Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures

William C. Chormicle and the
Castaic Range War.

Los Angeles Times.
June 15, 1890.

Arguments Begin On Monday.

The testimony in the famous Chormicle and Gardner murder trial was finished yesterday, and it will not be long until the defendants know their fate. The proceedings yesterday were tame, nothing of especial interest being elicited. During the morning and for an hour in the afternoon, the prosecution introduced witnesses in rebuttal; mostly as to the reputation of the deceased Dolores Cook for peace and quiet. The line of witnesses in rebuttal on this point have not been as strong as those for the defense, who testified as to Cook's bad reputation. Jailer Darcy was called to fix the date when the defendants were brought to the County Jail. In order to rebut the testimony of Sheriff Riley of Ventura county, as to the length of time which had elapsed since the shooting of Cook and Walton in Castac canon until they were taken into custody by him. He thought it was about five days, when on the witness stand, and it was shown to have been several days more than that. There were one or two witnesses called by the prosecution, who testified that Mrs. Martinez could not have seen the lumber pile from the point where she said she stood when she witnessed the shooting.


Ex-County Surveyor Goldswothy, who was called by the prosecution, did not do much good. Instead of corroborating the testimony of the witnesses who testified that Mrs. Martinez could not see the lumber pile from where she stood, he swore positively that after a careful inspection of the ground he was prepared to say that she could get a view, not only of the lumber pile, but of the entire scene. The witness also testified that Thomas Riley had informed him that he was fully forty feet across the ravine at the time of the shooting, while Riley on his direct examination testified that he was in a different position.


When the prosecution closed, the defense announced that they did not wish to introduce any rebuttal evidence. The Court then announced that he does not consider it necessary for the jury to visit the scene of the tragedy. He adjourned court until Monday morning, when the arguments in the case will begin. He stated that he desires the counsel on both sides to have their instructions ready before the arguments begin. The jury was kept together, with the exception of one juror, who was allowed to go home on account of the critical illness of a relative. When court adjourned, the defendants were surrounded by quite a number of their friends, who encouraged them with hopeful words as to the result of the trial.

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