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Taking of Kingston by Vasquez.

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The Taking of Kingston by the Vasquez "Company" — A Successful Raid with Dubious Consequences.

A dispatch from Visalia yesterday, says:

Further particulars from Kingston, Fresno county, show that the robbery of that village, last evening, was perpetrated by Vasquez' band, numbering eight or ten Mexicans, two Americans and a negro. They tied their horses on the bank of the river opposite Kingston, crossed the bridge on foot and took possession of the hotel and two stores, they tied down about thirty-five men by covering their weapons in detail, and then proceeded to rifle the safes and money drawers of their contents, after which they robbed their victims of watches and other valuables. In the meantime the alarm had spread and several parties armed with guns and revolvers took up their position across the street and opened fire on the robbers, which was returned by the robbers who were all well armed — Vasquez himself carrying four navy revolvers.

They were finally compelled to retreat, closely pursued by the citizens who continued firing on them. Two parties were formed and started in pursuit within an hour or two. An officer from this county collected a posse of fifteen or twenty men and started in pursuit also, while another posse under Sheriff Blackburn started from Fresno this afternoon. One of the gang was captured on the plains and brought back to Kingston. The remainder of the band are supposed to be making for the Coast range hotly pursued by men who will make no troublesome prisoners should they overtake them. Traces of blood found on the bridge this morning, show that one of the robbers was wounded. About $2,000 in coin, besides watches and other valuables were taken. Several victims of the robbery recognized Vasquez's picture as the leader of the band.

Newspaper images: 9600 dpi jpeg of 300 dpi jpg of original newspaper from the collection of Alan Pollack.

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