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Placerita Canyon


A Comparison of Tataviam Ethnobotany at Vasquez Rocks and Placerita Canyon by Sarah Brewer Thompson • 1-19-2014

LW2181 - Lopez Gold Discovery in New York Newspaper, 10-1-1842.

Abel Stearns Tells of Lopez 1842 Gold Discovery; No Mention of Dream in Santa Cruz Sentinel • 8-27-1885.

U.S. Treasury Voucher for California (Placerita) Gold Deposit, 6-8-1843 in Overland Monthly • 5-1892.

Who Was the First Real Discoverer of Gold in This State? by Charles J. Prudhomme, 1922.

Discovery of the First Gold in California by Fr. Zephyrin Engelhardt, O.F.M., 1927.

California's REAL First Gold by Leon Worden • COINage magazine, October 2005

California Gold: The F. Lopez Discovery by Leon Worden • The Signal, January 1996

New Information About First Gold Discovery by Leon Worden • The Signal, 8-14-1996

Historian Questions Date of Lopez Gold Discovery by J.M. Guinn • Historical Society of So. Cal., 1895.

Placerita Canyon: Much Treasure, Some History by Eleanor Quigley • L.A. Herald Illustrated Magazine, 2-9-1902.

Francisco Lopez Discovers Gold, As Told by His Grandnephew (1853-1939) from Latta 1976.

Dissecting the Dream: Fact, Fiction, and Placerita's Golden Oak by Dr. Alan Pollack | Heritage Junction Dispatch, Nov.-Dec. 2015.

The Walker Family of Placerita Canyon (Comprehensive History) by Leigh Nicolai-Moon • Placerita Canyon Nature Center Associates, 2002.

A Golden Legacy: The Walker Family of Placerita Canyon by Norinne De Gal • The Signal, 2-20-2000

LW2955 - Historic Placerita Canyon Movie Ranch Locations.

Placerita White Oil

L.A. County Geologic Report on Placerita White Oil (Oil Possibilities in the vicinity of Placerita Canyon County Park), 10-3-1974

A Crude Wonder: Placerita White Oil by Norinne De Gal • The Signal, 2-20-2000

New Century Oil Co. in the NewsNews reports & ads, 1900.

LW2256 - Placerita White Oil Seep. Multiple Views, 6-2-2012.

RK0713 - Neighbor Plugs the Unique Placerita White Oil Seep, 2 Views, 7-5-2013.

RK1301 - New Footbridge & Signage at Canyon Trail Oil Seep, Placerita Park, 12-2013.

Joseph Reynier & Family, SCV Pioneers by George Starbuck • January 2002

Placerita Gold: Sutter and Marshall Knew They Weren't the First by Leon Worden • Valley Living, April 2006

Disney ABC Studios Draft EIR: Historic & Paleontological Resources, 5-2012

1940 Census: Walker Family *Right-click to download

1940 Census: Walker Family Neighbors *Right-click to download

1940 Census Questionnaire

Frances Walker Murder: Newhall Cop's Wife Slays 'Other Woman,' Gets Away With It San Diego Union, 10-6-1935

Berry Petroleum Co. 2011 Annual Report (4.1MB .pdf)

George & Gayle Starbuck
[Watch the Program]

GS0000 - George Starbuck's Walker Family Collection.

LW3341 - Joseph Reynier Land Patent, 5-12-1897.

GS3001 - "Cap" Harmon's Gold Mining Sluice, 1890s-1900s.

LW2203 - Generic Woodcut of a Gold Sluicing Operation.

LW2257 - Placerita White Oil Gusher, 2 Views, 1900.

GS2015 - Herman Mosher's oil well and boiler in Placerita Canyon, early 1900s.

LW2551 - Error Postcard: Sutter's Fort (Sutter's Mill) as "First" Calif. Gold Discovery Site, 1905.

AP1912 - Frances Phillips, SCV's First Car Owner, Driving in Placerita Canyon, 1910.

GS0200 - Walker Homestead, ca. 1910s.

ST1101 - White Oil Wells & Rails, 1911.

AP1711 - Newhall Fourth of July Celebration at Saxonia Park, Quigley Canyon, 1909-1913.

Film Clip: House on Wertz Ranch Torched for Tom Mix Movie, 7-30-1921 ("Trailin'" Fox 1921).

LW2323 - Quigley Canyon? Corral in "The Last Roundup" (1929).

Oak of the Golden Dream: A Legend is Born • Belderrain 1930.

AP9011 - Francisca Lopez de Belderrain's Affidavit Re: Gold Discovery Site, 2-23-1930.

AP9010 - Frank Walker's Affidavit Re: Gold Discovery Site, 3-1-1930.

LW2575 - Program & Correspondence from A. Rivera to Frank Walker Re: Oak of the Golden Dream Dedication, 1930 (& 1934).

AP9012 - Adolfo G. Rivera's Speech at Oak of the Golden Dream Dedication, 3-9-1930.

AP9014 - Sen. Reginaldo F. Del Valle's Speech at Oak of the Golden Dream Dedication, 3-9-1930.

AP9013 - Judge A.B. Perkins' Speech at Oak of the Golden Dream Dedication, 3-9-1930.

SW3005 - Dedication of Placerita Canyon Gold Discovery Site, 3-9-1930 (Panorama).

AP1407 - Dedication of Placerita Canyon Gold Discovery Site, 3-9-1930.

AP0510 - Oak of the Golden Dream Dedication: Plaque Bolted to Tree, 3-9-1930.

AP0512 - Dedication of Gold Discovery Site: Lopez Plaque Before & After Theft, 3-9-1930.

SW3001 - Oak of the Golden Dream Dedication | Van Nuys News Coverage, 4-25-1930.

Francisco Lopez Family

SGB03346 - Baptismal Data: Francisco Lopez (Gold Discoverer), 3-10-1802 (age 1 day).

SGB03987 - Baptismal Data: Pedro Lopez (Francisco's Brother), 6-29-1805 (newborn).

SGB03175 - Baptismal Data: Maria Antonia Felis (Francisco Lopez's Wife), 11-17-1800 (age 1 day).

BPB00632 - Baptismal Data: Maria Concepcion Lopez (Francisco's Daughter), 2-6-1823 (newborn).

SFRD01626 - Death Record Data: Maria Concepcion Lopez (Francisco's Daughter), d. 1-16-1825.

SGB07294 - Baptismal Data: Francisco Ramon Lopez (Francisco's Son), 3-10-1825 (age 1 day).

LAB00306 - Catalina Lopez (as Maria Catarina), Pedro's Daughter, LA-B00306, 11-16-1831 (newborn).

US8504 - Francisca Lopez de Belderrain, Source of Golden Dream Site & Story; Lopez Genealogy.

LW2219 - Film Set, Placerita Canyon, early 1930s.

LW2865 - Lobby Card: Buck Jones in "One Man Law," Placerita Canyon (Walker Ranch), 1932.

LW3016 - Panning for Gold, April 1934.

LW3661 - Trem Carr, W. Ray Johnston on Set of "Lost in the Stratosphere" (Monogram 1934).

GS3601 - Frank Walker's Buffalo, ca. 1936.

LW2516 - Lobby Card: Buck Jones at Walker Cabin in "Black Aces" (Universal 1937).

LW2045 - Brochure for Walker's Placerita Gold Panning Camp, pre-1938.

Plane Crash Near Newhall Kills 2 • The Signal, 1-14-1937

DS3701-2 - Boeing 247 Crash on Mt. Piñetos, 1-12-1937.

Laurel and Hardy Star in "Way Out West" (MGM 1937). Partially Placerita Canyon. Full Movie.

AL1938 - William S. Hart and Andy Jauregui, Jauregui Ranch, Placerita Canyon, 1938.

Jack Benny in "Buck Benny Rides Again" (Paramount 1940). Partially Placerita Canyon. Full Movie.

LW3519 - Bob Steele, Buzz Barton in "Wild Horse Valley," Placerita Canyon 1940.

Letter from Mesa Dobson to A.B. Perkins Re: Creation of Placerita State Park 1940s.

Stolen Brass Plaque Replaced at Oak of Golden Dreams, 7-13-1941.

LW3215 - John Carradine in "Voodoo Man" with Bela Lugosi, Placerita Canyon, 1944.

FW4801 - Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Trigger, at Walker Ranch, ~1940s.

AL1959 - Oil Wells and Los Angeles Aqueduct, Placerita Canyon, 1940s-50s.

LW2352 - 1842/1948 Oak of the Golden Dream Medal (4 Varieties).

LW2242 - Lobby Card, "Lawless Code," showing Walker Cabin, 1949.

RK4901 - Deed from Frank Walker for First 40 Acres of Placerita Canyon State Park, 6-13-1949.

LW3022 - Melody Ranch Fire: Oil Tank Burns in Placerita Canyon, 8-28-1962.

LW3091 - "Old Barn in Placerita Canyon" by Walt Lee (1888-1980), Oil on Masonite, 1965.

Lyons Ave. to Cross Train Tracks into Placerita Canyon — in 1965, 1971, 1984, etc. • News Reports, 1967-2010.

AL1969 - Canadian Club Whiskey Advertisement in New Yorker Magazine, Jauregui Ranch, Placerita Canyon, 2-22-1969.

RK7701 - Map: Sonny & Cher Bono's Placerita Canyon Property, ca. 1977.

LW2155 - "The Dukes of Hazzard" Television Series in Placerita Canyon (2 Views), 1979-1985.

GT9802 - Woman Rescued from Placerita Creek during El Nino Storm, 2-23-1998.

EM1101 - Diner Set Constrution, Disney Golden Oak Ranch Business District Sets. 4 Views, 2011.

RK052312 - Disney's Golden Oak Ranch Sets. Multiple Views, 5-23-2012 ff.

LW2502 - Los Angeles Aqueduct in Placerita Canyon, 2 Views, 10-13-2013.

Gallery - Marine Fossils, Newhall Creek (Placerita Canyon area), 7 Views, Collected 2014.

Yant's Last Laugh: Mother Nature Turns Tables on Con Man in Placerita Canyon by Alan Pollack, Dispatch, March-April 2017.

Oak Tree Smashes Foursquare Church • The Signal, February 2019.

Melody Ranch Adjacent: Newhall's Mystery Film Location in Placerita Canyon, by Tinsley E. Yarbrough, Ph.D., 2019.

Bob Walker Donates Family Truck, Tractor to SCV Historical Society • Video 6/10/2022.

Placerita Park & Nature Center

(1956 to Date)

Dedication of Placerita Canyon State Park • News Reports, Event 5-26-1956.

VIDEO: History of Placerita Canyon State Park & Nature Center with Ron Kraus • SCVTV 6-8-2014.

VIDEO: Placerita Canyon Nature Center Tour with Philip Scorza & Jessica Nikolai • SCVTV 10-14-2013.

50-Year Operating Agreement, Placerita Canyon State Park - Approved by L.A. County Supervisors 3-20-2012.

Origins of Placerita Canyon Nature Center Assocates by Diane Klein • The Rattler, Nov.-Dec. 2006

Placerita Canyon Nature Center Interpretive Master Plan • May 2010

Video - Melba Walker Fisher Returns to Walker Cabin, 1-8-2011.

Placerita Canyon Nature/Interpretive Center Exhibit Design Plan 2-4-2014

New Interpretive Center at Placerita Park: How It Happened By Evelyne Vandersande, PCNCA, 11-20-2014

Placerita Nature Center Interpretive Center Coming Soon • SCVTV Video, 12-6-2014

Grand Opening of New Placerita Nature Center Museum • SCVTV Video, 2-25-2015

Grand Opening of New Placerita Nature Center Museum • 100+ Photos, 2-25-2015

Tataviam Ki'j: Placerita Canyon Nature Center Volunteers Recreate Seasonal Dwelling, April 2015 • By Evelyne Vandersande, 7-9-2015

Rudy Pavini's (1976) Murals of Placerita Canyon • By Herb Broutt, PCNCA, 2016

HB1715 - Truger Rebuilds the Past at Placerita Canyon Nature Center • By Jim Harris, PCNCA, 12-10-2017

LW3281 - Lyons Oak/Lyons Stump at Placerita Nature Center, Photos 2018.

Run-Up to Placerita Canyon State Park Formation, 1940s-1950s • News reports.

Lloyd Earl's Golden Oak Ranch, Pre-Disney Purchase, 1940s-1950s • News reports.

CC5901 - 4th Annual Placerita Park Pageant (2 Views), 5-17-1959.

LW2217 - Oak of the Golden Dream, Color Postcard, ca. 1963.

Photo Gallery: Placerita Canyon Nature Study Center Opening, with Guest Martha Mitchell, 11-10-1971.

LW2409 - Martha Mitchell at Dedication of Placerita Canyon Nature Center, 11-10-1971.

SG0904 - Oak of the Golden Dream (2 Views), 9-18-2004.

LW2408 - 1971 Nature Study Center Plaque at Placerita Canyon State Park, 8-2013.

PK1301 - Ceremonial Key to the Placerita Canyon Nature Center (from 11-10-1971), 2013.

RK1401 - Installation of Exhibits, New Interpretive Center, Placerita Park, 12-2-2014.

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