Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures

Widening Notes

The widening of Spruce Street is now in progress along the entire front except at the extreme south end.

Beginning at the bridge on the north, the Potter Milling Company plant is being remodeled to suit the new location, about ten feet of the factory being cut off. Next is the Van Service Station and the restaurant building north of it, both being moved back. Next is Lowden's Garage with a fancy new front after about fifteen feet had been cut off. The widening in this part is on the west side, instead of the east side, as in the main part of town. R.C. Gibson's two houses have been disposed of, and removed. Work on the Hammond Lumber Company office and shed will begin soon. All of Mrs. Phillips' buildings have been moved back, and the building formerly occupied as a tire shop, and belonging to Mrs. Chaix has been shortened to conform to the new line. Work is progressing on the H.W. Bricker property, where it is stated the front will be cut off as far back as the line.

The Mayhue house next to the Safeway Store has been removed to a lot on Chestnut Street just north of the Biscailuz home.

J.C. Maurer has purchased the corner occupied by his service station, and has had the building moved back, with considerable repairs, work also being in progress on the service station as well.

Work began last week on the Swall block, and the foundation is in for the new portion to be built on the back. The public library, Criterion Barber shop, the post office, and the Signal will all be kept in their present location, but will be put to the inconvenience of almost an entire reconstruction of the building, which is to be done with no cessation of business.

Doty's Garage is almost complete in its new location, and the dwelling, just south of it, will soon be on its new foundation. The next two residences to the south have been sold, and relocated, one of them being purchased by A.L. Brown, and removed to his lot on Newhall Avenue. The other, it is stated, was purchased by Mr. Rhodes, pool room proprietor, and moved to a location on Sixth Street.

J.R. Moore's home was moved back last week, and is now on its new foundation. F.R. Lamkin's two houses next south have been removed and placed in new locations in the north part of town, as has heretofore been stated.

This leaves but a few buildings in the way of the new paving, and most of these are already contracted for moving, and may be out of the way before this is printed. It is stated that three owners have not yet given their consent to the widening, by giving right of way, but it is hoped to have them in line in the near future, so that condemnation proceedings will not be necessary.

The contract for the bridge widening has been let, it is stated, and work will begin soon. This will add 23 feet to the width, and dispose of the last narrow section.

The Highway department, and the committee in charge are certainly proud of the co-operation they have had in making this work possible, and feel sure that not only Newhall, but the entire vicinity will benefit by the improvement.

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