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Death of Henry Mayo Newhall.

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Death of H.M. Newhall.

H.M. NEWHALL, one of San Francisco’s oldest and most respected citizens, died in this city on Monday last, and was buried on Wednesday. He was in the 57th year of his age, was born in Saugus, Mass., May 23, 1825[1]. When thirteen years of ago he left Saugus to seek his fortune. He first went to sea; and in the capacity of a ship's boy, he sailed to the East Indies. Upon arriving in Philadelphia, he found work in one of the largest auction houses of that city, Myers, Claghorn & Co. From there he removed to Nashville, Tennessee, where he was engaged in the auction business until 1849, when he came to California July 6th, 1850. After his arrival, he went to the mines, but subsequently returned to this city and entered into the auction business, locating his place on Jackson Street, with A. J. Hall, under the name of Newhall & Hall. The firm subsequently changed to Newhall, Gregory & Co., then Newhall, Gregory & Claghorn, and then H. M. Newhall & Co. Mr. Newhall was prominently brought before the public in 1865, when he became interested in the San Francisco and San Jose Railroad Company, which at that time was in a state of financial confusion. He threw all his energy into the work, and brought the work to a successful conclusion. He was elected President of the Board of Directors, which position he filled for four years, when the road was sold to its present owners. While President of the Board, he caused the extension of the road to Gilroy. After retiring from the railroad business, Mr. Newhall turned his attention to ranches, and raising stock, and became one of largest land-owners in the State, owning the Piejo and San Magualito ranches in Monterey County, the Suey ranch in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties, and the San Francisco ranch in Los Angeles County. The town of Newhall, which is twenty-six miles from Los Angeles, was laid out on the latter ranch. Mr. Newhall left three sons by his first wife and two sons by his second wife. On the first of January, 1881, Mr. Newhall retired from the firm in favor of his sons, H.G. Newhall and Edward W. Newhall, who associated with P. Van Pelt under the firm of Newhall's Sons & Co. The deceased was a member of the California Commandery, Knights Templar, and Oriental Lodge, No. 144, F. A. M.; also a member of the Territorial Pioneers, the Academy of Sciences and the Chapter of Royal Arch Masons. Mr. Newhall, during his life, was esteemed for his many kind qualities of hand and heart. There was none so ready to relieve distress nor more seriously generously open to the deserving needy. His character commanded respect equally as a useful citizen or a good man.

1. H.M. Newhall's birth date is commonly listed as May 13, 1825.

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