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Soledad School
Acton, California

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Soledad School in Acton, probably about the time it was built. Photograph by newspaper publisher R.E. Nickel. Most of the boys are wearing vests and coats — not everyday attire. Two of the children in front of the door — a barefoot boy in knee-length pants and the girl in the white dress — are holding flowering yucca stalks. Someone has marked the photograph to identify particular individuals, but we don't have the IDs.

The Soledad school in Acton was built out of home-made bricks in 1890 on the same spot where an earlier wooden one-room schoolhouse had stood. The new school reputedly took several years to erect, at a cost of $4,000. As many as 45 pupils took lessons from teacher Mattie Adams when the school opened.

In the 1930s an even larger school was needed, and this one was converted to a farm house when the new school was erected at another site.

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Little White 1889

Soledad 1890s

Soledad 1890s

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