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Edwin Carewe's 'Ramona'
The Picture Show Annual 1929

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Full-page photo spread on Edwin Carewe's "Ramona" (1928), page 65 of "The Picture Show Annual 1929."

"The Picture Show Annual 1929" was a hardbound British publication, approx. 8x11 inches, that encapsulated the issues of the periodical "The Picture Show" that were published during 1928. It featured photos and stories on the various movies that were released throughout the year. No story accompanies this photo spread, although the writers say this (on page 133) about the actress who portrayed the title character:

Dolores del Rio's great moment was when she was introduced to Edwin Carew [sic]. He was at once struck with her screen possibilities and it was entirely owing to him that her film career commenced.

Carewe's version of "Ramona" was one of a number of film adaptations (probably the third) of Helen Hunt Jackson's 1884 novel, which makes allegorical use of Rancho Camulos as a setting and models the character of the heroine's mother on the author's knowledge, via Antonio and Mariana Coronel, of the Señora Ysabel Varela del Valle, ranch owner and widow of Ygnacio del Valle.

Filmed primarily at Raleigh Studios on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, Carewe's "Ramona" premiered in L.A. on March 28, 1928, and was generally released in the U.S. by United Artists on May 14, 1928. It was distributed by Allied Artists in the U.K. beginning Sept. 17, 1928.

It was a lost film until 2010, when a print turned up in Prague. The rediscovered and restored film premiered for a second time March 30, 2014, in Los Angeles.

Further reading: Lost SCV-Related 1928 Film Reappears After Falling to Nazis, Soviets.

LW2933: 9600 dpi jpeg from original photograph purchased 2017 by Leon Worden.

Story: Formerly Lost Film Premieres Again 3-29-2014

"Ramona" Returns | By Hugh Munro Neely

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Picture Show 1929

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Del Rio in The Red Dance, 1928

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