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"And I Still Do."
Sheet Music Associated with Edwin Carewe's "Ramona" (1928).

The publication of some number of songs coincided with the release of Edwin Carewe's "Ramona" (1928) starring Dolores Del Rio and Warner Baxter, possibly with the intent of being performed as musical accompaniment to the silent movie. We don't know how many songs, but the Ramona Waltz seems to have been the most enduring.

As indicated on the cover of this 1934 publication of "And I Still Do" by Edgar Leslie (lyrics) and Fred E. Ahlert (musical score), this song was "successfully featured by Ramona with Paul Whiteman's Orchestra." One of the most popular bandleaders of the 1920s, Whiteman may have performed it at one of the film's premieres, either March 28, 1928, in Los Angeles or (more likely) May 14, 1928, in New York City.

Note that the sinister or "vixen" Del Rio shown on the cover is a later photograph and quite different from her persona in "Ramona."

Regarding the copyright notice: It appears the sheet music is out of copyright. According to court records (253 F. Supp. 841, S.D.N.Y. 1965), publisher Walter Donaldson personally copyrighted 87 songs in his company's portfolio but died (in 1948) before he could renew the copyrights (which was a requirement at the time). In about 1961, the firm of Donaldson, Douglas & Gumble sued to regain copyright control over the 87 songs but lost. Separately, Leslie and Ahlert copyrighted the lyrics and score, respectively, to "And I Still Do" on June 24, 1934, and renewed them June 26, 1961. This could affect performance rights; their copyrights expire in 2029 and cannot be renewed.

LW2969: pdf of original sheet music purchased 2017 by Leon Worden.

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"Ramona" Returns | By Hugh Munro Neely

Sreenplay in French Fanzine 1928

Warner Baxter Fan Card 1928

Sheet Music: Ramona Waltz

Sheet Music:
And I Still Do

Picture Show 1929

Dolores Del Rio Statue, Hollywood


Del Rio in The Red Dance, 1928

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