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Evan Guy Adelman, Television Sound Mixer, 1957-2015 Eternal Valley, 8-26-2015

Leopoldo Aceves, Construction Executive, 1932-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 2-4-2018

Evelyn Ethel Adams, Placerita Resident, Green Thumb Nursery, 1926-2019 by Pearl Obispo, d. 1-25-2019

Suzanne Mosley Agin, Circus Performer, 1955-2016 by Carol Rock, d. 12-30-2016

Joshua C. "J.C." Agajanian, Racing Promoter & Indy Racecar Owner, 1913-1984 d. 5-5-1984

Virginia Aiello, Stevenson Ranch Resident, 1928-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 4-6-2017

Acton Pilot Mark Gregory Aletky, 3 Passengers Killed in Oregon Plane Crash The Oregonian, 4-7-2017

Eileen Marie Allan, Former Lebec Resident, 1944-2016 Atascadero News, 1-24-2016

Chester Arthur Allen, U.S. Army (Korea), Knights of Columbus, 1932-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 6-11-2017

Conzuelo Altamirano, Santa Clarita Resident, 1924-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 6-19-2017

Lori Ann Alvarez, 1964-2014 Eternal Valley, 7-21-2014

Lupe Gloria Alvarez-Bascas, OLPH, St. Clare's, 1933-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 3-30-2018

Lucy Rodriguez Alverdi, Fillmore-Piru Citrus Association, 1921-2014 Skillin-Carroll, 6-12-2014

Gary Dean Alziebler: Aerospace Company Exec, Community Volunteer, 1942-2007 • 3-22-2007

Darla Jean Ames, 1953-2013 Chapel of the Valley, 10-24-2013

Marvin Floyd Amstutz, USN, Electronics Engineer, 1931-2013 Eternal Valley, 12-26-2013

John Charles "Keith" Andes, Actor and Newhall Resident, 1920-2005 • The Signal, 11-11-2005

Connie Anderson, Saugus School Teacher (Ret.), 1925-2013 Eternal Valley, 8-2-2013

LaVaughn Joan Ane, Saugus Resident, 1934-2019 Eternal Valley, 7-8-2019

Patrick Joseph Aquino: Vietnam Vet (USMC), UPS Manager, US Navy, 1949-2017 Eternal Valley, 3-16-2017

Iluminada A. Aranas, Valencia Resident, 1929-2013 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 11-18-2013

LASD Deputy Brandon Arce, NCCF-Castaic, E.O.W. 10-14-2015 LASD, 10-14-2015

Paula Kristine (Toth) Arman, Canyon Country Resident, 1972-2015 Eternal Valley, 7-23-2015

Irmgard "Emmy" Armbruster, Longtime SCV Resident, 1938-2014 Eternal Valley, 1-21-2014

Maria Alicia Arellano, Valencia Resident, 1944-2019 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 5-2-2019

Josefina Ruiz Arriaga, Newhall Resident, 1926-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 1-19-2018

Jefferson William Asher Jr.: Co-Owned Ranch That Became Part of Vasquez Rocks County Park, 1924-2019.

James Richard Aurit, Castaic Resident, 1944-2013 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 11-25-2013

Janet (Bell) Austin, 1973 Canyon Grad, 1955-2019 Eternal Valley, 12-13-2019

Gene Autry, American Entertainer, 1907-1998 Los Angeles Times, October 3, 1998 (10-2-1998)

Victoria Perez Avina, Newhall Resident, 1948-2014 Utter McKinley, 3-6-2014

Steven B. Axner, Mobile Notary, 1956-2014 Eternal Valley, 6-27-2014


Clyde George Bailey: Supersonic Aircraft Pilot, Political Field Deputy, 1916-2015 Chapel of the Valley, 12-18-2015

Richard M. Balcerzak, Castaic Lake Water Agency Director by Leon Worden • The Signal, 11-29-2000

John Anthony Baldessari: Conceptual Artist, Founding CalArts Faculty, 1931-2020 • Los Angeles Times, d.1-2-2020

Galen Lee Baldwin, 1969 Hart High Grad, 1951-2019 Eternal Valley, 10-12-2019

Robert Francis Ball: Grading Contractor, Antique Auto Enthusiast, 1915-2015 Eternal Valley, 6-10-2015

Katherine Susan Ballinger, Newhall Resident, 1938-2017 Eternal Valley, 6-13-2017

Isabel Diaz Banez, Canyon Country Resident, 1927-2019 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 11-17-2019

Peter J. Banez, Canyon Country Resident, 1931-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 7-30-2017

Alfonso Barba, Valencia Resident, 1927-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 1-30-2017

Gene Barger, Harley-Davidson Dealer, 1932-2014 Eternal Valley, 10-7-2014

Brian Ozias Barnett, Canyon Country Resident, 1938-2017 Groman Eden, 3-31-2017

Regina Mary Barnett, Registered Nurse, 1941-2017 Eternal Valley, 6-21-2017

Robert Joseph Basini, Valencia Resident, 1938-2013 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 11-13-2013

Theodora (Dora) Basulto: Chumash, Bermite Powder Co., Machinist, 1927-2015 Eternal Valley, 5-17-2015

Mary A. Becker, 1935-2013 Eternal Valley, 8-17-2013

Bertha Laurietta Belanger, LVN, 1919-2013 Eternal Valley, 5-11-2013

Barbara Blake Bell, Friendly Valley Resident, 1922-2019 Eternal Valley, 6-23-2019

Daniel Brett Bennett, U.S. Navy, 1999-2020 Eternal Valley, 1-18-2020

Roderick Travis Bennett, Arroyo Seco JHS Band Director " Outdoorsman, 1962-2016 Eternal Valley, 5-25-2016

Donald L. Benson, Saugus Resident, 1944-2017 Eternal Valley, 6-23-2017

Elaine Emily Benson: Singer, Valencia Hills HOA Manager, 1925-2014 Eternal Valley, 2-14-2014

Eric William Bentley, Valencia Resident, 1964-2014 Eternal Valley, 11-7-2014

Ann Lucile Bercaw, 1980 Hart High Grad, 1962-1981 •d.7-7-1981.

Anna Marie Bercaw, Saugus Pioneer Merchant, 1882-1964 Santa Clarita Sentinel, 12-2-1964 (d. 11-26-1964).

Mae Theresa Bergman, Friendly Valley Resident, 1927-2017 Eternal Valley, 11-15-2017

Mark Berhow, Saugus Resident, 1962-2017 Eternal Valley, 12-5-2017

Esther Berrenson, Stevenson Ranch Resident, 1930-2017 Groman Eden, 6-9-2017

James R. Biby Jr., Mortician, 1962-2015 Eternal Valley, 11-15-2015

Allan L. Bickel, WWII Veteran, Acton Resident, 1926-2014 Chapel of the Valley, 2-19-2014

Ray F. Billet, Co-owner of Blum Ranch in Acton, 1934-2016 Chapel of the Valley, 4-21-2016

Elizabeth M. (Blum) Billet, Lifelong Acton Resident (Blum Ranch), 1935-2019 d.11-5-2019.

Anita Lopez Biscailuz, 1865-1939 Death Certificate & Obituary, d. 2-22-1939

Marvin Eugene Bittick, Canyon Country Resident, 1926-2014 Utter McKinley, 2-17-2014

Viki Rudolph Black: Visionary SCV Leader Leader Dies at 91 by Michele E. Buttelman, 12-31-2016

Daniel Blalock, 1974 Hart Grad, 1955-2014 Eternal Valley, 5-4-2014

Eileen Marie Blanchard, Community Volunteer, 1924-2014 Eternal Valley, 1-25-2014

Clarence "Dan" Bledsoe: Solemint Junction Texaco, Veluzat Motion Picture Rentals, 1934-2018 Eternal Valley, 9-9-2018

Jerry Dean Bloom, Hart High 1961, SCV Salvation Army Leader, 1943-2020 • The Signal • d.4-18-2020

Rev. Robert E. (Bob) Bloom, Pastor at Village Church, 1923-2002 • The Signal • d.1-5-2002

George Blum, Pioneer Acton Rancher The Signal • 8-4-1932

Sybil Blumstein, Valencia Resident, 1926-2015 Groman Eden, 9-8-2015

Marion Louise Bohn, Canyon Country Resident, 1927-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 4-25-2017

Anna Rose Bolden, 1931-2013 Eternal Valley, 8-28-2013

Paul E. Boog: SCV Realtor, Senior Center Volunteer, 1923-2016 Eternal Valley, 4-12-2016

Fr. John Bosco, O.S.B. (Gary Wayne Stoner), St. Andrew's Abbey, 1943-2014 Chapel of the Valley, 2-1-2014

Jereann Bowman: Hart School Board Member, 1973 SCV Woman of the Year, 1921-1995 d.3-22-1995

Doris M. Boydston, Registered Nurse, 1920-2013 Eternal Valley, 8-13-2013

Carl Boyer 3rd, Santa Clarita City Founder, Former Mayor, 1937-2019 • d.3-29-2019.

Dorothy O'Dean Boyer, Oak of the Golden Dream Questers, 1922-2014 Funeraria del Angel J.T. Oswald, 1-23-2014

Jack Boyer, Veteran Volunteer by Diana Sevanian • The Signal, 8-27-2003

Jennifer (Quick) Branson, Hart Class of 1968; Bermite, General Motors; 1950-2020 by Karen Deason Campbell, 3-18-2020

Louis Brathwaite, City & Civic Leader by Diana Sevanian & Marci Wormser • The Signal, 11-15-2001

Steven Lee Breig, Magic Mountain Security (42 Years), 1946-2017 Eternal Valley, 1-4-2017

Charles Douglas Brennan, USAF & AIG, 1943-2014 Eternal Valley, 4-16-2014

Lawrence A. Brennan, Newhall Resident, 1925-2014 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 2-18-2014

John Alfred Brevidoro, Colombo Lilac Ranch, Acton, 1930-2018 Eternal Valley, 11-15-2018

Marcelina "Lally" Briano, Longtime Saugus Resident, 1926-2013 Eternal Valley, 9-6-2013

Raymond G. Broderick: Navy, Lockheed, Knights of Columbus | 1943-2015 Eternal Valley, 9-6-2015

Gene Folke Broman, CPA, Scout Leader Eternal Valley, 6-22-2013

Jeri Bronstrup, Owner, Way Station Coffee Shop • 12-15-2011

Stanley Gerald Bronstrup Sr., Founder of Way Station Coffee Shop, 1933-2014 Eternal Valley, 10-15-2014

Ed Brown, Murdered Deputy Constable, E.O.W. 9-14-1924 LASD, 5-29-2013

Gary Alan Brown, 1947-2014 Eternal Valley, 4-9-2014

Jophery C. Brown: Stunt Coordinator, Drove Bus in "Speed," 1945-2014 Eternal Valley, 1-11-2014

Frederick 'Ted' Murdock Bryant, 1943-2013 Eternal Valley, 7-23-2013

Eugene Burke, Catering Business Owner by Patti Rasmussen • The Signal, 4-10-2003

Armida Gomez Burns, Valencia Resident, 1956-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 3-31-2017

Fred Hall Buxton: Craftsman, Master Mason, Knights Templar, 1931-2013 Eternal Valley, 12-26-2013

H. Keith Byram, Retired Newhall Municipal Court Judge by Leon Worden • The Signal, 10-13-2003


Elisa Gamboa Cabuco, Santa Clarita Resident, 1934-2019 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 4-1-2019

Stuart C. Calderon: 1981 Hart Grad; Won Emmys & Golden Globe, 1963-2014 Eternal Valley, 12-20-2014

Keith Lyle Caley, Castaic Resident, 1931-2016 Eternal Valley, 6-2-2016

Calvin Eugene Callahan, Raced at Saugus Speedway, 1953-2014 Gates, Kingsley & Gates Praiswater Mortuary, 6-25-2014

George Campton, Newhall General Merchant The Signal • 3-9-1923

Miriam Canty, Val Verde Leader The Castaic Signal • 2-21-2001

George A. Caravalho, Santa Clarita's First Permanent City Manager, 1938-2020 •, d.1-5-2020

Rose Cardenas, Castaic Resident, 1926-2014 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 1-17-2014

Harry Carey Jr., Actor & Saugus Native by Leon Worden •, 12-28-2012

Mary Lou Carrillo, Former Piru Resident, 1937-2018 Skillin-Carroll, 10-18-2018

SMMC Grace Amy Carle, Career U.S. Marine Corps, 1922-2019 Eternal Valley, 9-9-2019

Dorothy Carlisle, Valencia Resident, 1922-2015 Eternal Valley, 7-27-2015

Donald "Don" Carlson, 1931-2013 Daily Press (Escanaba, Mich.), 11-4-2013

Feliza Imperial Carreon, Santa Clarita Resident, 1928-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 10-11-2018

Gareth Kenneth Carrillo, Canyon Country Resident, 1992-2014 Utter McKinley, 12-21-2014

Fiorino Caruso, Santa Clarita Resident, 1919-2019 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 3-2-2019

Elizabeth "Liz" Jean Casey, Former SCV Resident, 1948-2015 Obituary 7-12-2015

Julio J. Castellanos, 1939-2013 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 8-16-2013

Jay Caulfield, Retired School Principal by Patti Rasmussen • The Signal, 8-21-2002

Mary Antoinette Ceo, Canyon Country Resident, 1924-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 7-18-2017

Charles Clarence Chacanaca, Lifelong Newhall Resident, 1923-1993 Eternal Valley, 5-14-1993

Josephine Frances Chambers, Meadows Elementary Yard Duty Supervisor, 1939-2015 Eternal Valley, 5-10-2015

Anita Gordon Chan: Child Radio Star, Ghost Singer in Film, 1929-2015 Eternal Valley, 5-10-2015

Florence Mei-Ho Chan, Henry Mayo Hospital Business Services, 1944-2015 Eternal Valley, 5-21-2015

Iris Chan, Motion Picture Accountant, 1947-2015 Eternal Valley, 4-9-2015

Clifford Houston Chapman: US Navy Chef, Radio DJ (Cliff Shannon), 1935-2016 Eternal Valley, 2-5-2016

Marcos Muro Chavez, Boskovich Farms (1970s-1990s), 1930-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 4-12-2018

Karen M. Chebul, 1947-2013 Eternal Valley, 7-17-2013

Cancer Claims Life of H.M. Newhall Descendant Robert Newhall Chesebrough III, 1977-2014 • 11-15-2014

Lawrence (Larry) Chimbole, First Mayor of Palmdale, 1919-2015 Chapel of the Valley, 11-10-2015

Patrick D. Chiusano, Canyon Country Resident, 1930-2015 Utter McKinley, 2-20-2015

Sue Chotikasupaseranee, Newhall Resident, 1956-2016 Eternal Valley, 1-7-2016

Edelmira Chrisler, Valencia Resident, 1931-2014 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 1-20-2014

Susan Louise Ciari, Motion Picture Accountant, 1963-2016 Utter McKinley, 3-5-2016

Francis T. Claffey: Longtime SCV Postmaster, COC Trustee, 1925-2015 by Leon Worden, 6-9-2015

Chuck Clark, Veteran, Volunteer, 1996 SCV Man of the Year by Liane Klein • The Signal, 6-12-2001

Frank Allen Clark: WWII Vet, Paramount Studios Painter, 1925-2014 Eternal Valley, 3-9-2014

Robert Lowe Clark Jr.: Hart High 1956, Jaycees, SoCal Edison, 1938-2019 Eternal Valley, 10-14-2019

Ruth Ella Clark, 1991 SCV Woman of the Year Utter McKinley, 4-15-2011

Russell T. Cochran: SCV School Aministrator, Community Volunteer, 1932-2019, d.2-27-2019

John Robert 'Joe' Cocker, OBE: Entertainer & Ex-Valencia and Stevenson Ranch Resident, 1944-2014, 12-22-2014

Jack E. Coe, Army Veteran, 35-Year Newhall Resident, 1938-2015 Eternal Valley, 11-16-2015

Joan C. Comer, Medical Laboratory Assistant, 1939-2016 Eternal Valley, 3-27-2016

Rosarie Jane Compton, Sulphur Springs Teacher, 1947-2014 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 2-24-2014

Gary Earl Condie: CPA, Philanthropist, 2005 SCV Man of the Year, 1944-2020 Eternal Valley, 1-1-2020

Dick L. Cone, Bamboo Cafe Owner, 1921-2007 • Davis Funeral Home, Riverton, Wyo. 10-3-2007

Jeremy Ide "Jerry" Conklin, 1992-1994 SCV Sheriff's Captain, 1938-2013 • 11-14-2013

Francis Olme Cook, Local Native American, 1865-1931 Death certificate & Obituary; d. 3-13-1931

Charlie Cooke, SCV Indian Leader, 1935-2013 By Leon Worden, 9-22-2013

Dana Lynn Cop, SCV Business Leader, 1972-2015 Eternal Valley, 4-12-2015

"Bill" Corbett, CEO, Copper Eagle Patrol & Security, 1941-2013 Eternal Valley, 6-5-2013

Simon Cordova, Longtime Castaic Resident, ~1866-1934 Death certificate, 1-1-1934

Jerome "Jerry" Courtland, Actor-Director-Producer, 3-5-2012

Sammy Morene Craigo, Newhall Resident, 1933-2015 Eternal Valley, 2-21-2015

Marlene Jane (Bridge) Crivello, Hart High Alum, 1944-2013 • 12-31-2013

Rick Crivier: LAPD, Mercedes Benz of Valencia, 1950-2014 Utter McKinley, 7-27-2014

Francisco Felix (Frank) Cruz, USAF, 1933-2015 Eternal Valley, 1-12-2015

Mario Steven Cruz: LAPD (Ret.), Castaic RV Park Mgr., 1960-2014 Bastian and Perrott, Oswald Mortuary, 7-5-2014

Kenneth Paul Cullen, Santa Clarita Resident, 1934-2019 Eternal Valley, 8-10-2019

Lady Linda M. (Dominguez) Cullen, San Francisquito Rancher, 1904-1999 The Newhall Signal, 2-17-1999

Kenneth B. Cunningham: Army Sergeant, Insurance Agent, 1936-2014 Eternal Valley, 1-5-2014

Martiniano Curiel, Fillmore-Piru Farmer; Organized Citrus Strikes with Cesar Chavez, 1924-2015 Skillin-Carroll, 12-14-2015

Floye Marie Custer, 1922-2013 Eternal Valley, 4-4-2013

Audrey Ann Cutchall, Saugus Resident, 1940-2014 Eternal Valley, 8-21-2014


Edward George Dadulak Jr., Emmy-winning Cinematographer, 1946-2014 Eternal Valley, 10-30-2014

Robert Danis, USAF (Korea), SCV Senior Center Bandleader, 1931-2017, 7-25-2017

Irene Ethel Darcozi, DWR-Pyramid Lake, 1932-2017 Eternal Valley, 6-27-2017

City Founder Jo Anne Darcy Dies at 86, 10-29-2017

Jo Anne Darcy: A Celebration of Life (Video)City of Santa Clarita, 11-12-2017

Jane Datillio, Longtime SCV Resident, 1922-2017 Eternal Valley, 1-22-2017

Ed Davis, Retired State Senator by Kristopher Daams • The Signal, 4-24-2006

Frederick Glenn Davis, LAPD Detective III (Ret.), 1949-2014 Eternal Valley, 2-8-2014

Morris Vinton (Morrie) Deason, WWII Veteran, Community Volunteer, 1926-2011 SCVTV, d.6-15-2011

Julia Ann DeCamp, Sulphur Springs Teacher & Union President, 1939-2015 Rector-Hicks, N.Y., 11-26-2015

Esther N. Deines, Newhall School Teacher (Ret.), 1921-2009 Eternal Valley, 6-29-2009

Charles A. De Moranville, Murdered Deputy Constable, E.O.W. 1-4-1909 LASD, 5-29-2013

Ysabel Varela del Valle, Senora at Rancho Camulos, 1837-1905.

John Patrick "Jack" Dempsey Jr., Valencia Pharmacist, 1942-2014 Eternal Valley, 4-21-2014

Christopher L. Demyen, Owner, Acton Water Co. Eternal Valley, 5-15-2013

Susan Diamond, Valencia Resident, 1949-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 7-10-2017

James F. Dickason, Past President, Newhall Land by Margie Anne Clark • The Signal, 8-29-2001

Donald Brodie Dickinson, Firefighter & Sheriff's Chaplain, 1933-2013. Eternal Valley, 12-14-2013

Angelina Di Corpo, Santa Clarita Resident, 1924-2015 Eternal Valley, 12-27-2015

Anthony Di Corpo Sr., WWII Veteran (Navy), 1922-2015 Eternal Valley, 4-2-2015

Mark Edward Divis, LASD Deputy Sheriff (Ret.), ALADS, 1961-2017 Eternal Valley, 2-9-2017

Sally Dixon, Ph.D., Saugus School Teacher (Ret.), 1938-2012 8-16-2012

Milford (Mel) Dolin, United Airlines, 1935-2019 Eternal Valley, 8-15-2019

Guadalupe Ruiz Dominguez, Piru Resident, 1866-1947 The Newhall Signal, 2-17-1947

Guillermo Dominguez, Valencia Resident, 1925-2014 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 5-13-2014

Carol Audrey Donnadio, Santa Clarita Resident, 1943-2015 Crippen Mortuary, 10-24-2015

Warren Dorn, County Supervisor From 1956-1972 The Signal • 1-11-2006

Henry Ivan Dorsett: WWII Veteran (Army), Federal Agent, Brother of Lillian Curtis, 1910-2004 Los Angeles Times • 11-10-2004

Eugene (Gene) Mackey Doty: Lifelong Newhall Resident, Lockheed Skunk Works, 1920-2014. Eternal Valley, 1-1-2014

Edith Lillian Duncan, Sulphur Springs Union School District, 1934-2017. Eternal Valley, 2-17-2017

Duane Lee Dye, Insurance Agent, 1932-2018 • d. 9-19-2018

James Thomas Dyer, Pioneer Honey Producer, 1881-1960. The Signal, d. 8-31-1960


Domingo "Jun" Edar, Valencia Resident, 1934-2014 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 1-5-2014

Kenneth Warren Eichmann, Newhall Resident, 1924-2018 • 3-5-2018

Mark Mel Eisenberg, Vietnam Veteran, 1949-2016 Groman Eden, 6-9-2016

Richard Gene Ekstrom, Korean War Veteran (USMC), 1930-2014 Utter McKinley, 4-15-2014

Frances Nadine Elswick, Former Rosedell Principal, 1943-2014 Rosedell Elementary School, 1-18-2014

Carl L. Eppich, Former SCV Historical Society Board Member, 1921-1991 News reports.

Lawrence "Pelon" Espinoza, Piru Native, 1938-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 7-14-2018

Elizabeth (Betty) Evans, Former SCV Historical Society President The Signal • d.6-15-1999

Ida Evans, Widow of Rev. W.H. Evans The Signal • 2-20-1936

William Howard "Wild Bill" Evans: Racecar Driver, General Contractor, 1935-2017 Eternal Valley, 4-19-2017

Rev. Wolcott H. Evans, Presbyterian Minister The Signal • 12-27-1934


Rev. Peter R. Falbo, (Ex-)Valencia United Methodist Church, d. 4-30-2016. UMCV

Ronald Leo Feneis, Film Converter, Newhall Mason, 1935-2013. Kingman Daily Miner, 10-23-2013

Dorathea Lehman Ferrara, Executive Secretary, 1919-2014. Eternal Valley, 5-27-2014

Pete Burrel Figueroa, Santa Clarita Resident, 1946-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 4-30-2017

Lorraine Caroline (Holze) Finch: Teacher, Former Newhall Ranch Resident, Camulos Museum Docent, 1923-2019 d.12-19-2019

Ted Finesilver, 1928-2015 Groman Eden, 4-3-2015

Stewart "Dirk" Fischer, COC Jazz Legend by Stephen K. Peeples •, 2-26-2013

Charles W. Fisher of Baker Ranch, 1868-1929 Genealogy

Elizabeth Marie Fitzwater, Longtime SCV Resident, 1936-2016 Eternal Valley, 1-1-2016

Michael A. Flaharty, Railroad Enthusiast, 1938-2006 by Glen Icanberry • 8-22-2006

Aurora Flores, Beautician, 1936-2019 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 7-6-2019

Generoso Sandoval (Gene) Flores: Accountant, Universal Studios, NBC, 1944-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 6-29-2018

Patricia Rose Foley, Home Health Care Nurse, 1922-2015 Eternal Valley, 7-19-2015

Kurt Forshager: Graphic Artist, Ham Radio Operator, 1928-2014 Crippen Mortuary, 10-15-2014

Suren J. Franklin, LADWP, 1965-2013 Eternal Valley, 6-27-2013

Deputy Devin Joel Freeman, School Resource Officer, 1975-2013 by Perry Smith, KHTS, 11-28-2013

Gerarda Balagasay Frogozo, Canyon Country Resident, 1940-2019 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 12-29-2019

John Stevens Fuller: Banker, Hospital & CalArts Leader, 1933-2014 by Leon Worden, 1-6-2014


Maria Antonia Gaitan, 1929-2013 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 10-18-2013

Nanette Fae Lagasse Gaither, Mentryville Resident, 1950-2018 Eternal Valley, 1-19-2018

Ruby Lee Galbiati, 1935-2015 Eternal Valley, 5-7-2015

Hilda Galdos, Valencia Resident, 1931-2019 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 11-27-2019

Sebastien Kole Gallegos, 2019 West Ranch Grad, 2001-2019 Eternal Valley, 11-20-2019

Manuela Estela Favela Garcia, Canyon Country Resident, 1938-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 7-27-2017

Ruben Luis Garcia: GM, HASA Chemicals, American Legion, 1944-1921 • 4-11-2021

Patricia Joann Garland, Longtime SCV Resident, 1931-2014. Eternal Valley, 8-17-2014

Sondra Garfield, Valencia Resident, 1935-2016 Groman Eden, 1-20-2016

Diana Elizabeth Garrett, Valencia Resident, 1952-2015. Eternal Valley, 7-12-2015

Rodney Keith Geist: Baskin Robbins, Aquafine Corp., 1955-2017. Eternal Valley, 2-19-2017

Lyle David Gerber, Vietnam Veteran & Mason, 1946-2014. Eternal Valley, 8-18-2014

Garret Giles 'Gary' Gerlich, Film Editor & Post-production Supervisor, 1933-2014. Eternal Valley, 6-25-2014

Robert Francis (Bob) Giblin, Hart District Teacher, 1940-2015. Robert Rey Garcia Jr. Funeral Services, 12-26-2015

James Matt Gibson, LAPD (Ret.), 1937-2014. City of Santa Clarita (8-26-2014).

Edwin E. Gifford, Son of John and Sarah Gifford, 1878-1885 Newhall, 12-2-1885

Roberta Gillis, SCV Democratic Party Leader by Josh Premako • The Signal, 4-15-2006

James Gilmartin: Attorney, Democratic Candidate

Merle LeRoy "Red" Gilmour, Castaic Rancher, 1922-2014. Eternal Valley, 6-26-2014

William Joe Gilson: Lithographer, Knights of Columbus, 1957-2019. Eternal Valley, 10-3-2019

Vintner Calmero Giovanoni Drowned in Vat of Wine, October 1891. Los Angeles Sunday Herald, 10-18-1891

Bretta "Betty" Francis Gleason, Canyon Country Resident, 1947-2019 Eternal Valley, 9-4-2019

Wallace Vernon Gleim, Wallace Engineering Co., 1929-2013 Eternal Valley, 9-27-2013

Adam Benjamin Goldstein, Santa Clarita Resident, 1994-2017 Groman Eden, 4-17-2017

Mariola Gorak-Doughlin, USAF Veteran, 1954-2013 Eternal Valley, 11-10-2013

Collin Charles Gore, 2017 Hart Grad, 1999-2017 Eternal Valley, 7-4-2017

Lynne Frances Gorman, Valencia Resident, 1943-2014 Groman Eden, 10-20-2014

Lucretia del Valle Grady Obituary & Death Certificate, 1972.

Samuel W. Grandmaison Jr., Construction Company Owner, 1955-2016 Eternal Valley, 4-4-2016

Daniel Earl Grant, Heavy Equipment Operator, 1957-2014 Eternal Valley, 12-6-2014

Lauren Elizabeth Graves, Registered Nurse, CHLA, 1958-2017 Crippen Mortuary, 1-30-2017

David Alfred Gray: LAUSD Plumber, Village Church Deacon, 1923-2014 Eternal Valley, 12-12-2014

Maxine Inez Gray, Longtime Saugus Resident, 1927-2015 Eternal Valley, 8-19-2015

Ralph E. Gray: MTA, Community Volunteer, 1947-2015 Eternal Valley, 2-15-2015

Johnnie Lee Greenback III, Canyon Country Resident, 1986-2015 Eternal Valley, 2-8-2015

Miguel Grijalva Jr., WWII Veteran & Skunk Works Engineer, 1928-2013. Eternal Valley, 7-4-2013

Rudy Eudoro Grimaldo: U.S. Army, General Motors, 1942-2015. Eternal Valley, 2-9-2015

Alvina Gottardi Guadagno, St. Francis Dam Survivor, 1912-2003. Pierce Bros. Griffin Mortuary, Camarillo, 8-7-2003

Abraham 'Abe' Gueler, Tejon Property & Heavy Equipment Company Owner, 1932-2017 Groman Eden, 5-23-2017

William E. Gulley: Hasley Canyon Homesteader, Chef at Wayside Jail, Insurance Agent, 1891-1961 • d.8-19-1961

Josephine Guerra: Loyola Law School, Upjohn Pharmaceuticals, 1936-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 4-13-2017

Jennie U. Guerrero, 1921-2015 Crippen Mortuary, 3-1-2015

Raquel Duran Guerrero, Santa Clarita Resident, 1927-2019 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 12-22-2019

George Joseph Guevara, Deputy Sheriff (Ret.), 1956-2013 Eternal Valley, 12-4-2013

Don Guglielmino, Newhall Business Leader by Marci Wormser • The Signal, 6-5-2001

Barry N. Gump, Owner, Andy Gump Temporary Site Services, 1942-2017 Daily News, 4-17-2017

Virginia Casarez Gurule, Santa Clarita Resident, 1925-2017 Eternal Valley, 3-15-2017

Arminta Guthrie, 'Mom' to Last Saugus Depot Family, Dies at 90 by Leon Worden •, d. 7-27-2016.


Charles Edward "Charlie" Haden, Founder of CalArts Jazz Studies Program, 1937-2014 CalArts, 7-11-2014

Gerald (Jerry) Hall, U.S. Postal Service, 1935-2014 Eternal Valley, 1-28-2014

Keith Ellsworth Hall: U.S. Army Veteran, Attorney, 1944-2015 Eternal Valley, 2-27-2015

Alfred J. Hallden, Aerospace Manufacturing Supervisor, 1916-2017 Eternal Valley, 1-4-2017

Rick Allen Hambel, General Contractor, 1952-2014 Eternal Valley, 6-4-2014

Paul Aaron Hammons: West Ranch, COC, UC Davis Grad, 1989-2013 Eternal Valley, 12-31-2013

Stephen Hanauer, Santa Clarita Florist, 1941-2017, 7-26-2017

Betty Arline Hanlon, Newhall Resident, 1926-2016 Eternal Valley, 2-5-2016

Peter Hansen, Actor ("General Hospital"), 1921-2017 4-9-2017

Valerie Evelyn Harbour, Longtime Canyon Country Resident, 1938-2013 Eternal Valley, 11-6-2013

Cecil Wayne Harrington: WWII Veteran, Oilman, Wiley Canyon Crossing Guard, 1927-2018 Eternal Valley, 1-15-2018

Patsy Sue Harrington, Longtime Newhall Resident, 1929-2018 Eternal Valley, 8-12-2018

George Harris, First Hart High Principal by John Boston and Kristopher Daams, 1-9-2006

Norman Howard Harris, Engineer & Historical Society Leader (1941-2013)

Bill Hart Jr., Film Star's Son Associated Press, 5-13-2004

Duane Harte: Santa Clarita Parks Commissioner & 2003 SCV Man of the Year by Stephen K. Peeples,, 11-25-2015

Kathy Marie Hartzel: Registered Nurse, Dental Office Manager, 1955-2014 Eternal Valley, 1-24-2014

Frederick Bailey Haskell (1910-2005) with Oral History Interview (1988).

Death of Rancher John C. Haskell, 1919 • News reports.

Leslie Yvette Haskell, Santa Clarita Resident, 1987-2019 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 9-1-2019

William Jackson (Bill) Hays: Hart Class of 1965, Vietnam Vet (US Army), 1946-2017 Kuehl-Nicolay, Paso Robles, 6-14-2017

Cheryl Emi Hazama, William S. Hart Regional County Park, 1956-2018 • 4-1-2018

Kenneth Gordon Heaton, Methodist Minister, 1935-2013 Eternal Valley, 11-2-2013

Stephanie Ilene Hebert, Saugus Resident, 1973-2015 Groman Eden, 7-29-2015

Augusta Dorothy Helm, Friendly Valley Volunteer, 1920-2013 Eternal Valley, 10-10-2013

William Randall (Bill) Henderson, Jazz Singer & Actor, 1926-2016 Eternal Valley, 4-3-2016

Avis Ilene Hendrickson, Former Saugus Resident, U.S. Postal Service, 1927-2015 Cascade Memorial (Bellevue, Wash.), 7-8-2015

Luis Lopez Hernandez, Pro Boxer & Newhall Community Center Boxing Coach, 1942-2015 Eternal Valley, 6-24-2015

David Walter Heuer, Owner, Dave's Full Service Meats (Newhall), 1941-2018 d. 11-18-2018

Barbara Jean Hicks, Valencia Resident, d. 3-25-2016 Eternal Valley, 3-25-2016

JoAnne Louise Hider, Longtime Canyon Country Resident, 1939-2014 Eternal Valley, 10-22-2014

Raymond Sidney (Ray) Hill, Actor (Baywatch), Roofing & Painting Contractor, 1964-2014 Eternal Valley, 1-17-2014

Cartoonist Stephen Hillenburg, CalArts '92, "Spongebob Squarepants" Creator, 1961-2018 • SCVNEws, 11-26-2018

Virginia Lee Himmel, Valencia Resident, 1921-2014 Groman Eden, 6-14-2014

Leo F. Hobaica Jr., CalArts Character Animation Faculty Member, 1946-2014 CalArts, 12-30-2014

Emily Hobson, Film Student & Cancer Fighter AM-1220 KHTS, 7-18-2013

Bernie LaZar Hoffman, aka Pastor Tony Alamo, 82, Dies in Prison Hospital AM-1220 KHTS, 5-3-2017

Vincent Paul Hoffmann: U.S. Army, Anheuser-Busch, 1944-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 4-7-2017

Ralph W. Holdridge: WWII Veteran (Army), Stevenson Ranch Resident, 1921-2014 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 11-18-2013

Beverly K. Homer, Castaic Union School District, 1926-2014 Eternal Valley, 6-4-2014

Anthony R. Honoré, Agua Dulce Resident, 1939-2013 Utter McKinley, 11-27-2013

William Lloyd Houghton, "Grand Old Man" of Newhall, 1893-1983 By Ruth Newhall, d. 1-22-1983

Sidney Zboril Hudson, Realtor & Travel Agent, 1922-2015 Eternal Valley, 1-3-2015

Carl Loy Hunter II, Stage Hand, 1972-2015 • 3-28-2015

Lori LuVern Hunter: Hart Class of 1996, Structural Engineer, 1978-2014 • 1-13-2014

Mark Albert Hurlimann, 1968-2014 Eternal Valley, 3-26-2014


Robert Garces Icamen, Castaic Resident, 1936-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 7-2-2018

Michael Robert (Mike) Iljin: Castaic Bass Club, Friends of Castaic Lake, 1955-2014 Eternal Valley, 9-28-2014

Carlos Elento Imperial, Valencia Resident, 1942-2019 Eternal Valley, 11-8-2019

D. Scott Isaacson: COC Grad, LAUSD (Ret.), 1963-2016 Eternal Valley, 3-23-2016


Robert L. Jackson, Hydraulic Research-Textron, 1938-2017 Eternal Valley, 4-5-2017

Barton (Kent) James, Motion Picture Costumer, 1937-2016 Crippen Mortuary, 1-22-2016

Irene Lina Jansson, Counselor & Banker, 1939-2015 Crippen Mortuary, 6-25-2015

Lisa Hamblen Jaserie, CEO of Hamblen Music Co., 1938-20177-25-2017

"Bronze Buckaroo" Herb Jeffries, Newhall Walk Honoree, Dies at 100 by Stephen K. Peeples, 5-25-2014

TLP1601 - William W. Jenkins: Death Certificate, 10-19-1916.

William W. Jenkins, Castaic Rancher, 1835-1916 Los Angeles Times, 10-20-1916.

Merilee Elizabeth Jensen, Hart School District Bus Driver, 1930-2013 Rudd Funeral Home, Utah, 9-16-2013

Mark D. Jewett, Canyon Country Resident, 1940-2019 Eternal Valley, 2-13-2019

Irma Jimenez: Longtime Newhall Resident, Real Estate Agent, 1962-2020 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 1-7-2020

Floyd Milton Johnson: USMC, Deputy Sheriff, Longtime SCV Resident, 1936-2016 Eternal Valley, 4-24-2016

James Phillip Johnson, Santa Clarita Resident, 1952-2019 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 7-9-2019

Thomas M. Johnson, WWII Pilot, College Athletic Commissioner (1918-2013) 6-26-2013

Vera Joan Johnson, Santa Clarita City Formation Committee, 1927-2019 • 3-21-2019

Warren K. Johnson, Civic Activist The Signal, 3-23-2006

Douglas Vernon Johnston: Army Veteran, Aerospace Engineer, 1933-2014 Eternal Valley, 8-23-2014

Tilton R. "Slim" Jorgensen, POW; J&J Tire Service, Newhall Ambulance, 1924-2006


Jacob Tawfic Kassis, Canyon Country Resident, 1927-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 7-2-2017

Ethel Tokie Kawada, Placerita Junior High School Teacher (Ret.), 1926-2018 • 8-7-2018

Joseph Francis Keeley Jr., 1941-2014 Eternal Valley, 4-2-2014

John Elmer Keith, Former Newhall Resident, 1938-2015 Eternal Valley, 5-5-2015

Bill Kelley, Newhall CHP Captain (Ret.) Associated Press, 11-1-2003

Shirley Arlene Kemper, The Master's College (Ret.), 1930-2013 Eternal Valley, 8-3-2013

Vicki Kennedy, Placerita Junior High Drama Advisor, 1955-2012 • 12-5-2012

Bud Keysor, Patriarch-Entrepreneur by Diana Sevanian • The Signal, 5-28-2000

Charles H. Kingsburry: Spanish-American War Veteran, Local Butcher, Mason, 1879-1963 • d.8-10-1963

Steven Alan Kirk Jr.: Canyon High 1982, Desert Racer, 1964-2018 Eternal Valley, 11-3-2018

Steven Richard Kirk: Vasquez High Grad, Off-Road Motorcycle Racer, 1993-2016 Eternal Valley, 1-16-2016

Frank Kleeman: Workers Comp Judge, 2002 SCV Man of the Year, 1933-2016, 2-5-2016

Wm. J. "Pete" Knight, Sitting State Senator, 1929-2004 Multiple Obituaries • 5-9-2004

Actor Paul Koslo, Owner of The Rock Inn, Lake Hughes 1944-2019 • d. 1-9-2019

Mike Kotch, Community Activist by Patti Shea • The Signal, 8-13-2002

Bruce Robert Krudis: Administrative Director, Acton Rehab (Ret.), 1940-2016 Eternal Valley, 5-21-2016

Elaine Karen Senchak Krupp, Former SCV Schoolteacher, 1940-2014 H.M. Patterson & Son (Marietta, Geo.), 12-15-2014

Kyle Richard Kulish, Golden Valley Teacher, 1960-2015 Eternal Valley, 12-4-2015

Remembering SCV Sheriff's Deputy Hagop "Jake" Kuredjian E.O.W. 8-31-2001

Frank S. Kuric, Valencia Resident, 1928-2018 Eternal Valley, 1-27-2018

Marie Lillian Pillar Kuric, Santa Clarita Resident, 1932-2018 Eternal Valley, 10-30-2018


James Arthur Lackman, Canyon Class of 2002; 1984-2015 Eternal Valley, 8-6-2015

Linda Ruth Lambourne, SCV Legislative Aide, 1949-2018 •, 3-23-2018

Pat Lamont, Cancer Activist, 61 by Diana Sevanian • The Signal, 8-26-2003

Actor William 'Red' Lamoreau, aka Buzz Barton, 1913-1980 The Signal, 11-20-1980 (11-26-1980)

Archie Lovare Land, Acton Resident, 1935-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 7-12-2017

Lifelong Newhall Resident Gladys Laney Dies at 104 by Perry Smith • AM-1220 KHTS, 11-24-2014

Julie Ann Lang, Financial Officer, 1958-2017 Eternal Valley, 9-11-2017

Barbara Sue LaRue, Castaic Resident, 1938-2014 Eternal Valley, 1-2-2014

Jeff Lavo, Owner, ABC Music Center (Burbank) Eternal Valley, 7-17-2013

Lolita Malicdem Layba, Santa Clarita Resident, 1933-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 9-27-2018

Lawrence Hoytt (Larry) Layton: Attorney, Acton Town Council & School Board, 1942-2018 Utter McKinley, 5-28-2018

Christopher Leaming, Pioneer Oil Man, ~1829-1888 News Reports, 1888

Mr. Augustine C. "Gus" LeBrun, Death Certificate 9-14-1924

Mary Elayne "Cooky" Ledahl, Retired Teacher, 1923-2015 Eternal Valley, 1-7-2015

Orvalle R. Leffmann, Valencia Resident, 1929-2019 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 8-12-2019

Ralph Spencer Leslie Jr., I.A.T.S.E Local 33, 1971-2014 Eternal Valley, 3-16-2014

Michael Alan Levine, Canyon Theatre Guild, 1946-2013 by George D. Cummings, KHTS

Dr. Paul A. Levine: Cardiologist, Lepidopterist, Placerita Nature Center Volunteer, SCVNews Columnist, 1944-2015 Groman Eden, 12-27-2015

Edward Levitt, Motion Picture Cartoonist, 1916-2013 Eternal Valley, 4-9-2013

Heidi Rae Levy, Campus Security, 1950-2019 Eternal Valley, 12-13-2019

Alison Lewin, Realtor, 1954-2013 Mount Sinai, 7-27-2013

William Light, WWII Veteran (Army), 1919-2015 Groman Eden, 2-3-2015

Marvene Lee Like, Valencia Resident Groman Eden, d.2019

Maidelle K. (Jackie) Lloyd, Valencia Resident, 1926-2014 Eternal Valley, 5-4-2014

Armen Logian, Co-owner, Big Oaks Lodge, 1911-1986 • 7-28-1986

Anthony Philip Lombardi, Canyon High Class of 1999, Civil Engineer, d. 11-23-2013 by Perry Smith, KHTS

Ida Claire Lombardi, Longtime SCV Resident, 1921-2014 Eternal Valley, 12-18-2014

Leonard Lewis Long, 45-Year SCV Resident, 1927-2014 Eternal Valley, 10-5-2014

Cinnamon Dawn Longnecker, 1968-2013 Eternal Valley, 10-11-2013

Nick Longshore, Canyon Football Star, Succumbs to Injuries By Perry Smith • KHTS 11-20-2013

Todd Longshore, Santa Clarita Planning Commissioner, 49 by Josh Premako • The Signal, 4-26-2006

David Ross Lonsberry: Pro Hockey Player, Acton Resident, 1947-2014 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 5-4-2014

(The Other) Francisco Lopez, 1820-1900 Los Angeles Times, 1-21-1900.

Jess Velasquez Lopez, Canyon Country Resident, 1935-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 1-12-2018

Salvador (Joseph) Lopez, Stevenson Ranch Resident, 1924-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 11-24-2018

Otilia Loya, Santa Clarita Resident, 1925-2019 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 6-14-2019

Andrew Craddock 'A.C.' Lyles Jr., Paramount Producer, 1918-2013 Variety, d. 9-27-2013.

Kevin Gary Lynch: Attorney; Former COC, CLWA Board Member; 1933-2018 Eternal Valley, 10-9-2018

Addi W. Lyon, L.A. Bureau of Water Works and Supply, 2-25-1951 The Signal, 3-1-1951.

Accidental Death of Frank M. Lyon, Age 6, Son of Sanford & Annie Lyon, 6-7-1881 News reports, 1881.


Judge C.M. MacDougall, 1901?-1976 Valley News, d. 8-23-1976

Liza Sarah Maggio, Valencia Resident, 1978-2016 Utter McKinley, 10-9-2016

Kathleen Ann Maloney, Former Executive Director of COC Foundation, 1949-2014 KHTS 9-3-2014

Chester James Malveaux, Army Veteran & U.S. Postal Carrier, 1948-2014 Eternal Valley, 9-3-2014

Deputy David W. March, 1969-2002 LASD 2002

Gilson Sandal Marlatt, Newhall Resident, 1938-2017 Eternal Valley, 2-27-2017

Audrey Lee Marston, Friendly Valley Resident, O.E.S., 1931-2015 Eternal Valley, 1-17-2015

George C. Martin: U.S. Navy, Knights of Columbus, 1938-2015 Eternal Valley, 3-2-2015

Felicia Martinez and Ivan Ramirez, Killed in Collision in Acton Funeraria del Angel J.T. Oswald, 7-22-2014

Robert Martinez, Saugus Resident, 1929-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 8-28-2018

Elden John Massetto, 1939-2002 • 10-26-2002

Robert Raymond Matista, Saugus Resident, 1959-2018 Eternal Valley, 2-28-2018

John David Mazzocco, SCV Fire Captain, 1965-2013 Eternal Valley, 12-12-2013

Lydia Manriquez, Homemaker/Native American The Signal, 3-1-2003

Anthony Guy Marincola, WWII Veteran, 1917-2013 Eternal Valley, 11-8-2013

Genevieve Margaret Marincola, 1919-2013 Eternal Valley, 8-15-2013

Hugh C. McDonald Jr., LASD Captain (Ret.), 1936-2021 d. 7-2-2021

John McElwain, COC Vice President of Communications (Ret.), 1947-2018 d. 9-7-2018

Dr. Tracy E. McFarland, The Cat Doctor, 1958-2018 d. 9-24-2018

Margaret (Martz) McGreevy: Providence St. Joseph Nurse; Santa Clarita Resident, 1914-2015 The (Mont.) Missoulian, 2-10-2015

James Dennis 'Jim' McMahon, Bank President The Signal, 9-24-2003

George Thomas Meeker, Newhall Resident, 1934-2015 Eternal Valley, 12-14-2015

Laura Mehterian, Historical Society Leader by Carol Rock • The Signal, 11-12-2001

Ethel (Jackie) Melillo, Canyon Country Resident, 1928-2015 Groman Eden, 8-22-2015

HB1301 - Graves of Harriet Farmer (d. 1890) & Nancy Melrose (d. 1901), 3-16-2013.

Alex Mendez, Canyon Country Resident, 2012-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 11-29-2018

W. Daniel Mendler, Leona Valley Resident, 1931-2014 Chapel of the Valley, 12-3-2014

Rosenilda Menifield, Valencia Resident, 1972-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 4-27-2017

Eulogy to Charles Alexander Mentry, 1847-1900 by Demetrius G. Scofield • Gazette, Sept. 1997

Arthur Charles Mentry, Son of Oilman Alex Mentry, d. 1954 Los Angeles Times, 3-17-1954.

Antonio Madrigal Mercado, Longtime Castaic Rancher, 1911-2006 Eternal Valley, 10-20-2006

Jose Antonio (Tony) Mercado, 1966 Hart Grad, 1947-2018 Eternal Valley, March 29, 2018

Judy R. Miller, U.S. Postal Service, 1941-2016 Eternal Valley, 2-25-2016

Patricia Louise Miller, Newhall Resident, 1945-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 2-27-2017

Alyce Lea (Manzer) Mitchell, 1962 Hart Grad, 1944-2017 • 6-1-2017

Richard F. Mitchell, Grandson of T.F. Mitchell Santa Barbara News-Press • 7-18-2002

Elizabeth Josephine Moeller, Newhall Resident, 1934-2019 Eternal Valley, 3-30-2019

Jesus Gonzales Molina, Camulos & Piru Resident; Bermite, Fillmore-Piru Citrus Assn., 1918-2014 Skillin-Carroll, 9-16-2014

Joan A. Monson, Realtor, 1936-2013 Eternal Valley, 7-7-2013

Josefina Maria Montoya, Newhall Resident, 1931-2019 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 2-18-2019

Roger Lee Moody, California Department of Transportation, 1939-2019 Eternal Valley, 8-20-2019

Adah Dean (Dee) Moore, Newhall Resident, 1918-2018 Eternal Valley, 9-9-2018

Randy Marc Moore, Valencia Resident, 1956-2014 Groman Eden, 3-11-2014

Alan Mootnick, Founder, Gibbon Conservation Center • 11-4-2011

Leonard Ernest Moreno Sr., 1961-2015 Chapel of the Valley, 1-7-2015

Marilyn Heisner Morgan, Acton Resident, Concert Violinist, Acton Cemetery, 1935-2015 Joshua Mortuary, Palmdale, 8-9-2015

Tyler Zachary Morgan, 1989-2013 Eternal Valley, 11-1-2013

Suzanne Moriarty, 1950-2014 Eternal Valley, 8-10-2014

Jeffrey Scott Morrison, Saugus High Alumnus, 1966-2022 • 3-17-2022

Steven Benedict Moss, Stevenson Ranch Resident, 1939-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 12-25-2017

Don C. Mowell, Carpenter, Veteran, 1928-2013 Eternal Valley, 9-30-2013

Don Patrick Mullally: Botanist, Naturalist, Santa Clarita Woodlands Visionary, 1929-2020 •, 1-5-2020

Rita Marian Munz, Valencia Resident, 1954-2014 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 1-25-2014

Minnie Anne Helvey Murphy, Soledad Canyon Native, 1918-2013 Eternal Valley, 9-22-2013

Gary Murr, Saugus School Board President The Signal • 6-25-2005


Remi Nadeau, L.A. Freighter & Hotelier, 1821-1887 Los Angeles Times • 1-16-1887

Remi Nadeau, SCV Deer Park Owner, 1867-1941 Los Angeles Times • 11-28-1941

Richard Anthony Napoli, 1975-2013 Eternal Valley, 7-1-2013

Elias P. Navarez Jr., Valencia Resident, 1941-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 4-3-2018

H. Clay Needham Dies at 84 Los Angeles Times • 2-22-1936

Henry Clay Needham, Prohibitionist The Signal • 2-27-1936

David George Negrete, Former Saugus Resident, 1942-2020 • d.1-19-2020

Robert Neiman, Co-founder, Neiman-Reed Lumber City by Joan Neiman, 2-13-2006

Cindy Newhall-Weyant, 51, Succumbs to Long Illness by Melissa Lampert, KHTS, 3-31-2015

Death of H.M. Newhall • (San Francisco, CA) California Spirit of the Times and Underwriters' Journal, 3-18-1882

LW3325 - Graves of Henry Mayo Newhall & Heirs, Wyatt Earp, H.H. Bancroft, more.

Ruth Newhall, Former Signal Owner-Editor by Patti Rasmussen • The Signal, 11-25-2003

Ruth Newhall, 1910-2003 by Patricia Farrell Aidem • L.A. Daily News, 11-25-2003

LW3031 - A Tribute to Ruth Waldo Newhall • Saugus Train Station, 1-21-2004

Carl Kenneth Newton, Santa Clarita City Attorney, 1931-2015 Lesneski Mortuary, San Clemente, 7-17-2015

Francisco G. "Frank" Nogales, Placerita Junior High Counselor, 1932-2019 Eternal Valley, 2-10-2019

Clifford (CJ) Nordstrom, SCV Antique Auto Club, 1919-2014 Eternal Valley, 5-27-2014

James Vincent Nozzi, 1955-2013 Eternal Valley, 3-13-2013

Yolanda Nunez, Canyon Country Resident, 1952-2014 Utter McKinley, 7-15-2014


Agnes Katherine O'Brien, Mother of Marguerite Perkins, 1869-1947 • d.7-6-1947

J.J. O'Brien, CHP Officer & Civic Activist by Christi Anne Corpus • The Signal, 1-23-2007

Donald Leonard Ogdon, Lockheed Skunk Works, 1933-2017 Eternal Valley, 1-4-2017

Bob Ohler, Backwoods Inn Owner, 1926-2001 by Stacey Klein • The Signal, 12-4-2000

Lorayne Elizabeth Oliver, Henry Mayo ER Nurse, 1930-2013 Eternal Valley, 9-13-2013

Aurora Corral Ortiz, Newhall Resident, 1929-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 12-28-2017

Marlene Ann O'Shea, Valencia Resident, 1939-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 9-17-2018

Marie Louise Ostrom, Retired Bank Manager, 1942-2014 Eternal Valley, 5-1-2014

Randall Ott, Business Owner-Philanthropist by Diana Sevanian • The Signal, 7-18-2003


Flaviano R. Pagador, Health Care Professional, 1927-2015 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 7-14-2015

Edward Victorio Palmieri, WWII Veteran (Army), 1920-2014 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 3-20-2014

Doris Ann Panico, Agua Dulce Resident, 1954-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 9-24-2018

Inocencio Gonzales Paras Jr., Stevenson Ranch Resident, 1956-2019 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 3-1-2019

Raphael "Tom" Parente, USPS, 1923-2013 Eternal Valley, 5-8-2013

Le Roy Arthur Parker, Last Victim of the St. Francis Dam, 1910-1928 Inglewood Cemetery, 5-27-1928

Ken Parks, Music Production Executive (MTV, WB, more), 1954-2014 Eternal Valley, 8-2-2014

Dorothy Mae McGinnis Payton, Valencia Resident, 1926-2017 • 6-11-2017

LW2802 - Biography of Mayor George Pederson, LASD, 1924-2015.

Arthur E. Pelino, Murdered Deputy Sheriff, 1929-1978 LASD 1978

Ruben Manalo Penalosa, Santa Clarita Resident, 1938-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 9-20-2018

Robert William Peran, Acton Resident, 1948-2013 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 11-6-2013

Ignacio Jesus Perez, Highlands Crossing Guard, 1923-2018 Eternal Valley, 7-12-2018

Irma Perez, Santa Clarita Resident, 1966-2019 Eternal Valley, 4-7-2019

Maria Perez, Canyon Country Resident, 1923-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 3-20-2017

Richard Clarence Perkins, Retired Businessman The Signal, 11-12-2005

Miriam Persens, Saugus Resident, 1928-2014 Groman Eden, 4-20-2014

Sandy Houdeshell Petts, Hart Class of 1961 (1943-2022) • d.1-23-2022

Pete Pew, Hart High Social Studies Teacher, 1-9-2012

Chance Kyle Phillips, Canyon Class of 2003, 1985-2014 Eternal Valley, 5-23-2014

Gage B. Pifer M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon, 1925-2012 Eternal Valley, 2012

Felda (aka Velda) Louella Smith Pike, St. Francis Dam Victim, d. 1928. News Reports, 1928

Newhall Constable Jack Pilcher Dies in Line of Duty, 6-4-1925. LASD, 6-4-2014

Michael Thomas Pletz, Valencia Resident, 1952-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 10-24-2017

Albert Joseph Plizga: Army Air Corps, Valencia Country Club, 1926-2017 Eternal Valley, 6-12-2017

Stevenson Ranch Developer Dale Poe, Wife Maggie Die in Car Crash • 5-17-1993

Javier Lazaro Polanco, L.A. Sanitation Division Manager, 1965-2015 Eternal Valley, 1-15-2015

Bernadette E. Schmitt Porter, Microbiologist, 1952-2015 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 4-8-2015

Charmaine Rosalie Posten, Longtime Canyon Country Resident, 1929-2016 • 2-13-2016

Grace Posthumus, Newhall Resident, 1922-2016 Eternal Valley, 1-2-2016

Marilyn Ann Favre Potts, 1941-2013 • 11-23-2013

James W. Powell, Friendly Valley Community Volunteer, 1921-2013 Eternal Valley, 9-25-2013

Father Patrick Anthony Power, OLPH Pastor Emeritus by Patti Rasmussen • The Signal, 6-4-2003

Andre Marc Pranga, Newhall Resident, 1990-2017 Utter McKinley, 1-26-2017

Roger Presgrove, Founder, Help the Children • KHTS AM-1220, 11-10-2013

Norman Clark Price, 1936-2012 Eternal Valley, 9-7-2013

Madeline Di Pietro, Santa Clarita Resident, 1935-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 1-25-2017


Fr. Joseph Quattropane, St. Clare Pastor, 1946-2011 Cabot & Sons, March 14, 2011

Joanna Quintin, Castaic Resident, 1929-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 6-4-2017


Louis Raggio, 1885-1960 The Signal • 3-3-1960

John Glen Ralphs (1919-2014): Raised Cattle in Gorman for Family Grocery Halley-Olsen-Murphy, Lancaster, 5-2-2014

Ronald Albert Ralphs, Rancher; Grocery Family Owned Gorman; 1934-2015 Greenlawn Southwest, Bakersfield, 3-25-2015

Donna Muriel Ramsey: Longtime Castaic Resident, LASD, 1939-2014 Eternal Valley, 9-25-2014

Rosanna Reyes Randle: Hart Grad, OLPH, Boys & Girls Club; 1983-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 8-22-2017

Christopher Anthony "Tony" Rasmussen, 1992 Hart Grad, 1973-2013 Eternal Valley, 12-8-2013

Larry Reisbig, COC Football Coach, 1939-2017 College of the Canyons, 4-10-2017

Helen Kay Rhoden, Newhall Resident, 1925-2019 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 5-25-2019

Dr. Keith Richman, Former State Assemblyman, 1953-2010 KHTS AM-1220, d. 7-30-2010

Jo Ann Carol Rieck: Magic Mountain, Chi Chi's Pizza, 1935-2019 Eternal Valley, 10-3-2019

Amelia Joan Rietzel, Longtime City Employee, 1965-2018 • 10-4-2018

Ruth (Pug) Riggins: Sand Canyon Resident, Community Volunteer, 1926-2015 • 8-16-2015

Nick Rivera, Newhall Innkeeper, 1865-1926

Rita Rivera, Tataviam Tribal Elder by Stephanie Stassel • Los Angeles Times, 7-13-2001

Dr. Patrick Robert Robbie, Pediatrician, Dixon Family Health Center Volunteer, 1933-2013 Crippen Mortuary, 12-1-2013

Actor Dale Robertson, Newhall Walk of Western Stars Inductee by Darryl Manzer •, 2-27-2012

Donald Wells Robinson, Aviation Mechanic 10-15-2013

John W. Robinson, Historian of the San Gabriels, 1929-2018 Sierra Club, 4-24-2018

Sonia Domingo Robles, Stevenson Ranch Resident, 1938-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 6-2-2017

Jeannine Rock, 1970 Hart High Grad, 1952-2020 d.11-23-2020

Mary Jane Rock, (Former) Longtime SCV Resident, 1925-2019 by Carol Rock • d.10-23-2019

Thomas Gerald Rock, 1966 Hart High Grad, 1948-2022 by Carol Rock • d.1-23-2022

Robert C. Rockwell, First COC President by Patti Rasmussen • The Signal, 10-10-2000

James Carroll "Jay" Rodgers, Saugus Homebuilder & COC Benefactor, 1928-2015 AM-1220 KHTS, 6-26-2015

Thomas Jesse Rogers Jr., LASD Lieutenant (Ret.), 1935-2019 Santa Clarita Magazine, d.1-13-2019

Carmelo Rojas, Castaic Resident, 1928-2014 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 1-3-2014

Robert (Bob) Routolo, Korean War Veteran (Army), L.A. Music Center, 1931-2015 Chapel of the Valley, 12-19-2015

David Allison Rowley, LAUSD Teacher, 1933-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 2-1-2018

Peter Rubel, 22, Killed in Game of Russian Roulette Oxnard Press-Courier, 9-26-1957

Clyde C. Ruble, LADWP Hydroelectric Engineer, 1882-1945 12-15-1945

Jose Luis Ruelas Jr.: Saugus High Cross Country, Castaic Resident, 1974-2014 Eternal Valley, 10-13-2014

Pearle Pardee Russell, Longtime Newhall Resident, Registrar of Voters, 1882-1958 The Signal, 6-19-1958 (d. 6-10-1958)

Barry (Bud) Allan Rutherford, Valencia Resident, 1937-2015 Crippen Mortuary, 2-8-2015


Monica Lott Sagen, St. Clare Catholic Church Volunteer, 1936-2019 Eternal Valley, 9-20-2019

Santo Andrew Salamone: Army Veteran, Valencia Belcaro Resident, 1926-2015 Eternal Valley, 4-19-2015

Geraldine Ann Salvatore, Santa Clarita Resident, 1942-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 3-7-2018

Kirby D. Sanders, Butterfield Overland Mail Historian, 1952-2015 Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 5-21-2015

Katherine Diane Sarenana, Fernandeño-Tataviam Tribal Elder, 1940-2013 Fernandeño-Tataviam Band of Mission Indians, 12-13-2013

Jerry Sauer, Peachland School Teacher, 1946-2013 Eternal Valley, 7-21-2013

Wyatt Anthony Savaikie, Incoming Valencia High Freshman, 2000-2015 Eternal Valley, 7-16-2015

Neva Joyce Scholtes, 1927-2013 Eternal Valley, 7-31-2013

Marlene Dahl Schreffler, Piru Post Office Worker, 1938-2015 Skillin-Carroll, 7-13-2015

Walter Schwartz, U.S. Air Force Veteran, 1920-2017 Groman Eden, 1-10-2017

Louise A. Scripture, 1925-2013 Eternal Valley, 3-7-2013

Margaret L. Seltzer, SCV Historical Society Docent by Lila Campuzano • The Signal, 10-18-2004

Allan Sekula, CalArts Instructor, 1951-2013 • California Institute of the Arts, 8-10-2013

Evelyn Marie Sepkowski, 1924-2013 • 8-1-2013

Jeannette Sharar, Santa Clarita Planning Commissioner, Dies at 49 • L.A. Times, 4-17-1990

Del Shannon, Singer-Songrwiter-Producer ("Runaway"), Sand Canyon Resident • 1934-1990.

Phebe Lemon Shelby, 1905-2002 by Sandra Shelby Forbes, December 2002

Julianna Shepard, Castaic Resident, 1962-2014 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 5-14-2014

Jack Shine, American Beauty Homebuilder, 1934-2017 • AM-1220 KHTS, 9-14-2017

Mike Shuman, Placerita Principal, 1919-2000 by Patti Rasmussen • The Signal, 8-15-2000

Stan Sierad, Senior Activist by Liane Klein • The Signal, 6-11-2001

Gunjit S. Sikand, Civil Engineer, 1928-2014 Los Angeles Times, 4-29-2014

Heather Marie Kounalis Silverman, Realty Executives, Valencia Resident, 1969-2014 Pierce Brothers Valhalla, 3-2-2014

Sophie Silverstein, 1919-2013 Groman Eden, 11-3-2013

Fred Simpson & Robert Simpson: Moved Saugus Train Station & Other Buildings.

Ralph Michael Sirico, Valencia Resident, 1960-2019 Eternal Valley, 8-19-2019

Charles Edward Sitzman, 1927-1937 Mentryville Superintendent, 1878-1950 • d.6-9-1950

Phinice "Cece" Skuro, 1922-2015 Groman Eden, 8-9-2015

Ronald L. Smalstig, Deputy District Attorney, 1955-2014 Crippen Mortuary, 5-9-2014

Sean Thomas Smalstig, COC Student, 1993-2013 Eternal Valley, 8-28-2013

Aubrey F. Smith Jr., 1932-2014 Chapel of the Valley, 2-9-2014

James Ralph Smith Jr., Valencia Resident, 1972-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 12-28-2017

Lucille "Lou" Rose Smith, Pinecrest School Nutritionist, Longtime Saugus Resident, 1926-2013 Eternal Valley, 8-6-2014

Marguerite Angela (Schulte) Smith, 1936-2013 Chapel of the Valley, 10-18-2013

Hamilton Clyde Smyth, School Superintendent and Mayor by Carol Rock • AM-1220 KHTS, 1-23-2012 (Includes Video of Funeral Service)

Theodore Salvatore Spatrisano, Lockheed Skunk Works, 1934-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 1-26-2018

Catherine Louise (Caye) Speirs, Canyon Country Resident, 1925-2014 Eternal Valley, 4-8-2014

Kenneth Stewart Speirs: Navy Veteran, Softball Hall of Famer, 1924-2014 Eternal Valley, 9-17-2014

Samuel "Sam" Spiegel, U.S. Army Air Corps Veteran, 1919-2013 Groman Eden, 11-26-2013

Jack Russell Spurney, GM, Honda Performance Development, 1952-2017 Eternal Valley, 1-29-2017

Anna Ray (Ann) Staats, Sand Canyon Rancher, 1923-2014 Eternal Valley, 1-10-2014

Charles Kenneth Stahl Jr., Retired Postal Worker, 1934-2008 • 1-14-2008

Daniel Wayne Stanley, Acton Resident, 1949-2019 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 7-10-2019

Eugene Stenson II, 1943-2014 Eternal Valley, 3-22-2014

Jennifer Mary Stift, Saugus High School Senior, 1997-2014 Eternal Valley, 8-18-2014

Max Stone: U.S. Army Veteran, Dodger Stadium Employee, 1921-2014 Groman Eden, 9-17-2014

Marlin Stowers, Saugus Elementary & Hart High, 1941-2013 Rose Family Funeral Home, 11-20-2013

Clara Stroup, Hart School Board Member (Ret.) by Anne Marie Mills • The Signal, 2-8-2004

Catherine Louinda (Lou) Sullivan: Registered Nurse, Agua Dulce Resident, 1940-2016 Eternal Valley, 1-28-2016

Helly Sumirah (Tjia Cing Mei), Castaic Resident, 1943-2018 Eternal Valley, 11-28-2018

Mary Ruth Summers, Newhall Resident, 1937-2018 Eternal Valley, 5-2-2018

Juan Batista Suraco, Bouquet Canyon Rancher, d. 1915 • Death certificate, 7-22-1915

Albert Charles Swall, Newhall Builder, 1881-1949 • d.6-23-1949

Hiram "Hi" Heaton Swallow, Fireman, 1919-2013 Eternal Valley, 3-9-2013


Mark Shigeo Takenaka, Valencia Resident, 1963-2019 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 4-7-2019

Petrona Gonzales Tambio, 1927-2014 Eternal Valley, 10-31-2014

Primo Tapia Jr., Newhall Resident, 1931-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 10-28-2018

Bertha Haskell Taylor, 1870-1957 The Signal, 8-22-1957

Ronald "Tiny Ron" Taylor, Screen Actor, 1947-2019 d.11-28-2019

Mildred (Millie) Terranova: Warner Lambert Corp., Senior Center Volunteer, 1919-2015 Eternal Valley, 4-13-2015

Frank C. Terry, CalArts Character Animation Program Director, 1939-2014 CalArts, 2-11-2014

Marilyn V. Terwilliger, Citbank Teller, 1935-2014 Eternal Valley, 10-18-2014

A.B. "Dad" Thatcher: Signal Editor (1925-1938), Frontier Newspaperman, 1860-1949 d.2-15-1949

Armantha McClure Thibaudeau, Newhall Community Leader, 1870-1961 d.10-23-1961

Jill Lebovitz Thompson, Hart High 1967 Girl of the Year, 1949-2018 • 1-15-2018

Leon Arthur Thompson, Bouquet Shell Station Owner, 1929-2013 Chapel of the Valley, 9-24-2013

Renee Thompson-Dove: Registered Nurse, Providence Holy Cross; 1966-2019 Eternal Valley, 11-28-2019

Suzette Marie Thompson: St. Joseph Med Center, USPS, Italian Catholic Federation, 1939-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 7-2-2018

Gary Thornhill, SCV Photojournalist by Leon Worden •, 12-19-2012

Walter L. "Larry" Thornton, Hart High Band Director, 1932-2013 by Perry Smith • KHTS AM-1220, 9-5-2013

Molly Tobias, Newhall Resident, 1925-2015 Groman Eden, 2-2-2015

Murray Tobias: Freemason, Friendly Valley Resident, 1922-2015 Groman Eden, 4-24-2015

Vivian Renee Toensing, Walt Disney Co. & Lockheed-Rye Canyon, 1933-2013

Jerry Clinton Toles, WWII Veteran, 1918-2013 Eternal Valley, 6-28-2013

The Untimely Deaths of Emma & J.H. Tolfree News reports, 1896-97

Edward Toney, Retired Newhall Land VP by Diana Sevanian • The Signal, 8-15-2002

Daniel "Danny" Torres: Piru Lake Dam; Piru River Band, 1949-2017 Skillin-Carroll, 6-4-2017

David Allen Traub, Electrician, 1963-2020, 3-18-2020

Mark Trayle: Sound Artist, CalArts Faculty, 1955-2015 CalArts, 2-20-2015

Fred W. Trueblood Sr., Signal Publisher, 1890-1960 The Signal, 5-5-1960

Michael Devon Trueblood, Hart Class of 1975, SoCal Edison, 1956-2022, 5-5-2022

Richard Sherwin "Gus" Trueblood, Signal Co-Owner & Photographer, 1927-2013 Eternal Valley, 12-18-2013

Gloria R. Trujillo, Canyon Country Resident, 1953-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 3-4-2017

Major Ben C. Truman, Owner, Los Angeles Star Newspaper, 1873-77 New York Times • 7-30-1916

Richard J. Tumilty, World War II Vet (Navy), Aerospace Industry, 1921-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 1-20-2018


Mabel Kathleen Unsinn, 1922-2013 Valley Funeral Home, 9-6-2013


John W. Valenzuela, San Fernando Tribal Chairman, 1938-2017 Garia Mortuary, Oxnard, 11-16-2017

Richard F. Van Valkenburgh, Archaeologist, 1904-1957 Death Certificate, 6-19-1957

Sylvia Katuska Vallejo, Valencia Resident, 1942-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 1-24-2017

Terry Van Gorder: 1st Pres., Magic Mountain; Built Valencia Golf Courses, Indian Dunes • Obituary 3-2-2016

Florentino Murillo Vargas, Canyon Country Resident, 1946-2018 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 1-29-2018

Sarah Cecelia Velasquez, Valencia Resident, 1932-2013 Utter McKinley, 11-22-2013

Paul T. Veluzat, 1898-2000 by Leon Worden & Diana Sevanian • The Signal, 4-12-2000

LW2913 - Death Certificate: Tom Vernon, 1929 Saugus Train Robber.

Donald Louis Verrilli, Retired Glendale Police Sergeant, 1936-2013 Eternal Valley, 6-4-2013

Edward Robert Villa Sr., Army Vet, Rancher, Piru Resident, 1922-2013 Skillin-Carroll, 12-4-2013

Fidel Garcia Viveros, Longtime Piru Resident, 1944-2014 Skillin-Carroll, 3-10-2014

Wendy Sproul Vosburg, 1955-2013 (Hart High 1973) 10-7-2013


Esther Catherine Walker, 1924-2014 Eternal Valley, 7-28-2014

Jack Douglas Walker, ASCE, 1931-2013 Eternal Valley, 8-3-2013

Melba Walker Fisher, Lifelong Newhall Resident, 1916-2015 Eternal Valley, 1-1-2015

Paul William Walker IV, Actor, 1973-2013 KHTS, 11-30-2013

Richard S. Warchol: Army MP, Retired Millwright, 1926-2015 Utter McKinley, 1-1-2015

Baxter Ward, L.A. County Supervisor 1974-80 by Stacey Klein • The Signal, 2-5-2002

Death Certificate for Margaret Sylvia Ward, nee Rivera, aka Garcia, 1899-1975.

Margaret Winefred Warmuth, Owner, Honey House • The Signal, 2-15-2006

Leo Morgan Warner: WWII Veteran, Electrician, 1925-2014 Eternal Valley, 5-5-2014

Heather Warrick, Cancer Fighter • KHTS &, 2-1-2013

Dennis Weaver, Western Actor • 2-28-2006

Mildred Weinstein, Valencia Resident, 1920-2015 Groman Eden, 4-28-2015

Norman Weinstein, Valencia Resident, 1926-2014 Groman Eden, 4-23-2014

Christine E. Welsford, Rio Vista Elementary Teacher, 1943-2014 Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks, 1-4-2014

Edna Wensil, Saugus Resident, 1929-2015 Groman Eden, 12-6-2015

Katie Ruth Werft, Bendix Corp. Executive Assistant, 1926-2018 Eternal Valley, 1-8-2018

Steven George Wheatley, Santa Clarita Resident, 1942-2019 Eternal Valley, 3-21-2019

Mimi White: Librarian, Historian by Pearl Obispo • The Signal, 12-30-2002

Melanie Lynn Wileman, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital, 1970-2015 Skillin-Carroll, 2-22-2015

Henry Clay Wiley, Early L.A. & SCV Pioneer, 1829-1898 Los Angeles Times, 10-26-1898

Rudolph R. Will Jr., Aerospace Worker, 1957-2013 Eternal Valley, 7-19-2013

Dolores Rohaley Williams: Nun, Artist, Teacher; Painted St. Kateri Portrait for Parish Church, 1929-2015 Roswell (Geo.) Funeral Home, 4-2-2015

James Franklin Williams, Williams Instrument Co., 1925-2013 • 10-23-2013

Ralph Ross Williams, Newhall Pharmacy to Insurance Sales, 1934-2017 Eternal Valley, 5-6-2017

Connie Worden Roberts, Cityhood Pioneer and Road Warrior, 1930-2014 Eternal Valley, 8-12-2014

Connie Worden Roberts, City Co-Founder, 1930-2014 by Perry Smith, AM-1220 KHTS, 8-12-2014

Connie Worden Roberts | We Lost Our Road Warrior by Carl Goldman, AM-1220 KHTS, 8-13-2014

Cathie Wright, State Senator, 4-14-2012

Clyde Robert Widrig, LAPD, FBI, Business Operator, 1922-2013 Eternal Valley, 6-23-2013

Donald Anton Woelke, WWII Veteran, Gas Co., SCV Historical Society, 1924-2015 • 11-15-2015

Hans Robert Wolf, L.A. City Fire Captain, 1928-2013 Eternal Valley, 9-15-2013

Arlene May Wright, Longtime SCV Resident, 1926-2013 Eternal Valley, 8-31-2013

Charles Long "Chuck" Wright, Mint Canyon (Agua Dulce) Native, 1926-2019 Eternal Valley, 1-22-2019

Jean Marie Lans Wright, Acton School Teacher, 1947-2013 Chapel of the Valley, 9-14-2013

Gary Lee Wurst, Rotarian & Scoutmaster, 1937-2015 Eternal Valley, 8-20-2015

Margaret (Peggy) Helen Wutke, Corral Drive-In Theatre Owner, 1915-2004 Las Vegas Review-Journal, d. 7-15-2004


Natividad Yambao, Valencia Resident, 1926-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 2-22-2017

Nicolas Yambao, Canyon Country Resident, 1940-2017 Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary, 6-29-2017

Michael Anthony Yurosek, Founder, Bunny-Luv Carrots, 1922-2005 SCV Historical Society, 6-12-2005


Leonard Zeitlin, Valencia Resident, 1929-2013 Groman Eden, 12-15-2013

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