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The following exclusive interviews, with more to come, are presented in recognition of the members of the 2004 Mars Exploration Rover team who live in the Santa Clarita Valley — including, among others, Project Manager Richard Cook; Jennifer Trosper, Spirit Surface Mission Manager; Matt Wallace, Opportunity Surface Mission Manager; Wayne Lee, Chief Engineer for Entry, Descent and Landing; Glenn Reeves, Software Chief Engineer; Barry Goldstein, Deputy Flight System Manager; Denise Hollert, Entry Capsule Engineer; and Rich Petras, Spirit Senior Engineer.
UPDATE: As the wildly successful Mars Exploration Rovers continue to outlast their design life, we additionally recognize the SCV-resident team members and leaders of other NASA/JPL Mars programs, such as the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Phoenix Lander (2008) and beyond.
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Barry Goldstein, Project Mgr., Mars Phoenix Scout [READ][WATCH]
   Television interview conducted 1-29-2007; published 2-11-2007
Scientist Deborah Bass, NASA/JPL: Water on Mars [READ][WATCH]
   Television interview conducted 12-18-2006; published 12-31-2006
Tracy Drain, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (NASA/JPL) [READ][WATCH]
   Television interview conducted 3-14-2006; published 3-26-2006
Thomas R. Gavin, Associate Director, NASA/JPL [READ][WATCH]
   Television interview conducted 2-10-2005; published 2-20-2005
Jennifer Trosper, Mission Mgr., Mars Spirit Rover [READ][WATCH]
   Television interview conducted 4-15-2004; published 6-13-2004
Wallace Takes 'Opportunity' of a Lifetime
   News interview published 5-10-2004
MER Team Completes Primary Mission
   Signal editorial published 4-30-2004
Rich Petras: Senior Engineer Drives on Mars
   News interview conducted 3-12-2004; published 3-15-2004
Wayne Lee, Chief Landing Engineer, Mars Rovers [READ][WATCH]
   Television interview conducted 1-14-2004; published 1-25-2004
Jennifer Trosper, Spirit Surface Mission Manager
   News interview conducted 1-7-2004; published 1-10-2004
Chief Engineer: Touchdown 'A Great Day for the U.S.'
   News interview conducted 1-5-2004; published 1-6-2004
Richard Cook, Deputy Project Manager, Mars Rovers (NASA/JPL) [READ][WATCH]
   Television interview conducted 9-29-2003; published 11-16-2003
Ray Bradbury on Mars
   Telephone interview conducted 8-22-2003; published 8-23-2003

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