Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures

William C. Chormicle and the
Castaic Range War.

Los Angeles Times.
Thursday, March 27, 1890.


The preliminary examination of Chormicle and Gardner, the Castac Canon murderers, which has been in progress for several days past before Justice Austin, was concluded yesterday, the defendants being held to answer to the charge of murdering Cook and Walton, before the Superior Court, without bail.

The examination has been prolonged by the defense for the purpose of bringing out evidence to show that Walton and Cook were the aggressors in the first instance, and that they were killed by Chormicle and Gardner in defense of the latter's property, to justify the Court in granting the application for bail, it being generally understood that the men could give almost any amount that was required, and yesterday morning were about to present a number of witnesses as to character, when the general good character of the men was admitted by the prosecution, which closed the taking of testimony.

In the afternoon the case was argued by Assistant District Attorney Phibbs, on behalf of the people, and C.C. Stephens, Esq., for the defense, after which Justice Austin briefly summed up the evidence, and remanded the prisoners to jail without bail to await trial.

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