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Program: Court of the Lord Chamberlain Induction Ceremony, 2019.

Santa Clarita Shakespeare Festival.

Honoring Patrons of the Arts in our Community
2019 Inductees to the Court of the Lord Chamberlain
Recognizing their dedication to the arts and long service to our community

Dr Michael Millar
Nobilis defensor artium
Noble defender of the Arts

Susan Shapiro
Dedicata ad intellectus cultura
Dedicated to understanding cult1tre

The Court of the Lord Chamberlain is our annual fund raiser in support of the summer festival and our educational outreach) providingfree and low cost theatre programming in our schools.

The Red Carpet Revue
Directed ry Leslie Berra
Saturday July 13@ 8:00 pm
AT The MAIN 24266 Main Street Newhall
Allproceeds support the SCSF Educational Outreach Program ~
providingfree and low costprograming to our schools


Leslie Berra) Nikki Berra) George Chave;z; Lori D 1tri) Gin Treadwell-Eng) Felice Fisher, Ed Hil~ Sam Hyde) Heather Hershow King) Melissa Jqy Knee/an~ Kel/y Mfyake) E ,rin Rivlin) Sarah Stoddar~ Caitlin Thomas) Tammy Wurst
Opening Night Medley Stephen Schwartz Medley
This Could be the Start ofSomething Big Sabbath Prqyer
Swqy Love ofMY Life
Smokey Joe's Cefe Medley Radio Ga Ga
Cqts Medley You're My Best Friend
Got to Get You Into My Lzje (I've Got a Gal in) Kalamazoo
Disney Medley Spooky
Into the Woods Medley A Chorus Line Medley
On the Atchison, God Help the Outcasts
Topeka and the Santa Fe It Don't Mean a Thing Sweeney Todd Medley
IfIt Ain't Got That Swing Dreamgirls
Little Shop ofHonvrs Medley One Night On/y

M~. Gift of Song believes music and the arts should~ be accessible to all and that music can_and -J~ J should be used to serve the community.
Its mission is to cultivate the spint of creativity and volunteerism in youth and adults by offering free music programs and performance opportunities, using those performances to raise awareness andfundraise for various wortljy causes.
The Gift of Song is a non-profit 501c3 charitable organization For more information visit


Directed by Leslie Berra
Sunday July 14@ 7:00 pm
AT The MAIN 24266 Main Street Newhall

A Special Fund Raising Event
Showcase Cast

Sophia Bellefeuille) Leslie Berra) Nikki Berra) Felice Fisher, Ed Hil4 Afyssa Grant Ken'!Y) David Ken1!J) Heather Hershow King) Sarah Krieg) Tom Luni Kamber Moen) Kirsten Rast, Kaitfyn Reuben) Gabriella Roberts) Beth Ann Sweeze0 Caitlin Thomas) Tammy Wurst
Thank You For the Music
Turn Back O Man Crazier Than You Doll on a Music Box Jimmy On the Street Where You Live I Know Him So Well Skylark So Much Better We Look to You Good and Evil Vanilla Ice Cream All That Matters Moments in the Woods Now That I've Seen Her The I Love You Song

Therapy I Don't Need a Roof I Love the Way There's a Fine, Fine Line When He Sees Me Soft Place to Land
I Didn't Plan It I See the Light Ireland Someone Like You
Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again
Some Enchanted Evening Everything I Know You Love Who You Love
For Forever My Man Finale B
The Cast, featurinJ!, Sarah Krieg, Beth Ann Sweezer
and Gabriella Rolferts Heather Hershow King Tom Lund and Caitlin Thomas Gabrz'e!la Roberts Kamber Moen Ed Hill Leslie Berra and Nikki Berra, Sarah Krieg Solo Bellefeuille Afyssa Grant Kenf!Y Tom Lund
Beth Ann Sweezer Kirsten Rast Caitlin Thomas Felice Fisher Leslie Berra Sarah Kri61!.,,_Nikki Berra,
and DaviaKenf!Y
David Kenf!Y and A!Jssa Grant Kenf!Y Gabriella Roberts Caitlin Thomas, Tom Lund
Kamber Moen Beth Ann Sweezer Nikki Berra, Heather Hershow King, and
Leslie Berra Sarah Krieg Kirsten Rast and Tom Lund Heather Hershow King Kaitfyn Reuben
Tammy Wurst and Felice Fisher.
Ed Hill Sophia Bellefeuille Nikki Berra and Heather Hershow King,
Tammy Wurst Solo
David Kenf!Y
A!Jssa Grant Kenf!Y The Cast

Santa Clarita Shakespeare

The Supporting Cast
Our listinJt. ifcontributors that support the Summer Theatre Festival, our
educationalprograming, and all ourprograms throughout theyear. Join us ,.._, give usyour support!

Shakespeare Circle: Leslie & Bob Berra, SNsan and Thomas .Richardwn,
Pat~ons: Mike Fracassi, ]SB Development, The Stears Fami!J
Benefactors:, Paul and Eileen Daniels, Shawn Fonder, Paul Komoroskien, Susan Shapiro, Sal!J Louise White
Sustainers: Doreen Bars.hy, Russ Bretall, Bc1rhi Davis, Jill Friedman, and Flo Lorilzg, Erin McBride, Nanry Neill Jan Sandstrom, Jackie & Marc Zev, Stella
Supporters: Vera Flore, Phil and Rina Lel!)'
Friends: Brenda Azamian, Harry & Susan Berenson, Ed Brand, Raymond Donahry, Alan Eder, Ben & Elizabeth Froemming, John Giffen, Trary Hagenmqyer, Cynthia Harris, Alexis HeinZJ Jeffrry]acobson, Elizabeth Jenkins, Charles & Yvonne Jones, Bef!Jamin Pohlmeier, A!/ons Mqia, Rima Raulinaitis,
Groundlings: Tiffa,ry Abril Lefry & Vick Ayers, John Berstrom, Raymond, Chibrik, Flo Dahlenburg, Cheryl Dellepiane, John Giffen, Lauren HathawC!}, Diane Huml Jack HummeZJ Hugh Ingraham, Scott & Laurie Kir01, PeterKrantZJ HoU!)I Mitchell A udrey Moore, Greg Nutter, Delaney Peterson, Jan Sandstrom, Robert ShC!J, Paulette & Mike Tcherkasske, Kathleen Weinstein

Santa Clarita Shakespeare Board of Directors
David Stears ~ President Michael Fracassi ~ Treasurer Diana Jellinek ~ Secretary
Festival Producers Enn McBride, David Stears
Festival Production Intern Cocfy Holmes
Education & Social Media Intern Lauren Yu
Technical Director/Consultant Andrew Douglas

Special Thanks: City of Santa Clarita: ~le LopeZJ David Knutson, and the steffat the MAIN College of the Canyons: Paul Wickline and Dr. Floyd Moos Deans, School
of Visual and Performing Arts, Christopher Bolts, Department Chair, COC Theatre Department, Brodie Steele, Michelle Wall Canyon Theatre Guild: TimBen Bqydston
Follow us on Social Media
@SCShakesFest @SCShakesFest
S~nta Clarita Shakespeare Festival
PO Box 220537 Santa Clarita, CA 91322 (661) 799-3378
Coming Soon: The Academy
Theatre training with professional teaching artists and educators. Learn in a professional and nurturing environment., far artistic andpersonalgrowth. Programs designed to develop performance and life skills 1!J instilling students with technique, discipline, andprofessionalism.
Interest List now forming

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