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Newhall Chamber of Commerce:
Constitution & By-laws.

ORGANIZED FEB. 21, 1923.
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Constitution and By-Laws
of the
Newhall Chamber of Commerce.


Section 1. The name of this organization shall be The Newhall Chamber of Commerce.
Section 2. Its object shall be to advance the commercial, industrial, and public interests of Newhall and its vicinity.
Section 3. This organization, in its activities, shall be observant of the general policy defined and approved by its members.

Article 2. MEMBERSHIP.

Section 1. Citizens of Newhall or vicinity, of good standing, who sympathize with the object of this organization, shall be eligible for active membership. Upon making satisfactory, written, application to the Board of Directors, candidates for active membership may be elected by a majority of the Board of Directors present at any regular or special meeting. Membership shall be restricted to individual citizens.

Article 3. DUES.

Section 1. The annual dues of active members shall be six dollars, payable in advance.
Section 2. Dues year. All membership subscriptions and memberships shall be dated from the first day of the annual quarter preceding the election of the member.
Section 3. Delinquency. Membership dues shall be considered delinquent if not paid within three months of the date due. The Board of Directors may adopt such course with the delinquents as the circumstances may warrant in each individual case.
Section 4. Resignation. Resignations shall be presented in writing to the secretary and shall be accompanied by payment in full of all obligations for the year entered upon.
Section 5. Expulsion. Any member may be expelled for cause by a two thirds vote of the Board of Directors, but not until he has had a hearing before the Board with or without counsel as he may elect.


Section 1. Any number of members of this organization who may desire to become associated together as a Board, Exchange, Society or Organization, for the purpose of promoting more effectively the special trade, industry business or profession in which they are interested, may for a Board of the Newhall Chamber of Commerce.
Section 2. Each Board of the Newhall Chamber of Commerce may adopt such by-laws, rules and regulations, as it may consider necessary for its proper government: but no by-laws, rules or regulations shall be adopted by any Board which shall in any way conflict with the purposes and objects of this board as set forth herein.
Section 3. No board of this chamber, or any member thereof, shall contract any debt in its behalf which shall in any manner or to any extent render the Chamber liable for the payment of any sums, unless the same shall have been approved by the Board of Directors of the Chamber.
Section 4. No action or resolution of any board shall be binding upon or expressive of the sence [sic] of this Chamber of Commerce.
Section 5. Board in affiliation with the Chamber shall submit, at the annual meeting of the Chamber, reports of their condition and reviews of their proceedings for the first year.


Section 1. The government of this organization shall be vested in the Board of Directors who shall have the control of its property and the direction of its affairs.
Section 2. The Board of Directors shall be composed of eleven members, nine of whom shall be elected by the Chamber and two appointed by the nine elected Directors. The Directors shall serve terms of two years, except at the first election the five receiving the highest number of votes shall serve two years and the remaining elected and appointed Directors but one year. Thereinafter members shall be chosen annually to fill expired terms, as hereinafter provided, and serve two years.
Section 3. The Board of Directors shall select from its number a President, Vice President and a Treasurer. It shall annually select a Secretary and fix his salary.
Section 4. The Directors shall have the power to fill all vacancies in the Board until the next annual election.
Section 5. The Board of Directors shall submit at the annual meeting a full report of the conditions and financial standing of the Chamber together with a review of its actions for the preceding year.

Article 6. OFFICERS.

Section 1. The duties of officers shall be such as their titles in general usage would suggest, as required by law, and such as may be assigned to them by the Board of Directors from time to time.
Section 2. The Treasurer shall give surety bond in the sum of one thousand dollars, the cost of same to be paid by the Association.

Article 7. COMMITTEES.

Section 1. The Board of Directors shall authorize all committees and define their powers and duties.
Section 2. The President shall appoint all Committees subject to confirmation by the Board of Directors.
Section 3. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Secretary and Treasurer, and they shall exercise the authority of the Board in the interim between meetings, provided the Executive Committee shall submit, at the meetings of the full Board, reports of its activities or meetings, and its proceedings, for confirmation.
Section 4. The President shall nominate an auditing committee whose duties shall be to audit the books of the Secretary and Treasurer semi-annually and report the findings to the Board of Directors and to the Organization at the Annual Meeting.
Section 5. At all committee meetings a majority shall constitute a quorum. Where the committee exceeds nine members, five shall constitute a quorum.
Section 6. Any committee appointed by the President which fails to present a report of its work for three consecutive monthly meetings to the Board of Directors, shall automatically cease to exist. The President may, at his discretion, appoint a new committee to take its place.

Article 8. MEETINGS.

Section 1. The annual meeting of the Organization shall be held on the second Wednesday of March of each year. The place and hour shall be designated by the Board of Directors.
Section 2. Meetings of the membership may be held at such time as the President or Board of Directors may determine, or upon the written request of twenty-five per cent of its membership in good standing, providing that, when the meeting is called other than by its President or Board of Directors, the notice shall contain a statement of the purpose of the meeting, and shall be issued to all members at least three days before the meeting.
Section 3. At all meetings of the membership, twenty per cent of the members in good standing, shall constitute a quorum.
Section 4. The Board of Directors shall meet the fourth Wednesday of each month. Absence of any Director from three consecutive meetings without declaring a valid excuse, shall constitute a resignation.
Section 5. A special meeting of the Board of Directors may be called at any time by the President or three Directors, providing that when called otherwise than by the President, the notice shall be given to each member, stating the purpose of the meeting, not less than three hours preceding the hour of the meeting.
Section 6. At all meetings of the Board of Directors, a majority shall constitute a quorum.
Section 7. All questions of parliamentary procedure shall be settled according to Robert's Rules of Order, and in the absence of a specially prepared program, the order of business recommended by Roberts Rules of Order shall be followed.

Article 9. ELECTIONS.

Section 1. Only active members may vote or stand for election to the Board of Directors.
Section 2. The election of Directors shall be held on the second Tuesday of March of each year. Ballots must be in by six P.M. of this day. If, for any reason, it is deemed expedient to change the date of the annual election, a re-consideration must receive a two thirds vote of those present at the meting where such postponement is proposed.
Section 3. (Nominations.) Two nominations for each vacancy existing at the time of any election shall be made as follows:
A complete alphabetical roster of the active membership shall be made and transmitted to each member, with a primary ballot, instructing the members to nominate as many candidates as there are blank spaces on the ballot. There shall also be a return envelops, the number corresponding to the member's name on a special roster. Members shall be instructed to seal their ballot in the numbered envelope and return them to headquarters for voting by mail or in person within five days of the time of mailing, and not later than five days preceding the date of the annual election. The members receiving the highest vote in the primary to twice the number of vacancies to be filled shall be declared nominated. Should there prove to be a tie for the last place, the Election Committee shall break the tie by a drawing or casting of lots.
Section 4. (Final Election.) A list of those nominated in the manner specified in the foregoing section shall be submitted to the entire membership, together with a certified blank ballot bearing instructions for the final election of the number necessary to fill existing vacancies. This ballot shall be returnable by mail or in person, in a numbered envelope, by such hour on the day of the election as the Election Committee shall specify.
Section 5. All voting shall be by individuals and by ballot. No proxies shall be allowed, and no member may vote more than one ballot in any one election.
Section 6. (Judges.) The President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall appoint an Election Committee of not less than five members, who are not members of the Board of Directors, to have supervision of the primary and final elections, and such Committee shall observe such rules and regulations as the Board of Directors may instruct.
Section 7. The Committee of Judges shall certify the results of the primary election and the final election to the Board of Directors and shall preserve, in sealed packages, the ballots, the tally sheats [sic], or petitions used in the election.

Article 10. FUNDS.

Section 1. The Board of Directors shall have the power to purchase, hold, sell or lease or mortgage real estate, to incur debts, to borrow money giving therefor notes of the Chamber, signed by at least three officials duly authorized by the Board of Directors for that purpose, and may enter into contracts of any kind furthering the progress of the Organization.
Section 2. No disbursements of the funds of the Organization shall be made unless the same shall have been approved and ordered by the Board of Directors or an executive committee of the same. All disbursements shall be made by check. Checks shall be signed and countersigned by the Treasurer and at least one other official of the Organization to be designated by the Board.
Section 3. The fiscal year shall end on the 31st day of December.
Section 4. There shall be sinking fund created for the purpose of replacement of buildings and equipment and all surplus moneys of the Chamber shall be set aside and invested by the Board of Directors.

Article 11. SEAL.

Section 1. This organization shall have a seal of such design as the Directors may adopt.

Article 12. AMENDMENTS.

Section 1. These by-laws may be amended or altered by a majority vote of the members present at any regular or special meeting, provided notice of the proposed amendment shall have been posted on the bulletin board and mailed to each member five days prior to the meeting.

To all of which we agree


1 — J.R. Moore.
2 — P.J. Coyle.
3 — A.B. Perkins.
4 — Mrs. A.B. Perkins.
5 — Frances Phillips.
6 — R.R. Carr.
7 — R.C. Gibson.
8 — J.K. Shappee.
9 — A.H. Wilkie.
10 — W.J. Purrucker.
11 — H.W. Bricker.
12 — Mrs. Evangeline Frew.
13 — Mrs. A.C. Swall.
14 — Bob Anderson.
15 — Margaret Waite.
16 — Sarah Gifford.
17 — W.H. Evans.
18 — D.Q. Bowman.
19 — J.S. Pilcher.
20 — Donald Frew.
21 — W.H. McMannus.
22 — W.I. Hull.
23 — V.A. Renfro.
24 — Mrs. Julia Young.
25 — Louis Bouttier.
26 — W.J. Wilhelm.
27 — H.W. Russell.
28 — J.W. Doty.
29 — Mrs. Maud Lamkin.
30 — Fred Lamkin.
31 — A.B. McNutt.
32 — Blanche B. Brown.
33 — T.M. Frew Sr.
34 — T.M. Frew Jr.
35 — Harry Moreno.
36 — C.W. Lewis.
37 — Millie M. Harker.
38 — J.W. Harker.
39 — Thomas Kenopa.
40 — Mrs. D. Hixenbaugh.
41 — Mrs. A.G. Thibaudeau.
42 — I.C. Gordon.
43 — Bernice Miller.
44 — Jim Stroch.
45 — H.M. Collinson.
46 — Christine Woodard.
47 — R.F. Woodard.
48 — Louie LeJeune.
49 — Wm. Mayhue.
50 — Pearl B. Russell.
51 — Leo Logan.
52 — I.I. Hixenbaugh.
53 — Marie Logan.
54 — R.P. Guynne.
55 — Mrs. A.H. Wilkie.
56 — A.G. Thibaudeau.
57 — P.C. Miller.
58 — R.R. Reidel.
59 — A.C. Swall.
60 — Mrs. A.L. McMannus.

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