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Newhall Chamber of Commerce:
Minutes of 8-8-1923 Meeting.

ORGANIZED FEB. 21, 1923.
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Newhall, Calif. Aug. 8, 1923.

    Regular meeting of the Newhall Chamber of Commerce called to order by President Swall, at 8.30 P.M. in the Masonic Club Rooms.
    Minutes of previous meeting read and approved.
    P.C. Miller reported for the Fire Department Committee and said that a petition had been sent to the County Board of Supervisors. This committee was asked to continue handling this matter.
    J.W. Harker reported that nothing definite had been done regarding the appointment of a pound master.
    Mr. Scheidler reported that there was nothing that the Chamber could do at present towards getting lights for Happy Valley and that he and Mr. Lercher were still working on the proposition.
    Letters were read from several engineers in regard to the water situation here after which a motion was passed that we get a company to give us a preliminary report and that if this was not satisfactory we take the matter up with the County Engineer.
    A bill for post cards was approved and ordered paid.
    Leslie Wright and N.E. Peterson were welcomed to membership in our Chamber.
    There being no further business the meeting was adjourned to September 12th at the usual time and place.

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