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Newhall | Downtown


Walk of Western Stars

History of Downtown Newhall by Arthur B. Perkins • HSSC Quarterly, December 1958.

The Birth of Newhall (Cont.) • Story of Our Valley by Arthur B. Perkins, The Signal, 1-2-1947.

History of Eternal Valley to 1769 (General Newhall History), 1958.

Henry Newhall Builds An Empire by Leon Worden • The Signal, 6-7-1995

Kraszynski Sues to Recover Land Used for Original Oil Refinery at Lyon's Station, 1874.

Visit to Lyons Station to Check Out Oil Rumors, Los Angeles Herald, 3-28-1875.

Newhall on the Move: New Townsite Under Construction News reports, 1878.

Campton's Store Explodes and House Burns Down in Arson Fire, 3-3-1882.

Death of H.M. Newhall • (San Francisco, CA) California Spirit of the Times and Underwriters' Journal, 3-18-1882

Description of Newhall Town & Pico Oil Equipment • Los Angeles Times, 9-26-1882.

Newhall of the 1880s by George Massie • Gold Prospector, September 1989

Ancient Order of United Workmen, Newhall Lodge No. 218 • 1880s

Severe Storms Wash Out SCV Train Tracks, Bridges • February-March 1884.

Southern Hotel Burns Down, 10-23-1888 • News Reports, October 1888.

George Campton Biography • Pen Pictures from the Garden of the World, 1889.

Newhall and Acton Men Fight for Hydraulic Mining • News Reports, 1-1892.

"Over the Range to the Golden Gate" (Excerpts: Descriptions of Newhall, Camulos, Mojave Desert, etc.), 1896 (1884).

Newhall Oil Field Notes, Including Pico, Needham Ranch, Elsmere, Placerita Canyon • News reports, Early 1900s.

Lancaster Bank Robbers Lead Posse to Newhall; 1 Dead Bakersfield Californian, 3-12-1924

Newhall By Any Other Name ... is Elayon by Leon Worden • The Signal, 2-24-2004

History of the Short-Lived Southern Hotel by Pat Saletore • The Gazette, Jan.-Feb. 2006

Newhall Chamber of Commerce: By-laws & First-Year Minutes • Organized 2-21-1923.

History of the Sheriff's Newhall Substation by Leon Worden • The Signal, 11-8-1996

Tom Frew & Sons, Newhall Blacksmiths by Ruth Waldo Newhall • The Gazette, December 1996

Dorothy Lewis Kupcha's Memoirs of Life in Newhall, 1918-1931 • December 2003

Hart Mansion Construction: Letter from Hart; Notes from Architect, 1926.

SW1701 - "Live Oak Manor" Rock Arch Erected 1926, Relocated 1930 for Road Improvement • News reports, 1920s-30s.

Newhall Businesses Moved for San Fernando Road Widening • The Signal, 6-6-1935

History of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church • from Brunner's 1940 History.

Newhall Community Hospital, Est. 1922 • From Brunner's 1940 History.

Dr. Sarah L. Murray's Newhall Emergency Hospital, Est. 1930 • From Brunner's 1940 History.

History of Newhall Ambulance Service • From Brunner's 1940 History.

History of Newhall Dentistry • From Brunner's 1940 History.

History of Wildwood Sanatorium (TB), Happy Valley-Newhall • From Brunner's 1940 History.

Wildwood Sanatorium in the News • News reports, 1920s-1940s.

Arcadia-Wayman Street Oil Boom of 1948-49; Starts in C.M. MacDougall's Backyard • News Reports, 1948-1949.

Oil's Well that Ends Well: Milfred Yant's Long Con Pays Off at Confusion Hill • TIME Magazine, 12-19-1949.

Newhall County Water District: An Historical Perspective By Jennifer Hamilton • NCWD 1999 Annual Report

Perkins Perseverance: Part of SCV's Water History By Nancy Jordan • NCWD, June 2001

Bygone Days Of A Town Called Newhall by Judy Stevens • The Gazette, Feb.-March 1997

Disney to Donate Buffalo Herd to Hart Park • The Signal, 4-12-1962

Disney Donates Buffalo to Hart Park Ralph Story-CBS Radio Program, 4-16-1962.

Disney Buffalo Transferred to Hart Park • The Signal, 4-19-1962

County Letters: Hart Buffalo Herd Grows • 1962-64

Hart Bison Were Almost Burgers by Leon Worden • The Signal, 1-13-2001

Valley News Carrier Outing to Circle K Ranch, Whitney Canyon • Valley News, 2-5-1965

Phone Business Office (Pardee House) Has Seen Local History by A.B. Perkins • The Sentinel, 4-28-1965

Preliminary Feasibility Study: Elsmere Canyon Landfill, May 1984.

Paul & Barbara (Sitzman) Cook: Happy Valley Poultry Farming, Mentryville School Days • The Signal, 9-4-1985.

Video: Trashing Elsmere Canyon • City of Santa Clarita 1988.

Don G., Aggie & Newhall Hardware by Dan Hon • The Gazette, Nov.-Dec. 1995

Bobbie Trueblood's Old Newhall Memories by Ruth Waldo Newhall • The Gazette, Spring 1996

Revitalizing Newhall: An 80-Year Saga by Leon Worden • The Signal, 6-25-1997

Big Party Marks Newhall Hardware's 50th Anniversary by Leon Worden • The Signal, 8-13-1997

8th Street Home Popular with Vaudeville Greats by Norman & Cynthia Harris • Old Town Newhall Gazette, May-June 1998.

Happy 55th Birthday, Newhall Hardware • Signal Editorial, 8-17-2002

Newhall Land Sold to Lennar-LNR by Leon Worden • The Signal, 1-28-2004

Downtown Newhall Historic Resources Survey & Impact Analysis • City of Santa Clarita, March 2005.

Old Town Newhall Specific PlanAdopted by City Council 12-22-2005.

Downtown Newhall Specific Plan: Eligible/Potentially Eligible Properties (Superseded 2012) • Draft 2005, Adopted 2007.

1876: Southern Pacific Tunnels Through by Alan Pollack• Heritage Junction Dispatch, July-August 2010

Newhall Structures Considered For Proposed Historic Preservation Ordinance • August 2011

The Story of Newhall Redevelopment, 1997-2012 • City of Santa Clarita, 2012.

The Brothers Lyon and Their Stagecoach Station by Dr. Alan Pollack, Dispatch, Sep.-Oct. 2012

OLPH Catholic Church: Rooted in History, Looking to Future by Patti Rasmussen, 8-15-2013

Jones Family and the Newhall (former Swall) Hotel, 1920s-1950s by Patte Dee McKee, 3-18-2014

Memorial Day Afternoon at the Newhall A&W by Darryl Manzer, 5-27-2014

George Campton and His Exploding Newhall General Store by Dr. Alan Pollack, Dispatch, May-June 2016.

Newhall Post Office

HS9027 - Envelope, Postmarked Newhall, 1-20-1881.

HS9028 - Envelope Addressed to Mrs. Ygnacio del Valle, Postmarked Newhall, 6-2-1884.

AL1893 - Postcard from John F. Powell, Ordering Pilsener beer, Postmarked Newhall, 6-20-1893.

LW2201 - Postcard: "Greetings from Newhall, Cal.," sent by August Ferrier, 12-2?-1908.

LW2677 - Generic Postcard, Postmarked Newhall, 1-5-1914.

LW2702 - Postal Cover: Butterfield Overland Mail Centennial 1858-1958, Newhall Participates, Postmarked 10-8-1958.

Pioneer Oil Refinery

The 'Pioneer': California's First Successful Oil Refinery by Leon Worden • The Signal, July 1997

Chevron to Help Restore Pioneer Oil Refinery by Leon Worden • The Signal, 8-4-1998

City Acts to Save Newhall's Pioneer Oil Refinery by Leon Worden • The Signal, 10-2-2004

AP2926 - Pioneer Oil Refinery, ~1880.

HB1714 - Andrew's Station (1877); Andrews Plat; Pioneer Oil Refinery Layout.

SW3003 - Pioneer Oil Refinery, Pre-1930 Restoration.

SW3004 - Newly Restored Pioneer Oil Refinery Dedicated to D.G. Scofield, News reports, 11-5-1930.

TLP3002 - Pico Oilmen at Pioneer Refinery Dedication, 11-5-1930.

TLP3001 - Pico Oiler Children at Pioneer Refinery Dedication, 11-5-1930.

LW2497 - Pioneer Oil Refinery, ~1930.

SW3701 - Pioneer Oil Refinery Location in "High, Wide and Handsome" (Paramount 1937).

HS7010 - Pioneer Oil Refinery & Pico Derrick Float, 1939 Pasadena Rose Parade.

LW2252 - Pioneer Oil Refinery, ~1940.

LW2499 - Pioneer Oil Refinery, Rear View, ~1940.

AP2536 - Pioneer Oil Refinery, 2 Views, ~1940s.

AP2522 - Pioneer Oil Refinery, 1950s.

LW2251 - Pioneer Oil Refinery's 150-bbl Cheesebox Still, 10-1-2004.

SC1316 - Pioneer Oil Refinery: Revised Master Plan, Adopted 6-11-2013.

CH1601 - Photo Gallery: Original Boilers, Newhall Pioneer Oil Refinery • Chevron Richmond Refinery 2016.

HB1713 - N-Scale Model of Pioneer Oil Refinery by Thomas R. Knapp AIA, 2017.

HS9029 - Wiley's Windlass (NOT), 1950s, modern illustration.

LW2304 - Surveyor's Map Showing Lyon's Station, 1875.

AP2311 - First House at Lyon's Station.

AP2306 - Toll House Below Beale's Cut, Post-1863.

AP0111 - Lyon's Station? ca 1870s.

LW3529 - Newhall Petroleum Company Stock Certificate (Wildcat), Related to Stock Fraud Scheme, 1876.

HB1717 - Southern Pacific Right-of-Way & Track Map; All Property Transactions 1876-1992.

SL2273 - Artist's Rendering of Newhall, 1878-80.

AP0607 - Railroad Avenue, ~1879.

AP0121 - 1878 Campton House, 8th & Spruce Street.

AP0615 - G. Campton's General Store, ~1880.

AP0616 - G. Campton's General Store, ~1880.

LW2274 - Town View Showing Newhall School and Southern Hotel, 1879-1887.

AP2708 - Southern Hotel, 1886.

HS2003 - Stagecoach at the Southern Hotel, 1880s.

HS2001 - Gifford Home, ~1880s.

AP1006 - J.O. Newhall's General Store, 1880s.

LW2137 - San Fernando Railroad Tunnel in Newhall, Stereo Card, ~1880s.

AL1883 - Wells Fargo Letter and Envelope from Newhall to Norwalk, CA, Postmarked Newhall, 5-18-1883.

AP0622 - 1884 Home of John & Sarah Gifford.

SL8702 - Panoramic View of Newhall Showing Southern Hotel, ~1887.

AP0403 - Railroad Avenue with Mule Teams, 1887.

AP2706 - Railroad Avenue with Mule Teams (labeled), 1887.

AP1012 - Commercial Fruit Drying Operation in Newhall, late 1880s.

TF8801 - Sam Smith's Blacksmith Shop, 1888.

AL1888 - Wells Fargo Letter and Envelope from Newhall to Norwalk, CA, Postmarked Newhall, 6-7-1888.

AP2632 - Plat Map of Newhall (detail), 1889.

AP3011 - St. John's Subdivision (Map), 1880s-90s.

LW2736 - G. Campton's General Store, Ver. 3, R.E. Nickel Photo, ~1890.

AP2310 - Alexander Hume and Family at Home in Newhall, ~1890.

AP0418 - Downtown Newhall, 1890-1891.

Sanborn Map of Newhall, 1892.

AP0602 - Newhall Train Depot, 1890s.

AP0112 - Railroad Avenue Panorama, 1890s.

AP0909 - Campton's General Store, 1890s.

HS9011 - Powell Home on Railroad Avenue, 1889-1896.

ap1010 - Powell Home on Railroad Avenue, 1890s-1900s.

HS9904 - Ed Pardee and Prize Horse, Newhall, 1890s.

AP0604 - Ed Pardee's Livery Stable, 1890s.

AP1528 - Livery Stable and 2nd Southern Hotel, ~1890-1900.

AP1529 - Dining Room, 2nd Southern Hotel, n.d.

HS0210 - Oil Exchange Saloon, 1890s.

LW2345 - Oil Exchange Saloon Tokens, circa 1890s, Unique.

HS9301 - Railroad Avenue: Freighter Delivering Boiler to Pico Oil Field, 1893?

MS0194 - Nick Rivera's Saloon, ~1890s.

LW2347 - Nick Rivera Saloon Token, circa 1890s, Unique.

LW2348 - S.P. Moore Pool Hall Token, circa 1890s, Unique.

LW2349 - A. Staudy/Stauty's Pool Hall Tokens, circa 1890s, Unique.

AL9201 - Billhead from G. Campton's General Store, 9-1-1892.

SW9801 - San Fernando (Train) Tunnel ~1898.

AL9901 - $500 Homeowners Insurance Policy FBO W.N. Forker, 6-8-1899.

LC0020 - Nick Rivera's Saloon, ~1900.

LC0010 - LaSalle's Meat Market, ~1900.

MS0157 - Railroad Avenue, ~1900.

AP1617 - Ladies Shooting, ~1900.

GL0101 - Prominent Women of Newhall, with Children, 1901.

HS9014 - John F. Powell at His Office in Newhall, 1903.

US0301 - Monarch Saloon, Formerly Rivera's Saloon, ~1903.

AP0105 - Gulley/Swall General Store & Meat Market, ~1904-1906.

AP0119 - Interior of Campton's General Store (as Lindenfeld & Landell), 1908.

AP0106 - Newhall Train Depot, 1909.

AP0109 - Spruce Street, ~1909.

US1010 - Woman Standing in Street (Spruce), Pardee Livery, 2nd Southern Hotel 1910.

OV1001 - Entrance to San Fernando Railroad Tunnel, 1910.

SW1902 - Souvenir Postcard: Entrance to San Fernando (Train) Tunnel, n.d. (1900-1920).

AP0516 - Railroad Avenue, ~1910.

AP1603 - Tom Frew's Blacksmith Shop, ~1910.

AP2702 - Railroad Avenue & 8th Street, Probably 1911-1912.

AP2623 - Overview of Railroad Avenue, Early 1910s.

AL1911 - Postcard: "Birdseye View of Newhall, Cal.," ~1910s.

AP1725 - Hanging Tree on Railroad Avenue, ~1910s.

LW2223 - Pacific Coast Oil Co. Headquarters, ~1910s.

AP0727 - White Star Garage, Early 1910s.

L.A. Aqueduct: World's (Then-) Largest-Diameter Concrete Pipe Installed in Whitney Canyon • News reports, 1910.

LW2734 - L.A. Aqueduct: Cement Mixing Plant at South End of Newhall Auto Tunnel, ~1912.

LW2417 - Owens Valley Water Pipeline, ~1913.

Full Movie - Harry Carey in "Broken Ways" (1913), Showing Downtown Newhall, Beale's Cut.

LW2186 - Aqueduct Falls, aka The Cascades, South of Newhall, 1914.

Newhall (Auto) Tunnel, 1910-1938

Newhall (Auto) Tunnel Opens • News reports, 12-1910.

LW2187 - Newhall Auto Tunnel, 1914 (2 Views).

AL1914 - Newhall (Auto) Tunnel, Photograph, ~1914.

AP0705 - Newhall (Auto) Tunnel Traffic, ~1920s.

LW2020 - Newhall (Auto) Tunnel, Color Postcard, 1920s.

AL1910 - Newhall (Auto) Tunnel, Real Photo Postcard, 1920s.

AL1920 - Newhall (Auto) Tunnel, South Portal, Real Photo Postcard, 1920s.

AL3033 - Newhall (Auto) Tunnel, South Portal, 2-7-1926.

AL2025 - Scene Near Newhall (Auto) Tunnel, Real Photo Postcard, 1920s.

BA3001 - Newhall Auto Tunnel from the Air, July-August 1930.

AP1527 - Newhall Auto Tunnel Cut Lines, 1938.

AP1635 - Newhall Auto Tunnel Being Replaced, 1938.

MJ3801 - Last of the Newhall (Auto) Tunnel, 1938.

AP0832 - Highway Replaces Newhall Auto Tunnel, 1938.

TS0101 - Bronze Plaques for Newhall Auto Tunnel, 2-2001.

LW2867 - Auto Tour: Ford Model 'T' Touring Car in Newhall Pass ~1912 (2 Views).

LW2867c - Auto Tours in Newhall Pass, 1913-1914 (2 Views).

AL1916 - Newhall Grade, ~1914.

GD1402 - Mayhue Grocery and Feed Store, Corner Railroad & Market, 1914-1919.

AP0703 - (First) OLPH Catholic Church, 1915-1961, 3 Views.

LW3373 - Wall Calendar from Albert Swall's Newhall Cash Store, 1915.

TL1501 - Chicken Ranch in Happy Valley ~1915.

CM2001 - Eggland Chicken Ranch, Happy Valley, 1910s-1920s. Multiple Views.

RL1601 - Downtown Newhall, Postcard, Marked 1916.

AP0719 - E. Chaix's Grocery Store, ~1916.

AP1524 - Spruce Street, 1916.

Trouble With Wobblies at Newhall and Saugus November-December 1916.

JD1901 - Tom Mix and "Wonder Horse" Tony, Newhall, 1919.

TL1901 - F.R. Lamkin's Newhall Garage and Vulcanizing Service, 1919.

AP0704 - El-Dorado (Saloon) at Railroad & Market, ~1919.

AP0505 - Early Mixville in Newhall, c. 1916-1920.

JD2001 - Railroad Avenue and Market Street, Abandoned Monarch Saloon, ~1930-1932.

AP1523 - Swall Hotel (Swall Block), 1920.

GL2101 - Newhall Improvement Association: Community Cleanup Day, 1921.

AP0723 - Frank Lassalle's Vineyard, Wiley Canyon, 1922.

GD2302 - Jesse Doty's Ford Garage (Interior), Multiple Photos, 1923.

GD2304 - Jesse Doty's Ford Garage (Exterior), Multiple Photos, 1923.

AP1622 - Fred R. Lamkin's Newhall Garage, 1920s.

AP0724 - Tom Frew II and Back Side of Blacksmith Shop, 1920s.

LW2113 - Newhall Movie Set, 1920s.

AL1932 - Fremont (Newhall) Pass, ~1920s.

AL1974 - Weldon Canyon, Newhall, Real Photo Postcard, ~1920s.

First Presbyterian Church

HS8601 - Timeline: First Presbyterian Church, 1880s-1986.

AP0234 - First Presbyterian Church (first structure), 1910s-20s.

AP0235 - First Presbyterian Church: Building the Parsonage, 1914.

AP0925 - Film Shoot at First Presbyterian Church, ~1920.

LW3402 - Charlie Chaplin at First Presbyterian Church in "The Pilgrim" (1923).

GR0210 - First Presbyterian Church (second structure), 1920s.

LW2880 - Soledad Hotel & Coffee Shop, Today's 24325 Main St., ~1920s.

AP0227 - Postcard: Views of Newhall, 1920s.

AL1923 - Newhall Speed Limit Sign, Photograph, ~1920s.

LW3799 - Ridge View Dairy, 1qt Milk Bottle, 1920s-1940s.

LW2571 - Newhall Forest Ranger Station, 1923 | Corps Marks Forest's 75th Anniversary 1967.

AL3025 - Old Newhall Jail, 3-15-1925.

AL3026 - Old Newhall Jail, 6-14-1925.

SD0200 - Old Newhall Jail (1906-1939). Color Photo, 1960s.

AP0730 - Newhall Traffic Circle, ~1926.

LW3733 - Woman at Castle Cove Sign, Market Street, 2 Views ~1920s.

LW2311 - Advertisement for Milleranche Development (Probably Wildwood Canyon), 4-11-1926.

AP0720 - Emile Chaix's Firestone Tire and Vulcanizing Shop, 1920s.

French Village

SR2601 - French Village ~1926.

SR2602 - French Village ~1926.

BH3901 - French Village Waitresses, Late 1930s.

BH5801 - The Frontiersmen Perform for American Legion at French Village, 1956.

LW2984 - Tex Williams' Village Nightclub, 1962.

American Theatre

AP1516 - American Theater, ~1940s. Text by Bill Crowl.

HS5502 - Canceled Checks from American Theatre for Film Delivery, 1955-1956.

HS5601 - Handbill: Kara-Kum the Magician Performs at American Theatre, 2-22-1956.

Newhall Woman's Club

AL1928 - Newhall Parade, ~1928.

FD2801 - L.A. County Fire: 1928 Soledad Division HQ, County Forestry Department, Newhall, 2 Views.

FD2803 - L.A. County Fire: Forestry (Fire) Pumper & 1928 Soledad Division HQ, Newhall.

FD2901 - L.A. County Fire: Asst. Fire Warden's 1929 Buick Squad Truck, Newhall.

SD0100 - Newhall Sheriff's Office, ~1928-1930.

HS9022 - Dam victims' bodies fill Newhall's Masonic hall, March 1928.

TL2901 - Letter from Charley Mack to Fred Lamkin Authorizing Construction of House in Newhall, 7-16-1929.

MO2901 - Travelers Kafe, San Fernando Road & 9th Street, 1929.

AL2029 - Pacific Telephone S Telegraph Directory with Newhall Listings, March, 1929.

JF3001 - Medicine Bottle from Newhall Pharmacy, 1920s-1930s.

LW3329 - Detail from Aerial Photo Series, Downtown Newhall, 1930, Labeled.

SZ3403 - Back Side of Soledad Hotel at Spruce and 9th Streets, 1930s.

SW3002 - Newhall Grade, Color Poscard, ~1930.

AP0735 - East Side of Spruce (Main), South of 8th, Early 1930s.

RB0007 - Newhall Constable's Office on Market Street, ~1930.

RB0004 - Prohibition: Newhall's Dry Squad (Multiple Views), ~1930.

AP2822 - Market & Spruce, Snow in Winter 1931, 4 Views.

PH3101 - Christmas Tree in Newhall Traffic Circle, Winter 1931.

AC3102 - Spruce Street & Standard Station, Downtown Newhall, 7-25-1931.

SD0110 - Newhall Sheriff's Office, 1930s.

SD0115 - Newhall Sheriff's Office, 1930s.

LW2413 - Weldon Canyon on US-99, Newhall. Real Photo Postcard, 1930s.

Architect Sues Mack for False Claims About 8th Street House Designs, 1931 • News reports, December 1931.

FD3301 - L.A. County Fire: 1933 White 600-Gal. Pumper in Newhall.

SW3301 - Map Showing Location of Original Pioneer Cemetery, 1933 (Comparison to 1966).

SW3302 - Map Showing Location of Lyon's Station, 1933 (Comparison to 1875).

LW2125 - W.C. Fields at Home in Newhall (2 Views), ~1935.

AP1535 - T.M. Frew & Sons Blacksmith Shop, 1936.

LW3655 - Southern Pacific Engine No. 3221 at Newhall, 1937.

FD3701 - L.A. County Fire: Assistant Fire Warden's 1937 Chevy Carryall Suburban, Newhall.

Looking North & South from SPRR Newhall Crossing (3 Views), 1-4-1938.

AL1939 - Newhall Train Depot, 1939.

DI4001 - Newhall 5-10-25 Cent Store, 1-14-1940.

LW2122 - Bridge Over Southern Pacific Railroad, Newhall Grade, 1940s?

JD4001 - Tom Mix Studio Cottage, Today's Main Street, n.d. (1940s?)

FILM - Newsreel: Newhall Refinery On Fire, 1944.

HS9021 - Newhall Refinery Explosion ~1944.

AL1944 - William S. Hart Home, Newhall, ~1940s.

JB4001 - Artifact: Newhall Dairy Farms Milk Bottle, ~1940s-50s, Found in San Francisquito Canyon 10-15-2013.

HS1903 - Newhall Dairy Farms: One Quart Milk Bottle, ~1940s-50s.

LW2894 - Newhall Dairy Farms: Half-Pint Milk Bottle, ~1940s-50s.

La Cañada Pottery

LW3448 - La Cañada Pottery: Orange Dinner Plate, ~1930s.

LW3447 - La Cañada Pottery: Small Green Pitcher, ~1930s-40s.

LW3440 - La Cañada Pottery: Candle Holders (2), Uranium Orange, ~1940s.

LW3671 - La Cañada Pottery: 8" Bowl, Uranium Orange, 1930s-40s.

LW3596 - La Cañada Pottery: Large Mustard-colored Pitcher, ~1930s-40s.

LW3622 - La Cañada Pottery: Large Uranium Orange Pitcher, ~1930s-40s.

LW3642 - La Cañada Pottery: Orange Drip Glaze Coffee Mug, 1930s-40s.

LW3776 - La Cañada Pottery: Sugar Bowl & Creamer, Blue-Green, 1930s-40s.

LW3782 - La Cañada Pottery: Large Blue Serving Bowl, 1930s-40s.

LW3656 - La Cañada Pottery: Salad Bowl, Blue-Green, 1930s-40s.

LW3777 - La Cañada Pottery: Salad Bowl, Dusky Rose, 1930s-40s.

LW3657 - La Cañada Pottery: Shallow Blue/Mustard Bowl, 1930s-40s.

LW3672 - La Cañada Pottery: Blue-Green Serving Platter, 1930s-40s.

LW3772 - La Cañada Pottery: Double Leaf-Shaped Serving Platter, Blue-Green, 1930s-40s.

LW3774 - La Cañada Pottery: Small Leaf-Shaped Hors D'oeuvres Tray, Blue-Green, 1930s-40s.

JS4620 - Newhall Girl Scouts, 1946.

HS4701 - Handbill, Yankee Patterson Circus, 4-5-1941.

LW3748 - Swall Hotel (Newhall Pharmacy) Block, July 1948.

AP2728 - Spruce Street, East Side, 8th to Market: M&N, Newhall Hardware, Safeway, more: 1948.

AP2722 - Spruce Street, West Side South of 8th: Newhall Refining, Losier's, Horton's, more: 1948.

AP1835 - Havenstrite Oil Rig, ~1949 (3 Views).

AP2126 - Arcadia-Wayman Street Oil Boom, 9 Views, 1948-1949.

FT4901 - Ralph Williams Pharmacy (A.C. Swall Building) in the Snow, Probably 1/1949.

HS4901 - Placerita Oil Field (Confusion Hill), 11x28 Poster, 1949.

SK5701 - Confusion Hill (Placerita Oil Field), ~1949.

AP0833 - Confusion Hill (Placerita Oil Field), ~1950.

LW3231 - Dedication of H.M. Newhall Memorial Pool (1949) and Park (1950).

AL1943 - Newhall Pharmacy ~1950.

LW2553 - Spruce & Market: Signal Gas, Newhall Pharmacy, Motor Stage Cafe, Etc. ~1950.

DI5001 - Arthur B. Perkins at Work, Newhall Water Company, ~1950.

AP1520 - First Presbyterian Church • Fellowship Hall, 1950s.

SD0120 - Newhall Sheriff's Office, 1950s.

SD0120a - Newhall Sheriff's Office (detail), 1950s.

AL1950 - William S. Hart Residence, Newhall, RPPC Postcard, ~1950s.

AL1958 - U.S. Forest Service, Newhall, 1950s.

BH0300 - Dr. Sarah L. Murray's Office, 1950-52.

AP1036 - Original Pioneer Cemetery near Lyon's Station (Pre-move), ~1950s.

AP1037 - Sanford Lyon's Headstone in Original Pioneer Cemetery (Pre-move), ~1950s.

LW2869 - Newhall Refning Co. Wall Calendar, 1951.

BH5202 - Ralph Williams' Newhall Pharmacy, Interior & Exterior, 1952.

SW5201 - Old Newhall Jail, 2 Views, 1-10-1952.

LW2047 - Newhall Oil Property, Aerial Photo, 1952.

LW2048 - Newhall Oil Property, Aerial Photo, 1952.

LW2049 - Newhall Oil Property, Aerial Photo, 1952.

LW3094 - Newhall Pass: San Joaquin Daylight Approaches San Fernando Tunnel from South, 11-23-1952.

LW3745 - ATSF Freight Train on SPRR Siding, ~1954.

LW2495 - Natural Gas Metering Station, 2 Views, 1955.

HB1809 - Goodyear Tire, Soledad Hotel, Herald's Club, Placerita Liquor in TV's "Highway Patrol," 1955.

RM5201 - Newhall Radio & Television Service Co., 1952-56 (4 Views).

LW3522 - Photo Gallery: Perkins Building ("Red Signal Buildings") Under Construction, 6th Street, 1956.

AP0826 - Newhall County Library Dedication, 11-18-1957.

HG5705 - Newhall Ambulance Service, Late 1950s.

MG5801 - Happy Valley, Looking Toward Future Valencia, Jan. 1958.

FD5801 - L.A. County Fire: Station 73 Dedication, Newhall, July 1958.

HS0733 - Newhall Flower & Gift Shop, 24319, San Fernando Road, 1958.

HS0750 - Howdy Cleaners, San Fernando Road (2 Views), 1958-59.

LW3347 - Personnel of Sheriff's Substation No. 6 (SCV), 1959.

HS5920 - Mel Knagg's Union Service, San Fernando Road, 1959.

HS5905 - Newhall Refinery, 1959.

HS0732 - Vanasen's Auto Electric Service, San Fernando Road (2 Views), 1959.

HS0748 - Newhall Paint, Newhall Appliances, Lorraine Cleaners, 1959.

BH5902 - Installing Christmas Street Decorations, San Fernando Road, 1950s.

LW2932 - Lagerberg's Union 76 Wholesale Distribution Business: Personal Toolkit Promo, 1950s-1960s.

AP1521 - Pardee House as Pacific Telephone Business Office, 1950s or early 1960s.

HS6001 - Mode O'Day Dress Shop, San Fernando Road (2 Views), 1960.

HS0749 - Bamboo Cafe, 10th & Spruce Streets, 1960.

HB1702 - Bamboo Cafe, 10th & Spruce Streets, n.d.

HS0749b - Street Signs: Intersection of 10th & Spruce, 1960.

HG6001 - Newhall Flower & Gift Shop ~1960.

HS6115 - Mary Ellen's, San Fernando Road, 1961.

HS6101 - Newhall Hardware, San Fernando Road, 1961.

HS6105 - Newhall-Saugus Lumber, Valley Street, 1961.

HS6120 - Powell's Richfield Service, San Fernando Road, 1961.

HS6110 - William D. Ross, DDS, San Fernando Road, 1961.

SK6101 - Helm Schmidt Jr. Home, 25212 Atwood Blvd., 1961.

OLPH081361 - First Mass in New OLPH Catholic Church Location, 8-13-1961.

AP1531 - Christmas Street Decorations, San Fernando Road, Early 1960s (2 Views).

LW2133 - Souvenir Marshal's Badge, William S. Hart Park, ~1960s.

HB6202 - Heavy Winter Storm Pummels SCV, January 1962. Photo: Walnut Street.

SK6201 - Photo Gallery: Newhall and Castaic in the Snow Storm of January 1962.

AP1009 - California Star Oil Guest House & Office, Pine Street, ~1962.

AP1018 - Lassalle Ranch, Wiley Canyon, 1963.

Abandoned SPRR Newhall Depot Burns Down; Chilly Hobos Blamed, 1-11-1963.

NCWD Demolishes 53-Yr-Old Wooden Water Tank, Largest in State, 1963 • The Signal, 8-15-1963

OX6402 - Second First Presbyterian Church, Newhall, 1960s.

TL6402 - West Side of Happy Valley, Composite Landscape, ~1964.

TL6404 - Aerial View of Newhall Looking South, 1964.

Slippery Princess Homes: Anatomy of a Disaster, 1968-1969 • News Reports.

HB6601 - 8 Aerial Photos: Hart High, Placerita Junior High, 7-10-1966.

GZ0601 - Pam Bordelon, Blue Bird Father-Daughter Dance, OLPH School, May 1967.

Lyons Ave. to Cross Train Tracks — in 1965, 1971, 1984, etc. • News Reports, 1967-2010.

LW2937 - Newhall Ice Co. Ice Pick, 1963-1999.

LW6901 - Golden State Memorial Hospital Advertisement, 1969.

LW7002 - Postcard, "Greetings From Friendly Valley," 1970.

LW2312 - Southern Pacific Passenger Train in the Snow, 12-19-1970.

FD7001 - L.A. County Fire: Station 73, Newhall, 1970s.

TN7301 - Plaza Theatre, Lyons Avenue, May 1973.

TN7302 - Plaza Theatre & Newhall Bowl, Lyons Avenue, May 1973.

GZ0404 - 11th Annual Newhall Christmas Storybook Parade, 12-8-1973 (5 Views).

TN7401 - Downtown Newhall in the Snow, 1-4-1974.

HS7420 - Boys' Club Building (Pardee House) in the Snow, 1-4-1974.

NH0100 - Newhall Hardware, 2-27-1976.

LW3710 - Fremont Pass Service Station Scene in Hitchcock's "Family Plot" (Universal 1976).

HS7701 - Program Book: First Presbyterian Church Dedication Services, February 1977.

LW2768 - Mama Toni's Italian Restaurant, Matchbook Cover, 1970s-1980s.

LW2818 - Margo's Boutique, $25 Good-for Token, 1980s.

LW3621 - (Ex-)Fremont Pass Service Station Scenes in "Halloween III" (1982).

BW8601 - (City Formation?) Meeting in Chamber Office (Pardee House), ~1985-1987.

BW8705 - Downtown Newhall and Hart Park, Multiple Images, ~1987.

TO8701 - Photo Gallery: Newhall Church of the Nazarene Under Construction, 1987.

LW2102 - Downtown Newhall Walk of Western Stars Inductees, 1981-Present.

LW2697 - Way Station Coffee Shop, 2 Views, Summer 1995.

LW3140 - Creekview Park Groundbreaking, Newhall, 8-3-1996.

LW2513 - Newhall Hardware 50th Anniversary Celebration, 7 Views, 8-16-1997.

LW3136 - Railroad Avenue Improvements: Groundbreaking & Initial Construction, 9-24-1997.

LW2180 - Pole Barn at William S. Hart Park, ~1998.

LW3135 - Future Veterans Historical Plaza Site (Ex-Pardee House Site), 1998.

LW2150 - Demolition: 24867 Walnut Street (A Bermite House). 8 Views, 1-6-2002.

LW2151 - Demolition: 24713 Arcadia Street. 3 Views, 1-6-2002.

SC0503 - Newhall Community Center Under Construction, 12/2005.

Video - Demolition of Moore's Sub Shop, 24158 San Fernando Road, 7-11-2007.

FD0801 - L.A. County Fire: Station 73, Newhall, 2008.

"Criminal Minds"

SC1704 - "Criminal Minds" (TV Series) on Location in Newhall, 2011-2013.

LW3561 - Old Town Newhall is Reno in "Criminal Minds" S.15, 2019.

TV1201 - Avery Block Demolition (Wanjon-Automotive Technology), Multiple Views, 6-28-2012

OLPH1029102 - Groundbreaking: OLPH Catholic Church Parking Lot, 10-29-2012

TV1301 - Berry Petroleum Co.'s Placerita Oil Field, Multiple Views, 2-22-2013

SC1303 - Newhall Roundabout (Traffic Circle) at Newhall Ave. & Main Street: Design Plan.

SC1101 - Newhall Roundabout (Traffic Circle): Animation.

SC1302 - Newhall Roundabout (Traffic Circle): Locator Map.

SC1304 - Newhall Roundabout (Traffic Circle): Groundbreaking 7-23-2013.

SC1301 - Newhall Roundabout (Traffic Circle) Under Construction, 7 Views, 8-15-2013.

LW2485 - Newhall Roundabout (Traffic Circle) Takes Shape, 7 Views, 9-28-2013.

LW2501 - Newhall Roundabout (Traffic Circle) Construction, 7 Views, 10-13-2013.

Gallery - Marine Fossils, Newhall Creek (Placerita Canyon area), 7 Views, Collected 2014.

LW3487 - Charley Mack House (1 of 3), 22931 8th Street, Multiple Views, 2019.

HB1404 - Charley Mack House (2 of 3), 23021 8th Street, Multiple Views, 2009 & 2013.

HB1403 - Charley Mack House (3 of 3), 23031 8th Street, Multiple Views, 2009 & 2014.

LW2744 - Wildwood Sanatorium Cabin No. 11, Cross Street, Happy Valley. Multiple Views, 11-23-2014.

TV1501 - Demolition of Insurance Auto Collision Center Bldg., 22520 Lyons Ave., Multiple Views, 3-9-2015.

LW041615 - Stuntman Diamond Farnsworth Inducted Into Newhall Walk of Western Stars, Multiple Views, 4-16-2015.

SC1504 - Shopping Center, 25810 Sierra Hwy. (Corner Golden Valley): Planning Documents, 2011-2015.

LW2799 - Shopping Center Under Construction, 25810 Sierra Hwy. (Corner Golden Valley), 2 Views, 6-2-2015.

Fire-damaged House, 24148 Pine St., to be Demolished • City Staff Report & Documents, June 2015.

SC1703 - "Baskets" (TV Series) on Location in Old Town Newhall, 10-10-2016.

LW2980 - Slated for Demolition: 24326 Walnut Street Residence, Multiple Views, April 2017.

Lyons Ave.-Dockweiler Extension • Draft EIR, 8-16-2017.

LW3281 - Lyons Oak/Lyons Stump at Placerita Nature Center, Photos 2018.

SC1711 - Fallen Warriors Monument Unveiling at Veterans Historical Plaza, Newhall, 11-8-2017.

LW3284 - Onetime Home of Child Actor Buzz Barton Torched in Fire Training Exercise, 4-22-2018.

HS1803 - Historic Dance Hall-Morgue Piano Donated to SCV Historical Society, 2018.

SW1903 - Installation of New Well at Placerita Oil Field, 12-22-2019.

Laemmle Theatres-Serrano Development-City Parking Structure

SC1809 - Groundbreaking Ceremony (Video): Laemmle Newhall Theatre, 10-17-2018.

LW1901 - Laemmle Theatres Under Construction, 2019 (Multiple Images).

New Home Communities

HB1831 - Park Newhall Apartments, Built 1959-1963 (2018 Sales Brochure).

HB1820 - Rancho La Salle (Calgrove Area): Sales Brochure & Floor Plans, 1978.

HB1818 - Oak Valley Estates (Happy Valley): Sales Brochure & Floor Plans, 1981.

LW2763 - Kansas Street Townhomes Under Construction, 24514 Kansas St., 2 Views, 2-28-2015.

Three Oaks: Affordable Housing Project at 23610 Newhall Ave. (Ex-Ranger Station, Caltrans Yard)

SC1505 - Planning Documents: Affordable Apartment Units at 23610 Newhall Ave., 6-9-2015.

LW2956 - Affordable Housing Units Under Construction, 23610 Newhall Ave., 4-1 2017.

Needham Ranch / Gate-King Industrial Park

Henry Clay Needham: A Different Vision for Newhall by Leon Worden • Valley Living Magazine, February 2006

AP1017 - Historic Needham Ranch Structures, n.d.

LW2188 - Lunch on the Needham Ranch, 2 Views, 1914.

GL3001 - Prohibitionist Henry Clay Needham and Family Members, Needham Ranch, 2 Views, ~1930.

HB1906 - Needham Ranch: Martha's Cafe, Oak Glen Auto Court & Gas Station, 3 Views, ~Late 1940s.

HS0880 - Trash Dump Plan Thwarted as Cemetery Firm Buys Needham Ranch, April 1957.

LW2153 - Needham Ranch Tour with Mark Gates. 9 Views, 2-3-2002.

LW2425 - Gate-King Industrial Park Project Site Map (Needham Ranch), 2003.

SC1713 - Phase I Groundbreaking Ceremony, 12-12-2017.

LW3393 - Marketing Brochure: The Center at Needham Ranch, CBRE 2017.

Video - Grading, Phase 1, Gate-King Industrial Park; Drone Video 6-18-2018.

LW3392 - Rock Arch at Needham Ranch Moved, Again • 8-30-2018.

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