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Inventory at Mentryville.

*denotes "Found on property"
*2 gas fireplace heaters from house *l other standing gas heater *trash *l pull-chain toilet tank *historical shipping crate box lid from Walton Young . 2nd Superintendent wpo live in the house from Oct. 1900-1927)
Added: gas, electricity, water, lights roof, belfry, corbels on front, block and tack l e
Left: antique chairs, antique couch frame, window g l ass, bamboo shade, gas light fixture, stoves, heaters , antique wooden playpen, collectible metal baby butler, chairs, grinder disks, wooden bar


*Nothing but trash
Left: Wood, saw horses, and Miscellaneous ####
Added: Fencing, loading chute, watering trough

*trash Left: Nothing ####
Added: by Movie Company for props. Used as a tool ana paint shed.
Left: Fiberglass Bell
*l work bench *l cabinet trash
Added: Shelving, electricity, outside light fixtures, different doors
(Note: front is a Movie Company prop-fencing added by Movie Company)
Added: Whole building and carport was made by Frenchy plus 3 portable metal sheds.
Left: Cabinets, workbenches, shrubs, anvil, outhouse, water regulators, water for earthquake survival, windows, screens, and a table.
(Note: Schoolhouse in session 1885-1932)
*3 gas pipes (2 for lights, 1 for stove) *eucalyptus tree (registered landmark) *Mr. Mentry's file cabinet (originally in his production
shack by #4 well, found in service room in the big house) *flagpole *2 outhouses *l wash house (restored by Carol Lagasse and Tony Cochems) *bench

Added: stove piping, blackboards, shades, curtains, fencing, outdoor swing, gas light fixtures, rainbird for fire prevention, washroom barrel, washroom roller towel, washroom J benches, washroom glass door, washroom flooring, library Qi bottom bookcase, g 1ass doors, 1ocks, doors, a 11 windows, ha11J .,,\,::i Iq k, coat hooks. Top Library bookcase was added by an Eagle Scout.
Left: Judge Powell's books and other books donated by Carol
and Frenchy Lagasse.
(NOTE: School desks were given to Carol .QY former school
teacher. They will not stay.)
(Note: Outside School House is an replica of oil derrick made by Frenchy. Assorted antique oil well parts found by Frenchy in the Canyon.
Added: Metal roof, fire escape pole (outside)
Added: electricity, windows, shelving
Left: Old bottles and dishes dug up from Canyon, 2 insulators
Outside Big House:
*barbedwire fencing
*6 olive trees(registered)
*eucalyptus tree(registered)
*umbrella tree
*Cycil Brunner bush(registered) *8 rose bushes (registered) (Note: were slipped from 1 dying bush in corner of yard -called "13 Sisters") *Telephone pole and telephone
Added: wood fencing, light pole and fixture, electricity, rose garden, orchard, garden, tractor port, t.v. antenna, grape arbor (Note: horseshoe pit was made by Frenchy and 2 of his sons-in-law for the Lagasse family's enjoyment. All fencing and shrubs and trees were added. 1 tree added by the Daughters of the American Revolution.
(Note: took out brand new pecan tree just planted. Left 2 pecan trees in rose garden.)
Frenchy built monument in 976 and installed a time capsule to be opened in 2076.
Added: shrubs donated by Newhall Women's Club, ground cover donated by Former Felton School Student, Plaque donated by Chevron USA.
Added: swing, planter box, air conditioning(swamp cooler)on the roof and ducting for the a/c unit. ##
Front Hall
Added: floor furnace, phone ##
*fireplace mantle(only) (Note: no door from front hall but door to other side hall there. No light fixtures)
Left: Carpeting-yellow, blue, and brown ##
Den (1st bedroom)
(Note: closet door broke during earthquake-there is a replacement door in the barn)
Added: paneling (Note: broken in earthquake-went into No.2

Added: bookcase, light switches ##
SERVICE ROOM (2nd bedroom)
*Utility sink and 2 cupboards
Added: furnace, carpet, paneling (Note: had to knock hole in wali to replace piping-plaster fell off during the earthquake. Some of the paneling feli and was placed in the No. 2 dumpster)
Left: antique armoire ##
Kitchen *sink only and small drainboard *dumb waiter (in floor) *butler's pantry -pie safe and drawers
Added: cabinets, stove hood, electricity and wiring, shelving, and light fixtures ##
Bathroom and Porch *toilet only *water heater *screening only
Added: glass for windows on porch, pull-chain tank, shower, sink, shelving. ##
Dining Room *fireplace and mantle
Added: carpeting and padding ##
*Pie S~fe
*Gas Scrubber
*Meat Block
*Dumb Waiter
(Note: too dangerous to go in t here) ##
Spanish Room (5th bedroom)
* Nothing
Added: .air conditioning controls, gas light fixture in barn (Note: fixture was only used for show) ##
Small bathroom
*broken toilet
*marble sink
Added: lights, new toilet, medicine chest, and ceiling ##
Master Bedroom (1st bedroom)
*No fireplace was in here -it was boarded up
Added: lighting ##
Nanette's Bedroom 2nd bedroom)
*fireplace and mantle
Added: lighting and switches, and ceil i ng ##
Sitting Hall
Added: furnace, lighting, and ceiling ##
. (Note: these next two rooms were closed up due t o infestation of bees)
Suzette's Bedroom (3rd bedroom)
*Trash and bees
Added: lighting, carpeting, and ceiling ##
Laurette ' s Bedroom (4th bedroom)
*Trash and bees
Added: lighting, and carpeting ##
Large Bathroom
*broken marble sink *bathtub *broken toilet
Added: new toilet, corner cabinet, new sink with sewing machine stand, and ceiling. ##
Attic *Nothing
Added: ducting for Swamp Cooler, attic ventilators (2), rainbirds on roof for fire prevention , cupola, and swamp cooler on roof.
Other Notabies
Moulding for house in barn along with ext a stoves. Damaged wainscotting from the porch went into che No.2 dumpster along with paneling and moulding from the house.
Added: new screens and windows on main house, 11ew sidewalk, back porch steps, water purifying unit, iron resistor, filter, storm drain trough behind house , ra1nb1rds behind house for fire prevention, pine trees, cypress trees.
Left: antique dolly, garden hoses
(NOTE: Plaque on house dedicated by t he Boy Scouts of America was taken down after the earthquake when it was told to the Lagasse family that the house would be destroyed. The plaque will be returned after it is found. It was packed up in the belongings of the family.)
(Please also note: That there were no lighting fixtures in the house. The ighting was all portable and were fixtures that were bought by the Lagasses'. They will not remain in the house)

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