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Camulos Cemetery Census
Rancho Camulos

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Camulos Cemetery census, transcribed from signage on display at the Rancho Camulos Museum in 2014. The cemetery is located north of Highway 126 on the Rancho Camulos property.

Ynacio Aceves

Beniono Acosta

Bernabe Acosta

Concepcion Acosta

Esteban Acosta

Elias Acosta

Fred Acosta

Aguirre Guadalupe Acosta

Lorenza Acosta

Conception Aguirre, died 1912

Jesus Aguirre, 1825-1902

Pedro Avalos

Jose Alcocer, 1936-1937

Jesus Arellanez

Matilde Ayala

Ramon Ayala

Gianni J. Basolo

Adriana M. Beltran, 1887-1925

Aurelia Beltran

Evarista Beltran

Jose Beltran

Mararito Beltran

Carl Cabelar, 1903-1924

Epifanio Carrillo

Jeorge Case, 1874-1895

Maria Antonia case, 1880-1895

Tille Case, 1875-1887

Juan Dela Cruz

Ygniacio de Valle [sic]

Anivara Dominguez, 1888-1918

Carmelo Dominguez, 1814-1902

Esteban Dominguez, 1849-1893

Francisco T. Dominguez, 1861-1923

Juan B. Dominguez, 1843-1937

Petra H. Dominguez, 1814-1900

Thomas T. Dominguez, 1880-1939

Manuel Duarte, 1860-1906

Ramon Durazo

Lorenzo Encinas

Gertrudes Encinas

Manuel Encinas

Espinoza (infant)

Aurora Espinoza, 1936-1936

Jose Espinoza, died 1911

Miguel Espinoza, 1852-1915

Juan Fernandez, 1842-1900

Petra H. Dominguez Fulmer, 1844-1863

Eulalia Garcia Gaitan, 1894-1931

Antonio Garcia, 1918-1920

Isabel Llamas, 1912-1914

Cecelia D. Manriquez, 1811-1882

Elvira Martinez, 1922 or 23

Lucia Martinez, 1936-1937

Reynaldo Martinez, 1934-1935

Carmen Medel, died 1926

Francisca Medel

Lupe Guadalupe Mendel, died 1925

Jesus Medel, died 1912

Carmen Nunez, born 1912

Ysabel M. Nunez, 1891-1931

Ramona Nunez

Concepcion Medel Ortega, died 1925

Maria de Jesus Ortega

Tomasa Osti

Spencer Phillips, died 1879

Magdalena Ramirez, 1856-1946

Jose Ynez Real

Refugio Rodriguez

Paz Romero, died 1921

A. Dominguez Ruiz, 1886-1941

Guadalupe Ruiz

Francisca Garcia Silva, 1890-1913

Adolfo Sigueido

Luciana Sigueido, 1851-1915

Maria Amparo Sigueido

Carmen Rubio Smith, died 1908

Juana Garcia Solis, 1889-1922

Maria Souther, 1824-1879

Damiana Tapia, 1840-1895

Alesandro Verdugo, 1892-1929

Refugio O. Verdugo, 1862-1929

LW2717: 19200 dpi jpeg from digital image 2014 by Leon Worden.




2 Views Early 1900s


Postcard ~1915


Cleanup Day 2007

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