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Vasquez Rocks Scene
"Werewolf of London" (Universal Pictures 1935)

Carl Laemmle's 1935 presentation of "Werewolf of London" opens in Tibet (Vasquez Rocks) where a botanist (Henry Hull) who is searching for a unique flower is attacked and bitten by Warner Oland (or more likely his stunt double) and turned into a werewolf. The flower turns out to be an antidote for lycanthropy. The actual "flower" scene, beginning at 04:55 in this clip, appears to be filmed on a sound stage.

Principal filming took place from January 28-February 23, 1935. At the time, the central Vasquez Rocks feature was still owned by Henry Krieg, who homesteaded the property in 1910, and by his great-nephew Edward Toney, who inherited it after Krieg's death in 1937.

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