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Common Standard Paint Colors for Buildings and Fences.
Southern Pacific Lines.

Southern Pacific Paint Color Equivalents.

Colonial Yellow

1930s-1960s: Main exterior body of depot, exterior door panels, fascia (roof gable trim) boards. (Pre-1930s: Used in conjunction with Dark Yellow.)

Munsell Color System: 2.5Y 8/6

Model paint: Tru-Color Paint TCP-153 SP Depot Colonial Yellow

Dark Yellow

Pre-1930s only: Lower half of exerior body of depot. Mixed with sand.

Munsell Color System: 10YR 7/8

Light Brown, aka Samoa Brown

1930s-1960s: Exterior trim: Window and door surrounds, corner boards, door stiles and rails, door sash, freight deck trim, architrave, porch columns, column bases and caps.

Munsell Color System: 7.5YR 4/4

Model paint: Tru-Color Paint TCP-163 Depot Trim Brown (per Tony Thompson)


Pre-1930s only: Usage same as later Samoa Brown.

Saugus: Tin room wall color; also wall color of utility room before it was sea foam green (and then cream).

Munsell Color System: 10YR 5/6

Moss Green

Depot roof color. Wooden shingles were painted green. Later composition roof tiles were green (followed by brown, gray...)

Munsell Color System: 10GY 3/4


Waiting room walls, in some instances. Baggage room and record room walls, in some instances. Not necessarily Saugus historically.

Munsell Color System: 10YR 8/4


Saugus baggage room walls, (inside) doors, sashes.

Munsell Color System: 10YR 8/2

Dark Red Brown

Baggage room wainscot color. Note: The baggage room at Saugus has no wainscot. The entire wall is bead board.

Munsell Color System: 2.5YR 2/4

(Sash) White (Depot window sashes - exterior)

Kelly-Moore #14 Frost (Centerville; see below)

Model paint: Floquil R11 Reefer White (discontinued)

Equivalent: ModelersDP Airbrush Paint: Reefer White

Interior Gray

Valspar Ultra Base-C (833124-C), 101-1Y26.875, 107-26.5, 109-1.375, 113-9Y41.875 (best of 2 attempts)

Cover type: Valspar Ultra High Gloss Interior+Exterior Paint+Primer

NOT Testors Model Master Navy Gloss Gray 4691

Seafoam Green

Saugus: Waiting room walls, utility room walls.

Model paint: PBL ( Star Brand STR-08 Sea Foam Green (per Tony Thompson)

Interior Green

Saugus: Interior trim where seafoam green was used: sashes, doors and trim.

(Roughly): Behr 450B-5 Lady Luck (from surviving example on utility room door hinge)

Daylight Orange

Model paint: Tru-Color TCP-107 SP Southern Pacific Daylight Orange

(Maybe?) Behr Aurora Orange 210B-6

Daylight Red

Model paint: Tru-Color TCP-106 SP Southern Pacific Daylight Red

Boxcar Red

Model paint: Tru-Color TCP-211 SP Southern Pacific Freight Car Red


Using: Brouns & Co Linseed Oil and Paint (U.K.): No. 40 Graphite - For Metal

Metal primer: Brouns & Co Linseed Oil and Paint (U.K.): Iron Oxide Primer For Metal

Other Colors Used at Heritage Junction.

Storage Containers (Light Beige)

Valspar Ultra White/Base-A, 101-3, 107-17.5, 109-3

Cover type: Valspar Ultra High Gloss Interior+Exterior Paint+Primer

Primer: Zinsser Cover Stain, Classic Oil-Base

White Display Cases

Valspar Ultra White/Base A (untinted)

Mitchell Adobe

Trim: Behr Red Chipotle S160-7

White: Valspar Ultra White/Base A (untinted)

Park Green (Picnic Tables, Trash Cans, etc.)

Behr Vine Leaf N400-7 (over Gray Kilz-2 primer)

Spray paint: Rust-Oleum Gloss Dark Hunter Green

Dark Gray

Spray paint: Rust-Oleum Gloss Charcoal Gray

Medium Gray

Spray paint: Rust-Oleum Gloss Smoke Gray

Valspar Base?, 101-4Y42.5, 107-20, 109-1 (over Gray Kilz-2 primer)

Fiberglass (interior of Ramona Chapel steeple)

Primer: Rust-Oleum Marine Wood and Fiberglass Primer 207014

Cover paint: Rust-Oleum Marine Topside Paint, Gloss White 206999


Metal: Zinsser Cover Stain, Classic Oil-Base

Wood, general surfaces: Kilz-2 All Purpose (interior-exterior); gray for dark surfaces

Wood, difficult surfaces: Kilz Premium 3 (interior-exterior)

Spray, difficult surfaces: Rust-Oleum Universal Bonding Primer (powdery finish)

Spray, plastic: Krylon Fusion All-In-One Paint+Primer

Galvanized: Rust-Oleum Professional Aluminum Primer SKU 8781402

Lead-based paint: Ecobond Lead Defender PRO 1-Gal Off White Flat Lead Based Paint Treatment and Sealant


Always high gloss unless otherwise noted

Spray paint: Always check for "Stops Rust"/Rust protection

Below: Common Standard Colors as of 1907.

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Below: From Centerville Depot Museum, Fremont, Calif.

Below: From Centerville Depot Museum, Fremont, Calif.

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