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Southern Pacific Rail Ticket
Camulos to Los Angeles

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Southern Pacific rail ticket for a child's passage from the depot at Camulos to Los Angeles. The child's fare was half-price, $1.45.

Undated; approximately 1920, based on the date of other materials in this grouping. Also, the person whose name is printed at bottom right, Charles S. Fee, was the Southern Pacific Railroad's passenger traffic manager from 1904 until his death September 25, 1923.

Ticket included among materials mailed by Bea Johnson in 1979 (see cover letter below) to Mary and Edwin Burger at Rancho Camulos. Mary had been widowed by her first husband, August Rübel, in 1943. The ranch passed down to Mary's heirs.

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Feb. 22, 1979

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Burger,

My husband, Gaylord Johnson, is the grandson of Mrs. Elise Del Valle, who was married to Mr. U.F. Del Valle. Both are gone now, and on Dec. 8, 1978, Mrs. Del Valle's daughter, Mrs. Virginia Johnson, passed away. As an only child and heir, my husband, (and I), have been quite busy going through three generations of keepsakes. We have found many interesting articles and pictures concerning Camulos, and I have been especially fascinated with them because I have read the book "Ramona," and of course, it is exciting to find out that my husband's family was once involved with the ranch. His mother was 12 years old when Mr. & Mrs. Del Valle were married, and 19 when they left the ranch.

We would love to visit Camulos if at all possible, and of course, at your convenience. I am so very anxious to see in person the beautiful, romantic, "Home of Ramona" I have read about, the grand old walnut tree, (could it possibly still be standing?), the Chapel and bells; just everything on the ranch that we have dozens and dozens of pictures of.

Actually, we have too many things concerning the ranch to put in this letter; however, we would be most happy to bring some of them for you to see and hopefully enjoy. Mrs. Del Valle never saved "just one" of anything, therefore, we have several copies of every picture and most newspaper articles. We have three of the enclosed newpaper and several of the pictures, so you may keep them if you wish. I have sent them to you, along with the newspaper notice of Mrs. Del Valle's death, showing my husband to be her grandson, to assure you of our sincerity.

We hope our request will not be considered an imposition of your privacy, and that we will hear from you soon. We will respect your decision.

Respectively Yours,

/s/ Bea Johnson

Mrs. & Mrs. Gaylord Johnson
26138 Camino Real
Carmel, Ca. 93923
Tel# 408-624-1117

RA2001: 9600 dpi jpeg from original ticket, Rancho Camulos Museum collection.

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