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Piru Pictures and History by Michele Ybarra McKinley, 2022.

Prehistory of the Lower Piru Creek Drainage Basin by Robert Lopez, CSUN 1974.

Ventura Free Press, 7-28-1899

Piru Fruit Rancho: Mammoth Orchards • Ventura Free Press, 7-28-1899.

The Piru Valley: A Ruccension of Beautiful Orchards • Ventura Free Press, 7-28-1899.

The Piru Rancho Gold Mining Co. • Ventura Free Press, 7-28-1899.

The Oil Industry • Ventura Free Press, 7-28-1899.

Water Supply • Ventura Free Press, 7-28-1899.

The Camulos Rancho • Ventura Free Press, 7-28-1899.

Piru Rancho: The Next Great Oil Field by F.A. Pattee — The Land of Sunshine, November 1900.

George Lechler, Pioneer Piru Apiarist by Eleanor Quigley — Los Angeles Herald Illustrated Magazine, 3-16-1902.

Bank Robbed, Banker Kidnapped by Movie Cowboy's Bootlegging-Human Trafficking Gang • News reports; Incident 12-11-1922.

The Garden of Eden that might have been by Leon Worden • The Signal, 7-15-1998.

NTSB Report (Final) on Harrison Ford Helicopter Crash Piru, 10-23-1999 • NTSB 4-25-2001.

Timeline: David C. Cook, Founder of Piru • Cook Communications Ministries, 2001.

The Scott Family in Piru, 1890s • from Homer W. Scott, January 2001.

Story of the Piru Mansion by Ruth Newhall • Old Town Newhall Gazette, September 1997.

Video: Original Piru Mansion Interiors Scenes from "Curse of the Black Widow," ABC 1977.

Lechler Museum Collection Headed for Auction Block Los Angeles Times, 8-24-2000.

Piru Cemetery: What Killed the Baum and Snider Kids? by Leon Worden, 4-19-2012.

Placerita White Oil, Piru Oil Displayed at 1901 Pan-American Exposition (World's Fair) by Leon Worden, 1-3-2015.

MU3306 - Tataviam Twined Water Bottle from Piru Creek, NHMLA Collection, 14 Views.

LW2245 - Piru Cemetery: Grave of George Stockton, a Laborer, 1852-1891.

LW2560 - Map: Oil Well Locations from Fillmore to Camulos, 1900.

LW2258a - Piru Mansion & Grounds, 1900.

LW2258d - Piru Oil Field, 2 Views, 1900.

LW2019 - Juan José Fustero, Tataviam Indian, ca. 1910s.

LW2064 - Bird's Eye View of Piru City, California, 1910.

LW2063 - Mountain View Hotel, Sepia Postcard, ca. 1910.

LW2832 - Mary Pickford, Henry Walthall, Kate Bruce at Mountain View Hotel, Piru, April 1910.

LW3721 - Palm Tree-Lined Driveway to Piru Mansion, 2 Views, ~1910.

LW2010 - Piru Canyon Bridge, Color Postcard, 1910s.

LW3368 - Photo Gallery: Piru Oil Lease with Likely Owner and Visitors, 1912-1913.

LW3185 - Piru Postmark on Souvenir Postcard, 8-24-1915.

LW3687 - Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Invoice to Union Oil Co. at Piru, 1-1-1917.

LW2031 - Piru Church, Postcard, 1920s.

LW3168 - Franked Envelope, Postmarked Piru 4-28-1924.

LW2244 - Piru Cemetery: Graves of Gottardi Family, St. Francis Dam Victims (mother & five children), d. 3-13-1928.

LW3585 - Photo Gallery: Geological Investigation of Piru Dam/Lake Site, 24 Years Early (Summer 1931).

HI3401 - Warring Stone House, 1934.

LW2028 - Mansion Brand Fruit Label, Piru, Pre-1950. Color.

LW2046 - Weaver Brand Fruit Label, Piru, Pre-1950. Color.

HA5001 - The Piru Mansion, 1950s.

LW3912 - Film: Piru Scenes in "A Star is Born" With Judy Garland, James Mason, 1954.

SR5701 - Film: Fishing at Lake Piru, 3/1957.

LW3613 - SPRR Piru Depot Used as Catholic Church, 1960s.

LW3544 - Patch from Aborted Boy Scout Camporee, 1969.

LA7501 - 1876 Lechler Adobe, aka Honey House, 1975.

Hb1824 - Harry Lechler's Museum: Postcard & Business Card, 1969-2000.

Hb1825 - Harry Lechler's Museum: Wooden Nickel Advertising Piece, 1969-2000.

LW3455 - Concrete Mold for Turtle Water Spouts, Newhalls' Piru Mansion Pool, ~1970s.

LW3029 - Brochure: (History of) The Piru Mansion, May 1988.

TN1989 - Ruth & Scott Newhall at the Piru Mansion, 1989.

SG9302 - Ruth Newhall at the Piru Mansion, 3-24-1993.

LW2086 - The Piru Mansion, Rebuilt.

JJ2006 - Aerial View of Piru, 1990s.

LW2462 - Christina Aguilera on SPRR Piru Creek Bridge for "Burlesque," 2 Views, 2009.

HI1201 - Piru Mansion, Interiors & Exteriors. 11 Views, 2012.

HI1202 - Warring Stone House, 5 Views, 2012.

LW2461 - 1902 SPRR Piru Creek Bridge, 12 Views, 9-7-2013.

LW2461 - 1902 SPRR Piru Creek Bridge, 12 Views, 9-7-2013.

HB1830 - Photo Gallery: Dam Victim Monument Dedicated at Piru Cemetery • March 18, 2018.

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