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S.D. Dill's High School Bus Contract, 1924-25.

Newhall, California,
August 5, 1924.

To the High School Board of
Los Angeles City High School District,
730 Security Building,
Los Angeles, California.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

In consideration of the payment to me of THIRTY-FIVE CENTS (35¢) per school day for each pupil transported, I hereby agree to transport on each school day such pupils as require transportation from Newhall and Saugus District to the San Fernando High School, and to take them back again each school day during the school year 1924-25, beginning September 8, 1924; it being understood and agreed that there shall be an average of twenty-eight (28) pupils, more or less, transported.

I also agree to carry Liability Insurance covering property damage and bodily injuries, and in accordance with terms to be prescribed by the Board, if required by the Board to do so; it being understood that, in case the Board does not require the carrying of such Liability Insurance, the Board shall pay for the above transportation such additional amounts as shall be equal in total to the additional cost to me of such Insurance.

I further agree that the trip to and from the school shall be at all times satisfactory to the school authorities and to the parents concerned, and in harmony with law, and that I shall provide an automobile or automobiles with comfortable seats and so constructed as to provide safe and suitable protection in inclement weather and at other times, it being understood that the Board of Education and other school authorities are not liable for injury to any person or persons, or for damage to any property, arising in any manner whatsoever out of such transportation furnished by me.

It is further understood that I shall exercise the greatest care in guarding the safety of pupils being transported by me, that, before crossing at grade any track or tracks of a steam railroad or interurban or suburban electric railway, I shall bring my vehicle to a complete stop within not less than ten feet nor more than fifty feet from the nearest rail of the track nearest to the front of my vehicle, and while so stopped shall both look and listen in both directions along such track or tracks for approaching steam or electric engines, trains, cars or vehicles using such rails, with the understanding that said regulations shall not apply to street railway tracks in the streets of incorporated cities, to tracks at crossings in streets of incorporated cities where traffic officers are on duty or traffic signals are maintained, nor to unused tracks.

I hereby certify that I am twenty-one years of age or over.

(Signed) S.D. Dill
Mailing Address: Newhall, Cal.

The above offer is accepted by the Board of Education of the City of Los Angeles, subject to the approval of the County Superintendent of Schools.

/s/ Wm. A. Sheldon
Secretary, Board of Education of the City of Los Angeles.

The foregoing contract is approved for the school year 1924-25.

/s/ Mark Keppel
County Superintendent of Schools.

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