Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures

E. Chaix's Grocery Store
Newhall, California

Emil Chaix tried his hand at a number of successful ventures during the first part of the 20th Century -- from 1908, when he took over the operation of the Derrick Saloon on Railroad Avenue, to the 'Teens and Twenties, when he ran a vulcanizing (tube & tire patching) shop to service the Tin Lizzies that were slowly replacing horses and buggies throughout the area.

Just before the start of World War I, probably in 1913, Chaix opened this grocery store at the southwest corner of Eighth Street and Spruce (San Fernando Road). Real estate prices on Railroad Avenue had climbed to a level where many Newhall merchants, including Chaix, opted to move one block to the west, where land was less expensive. Thus did Spruce Street replace Railroad Avenue as Newhall's "Main Street."

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