - Canyon Village (Phase 3): New Home Brochure & Floor Plans, 1981.

Vista Canyon Ranch (Lost Canyon) Environmental Documents

Specific Plan (Ref: Mitchell Homestead, Mitchell Cemetery, etc.), 4-8-2011 — Download 245MB .pdf

Staff Notes, Appendix A1 (Ref: Mitchell Homestead, Mitchell Cemetery, etc.), 10-19-2010 — Download 303KB .pdf

Revisions to EIR (Ref: Mitchell Homestead & Cemetery, Archaeological site, etc.), 4-11-2011— Download 24MB .pdf

Skyline Ranch

EIR Addendum • December 2016.

Approval Package • 12-20-2016.

HB1804 - Photo Gallery: Superbloom at Future Skyline Ranch, May 2017.

Photos & Video

History of Canyon Country
History of Canyon Country
Watch Now

JM4901 - Partial List of Sulphur Springs School Pupils, 1886-1915.

LW2421 - Owens Valley Pipeline (L.A. Aqueduct), Saugus/Canyon Country, ~1913.

JA0000 - Oaks Garage/Le Chene French Cuisine, Sierra Highway-Mint Canyon (Multiple Views), 1916 ff.

DI2201 - Touring in Mint Canyon (1922) and Elizabeth Lake (1923), 7 Views.

LW2449 - Woman Holding Fawn at Remi Nadeau's Deer Park, ca. 1929.

Slippery Hills: Geology of the Soledad Corridor • C.D. Cooksey, Master's Thesis, CalTech, 1934

HS9908 - Mitchell Adobe, n.d. (1930s-1940s?)

SB4001 - Mint Canyon Highway, ~1930s-1940s.

HB3801 - Honby School, Student Body, 1938.

HB3902 - Honby School, Student Body, 1939.

LW2610 - Alfred Clark's Solemint Store, 9-22-1940.

AL2086 - Solemint: Freak Vegetables & Frek Fish Postcards, Some from Solemint Store, 1940s-50s.

LW2903 - Lou Costello on Set of "Ride 'Em Cowboy," Soledad Canyon (Universal 1942).

LW2227 - Solemint Store: Real Photo Post Card, 1946.

LW3456 - Solemint Store, Cafe, Chevron Station, RPPC ~1940s.

LW2004 - Solemint Store: Post Card, 1946.

Geology of the Humphreys Station Area • R.J. MacNeill, Master's Thesis, CalTech, 1947.

Geology of Canyon Country (a Portion of Eastern Ventura Basin) • Wakefield Dort Jr., Master's Thesis, CalTech, 1948.

HS9009 - Solemint Store: RPPC ~1950.

LW3744 - Solemint Store, Early 1950s.

LW2093 - Solemint Store, Color Post Card, 1950s.

LW3639 - Andre's Cafe & Cocktail Lounge, Forrest Park: Matchbook Cover, 1950s.

LW2996 - Southern Pacific Owl, Between Humphreys and Honby, 9-26-1953.

JR5401 - Dyer Honey House, 1950s.

FW5601 - Sulphur Springs School, 3rd Grade Class, 1956-57.

HB6001 - Structures at Original Honby School Site, ~1960s.

LW2990 - Hoopers Restaurant, Solemint Junction: Matchbook Cover ~1960s.

LW2268 - "Outhouse" Salt & Pepper Shakers from the Solemint Store, n.d.

Ace Cain's Rocky Springs Country Club

LW2454 - Parcel Map: Ace Cain's Rocky Springs Country Club (1950s-60s); VFW Post 6885 (Former Location).

LW3753 - Ace Cain's Rocky Springs Country Club: Wooden Nickel, 1950s-60s.

DB5801 - Jennifer Dillenbeck (Moore), George Conrad, Ace Cain, 1958. 2 Views.

LW2952 - Horses Graze in Mint Canyon, Plastichrome Postcard, 1950s-1960s.

AP1819 - Mitchell Cemetery, ca. 1961.

AP1815 - Mitchell Adobe, 2 Views, 1960.

CC6302 - Leona Cox Community School Groundbreaking, 8-1-1963.

6-S Ranch (and 6-S Ranch Airpark)

SK2801 - Airplane Built by Earl and Helm Schmidt at 6-S Ranch, 1928.

AP2406 - 6-S Ranch Airpark (1946-1960).

SK4701 - Shell Oil Customers: Schmidt Brothers' 6-S Ranch Airpark • Shell Progress, May 1947.

LW2929 - 6-S Ranch Airpark: Scenes from "China Doll" (MGM 1958).

Film - 6-S Ranch Airpark in "The Beast of Yucca Flats" (1961).

LW2918 - Location of 6-S Ranch Airpark (1946-1960).

Frontier Days

LW3614 - Frontier Days Pinback, "Brother of the Brush," 1960s.

HB7801 - Photo Gallery: 1978 Frontier Days Parade: Canyon & Arroyo Seco Bands, Colorguard, more.

HB8601 - Video: Sierra Vista JHS Band Marches in 1986 Frontier Days Parade.

LW2770 - Frontier Days Celebration: Official's Badge, 1988.

LW2423 - Frontier Days Parade: Valencia High School Band & Flag Team, 1995.

LW2635 - Mint Canyon Moose Lodge 2173, Matchbook Cover, 1960s.

LW3513 - Tip's Sierra Highway Restaurant Menu, June 1963.

OX6601 - Jerome Snyder School Office, Bagby Drive, North Oaks, 1966.

LW2301 - Marilyn Monroe Calendar from Solemint Store, 1966.

Mint Canyon School

A New Monument Sign for Mint Canyon School • The Signal, April 1968.

TR7701 - Mint Canyon School: Kindergarten-First Grade, 1977.

TR8401 - Mint Canyon School 6th Grade Commencement Program, 1984.

JK0008 - Intersection of Soledad & Whites Canyon Road, 1968.

Photo Gallery: Denny's Sand Canyon Restaurant Grand Opening • The Signal, 3-30-1969.

Photo Gallery: Plaque Placed in Memory of Leona Cox School Namesake • The Signal, 10-17-1969.

GZ0401 - Pam Bordelon (Koopman) at Dillenbecks' Labor Day Picnic, September 1970.

HS1000 - Lang Station, 1970s.

GZ0201 - Running Horses at Original Canyon Country Little League Fields, 1970s.

LB7101 - (First) Canyon Country Library Dedication, 9-20-1971.

HB1801 - Mail Delivery in the Snow, 1-4-1974.

OX7401 - Honby Elementary School Staff (North Oaks), 1974-75.

HB7502 - Mrs. Gilbert's 6th Grade Class, Honby School, 1974-75.

Honby School Cookbook, n.d. (~1970s-1980s).

LW3462 - Video: Scene on Sierra Highway, TV's "CHiPs" S2.16, 1979.

HS7905 - Aerial Photo: Whites Canyon Road, 8-14-1979.

HB1905 - Canyon Country Lions Club Bell, 1980(-1990).

HB1502 - Corner Whites & Soledad: Newberry's, Alpha Beta, 1982.

LW2587 - Dyer/Warmuth Honey House, 4 Views, ~1980s.

GT8603 - American Beauty Classics Under Construction, Aerial View, 1-18-1986.

GT8701 - Landslides Occur During Grading of American Beauty Classics, Via Princessa Area, 1987.

GT8801 - Whites Canyon Bridge Under Construction, Aerial View, 1988.

GT8802b - Afternoon Gridlock on Sierra Highway; Jake's Way Apartment Construction, 2-1988.

SC8901 - Grand Opening of Canyon Country Park, 12-1989.

SC9301 - Grand Opening of Begonias Lane Park, 4-24-1993.

LW0404 - 1-17-1994 Earthquake: Greenbrier Mobile Homes Destroyed. 2 Views.

LW9410 - 1-17-1994 Earthquake: FEMA Claims Intake Center at Canyon Country Park. 3 Views.

LW2139 - Demolition of Dillenbeck Canyon Market, July 1995. 2 Views.

LW3186 - Beale's Cut Restaurant Matchbook Cover, 1970s.

LW2860 - Cal Islands Restaurant Matchbook Cover, 1990s.

GT9804 - Mobile Home Destroyed in El Nino Storm, 2-1998.

GT9805 - Truck Buried in Mud on Sierra Highway, 2-1998.

SC0102 - Canyon Country Jo Anne Darcy Library Grand Opening, 11-17-2001.

JE0101 - Chuck Morey (Chevron), Irene Ahlheim (Redwood Village Restaurant), 2001.

LW3463 - Archive Video: Mitchell Cemetery, Future Vista Canyon Ranch, 4-20-2008.

Video - Halfway House Cafe in Geico Motorcycle 'Diner' Commercial, September 2014.

LW2767 - Map: Location of SPRR Humphreys Station.

Santa Clarita Diet Ep.104: Todd Longshore Park in Canyon Country, Netflix 2017.

LW3464 - "Santa Clarita Café" (Halfway House) by Bob Dylan, Acrylic on Canvas, 2018.

Traveling Through Time on the Saugus Local, by Jeff Hosford, September 2018.

LW3565 - McDonald's Restaurant Tented for Remodel, Sierra Hwy. at Via Princessa, 1-11-2019.

"Trestles" Builder Offers to Buy Back Sliding Homes • The Signal, 3-30-2019.

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