Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures

William C. Chormicle and the
Castaic Range War.

Los Angeles Times.
Tuesday, March 11, 1890.

Having Been Run Out Or The Mountains By Sheriff Aguirre And Party — The Prisoners To Arrive In The City Today.

Information reached the city last night that Sheriff Martin Aguirre has succeeded in his pursuit of the Castac Canon murderers, and will arrive in the city with them this afternoon. The details of the capture are not known, except that Chormicle and Gardner surrendered to Sheriff Riley of Ventura county, who has been working in connection with Sheriff Aguirre. It is known that the theory of Sheriff Aguirre was that the fugitives would make for Ventura county, where Chormicle has a ranch, and his efforts were to get in that vicinity. His plans prove to have been well laid. The men worked their way from the scene of the tragedy, in Castac Canon, over to Ventura, and it is probably the case that they were driven out of Piru Canon by Aguirre into the arms of Sheriff Riley.

The information received shows that they were taken to Ventura, and they remained there last night.

The pursuit of the two men shows that they were not, as it had been intimated, thoroughly determined to give themselves up. When Sheriff Aguirre and Deputy Sheriff Brady left Los Angeles they went straight to the scene of the murder. Then they followed the trail of the men up Castac Canon. They went on and crossed over to Marengo Canon by the mountain trail, a wild and precipitous route. It was Sheriff Aguirre's determination to follow up and trace the fugitives if possible. They came down Marengo Canon to Holtzer's Canon, and there Aguirre and Brady separated. Brady went back through the canon, and by instructions came back to the city, not finding any trace of the men in the canon. All the time Sheriff Riley of Ventura was with the party, and at the forks it was determined that he should go to the end of Piru Canon and watch it, while Sheriff Aguirre should go up through it and double. After the party got into the Piru Canon, and even a portion of Marengo Canon, they were in Ventura county.

It is no doubt the fact that, after Mr. Brady left the party at the junction of Marengo and Holtzer's Canon, the plans were carried out. Aguirre went up Piru Canon and found nothing; then he worked down, and the fugitives went into Sheriff Riley's hands. They came down through Cook's, across the railroad, which is in the region of Camulos, and as they were making for a city of refuge fell into the arms of the officers.

The prisoners have already secured attorneys, having telegraphed to the city last night to Horace Appel, Esq. The plea for justification of the killing will be made by the two men, they claiming that they were only defending their rights when they shot Walton and Cook.

The Sheriff and his prisoners will arrive in the city at 4:30 o'clock this afternoon.

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