Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures


Ridge Route & US-99 | Lebec, Tejon
Also Pyramid, Gorman, Frazier Park


The Trail to Kashtiq by John R. Johnson • Calif. Journal of Anthropology, Winter 1978

Pyramid Lake and Substation Mark 26th Year by Estelle Foley, August 2000

Recollections of a Boy Ranger by Mike Shuman, July 1998

Story of the Ridge Route by Harrison Scott • California Historian, Summer 1997

Running California's Ridge Route by Harrison Irving Scott • ATHS 2004.

ACR 98: 1915 Ridge Route Highway Historical Monument, by Assemblyman George Runner, 7-20-2001.

Memories of The Tumble Inn by Paul T. Mill, November 2000

Ridge Route Series by Dr. Alan Pollack

Part 1: The Route Over the Ridge Heritage Junction Dispatch, May-June 2015.

Part 2: Ridge Route Paves the Way Heritage Junction Dispatch, July-August 2015.

Part 3: Perils of the Ridge Route Heritage Junction Dispatch, September-October 2015.

Legacy: Harrison Scott Watch Now
Points of Interest Beale's Cut & Ridge Route

Expeditions 1840s-1850s

LW2882 - USPRR/Williamson Expedition (1853): Entrance of Tejon Pass

LW3188 - USPRR/Williamson Expedition (1853): Cañana de las Uvas

LW2883 - USPRR/Williamson Expedition (1853): View of Great Basin from Tejon Pass

LW2143 - USPRR/Williamson Expedition (1853): Geological Map

LW2010 - Piru Canyon Bridge, Color Postcard, 1910s.

LW2210 - The Tumble Inn Hotel and Restaurant, 1910s-20s.

LW2190 - Climbing the Tejon Grade, 1914.

CT1502 - Road Construction: Steel Reinforcement, 8-7-1915.

CT1501 - Road Construction: Leveling Pavement, 8-18-1915.

LW3510 - Automobile on the "Ridge Route to Bakersfield," ~Late 1910s.

SR1601 - National Forest Inn, ca. 1916.

LW3729 - Ridge Route Highway, 1918-1930.

LW2202 - Sandberg's Summit Hotel. Postcard, 1920.

LW3606 - Sandberg's Summit Hotel. Postcard, ~1920.

AL2066 - Sandberg's Summit Hotel. Real Photo Postcard, 8-1920.

LW2185 - National Forest Inn, Real Photo Postcard, ~1920.

AL1921 - National Forest Inn, Travelers on the Ridge Route (2 Views), Photographs, 4-20-1920.

AL1930 - National Forest Inn, Business Card, ~1920s.

LW2041 - Ridge Route, Elev. 4,000 feet, 1920s.

HR2001 - Speed Limit Warning Sign, Castaic, 1920s.

HS9017 - Ridge Route: Serpentine Drive, Real Photo Postcard, ~1920s.

LW3467 - Ridge Route: Serpentine Drive, Real Photo Postcard, ~1920s.

LW2136 - Looking Toward Piru Canyon, Tinted Postcard, 1920s.

LW2012 - Bridge Across Castaic Creek, Color Postcard, 1920s.

LW2017 - Winding to the Summit, Color Postcard, 1920s.

LW2008 - Swede's Cut, Color Postcard, 1920s.

LW2009 - Climb to Swede's Cut, Color Postcard, 1920s.

LW2021 - Grapevine Grade & Straightaway, Color Postcard, 1920s.

LW2032 - Sandberg's Summit Hotel, Color Postcard, ~1920s.

AL2060 - Caswell's Hotel, Store, And Garage, Color Postcard, ~1920s.

AL2079 - Ridge Route Winding Through the Hills, Real Photo Postcard, ca. 1920s.

AL1974 - Weldon Canyon, Newhall, Real Photo Postcard, ca. 1920s.

LW3650 - Ridge Route Road, Castaic Area, ~1920s.

AL2074 - Pan American Pipeline Construction Camp, ~1925.

AL1927 - Ridge Route Between Hotel Lebec and Fort Tejon, Photograph, ~1926.

AL2065 - Caswell's Hotel, Store, And Garage, Photograph,1930.

LW2413 - Weldon Canyon on US-99, Newhall. Real Photo Postcard, 1930s.

LW3369 - Ridge Route Between L.A. and Bakersfield, Souvenir Postcard, ~1930s.

SB3201 - Ridge Route: "Graceful Turns and Easy Grades," Souvenir Postcard, ~1930s.

LW2830 - Castac Lake ("A Beauty Spot, Lebec, Cal."), RPPC ~1930s.

LW3461 - Winter Scene at Frazier Park, ~1930s.

AL2089 - Hwy. 99, "Ridge Route Cutoff, Hwy 99 South of Bakersfield, California," Real Photo Postcard, 1930s.

LW3416 - Souvenir Postcard: New Ridge Cutoff Near Lebec, 1930s.

LW2236 - Grapevine Grade, 1934.

LW3278 - Grapevine Grade and Town, Pre-1936.

AL2097 - Golden State Highway, U.S. 99, Ridge Section, Official San Joaquin Valley-Sierra Visitor's Guide, 1937.

AL2096 - Holland's Summit Cafe on U.S. Hwy 99, Official San Joaquin Valley-Sierra Visitor's Guide, 1937.

AL2098 - Downer's La Torre Cafe in Castaic, Official San Joaquin Valley-Sierra Visitor's Guide, 1937.

DI3701 - Ridge Route Road / US-99, 4-26-1937.

LW3406 - Wildflowers Along the Ridge Route, Grapevine Area, 1937.

LW2450 - Pioneer Aviator, Passenger Killed in Crash of Light Plane, 4-9-1937.

AL2088 - Hwy. 99, "Easy Climbing On the Ridge Route Between Bakersfield and Los Angeles, California," Postcard, 1938.

LW3795 - FILM: Ridge Route Alternate (Hwy 99), Gorman to Grapevine, Winter 1939.

AL2064 - The Ridge Route Rambler (newspaper), Vol 1, Number 1, 5-23-1939.

AL2076 - Holland's Summit Cafe on U.S. Hwy 99, Frasher Real Photo Postcard, 1940s.

LW2013 - Traveling the Ridge, Linen Postcard, 1940s. Color.

AL1946 - Grapevine on the Ridge, Postcard, 1940s. Color.

AL2068 - Grapevine Station and Cafe, Real Photo Postcard, 1940s.

AL2070 - Grapevine Station and Cafe, 2nd View, Real Photo Postcard, 1940s.

LW3554 - Wolff Residence in Snow, Frazier Park, ~1940s.

LW2237 - Highway 99: South side of Grapevine, 1943.

PM0000 - The Tumble Inn (Mountainview Lodge), 5 Views + Diagram, 1944. Color.

LW2025 - Hwy. 99, "Winding Through the Mountains," Color Linen Postcard, ~1950.

AL2083 - Hwy. 99, "On the Ridge Route Between Los Angeles and Bakersfield, California," Linen Postcard, ca. 1950.

AL2084 - Hwy. 99, "Piru Canyon Bridge," Linen Postcard, ~1950.

AL2051 - Hwy. 99, "The Grapevine," Real Photo Postcard, ~1950s. Color.

LW3300 - Hwy. 99, Approaching the Grapevine, Real Photo Postcard, ~1950s-60s. Color.

LW3454 - U.S. Highway 99 at Piru Gorge, ~1950s.

LT5201 - Sisters Ernestine, Susan & Belen Cooke in Snow on Ridge Route, 1951-1952.

SU5527 - Truck Traffic on Highway 99 South of Bakersfield (3 Views), 1955.

AL2080 - Hwy. 99, Winding Through the Mountains; Real Photo Postcard, 1958.

AL2081 - Hwy. 99, Divided Highway; Real Photo Postcard, 1958.

SU6001 - Sandberg's Summit Hotel, 1960.

SU6002 - Ridge Route Road Bed, 1960.

SU6003 - Ridge Route Highway, 1960.

On Fire Patrol, 2 U.S. Forest Rangers Killed when Plane Slams Into Frazier Mtn., 8-22-1961 • News reports.

AL2082 - Hwy. 99, Rambling Along the Ridge Route; Real Photo Postcard, 1963.

JK0021 - (3) Views from the Ridge Route, 1967-70.

LW3746 - Tourists Stop at Frazier Park Sundries in the Snow, 1968.

LW2213 - Liebre Summit on the Ridge Route (6 Views), 2-19-2006.

LW2214 - Sandberg Inn site on the Ridge Route (6 Views), 2-19-2006.

CT0801 - Ridge Route Dedicated as Historic Civil Engineering Landmark, Pyramid Lake, 3 Views, Caltrans 10-18-2008.

LW2658 - Pyramid Lake (SWP Reservoir), 2 Views, 4-7-2014.

Knapp Ranch

Frank Knapp, Antiquarian Extraordinaire • The Signal 6-29-1980.

JK7201 - Annie Rose Briggs' 1916 Victrola from Kelly/Knapp Ranch.


A History of Gorman by Bonnie Ketterl Kane, March 2002

Ralphs Ranch & Grocery Company History

AL1903 - Gorman, Cyanotype Photograph, 1903.

AL2094 - Auto Wreck Near Gorman, Photograph, 9-5-1925.

LW2998 - Interrupted Mail: Letter (Envelope) Recovered from Fatal Plane Crash, 11-18-1930.

LW3808 - Interrupted Mail: Letter (Envelope) Recovered from Fatal Plane Crash, 11-18-1930.

AL1903 - Gorman Cafe, Hotel, and Garage, Photograph, ca. 1930s.

AL4701 - Postcard: Gorman Hotel and Cafe on the Scenic Ridge Route, 1947.

AL2052 - Gorman Motel and Restaurant, Real Photo Postcard, ca. 1950s. Color.

Motor-Motel Built in Gorman News reports, 1966.

AL2077 - Caravan Motor Inn, Gorman, Advertising Postcard, 1960s.

3 Missouri Family Members Killed, 1 Survives Gorman-Area Plane Crash 12-30-1964

Tejon Ranch

Timeline: History of Tejon Ranch • Tejon Ranch Co. 2014.

LW2521 - Map of (Pre-Rancho) Castec, ~1842

LW2580 - Plat Map of Rancho Castac by E.F. Beale, 11-8-1862

LO8802 - Indian Home and Orchard, Tejon Ranch, 1888-1900.

LO8804 - Unidentified Indian Man, Woman, Child with Dog in Front of Giant Oak Tree, Tejon Ranch 1888.

An 1890 Plan to Run Santa Fe Railroad through Tejon • Jack W. Kelly 2006.

LO9001 - Cañada de las Uvas: Wild Grape Vines, Tejon Ranch ~1890.

AL1902 - Cowboys of Castaic and Tejon Ranch, Stereoview Photograph, July 5, 1902.

Beale Heirs Sell 276,000-acre Tejon Ranch to L.A. Times-led Syndicate • L.A. Times, 5-12-1912.

E.F. Beale's Rancho La Liebre • Parks 1929.

LW2527 - Fort Tejon Inn ~1940.

JK4101 - Dedication of Rose Station Plaque, 11-16-1941.

LW3773 - Tejon Trout Lakes Ashtray, Early 1950s.

LW2987 - Tejon Trout Lakes Postcard, Late 1950s.

LW3195 - Cowboys Ed Gibson and Gib McKenzie, Ruins of Ranch Headquarters, 2-18-1968.

LW2948 - Christo's The Umbrellas Japan-USA (California Site), 3 Views, 1991.

LW2890 - Vogue Photo Shoot at Tejon Ranch: Leonardo DiCaprio by Annie Leibovitz, 1997.

LW2600 - Butterfield Overland Mail Co.'s Sinks of Tejon Station, Multiple Views, 4-8-2014.

Tejon Ranch Development (21st Century)

Appeals Court Upholds 3,450 Homes at Lebec •, 4-30-2012.

Fort Tejon

Treaty Between the United States and the Indians of "Castaic, Tejon, Etc." (Unratified), 1852

Purpose of Fort Tejon & San Sebastian Indian Reservation • From Wilke & Lawton 1976.

Old Adobes of Forgotten Fort Tejon (Full Book) by Clarence Cullimore, Rev. 1949.

Inventory of Fort Tejon State Historic Park Collection, 2015.

LW3575 - Brochure: Dragoon Walk (Self-Guided Trail), Fort Tejon State Historic Park, 1996.

Visiting with Huell Howser: Fort Tejon • S.7.Ep.10 (1999)

1857 Fort Tejon Earthquake

1857 Fort Tejon Earthquake • Caltech: Southern California Earthquake Data Center.

1857 Fort Tejon Earthquake: SoCal's Last Real "Big One" by Aron J. Meltzner, CalTech • Post Return, January 1998.

1857: The Big One Rocks Ft. Tejon by Alan Pollack • Heritage Junction Dispatch, January-February 2011.

The Fort Tejon Earthquake of 1857 • (New York) Harper's Weekly, 2-21-1857

Plan for Hotel at Fort Tejon (not built) • Los Angeles Star, 6-26-1858.

AH5803 - Butterfield's Overland Mail Co. Timetable, San Francisco-St. Louis showing Fort Tejon Station • 9-16-1858.

LO8801 - Church at Ex-Sebastian Indian Reservation, 1888-1900.

LO8803 - Gen. Beale's Residence, Tejon Ranch, Photo 1888-1900.

JJ1002 - Tataviam Culture: Altamirano Badillo (1840-1913) at Tejon, 1905.

LW2800 - Fort Tejon in Ruins, 6 Views, n.d.

LW3234 - Ruins of Old Fort Tejon, Postcard, 1930s.

LW3491 - Postal Cover: Revival of the Camel Express, Lilac Label, 1935.

LW3146 - Flying A Gasoline Fort Tejon Collateral Stamp (Cinderella), 1938.

Home Movie: High School Students Visit Fort Tejon, 1939.

LW3276 - Ruins of Fort Tejon, Postcard, 1940s.

Travelogue: Restoration of Adobe Ruins Under Way, 1949 • Los Angeles Times, 10-16-1949.

LW3238 - Old Gate at Fort Tejon, Pre-1950.

LW3698 - Fort Tejon: Officers' Quarters, Souvenir Postcard, ~1950s.

LW3731 - Fort Tejon Headquarters Building & Peter Lebeck Grave Marker, 6-9-1957.

LW3755 - Fort Tejon State Historical Monument Brochure, n.d. (pre-1967).

LW3477 - Fort Tejon: Enlisted Men's Barracks, Souvenir Postcard, ~1960s/70s.

LW2129 - Enlisted Men's Barracks (~1854) at Fort Tejon, 2001.

Peter Lebeck Oak & Grave

The Mystery of Peter Lebeck and the X Bear by Dr. Alan Pollack • Dispatch, Sept.-Oct. 2009.

Foxtail Rangers Exhume & Rebury Peter Lebeck The Weekly Breeder and Sportsman, 8-9-1890.

LW3058 - Postcard: The Lebeck Oak (Fort Tejon Historical Marker), ~1960s.

LW2544 - The Lebec Oak & Peter Le Beck's 1837 Grave Marker, 7 Views, 2001.

LW2128c - Inscribed Bark from the Lebeck Oak, 2 Views, 2001.

LW2543 - Sculpture: Peter Lebeck and the Grizzly Bear, 3 Views, 2013.


Naked Hunter Retrieves Shotgun from (Original) Castaic Lake • Bakersfield Californian, 11-22-1915

Legend of Indian Massacre at Castaic Lake, Lebec • News Report, 1927.

AL1917 - Lebec, Calif., on the Ridge Route. Postcard, 1917.

LW3001 - Cattle Grazing in Lebec, RPPC, 1917-1919.

LW3498 - (The Real) Castaic Lake, Lebec, 1919. 2 Views.

CU1920 - General Petroleum, Lebec Station, Real Photo Postcard, ca. 1920s.

CU1921 - General Petroleum, Lebec Station, Real Photo Postcard, ca. 1920s.

LW2026 - Castaic Valley & Lake (near Lebec), Color Postcard, ca. 1920s.

LW3170 - Bulding a Snowman in Lebec, 2-5-1922.

SR2801 - Dance Hall at National Forest Inn, 1928.

LW3063 - Castaic Valley & Lake (near Lebec), Color Postcard, ~1930s.

LW3288 - Plane Crash Kills All 8, 1-29-1932; Future Sheriff Biscailuz, Future Gen. Hap Arnold Direct Weeklong Search. Multiple Images.

LW3247 - Emery M. Whilton's Florafaunium, Mult. Postcards, 1940s.

LW3308 - Air Force Pilots Sight UFO Near Lebec • OSI Report, 9-5-1949.

LW2971 - Early Snowfall in Lebec, 2 Views, October 1949.

LW3073 - L. Wines Richfield Station, Matchbook Cover, n.d.

Top of the Vine Casino 1995-1999

LW2941 - 50c Gaming Chip, Top of the Vine Casino (Card Room), 1995-1999.

LW2351 - Top Of The Vine Casino (Lebec) Gaming Chips, $1 (2 Varieties) & $5, 1995-1999.

LW3660 - $4 "First Year Anniversary" Gaming Chip, Top of the Vine Casino (Card Room), 1996.

LW2504 - Don Pedro Fages, Calif. Historical Landmark No. 263 (Placed 1938; Photo 2013).

Lindbergh Goes Gliding 1930

LW2083 - Col. Charles Lindbergh Goes Gliding in Lebec, Popular Mechanics Photos Essay, 1930.

LW2824 - Col. Charles Lindbergh with Experimental Glider in Lebec, 1930.

LW3044 - Col. Charles Lindbergh with Experimental Glider in Lebec, 1930.

LW3024 - Charles Lindbergh Dines with Press in Lebec Hotel Restaurant, February 1930.

LW2950 - Postal Cover 1980: 50th Anniversary of Lindbergh's 1930 Experimental Glider Flight.

Hotel Lebec

Hotel Lebec: The Untold Stories, 1916-1971 • By Dr. Alan Pollack, Dispatch July-Aug. 2018.

LW3646 - Thomas O'Brien's First Hotel Lebec, 1910s.

LW2852 - Durant (Lebec) Hotel, Earliest Known Photo, 7-29-1921.

LW3054 - Dining Room, Durant (Lebec) Hotel, 7-21-1922.

LW3686 - Curry's Lebec Lodge: Room Key and Fob with 3c Prepaid Postage, 1922-1925.

LW3552 - Photo Gallery: Visitors at Curry's Lebec Lodge (Hotel Lebec), Early 1920s.

LW3226 - Hotel Lebec, Dorman Bros. Photo, 1921-1923.

LW3255 - Hilltop View of Hotel Lebec and Adjacent Buildings, 1921-1923.

LW3243 - Hotel Lebec, 1920s.

LW3680 - Curry's Lebec Lodge, RPPC, March 1924.

LW3449 - Hotel Lebec at Sunset, ~1920s.

AL1926 - Tourists in Front Of Hotel Lebec (3 Views), Photographs, ca. 1926.

US2701 - Hotel Lebec, 1-18-1927.

ES1927 - Tourist in Front of Hotel Lebec, Photograph, 1927.

LW3232 - Hotel Lebec Coffee Shop in Snow, ~Late 1920s.

DI2901 - Tourist Stops at Hotel Lebec, 7-30-1929.

LW2029 - Hotel Lebec, Postcard, 1920s-30s.

AL1975 - Hotel Lebec, Postcard, 1920s-30s.

LW3479 - Hotel Lebec, Postcard, 1920s-30s.

LW2211 - Hotel Lebec, Linen Postcard, ca. 1920s.

DI3001 - Hotel Lebec, Late 1930s.

LW2112 - Hotel Lebec Coffee Shop, Postcard, 1940s.

LW2815 - Lebec Hotel & Santa Fe Trailways Matchbook Cover, 1940s.

LW2835 - Hotel Lebec Coffee Shop with Santa Fe Trailways Buses, Color Postcard 1940s.

AL2067 - Hotel Lebec Coffee Shop and Richfield Service Station, Frasher Real Photo Postcard, 1940s.

AL2099 - Lebec Hotel and Ranch, Cocktail Room-Dining Room Napkin, 1940s.

LW3569 - Lebec Hotel and Rancho Coffee Shop Menu, 1949.

AL2085 - Hotel Lebec, Postcard, 9-23-1952.

LW3705 - Winter Storm Blankets Hotel Lebec in Snow, 1/6/1955.

RK5701 - Lebec Lodge (Hotel), 1957.

LW3453 - Lebec (Hotel?) Restaurant and Coffee Shop Menu, n.d. (~1960s).

HR7101 - Lebec Hotel Burns Down, 4-27-1971.

LW2269 - Lamp Posts from Hotel Lebec, 9-23-2012.

LW2505 - Lebec Hotel Site, 10-22-2013.

San Emigdio

LW3623 - San Emedio Petroleum Company Stock Certificate, 1865.

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