Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures

William C. Chormicle and the
Castaic Range War.

Los Angeles Times.
Sunday, March 23, 1890.


The examination of Chormicle and Gardner, the Castac Canon murderers, was continued before Justice Austin yesterday, when the defense commenced the introduction of testimony. Among the witnesses examined for the prosecution were Dr. Granville MacGowan, who made the post mortem on the bodies of the murdered men; Mack Pyle, who picked up some cartridges in front of the cabin after Chormicle and Gardner had left, and Mrs. D. Cook, the wife of one of the men who was shot. Nothing new was brought out in their examination.

The first witness for the defense was Sheriff Reilly of Ventura county, to whom Chormicle and Gardner surrendered themselves. He detailed at some length the circumstances connected with the giving up of the men, and also that he had known Chormicle for a number of years, and that his reputation for peace and quiet was good

B. Rose was examined at some length for the defense as to Chormicle's right to the land on which Cook and Walton were attempting to settle, from which it would appear that the defense will be that they were killed by Chormicle and Gardner in self-defense while protecting their property.

The examination will be continued before Justice Austin Monday.

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