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Rancho Camulos: A Comprehensive History • NRHP Nomination, 1996.

Rancho Camulos: Historic Museum Overview and Vision • March 1997.

Rancho Camulos Museum Historic Image File (Photocopies)

RA1001 - Chapel, Fountain, Winery, Bunkhouse, Small Adobe, Railroad.

Ramona (Complete Text) by Helen Hunt Jackson, 1884.

LW2963 - About Helen Hunt Jackson's Visit to Rancho Camulos; SoCal Observations • Odell 1939 (Excerpts).

Ramona's Home: A Visit to the Camulos Ranch, and to Scenes Described by "H.H." by Edwards Roberts, S.F. Chronicle, 1886.

LW2988 - Helen Hunt Jackson's Grave, Cheyenne Mountain, Colo. Souvenir Postcard 1912.

Ygnacio del Valle Family Tree.

Antonio & Ygnacio Del Valle's Roles in Privatizing Mission San Fernando, 1830s-40s from Engelhardt: San Fernando Rey, 1927.

Russian-Alaskan Church Bell

The Real Ramona & Alessandro (Alejandro), As Told by José Jesús López (1853-1939) from Latta 1976.

Ygnacio del Valle, SCV Landowner & L.A. Civic Leader Pen Pictures for L.A. County, 1889.

The Vaquero Mysteries: Del Valle Artwork by James Walker By Maria Christopher • Heritage Junction Dispatch, Sept.-Oct. 2017.

Reginaldo F. Del Valle, Politician & SCV Landowner: Biography During Life Pen Pictures for L.A. County, 1889.

The Home of Ramona from "Some By-Ways of California" by Charles Franklin Carter, 1902 (1900).

Obituary: Ysabel Varela del Valle, Senora at Rancho Camulos, 1837-1905

Lucretia del Valle Grady

LW2757 - Inscribed Portrait of Lucretia del Valle at Charles Lummis House (El Alisal), n.d.

LW2759 - Lucretia del Valle Grady Christens S.S. President Cleveland, 6-24-1946.

LW3119 - Ambassador & Mrs. Henry Grady (Lucretia del Valle) Depart for Washington, 4-4-1947.

LW3106 - Ambassador & Mrs. Henry Grady (Lucretia del Valle) Arrive in India, 6-30-1947.

LW2887 - Lucretia del Valle Grady Promotes Women's Suffrage in Iran, 1950.

Ventura County to Pave Road Through Rancho Camulos (Future SR-126) • Oxnard Press-courier, 11-17-1916.

Writer Links Y. Del Valle to Perea's Pico Canyon Oil Discovery • Oakland Tribune, 11-4-1918.

Filing of Probate Petition, Death of Juventino Del Valle • Oxnard Press-courier, 6-11-1919.

Rancho San Francisco: A Study of a California Land Grant by Arthur B. Perkins, June 1957

Peter Rubel, 22, Killed in Game of Russian Roulette Oxnard Press-Courier, 9-26-1957

Ramona Myth revived at Ventura museum by Leon Worden • The Signal, 10-30-1998.

Del Valle descendant pursues her roots by Marci Wormser • The Signal, 9-1-1999.

Del Valle Family Played a Starring Role in Early California by Cecilia Rasmussen • L.A. Times, 11-11-2001.

Rancho Camulos Named National Historic Landmark • The Signal, 5-6-2001

"Over the Range to the Golden Gate" (Excerpts: Descriptions of Newhall, Camulos, Mojave Desert, etc.), 1896 (1884).

Camulos Receives Funding to Archive Historical Papers, 6-18-2013.

Edwin Carewe's 1928 "Ramona"

Edwin Carewe's 1928 "Ramona" Returns from the Lost By Hugh Munro Neely • 3-29-2014.

LW2958 - Edwin Carewe's "Ramona" Serialized in French Movie Fanzine, 1928.

LW2080 - "Ramona's Waltz" Sheet Music for Edwin Carewe's "Ramona," 1928.

LW2969 - "And I Still Do" Sheet Music for Edwin Carewe's "Ramona," 1928.

LW3121 - Lobby Card: Edwin Carewe's "Ramona" (United Artists 1928).

LW3062 - Fan Card: Warner Baxter as Alessandro in "Ramona," 1928.

LW2933 - Edwin Carewe's "Ramona" (1928) in The Picture Show Annual 1929.

LW2787 - 1928 "Ramona" Star Dolores Del Rio in "Four Ladies of Hollywood" Sculpture, 1993 (Photo 2015).

Smithsonian Exhibit 2017

TV1704 - Smithsonian Using SCV Relics to Tell Nation's Story • SCVTV 2017.

TV1701 - Red Sacred Heart, On Loan to Smithsonian Institution, 2017.

TV1702 - Original Wooden Cross, On Loan to Smithsonian Institution, 2017.

TV1703 - Tataviam Mortar and Pestle, On Loan to Smithsonian Institution, 2017.

Del Valle Period

LW2793 - Del Valle Buggy, Original Condition, n.d.

LW2792 - ~1850 Del Valle Buggy, Restored 2009. Multiple Views, 11-8-2014.

LW2706 - Del Valle Family Livestock Ledger, 8 Pages, June-July 1853.

RC8701 - "Ramona Cradle" from Rancho Camulos (2 Views).

MU3580 - Nor. Cal. Basketry Bowl, Del Valle Family Collection, Mid-1800s.

LW2453 - Portrait of Helen Hunt Jackson by Alexander F. Harmer, 1885.

AP1324 - Del Valle Adobe: Inner Courtyard with Fountain, late 1800s.

AP0617 - Del Valle Adobe: South Veranda, late 1800s.

RA5501 - Original 1886 Wooden Cross from Del Valle Chapel Garden (Photo 1955).

MU0538 - Del Valle Bedroom in Main Adobe, ~1890.

LW2871 - "The Chapel at Ramona's Home," Cabinet Card, ~1890.

LW3127 - "Home of Ramona" (Rancho Camulos), Private Mailing Card, 1898-1901.

LW2560 - Map: Oil Well Locations from Fillmore to Camulos, 1900.

LW2134 - "Spanish Fandango at Camulos." Colorized Postcard, 1902.

NT1104 - Southern Pacific Camulos Depot, ~1906.

LW2434 - Portrait of Helen Hunt Jackson from 1909 "Pasadena Edition" of "Ramona."

LW2006 - "Home of Ramona" at Rancho Camulos. Postcard, c. 1910s. Color.

LW2022 - Altar at Rancho Camulos. Postcard, 1901-1915. Hand colored.

LW3123 - Olive Mill at Rancho Camulos. Postcard, 1901-1915. Hand colored.

LW2037 - "Home of Ramona" at Rancho Camulos. 2 Different Postcards, 1910s-20s. Color.

LW2085 - "Old Home of Ramona at Camulos." Postcard, ~1909. Color.

LW2832 - Cast of "Ramona" (1910): Mary Pickford, Henry Walthall, Kate Bruce at Mountain View Hotel, Piru, April 1910.

LW2234 - "Ramona's Bedroom" at Camulos. Colorized postcard, 1910s-20s.

LW2235 - "The Court, Old Home of Ramona" at Camulos. Colorized postcard, 1910s-20s.

LW2073 - "Sheep Shearing at Camulos, the old home of Ramona." Postcard, 1910s-20s. Color.

LW2084 - "The Garden, Ramona's House, Camulos, Calif." Postcard, c. 1920s. Color.

LW2549 - "Bells of Camulos." Color Postcard ~1909.

RA5502 - The Bells of Camulos (Photo 1955).

LW2554 - Del Valles' Chinese Import Sewing Table from Rancho Camulos (Mid-1800s), 4 Views, 11-23-2013.

LW2695 - Del Valle Citrus Labels (2 Varieties), Pre-1924, Discovered 2014.

Iconic Camulos Bell, Del Valle Portrait Come HomeSCVHistory, 10-28-2017.

Camulos Cemetery

LW2717 - Camulos Cemetery Census, from Signage at Rancho Camulos Museum 2014.

LP1501 - Camulos Cemetery Postcard ~1915.

Rübel Period

NT1014 - Prince Aaggie, Prize Bull of A. Rübel's Billiwhack Dairy, 1920s.

LW2120 - Floor Plan of the Del Valle Adobe at Camulos, 1925.

NT1033 - Baby Shirley Rübel with Bulldog, ~1928.

RA3001 - Schoolhouse Under Construction, 56 Views, 1930.

AL1933 - "Home of Ramona Brand" at Rancho Camulos. Crate Label, c. 1930s. Color.

NT1013 - Birthday Party for Shirley and Nathalie Rübel, Rancho Camulos, ~1931.

NT1022 - Fountain Next to the Cocina, ~1920s-30s.

RA3301 - Letter Re: August Rubel's French WWI Croix de Guerre, 3-9-1933.

LO3401 - Rancho Camulos Historic American Buildings Survey, 17 Views, 3-22-1934.

LO3402 - Rancho Camulos Historic American Buildings Survey Diagrams (Measurements & Uses), 1934/36.

NT1021 - Rübel Family with Del Valle Family Stagecoach, 4-23-1938.

NT1005 - Charlie Rycroft, Camulos Ranch Foreman (n.d. ~1930s).

LW2761 - "Ramona and Alessandro on The Narrow Trail" (Painting) by N.C. Wyeth, 1939.

NT1102 - August Rübel at His Writing Desk, ~1940.

NT1026 - August Rübel and Johnny Dingtoes, a Parrot, ~1940.

NT1002 - Harry Jr. & Ella Carey with Barbara & Gerald Rübel, ~1940.

NT1019 - August Rübel & Gerald Rübel, 1942.

NT1101 - August Rübel, American Field Service Uniform, WWII (1940s).

Clipping: Bermite Power Co. Advertisement • Los Angeles Times 1-2-1946.

NT1103 - Chapel Dressed for Rübel Double Wedding, 1950s.

An Old Shoe Box: Discovery of a Drawing by Charles M. Russell • By Charles F. Outland, 1975.

VIDEO - Rancho Camulos After the 1994 Earthquake • Philip Scorza's Points of Interest.

LW2119 - Rancho Camulos: National Historic Landmark Dedication Ceremony (3 Views), 5-5-2001.

LW2121 - Map of the Grounds at Rancho Camulos, 2001.

OA245B - Video: Ramona Days 2009 • Out & About With Roger Martin Episode 245b.

LW2463 - 1867 Del Valle Winery, 11 Views, 9-7-2013.

LW2465 - Wine Press from Dominguez Ranch, 7 Views, 9-7-2013.

Gallery - Ramona Days at Rancho Camulos, 21 Views, 9-7-2013.

LW2520 - Grave Marker for Baby August Adrian Rubel, 3 Views, 11-21-2013.

Gallery - Future Journeymen Paint 1920 Adobe at Rancho Camulos, Multiple Views, 11-23-2013.

LW2716 - Sign from SPRR Camulos Depot, Displayed at Rancho Camulos Museum. Photo 2014.

LW3100 - Rancho Camulos Museum 2017 Docent of Year: Marie Wren.

LW3101 - Rancho Camulos Museum 2017 Volunteers of Year: Dianne Gay Cox & Jack Infranca.

Del Valle Winery (Ex-Rubel Museum)

RA5503 - 1867 Del Valle Winery, 4 Views, 4-26-1955.

LW2463 - Exterior of 1867 Del Valle Winery, 11 Views, 9-7-2013.

LW2633 - Del Valle Brandy Still, In Use Circa 1867-1900, 9 Views, 6-28-2014.

LW2632 - Native American Grinding Stones, 2 Views, 6-28-2014.

LW2630 - Handmade Clay Tiles, 4 Views, 6-28-2014.

LW2634 - Original Confessional Window from Del Valle Chapel, 6-28-2014.

LW2631 - Broken Statuary Associated with Del Valle Chapel, 6-28-2014.

LW2631 - Wall Decor Associated with Del Valle Chapel, 6-28-2014.

Lummis Book: Home of Ramona

"Home of Ramona" by Charles F. Lummis, 1888.

NOTE: This is a partial selection from the book.

Cover - Book Cover.

Clipping - Marriage of Joseph Y. del Valle.

Susanita - Loose Photo of Susanita del Valle.

Dedication - From Lummis to Susanita.

Page 1 - Outside Corridor.

Page 2 - Group Photo incl. Reginaldo del Valle.

Page 3 - Nena del Valle Cram and Susanita del Valle.

Page 4 - Aerial View of Camulos.

Page 5 - Structure and Picket Fence.

Page 6a - Ysobel del Valle Cram and Nena del Valle Cram.

Page 6b - Outside Corridor leading to Bedrooms.

Page 7 - Porch of the Chapel.

Page 8 - South Veranda.

Page 9 - La Placita.

Page 10a - Cross on the Hill.

Page 10b - South Veranda.
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