Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures

Agua Dulce | Vasquez Rocks
Including Parts of Mint Canyon

See also Saugus and Soledad Canyon and Borax and Aircraft Down

Early Inhabitants
See also Tataviam Culture

LW9550 - Vasquez Rock Art: Sun. Color Photo, 1995.

LW9551 - Vasquez Rock Art: Lizard. Color Photo, 1995.

LW9552 - Vasquez Rock Art: Volcano. Color Photo, 1995.

LW9553 - Vasquez Rock Art: Snake. Color Photo, 1995.

LW9555 - Vasquez Rock Art: White Dotted Figure. Color Photo, 1995.

LW9556 - Vasquez Rock Art: Lizard. Color Photo, 1995.

LW9557 - Vasquez Rock Art: Black Figures. Color Photo, 1995.

LW9558 - Vasquez Rock Art: Red Figure. Color Photo, 1995.

LW3268 - Coiled Tataviam Basketry Fragment from Vasquez Rocks, Likely Pre-Contact. Rare. Photographed 4-23-2018.

GT9801 - Human Skull Washes Up in El Nino Storm, 2-21-1998.

Misc. Photos, Videos, Text

Legacy: Dick Held
Points of Interest

A History of Vasquez Rocks and Vicinity (Comprehensive History) • Los Angeles County, 1-15-1974

Nature, History to Share Spotlight at New Vasquez Center by Katalin Szabolcsi • 6-21-2012

Agua Dulce: A Story of Love and Loss, by Mary Hunter Austin (1909) • Harper's Weekly, 8-28-1909

Sheriff's Posse Searches for Phantom Gunman of Vasquez Rocks News Reports, September 1945

Eyewitness to the 20th Century: Willis Dyer, Agua Dulce ApiaristThe Signal, 9-6-1985.

Alberta Platz Bell's Ravenna Memories12-2-1988.

Dick Held's Agua Dulce Memories by Dick Held, Spring 2002

Touring Vasquez Rocks: A History of its 20th Century Occupation by Jo Ellen Rismanchi, October 2001

Vasquez Rocks, Land of Enduring Romance by Jo Ellen Rismanchi, 1-2-2002

Notes from Interview with Edward Toney, Agua Dulce Pioneer by Jo Ellen Rismanchi • 3-3-2002

Mary Wright, An Agua Dulce Pioneer by Jo Ellen Rismanchi • The Signal, 7-16-2002

COC Local History Project: Doreetha Daniels, Agua Dulce Resident, Video 4-14-2009.

COC Local History Project: Esther Dyer, Video 4-15-2009.

County Adding Land to Vasquez Rocks, 11-10-2011

Unraveling the Mystery of the Mesa by Alan Pollack, 3-2011

Interpretive Center Rising at Bandit's Rocky Hideout by Katalin Szabolcsi • 5-9-2012

Grand Opening of Vasquez Rocks Interpretive Center with Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich SCVTV Video 5-30-2013

Let's Go L.A.: Exploring Vasquez Rocks L.A. County Video 2013

Asher Ranch Life Revealed in Vasquez Rocks Program by Lillian Smith, Agua Dulce-Acton Country Journal • 3-15-2014

AL1890 - Reward Poster For Apprehension of Indian Murder Suspect-Mint Canyon, November 26, 1890.

AP1935 - Pansy Barrington and Clara Long (Wright) at First Agua Dulce Schoolhouse, 1916.

JA0000 - Oaks Garage/Le Chene French Cuisine, Sierra Highway-Mint Canyon (Multiple Views), 1916 ff.

LW2647 - Castle Oaks Garage/Le Chene French Cuisine, Sierra Highway-Mint Canyon, Inscribed RPPC 1920s.

LW3466 - Castle Oaks Garage, 1920s-30s (Later Le Chene).

DH2101 - Tony & Geneva Dean Held & Sons, Agua Dulce Homesteaders (Multiple Views), 1920s.

DH3001 - Snowfall in Agua Dulce (Multiple Views), 1930.

DH3101 - The Neighbors' New Water Pump in Agua Dulce, 1931.

LW3088 - Lantern Slide: Buck Jones in "The Avenger" (Columbia 1931).

JE3001 - Claude Ellis' Art at Vasquez Rocks, Multiple Views, 1930s.

AL2001 - Vasquez Rocks Marketing Brochure, n.d. (~1930s).

TA3401 - Asher Family at Their Vasquez Rocks Property, 1930s.

TA3001 - Corner Escondido & Agua Dulce Canyon Road, 1930s.

"The Ivory-Handled Gun" (Full Movie 1935): Jauregui Ranch, Trem Carr Ranch, Vasquez Rocks.

LW3711 - Vasquez Rocks Scene in "Werewolf of London" (Universal 1935).

Film Clips - Jim Thorpe, Johnny Mack Brown, Vasquez Rocks, in "Rustlers of Red Dog," 1935.

LW2297 - Buck Jones in "Outlawed Guns," Vasquez Rocks Fight Scene, Publicity Still, 1935.

LW3212 - Richard Dix Stars in "The Arizonian," Encounters Nudists at Vasquez Rocks, 1935.

LC4101 - Ivan Callahan Family & Homestead (3 Views), 1938-41.

LW2042 - Vasquez Rocks, Union Oil Postcard, 1941. Color.

LW2622 - Mint Canyon Highway (Sierra Highway), Sleepy Valley, 1940s.

JW4401 - Hoot Gibson, Ken Maynard, Bob Steele in "Arizona Whirlwind," Vasquez Rocks, 1944.

LW2097 - Bob Steele, Hoot Gibson & Ken Maynard at Vasquez Rocks, ~1940s.

AP3114 - Agua Dulce Schoolhouse, May 1945.

SB4501 - Vasquez Rocks, Postcard 1945.

LW2813 - "The Big Sombrero" Starring Gene Autry, 1949; Lobby Card (1956 Re-release).

CU1950 - Wilson's Restaurant, Mint Canyon, Real Photo Postcard, 1950s.

LW2651 - Wilson's Restaurant, Mint Canyon, Printed Stick Matchbook, 1950s.

LW3584 - Matchbook Cover: Wilson's Restaurant, Shady Acres, early 1950s.

LW2639 - Sierra Pelona Motel, RPPC 1950s.

LW2109 - "Gunsmoke": James Arness & Amanda Blake at Vasquez Rocks, 1950s.

"Flame of Araby" (1951)

LW3600 - Lobby Card: Maureen O'Hara, Jeff Chandler Star in "Flame of Araby" (Universal 1951).

LW3578 - Movie Herald: "Die Flamme von Arabien" ("Flame of Araby"), Vasquez Rocks Cover, West Germany, 1952.

LW3751 - Gene Autry's Champion Three? Stands in for Television Champion at Vasquez Rocks, 1955-1956.

Callahan's Old West Trading Post (Mint Canyon)

Robert E. Callahan Turned Old West Into Tourist Attraction • by Dr. Alan Pollack, Dispatch, May-June 2017.

New Indian-Frontier Village: Description of Callahan's Old West, Desert Magazine, April 1965.

HB1808 - Robert & Marion Callahan and Visitors, Callahan's Old West, July 1967.

Memories of Callahan's Old West by Tom Shubert, 12-9-2016.

LW2002 - Callahan's Old West: Good Luck Charm, 2 Varieties, ~1960s.

LW2967 - $1,000 in Las Vegas Loot, Callahan's Old West, ~1960s.

LW2221 - Callahan's Old West, Hopi Shrine, Color Postcard, 1960s.

LW2221b - Callahan's Old West, Outlaw Saloon, Color Postcard, 1960s.

LW2531 - Callahan's Old West, Ramona Chapel, Color Postcard, 1960s.

HS9907 - Photo Gallery: Stuntman Ray Saniger Performs at Callahan's Old West, 1967-1970.

LW3533 - "Curse of the Headless Horseman" (1972): Western-Hippie-Horror Film Made at Callahan's Old West.

SG0922 - Callahan's Old West Indian Village, 2000.

Fort Set, "Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers," Vasquez Rocks

LW3620 - Film: "Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers" Ep. 25: "Akbar the Great," Vasquez Rocks, 1957.

LW3730 - Kathleen Crowley Guest-Stars in "Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers," Ep. 3, 1956.

LW3097 - Fort Oghora Built for NBC's '77th Bengal Lancers' • TV Guide 1957.

LW3663 - Dell Comic No. 791: "The 77th Bengal Lancers" (No. 1/Only), 1957.

HG5902 - Fort Set, "Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers," ~Late 1950s.

HB6303 - Exploring the "77th Bengal Lancers" Fort ~1963.

LW3045 - Vasquez Rocks Fort Set, "Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers" (Photos 1968).

LW3055 - Vasquez Rocks, 1960s.

LW3591 - Lobby Card: Vasquez Rocks Featured in "Johnny Reno," Paramount 1966.

LW2098 - Capt. Kirk Battles the Gorn at Vasquez Rocks, 8 Views, 1967.

A Private Little War (Star Trek S.2.19)

LW3602 - Nancy Kovack at Vasquez Rocks in "A Private Little War" ("Star Trek" TOS S2.19), 1968.

LW3637 - Screenplay: "A Private Little War" ("Star Trek" S2.19), Air Date 2-2-1968.

LW2954 - Howard Keel at Vasquez Rocks in "Arizona Bushwhackers" (Paramount 1968).

LW3107 - Lobby Card: "Arizona Bushwhackers" (Paramount 1968).

LW3046 - Vasquez Rocks County Park, 6 Views, 1968.

LW3690 - Photo Gallery: Vasquez Rocks Vacation Photos, 1969.

Montie Montana

LW2959 - Montie Montana Drives Mudwagon Near Vasquez Rocks, 1970s-1980s.

LW3181 - Montie Montana with Wagon and Team, Agua Dulce, 2 Views, n.d.

LW3037 - Events at Montie Montana Rodeo Ranch, 11 Views, 1970s-1980s.

LW2953 - Benefit Wild West Show & Powwow at Montie Montana's Agua Dulce Ranch, 6-25-1978.

SB9501 - Montie & Marilee Montana with Art Brewer in Agua Dulce, mid-1990s.

VIDEO - TV Interview: Montie Montana • Santa Clarita's Backyard Treasures Ep.64, SCVTV ~1995.

LW2145 - Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles" at Vasquez Rocks, 11 Views, 1974.

HS2787 - Asher House, Triple A Ranch, Vasquez Rocks, 7-9-1979.

VH8401 - "Airwolf" Episode at Vasquez Rocks, 4 Views, 1984-87.

LW3436 - Vasquez Rocks Scene from Michael Jackson's "Black or White" and "Making Of" Excerpt, 1991.

SC9401 - "The Flintstones" Movie Set at Vasquez Rocks, 1993.

LW3350 - "The Flintstones" (Universal 1994) in Production at Vasquez Rocks, 1993.

GT9801 - Flooding in Sleepy Valley, 2-1998.

LW3604 - Call Sheet: "Wild Wild West" (Warner Bros. 1999) at Vasquez Rocks, 4-21-1999.

"Space Cowboys"

LW3166 - Call Sheet for "Space Cowboys" at Agua Dulce Airport, Halfway House Cafe, 7-23-1999.

LW3560 - Clint Eastwood Directs "Space Cowboys" at Agua Dulce Airpark, 1999.

LW3626 - Clint Eastwood Directs "Space Cowboys" at Agua Dulce Airpark, Color, 1999.

LW2623 - "Nature At Best" (Vasquez Rocks), Oil on Canvas by Terry Sonntag, March 2012.

LW2261 - Bobby Clark (the Gorn) Reenacts "Star Trek" Battle with Captain Kirk (Multiple Views), 8-4-2012.

LW2363 - Vasquez Rocks Interpretive Center (Exterior), 4-17-2013.

LW2384 - "Sunset at Vasquez Rocks," Oil on Canvas by Laura Wambsgans, 2013.

LW2410 - Orit Haj (Rammed Earth Artwork) at Vasquez Rocks Interpretive Center, 2 Views, 7-18-2013.

Gallery - Former Owner Jeff Asher Lectures at Vasquez Rocks, 15 Views, 3-9-2014.

BB1401 - Oaks Cafe Sign at Le Chene Restaurant, June 2014.

"Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge" (CMT 2014-2015), Shot in Agua Dulce.

LO2808 - Toney Home (Ranger's Residence), Vasquez Rocks, 7 Views, HABS 2009.

Winning Lawyer Going After Alamo's Sleepy Valley PropertySCVNews, 2-27-2014.

LW3014 - Verbiesen Ranch & Car Collection Damaged by Fire • 5-29-2017.

Oddity Odysseys: Exploring Vasquez RocksVideo 2017.

LW3237 - NASA DC-8 Flies Over Mint Canyon, 1972.

LW3261 - BSA (Cubs/Webelos) Patch: Vasquez Rocks Geologic Hike, 2010s.

Tiburcio Vasquez

A La Señorita: Poem by Tiburcio Vasquez • 1874-1875

Vasquez and the Tres Pinos Horror • (Bakersfield) Southern Californian, 9-4-1873

The Vasquez Gang • (San Diego) The World, 9-20-1873

Vasquez. Daring Robbery Near Camulos • (Los Angeles) Evening Express, 10-23-1873

Taking of Kingston by Vasquez • (Los Angeles) Evening Express, 12-29-1873

Vasquez Band Robs Kingston • (Bakersfield) Southern Californian, 1-1-1874

Vasquez, The Robber Raid On Kingston • (San Diego) The World, 1-3-1874

T. Vasquez: Letter from Varnum Westcott to Gov. Newton Booth • 1-12-1874

Confession of Charles W. Weeks, Vasquez Gang Member • February 1874.

Vasquez Captured at Last. • (San Francisco, CA) San Francisco Chronicle, 5-15-1874

Vasquez Capture Confirmed • (San Diego) Evening World, 5-15-1874

Capture of Vasquez • (Vallejo, CA) The Daily People's Independent, 5-16-1874

Jailhouse Interview with Tiburcio Vasquez • by Major Ben C. Truman, Los Angeles Star, 5-16-1874, Repurposed 1881.

Vasquez' History in Brief • (San Diego) The World, 5-18-1874

Capture of Vasquez, A Question Of Honor • (Los Angeles) Evening Express, 5-19-1874

The Jail Life of Vasquez. • (San Francisco, CA) San Francisco Chronicle, 5-19-1874

The Scene of Vasquez' Capture. • (San Francisco, CA) San Francisco Chronicle, 5-21-1874

Vasquez Captured • (Stockton, CA) Stockton Weekly Independent, 5-23-1874

Vasquez Captured • (New York, NY) The New York Times, 5-24-1874

Abdon Leiva's Version Of Vasquez gang Tres Pinos Massacre. • (San Francisco, CA) The Sunday Chronicle, 5-24-1874

Tiburcio Vasquez Trial and Murder Conviction At San Jose • Los Angeles Weekly Star, 1-16-1875

Vasquez Refused a New Trial By the Supreme Court • (San Jose, CA) The Weekly Argus, 3-13-1875

Final Statement of Tiburcio Vasquez • Morning Oregonian, 3-25-1875

The Execution Of Vasquez! • (Sacramento) The Daily Bee, 3-19-1875

Tiburcio Vasquez Hanged At San Jose • New York Tribune, 3-20-1875

Execution of Vasquez, the Bandit • Dallas Daily Herald, 3-21-1875

Bandit Vasquez' Raid on Kingston Recalled By Spectators • The Fresno Bee, 1-17-1937

The Haunts and Hideouts of Tiburcio Vasquez, by Will H. Thrall • So. Cal Historical Society Quarterly, June 1948

Stories of the Century: Tiburcio Vasquez Television Episode 1954.

Tiburcio Vasquez, Lover-Bandit by Dick Cox • Real West, November 1965

LW3413 - Tiburcio Vasquez, Bandit King. By Bruno Coletti, The West, January 1967.

Trailing the Californio Bandit Tiburcio Vasquez, 1835-1875 by Ralph Rambo, 1968.

HS3020 - Tiburcio Vasquez, Bandit.

JE4001 - Tiburcio Vasquez: Portrait & Biography, 5-19-1874.

LW3137 - Birthplace & Childhood Home of Outlaw Tiburcio Vasquez, Monterey.

CA0010 - Tiburcio Vasquez's Spurs, Discovered in 1930s. (8 Views)

Gallery - Remnants of Kingston, Calif., Raided by Vasquez, 5-17-2014.

See also Borax (More)

Origins of the Sterling Borax Co.Acton Rooster 1907-1908.

Tick Canyon: Richest Borax Deposit Ever FoundLos Angeles Times, 11-17-1907.

Description & History of Borate Mining in Tick CanyonCA Div. of Mines 1954.

Philip Scorza Explores the Sterling Borax Mine 2007

An "Odd Couple" and Twenty Mules: The Fortune of the Sterling Borax Company in California's Santa Clarita Valleyby Edward Keebler, 12-13-2010

Stephen T. Mather: From SCV Borax Magnate to Founder of the National Park SystemExerpts from "Steve Mather of the National Parks" by Robert Shankland, 1951.

LW3076 - Corporate Seal Embosser, Sterling Borax Co. (Unique), 1908.

LW3632 - Sterling Borax Advertising Ephemera: Ink Blotter, ~1910s.

AP1813 - Sterling Borax Works in Tick Canyon (Multiple Views), ~1910s.

SW_LAN04 - Panorama: Sterling Borax Mine, Mill, Camp, 1912.

SW_LAN15A - Sterling Borax Employee Camp & Tailings.

FT2101 - Sterling Borax "Dinky" Locomotive with Ernest Moore & Ben Truex, 1914-1918.

SW_LAN16D - Sterling Borax Mine: Dinky Locomotive Wreck.

SW_LAN18B - Sterling Borax Mine Shaft Headframe.

Teacher from Pasadena, 18, Hired for Lang/Sterling Borax School, Los Angeles Evening Express, 2/8/1923.

SW_LAN73 - Looking Up the Sterling Borax Mine Shaft, ~1984.

SW_LAN75 - Collapsed Timber in the Sterling Borax Mine, ~1984.

LW2362 - Tailings from the Sterling Borax Mine, 4-17-2013.

LW2381 - 2 Sterling Borax Mine Dwellings, 6 Views, 6-8-2013.

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