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2006 Yearbook.

Placerita Junior High School.

Breaking The .Ice
It's a theme that didn't come easily to the Yearbook Staff. Breaking the ice. It is something hard for everyone. A new school with new people, and many obstacles to face before developing friendships. Everyone is different, some are shy, some are not, but all of us have the same problem how to break the ice.

25015 North Newhall Avenue Santa Clarita, CA 91321

Chillin' With Friends

Table of Contents
-Student Life Staff

Seventh Grade Teams

Seventh Grade Portraits Eighth Grade Teams
Eighth Grade Portraits Electives Clubs

Favorite Actors:
Adam Sandler

Johnny Depp

Tom Cruise

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
. Chocolate



Favorite Band:
. Fallout Boy

Green Day

My Chemical Romance

Favorite Subject:
. Electives



Favorite Actress:
Angelina Jolie

Halle Berry

Jessica Simpson

Favorite Vacation Spot:


New York

Favorite Movie:
Dukes of Hazzard

Longest Yard

South Park the Movie

Favorite T.V. Show:
. Laguna Beach

South Park

The Simpsons

a V 0 r
I –
t e s

Cool Quotes

"It's nice to do nothing and rest afterwards."-Sage Brown, 7
"Work hard and exercise your brain."-Ben Lopez, 7
"Like my new backpack?"r Drea Rewal, 8
"Math is power!"Steven Dice, 8
"ASB will rock your mind!"Brittany Costanzo, 8
"School is colorful."-Ryan Oakey, 7

H e r 0 e s

"My hero is my mom ." "My role model is my camp "My hero is Eric Weihen-Mallory Fencil, 7 counselor."-Lisa Nathan, 7 mayer." Sam Fleisher, 8

"My role model is my cousin."-Mikey Tayoba, 7

"My role model is Barbie, because she's pretty! " -Jhonnalyn Abelgas, 8

"My role model is my dad because he's awesome." -Robert Dickerson, 8
"My hero is Cookie Mon"My hero is my mom." ster!"-Regina Cizneros, 8 -Jesse Derring, 7
Role Models
F u t u r e
"In the future, "My future
I'd like to be a goal is to be
an EMT."
Brillantes, 7Hawkins, 7
"My future dream is to
"My goal is to a jour
be a munalist."
Vinatiera, 8 Gilmore, 8
a m
"My goal in
"When I grow
life is to be a up, I wouldprofessional like to be a
h o c k e y
Schwartz, 7deCordova, 8
Dare To Dream

The Coolest Counselors
(Upper right) Mrs. Noriega (Lower left) Mrs. Summers (Upper Left) Mrs. Monteleone
If it weren't for the counselors, Placerita students wouldn't be who we are today. From guiding students toward making good choices, to managing every student's schedule, counselors are there to help us. In return we respect and appreciate them very much.

Roxanne Brown
Here at Placerita, the wonderful Office Support Staff , has a way of making us feel at home. ' And that's why we love them! All of the ladies in the office work hard to make sure you feel safe at school and have an awesome time. Thanks!
Laurie Lux Josie Gonzalez

"Honesty 1s still the best policy."-Kathy Reid. "If at first you don't succeed try, try again."-Sonia Martinez. "What goes around comes around." Josie Gonzalez "When the going gets toughremember to laugh!" Laurie Lux. "The most important trip you may take in life, is meeting people halfway." -Wendy Picone.
Carol Wallen

C e
u p p 0 r t

t a f f
Sonia Martinez

Congratulations to Mrs. Sonia Martinez! Mrs. Martinez was a wonderful instructional assistant, then a muchneeded interpreter, and now she has taken on a position as the school nurse. Congratulations again mrs. Martinez!

Chilling With The Campus Supervisors

Q: What is the funniest thing you've seen while working at Placerita? A: One of the funniest things I've seen was last year when a young man tried to hop over the gate, which was unlocked, and got stuck upside down by his shoelaces. Joe came and we got him down. The funny part was me running.

Q: What is the best or most interesting part about this job?
A: The best part of the job is interacting with the students because of all the different personalities and fun things they do.

Q: What is the funniest thing you've seen while working at Placerita? A: One of the students was pounding his watch with a pen. So I asked him what he was doing and he said, "Breaking my pen."

Ivy Ransom
Q: What is the best or most interesting thing about this job?
A: Watching the children ending elementary school and mature into young adults.

Q: What is the hardest part about this job? A: Staying levelheaded, and not letting my emotions take over with people who try my patience.
-What's our favorite book?
Bryant Loyola
A Series of Unfortunate Events
Ryan Sojka
Harry Potter
David Pruden
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Lauren Estrada
Remember Me
Ryan Snowden
The Thief Lord
Olivia Dassler
Walk Two Moons

The Placerita Library is veryuseful to Placerita' s students. Students can check out books, take AR Tests, study, read, and do research for an assignment. Inaddition, the library offers Internet Access .
Mrs. Wayman
Mrs. Lewin
Library Technician

Ray Cantu

Have you ever wondered who
helps keep the campus cleanand
tidy while students are in classr
Manny Gomez, groundskeeper,
says "When I get here early in the
morning, I open all the gates, set ou
the cones-, sweep, vacuum, ano
empty the trash daily." We appreci
ate the efforts ofMr. Gomez and al~
of the custodians who help mak~
our school so great
(We also appreciate E.V. Febres
not pictured)

This year's annual talent show was sparkling with talent. There were many wonderful acts including a comedic act, a guitarist, singers and dancers. Taylor Arnone performed a very funny comedy act (top left hand corner). Austin Kowalczyk had the time of his life playing his guitar and singing Time of Your Life (top right hand corner). Caitlin Rudd sang her heart out to The Wizard and I (bottom left hand corner). Corrine Johnson and Alex Dominquez fought to be the best singing Anything You Can Do (bottom right hand corner). Miky Tayoba and Everett Bichara danced to Any Way You Want It (middle left hand). Spencer Garmen did a great job as Napolean Dynamite and rocked out towards the end of the show (middle right) . This was an outstanding talent show, congratulations to all performers and Mrs. Kennedy, who made the talent show possible.

Ice Cold Talents

Jeremy Hand loves to eat his lunch in his own style, with his legs wrapped arour)d his neck!
Sam Fleischer has a great voice and can sing to any melody!

L 0 0

Hanging Out With Cool Friends
On the weekends, after school we all have time to hang out with our friends! Whether we listen to music or go to the mall, it's always a blast. So the yearbook staff decided to find out what the students at Placerita like to do with their friends in their spare time. Thanks Miners for helping!

Krystal Artman
enjoys going to the movies and listening to music.

Raymond Owens
has a great time skating, watching TV and listening to his favorite music.
0 0 0 w I

Sidney Davis loves getting to go to the mall and the movies, but what she enjoys most is going to the Hart football games!


F r
"Oh my, she's touching me!!!"
e n
T h e

e n
0 f
I –
m e

How did you feel on the first day of seventh grade?


Weird 4.Anxious

What's your favorite fast food restraurant?

Taco Bell -3. In-N-Out

4. El Pollo Loco
Who's your favoite actor/ actress?
1. Will Smith
Angelina Jolie

3. Hilary Duff

Jesse McCartney

What's your favorite sport?



4. Soccer
What's your favorite candy?
Jolly Rancher

Candy Corn

Now and Later

4. Twix Bar
What's your favorite thing to do on the weekends?
l.Go to the movies.
Going to the mall with friends.

Skateboarding around town.

Hanging out with friends.

What's your favorite band?
1. Green Day
2. My Chemical Romance
3. Nirvana 4.Fallout Boy
What's your favorite subject?
1. P.E.

3. Math


What's your favorite song?
"Be My Escape"by Reliant K.

"Shake it Off"by Mariah Carey ~

''Longview'' by Green Day

"La Tortora" by Shakira

Enrique Lopez Sharon Rathbun
The administrators at Placerita Jr. High assist our hardworking teachers in becoming very successful. Mr. Capper, our Placerita principal, listens to the students, parents, and teachers with their concerns about our school environment. }As. Rathbun is our assistant principal who, among her many tasks, takes time off during brunch and lunch and to ask the students the word of the day. Mr. Lopez is our new assistant principal who, as well, takes the time to meet the students during brunch and lunch and to assist students in numerous ways including discipline matters. All together our administrators work hard to 1:-elpus "Break the Ice."
Mr. Lopez with Ben Boyd Mr. Gapper, Principal
Kelly Abbott Carolyn Alcarez Jayme Allsman Jim Arnhart Cheryl Austel Denise Baker
Tamara Bastiaans Elaine Bidnick Judie Blevins Debbie Brey Roxanne Brown Mrs Bsorseth
Gregg Ann Calvert Edward Carr Daniel Cota Nancy Daily Frank D'Elia Dennis Dirksen
Gerri Dupee Sophia Fernandez Thomas Flores Robert Capper Steve Gill Manuel Gomez
Josie Gonzalez Margaret Goodwin Helio Gudino Arleen Haggart Bradley Hampton Valerie Hernandez
Connie Howard Deborah Johnson Paul Kass Pauline Kowitz Judy Lathrop Tim Lemaster
Susan Lewin Jody Liss-Monteleone Mary Lively Enrique Lopez Laurie Lux Sonia Martinez

Wendy Mathis Cheryl McCall Robert McCall Lelia Meadows David Moalem Dawn Mowery
Charlene Nelson Christina Noriega Nancy Patten Wendy Picone Ivy Ransom Sharon Rathbun
Mark Rayfield Holly Reed Kathy Reid Terry Ribbons Traci Robison Fred Schindewolf
Lisa Schindewolf Cynthia Schnittgrund Frank Slater Kathryn Spula Wave Stonerock Tammi Sucheck
Leah Summers
Michele Tait
Denise Thornton
Sonja Tweedie
Thomas Van Dyke
Carol Wallen
Not pictured: Bastiaans, Gonzalez, Lopez, Martinez, Moalem, Weber.

Mrs.Lathrop, Ms.Allsman, Mrs.Bastiaans,
Ms. Allsman Mr.Van Dyke, and Mr.Rayfield are teachers
Mrs. Lathrop

What's your favorite book? The eye of the dragon by stephen king.
-Kyle Cook

Mrs. Schnittgrund, Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Warling, and Ms. Mathis are the team teachers for
Ms. Mathis
Mrs. Schnittgrund Science

8th grade Enriched English students on the CARE team had the opportunity to visit their 3rd grade penpals at Old Or-" chard School. They made original books for these students, and were able to read their books to their penpals.

On the CARE team, Mr. LeMaster, Mrs. Howard, and Mr. McCall teach the students.
Mr. McCall Science
.,."' ,;
" .
s o a 1t.J TC,fl.. English
What's your favorite part about being on the Trailblazer's team? The teachers -Ruben Castillo

Trai Iblazers
On the Trailblazers team, Mrs. Stonerock, Miss Weber, Mr. Flores, and Mrs. Mathis work hard teaching their students.


Ma Abelgas Eric Acosta Erin Acton Flynn Adam Ashley Agren Gilberto Aguayo
ata ha Ahmad Lui Alcantara David Almendarez ini Almero Kara Almond Rigoberto Altamirano
Konrad Antoniuk Salvador Arceo Eric Arellano Luis Arenas Taylor Arnone Ka tie Arpaia
Daisy Arreola Julian Arriaga Stephanie Asi Amanda Austel Melody A vakian Holly Avery
David Baden ancy Bahena Ju tin Bailey Brittany Ballew Jonathan Bang Juan Barbosa
Jordan Barnes Eduardo Barragan Robert Barrera Brandon Barrientos Ernesto Barrios Maria Barron

How long does it take to do your hair in the morning?
Kaylie Santos, 8

Demi Glowgow, 8
"It takes me 45 minutes
"It takes me anywhere
to domyhairinthemorn
from 15 to 45 minutes."

Tyler Lindahl, 8

Joshua Garcia, 8
"It takes me 10 minutes
"It takes me at least 30 to do my hair."
minutes to spike my hair."

What would you do if you won $1 Million?

Justin Farr, 8
"I would buy all the skateboards and skatejumps that I could."

Kelly Gorman, 8
"If I had a million dollars, I would buy the mall."

Jessica Vairo, 7

"I would, like, go live in a mansion."
"I would go shopping!"

Amanda Eyrich Brooke Faber Sean Fahar William Fairchild Hannah Fandre
Jonathon Farenbaugh
Davis Farnsworth Justin Farr Svyatoslav Fedorenko Lindsay Feeley Harrison Feldman Michael Fernandez
Nick Ferry Katelyn Fick Lauryn Fitzgerald Nicole Fitzgerald Gina Fitzgibbons Samuel Fleischer
Joseph Flores Kaitlin Flores Leticia Flores Vannessa Flurido James Foley Brittany Forney
Calli Foster Matthew Frandson Ryan Frayer Greta Fuentes Julianna Gabler Austin Gage
Joshua Galaviz Bridget Galedo Zuleydi Galindo Victor Garcia Spencer Garman Maren George

What is your favorite dessert?
Elizabeth Uno, 8

Kathryn Vargas, 7
"I like chocolate cake!"
"My favorite dessert is
ice cream."

Raveena Gill
Lauren Gilmore Kailey Giordano Demi Glogow Celia Goldberg Lee Gomez
Bryan Gonzalez Daymara Gonzalez Elizabeth Gonzalez Jonathan Gonzalez Jose Gonzalez Kenneth Gonzalez
Vanessa Gonzalez Kelly Gorman Kelli Goss Maxwell Graeber Cameron Gravel Destiny Greco-Ramirez
Derek Green Rashad Green Bryan Greene Acitlalick Gudino Juan Guerrero Alex Gunning
Kathryn Gusler Marisol Guzman Cody Haas Joshua Hahn Megan Hall Wes Hallquist
Kevin Hamalainen Michael Hammer Alexander Hanan Patrick Hand Justin Hanks Kaitlin Hansen

Caitlin Rudd, 7

Patricia Silva, 7
"My favorite dessert is
"Chocolate covered
strawberries are my fa

What is your favorite season?

Austin Gage, 8
"Summer's the best!"

Tyler Kappen Melissa Kaufler Gabrielle Kavounas Emily Kendall Joshua Kenedy Alexander Kennedy
Jessica Kennedy John Kennedy Rebecca Kennedy Nelly Khajavi Sean Kiernan Brian King
Molly King Natalie Kline Tess Kline Eun Ko Christopher Kobel Jessica Koehler
Austin Kolodney Angela Krego Kayla Kret Justin Kruger Richard Kuykendall Hye Rin Kwon
Richard Lagunas Kevin Lamb Kristi Langlois Nicholas Lanoil Wyatt Laser Keirin Lazo
Shannon Leopold Jason Libby Luke Liechti Morgan Lincoln Tyler Lindahl Rafael Lirio

Reada Rabadi, 7
Erin Acton, 7
"I like summer."
"My favorite season is
Jennie Long
Berenice Lopez Judith Lopez Mario Lopez
Bryant Loyola Huston Lukk
Gregory Luna-Cruz Bryan Lund Nathan Lusk Daniel Lynn Sarah Mac Donald Ivan Madrid
Melinda Magallanes Emily Magers Emily Maloney Andrew Manos Joseph Manzo Elizabeth Mariano
Lizabeth Mariano Alexandra Martin Jonathan Martin Genevieve Martinez Roxanna Massoodnia Starlena McBride
Amanda McKee Kelsey McKenna Joseph McKean Madelyn McKean Jordan McKimmey Maris McNamara
Edwin Medina Nathan Meeks Tina Mehrpouy Uriel Melchor William Mendoza Sarah Mennen

If you could switch lives with anyone, who would it
Wendy Orellana, 7 Melissa Dubron, 8

"Paris Hilton, becaus she's really cool."
"My cousin, because
she's filthy rich."

be and why?
Ryan Briggs, 8
"I would switch lives with Bill Gates because he's the richest man alive."
Jordan Middleton
Brianna Mihm Grant Miladin Kelli Miller Yvonne Miranda Eric Mitsch
Janell Moeller Fernando Montepeque Morgan Mooney Azalea Morales Brian Moran Catherine Moran
Brenda Moreno Suleyma Moreno Deirdre Morfin Austin Morgan Daniel Morgan Nicole Motoyasu
Ashley Motschenbacher Maria Mozqueda Francesca Mueller Saad Muhammad Shane Mullen Chelsea Munn
Kyle Murphy Michelle Nakashima Ricardo Navarro Davood Nazari Jessica Neiggemann Erica Nelson
Victoria Ng Ashlyn Nichols Rebecca Nicholson Kirsten Nicolaisen Sarah Nims Daniel Nishiguchi
Allison Toledo, 8
"I would switch with Batman because he has cool gadgets."

Cristina Nissen Ashley Nord Tyler Nuss Kevin Nyotta Juan Ocampo Rebecca O Connor
Emily Ollis Ernesto Olmos Melanie Onnen Sergio Orellana Adriana Ortiz Cesar Ortiz
Rachel Oseas Eduardo Osores Tania Osorio Lindsey Osterman Raymond Owens Davis Page
Juan Palma Loven Panahon Austin Park Nathan Peck Nathan Pedrick Monica Pena
Pilar Penaranda Joana Pereyda Chadwick Phillips Casey Pimentel Matthew Plaia Cayden Pobanz
Jennifer Poitevint Rachel Poleman Bennett Preston
Alexander Prieto Lillian Proulx David Pruden

If you could be any cartoon character, which one
Ashley Agren, 8 Maria Salinas, 7

"I would be Spongebob Wonderland."
"I would be Alice in
because he's funny."

Charles Prutting Nathan Ptacnik Maria Puebla Jeremy Quezada Dana Quintana Reada Rabadi
Chelsey Rader Gustavo Ramirez Nathalie Ramirez Carly Ramsey Elizabeth Rebolledo Brittani Reddick
Lauryn Reed Andrea Rewal Chad Reyes Oswaldo Reyes Nolan Rhett Kathryn Rieck
Jocelyn Rivera Maria Rivera Shawn Robbins Damien Rodriguez Ignacio Rodriguez Javier Rodriguez
Stephanie Rodriguez Daisy Rogel Ashley Roman Philip Roman Angelo Romanelli Renee Rose
Moriah Rosen Blake Rost Jenna Rubin Karina Ruiz Hannah Russell Robin Sachs

would you be and why?
Holly Snelson, 7
Marius Vilkas, 7
"I would be Betty Boop,
"MickeyMouse, because
because she's pretty."
he's cool."

If you could do anything you wanted for one day,
Reesie Dindal, 7 Taylor Bouknight,7
"I would go to

"I would go to a deDisney land."
serted island and sur with my cousins."

Emily Sulpizio Sydney Supowit Danielle Szabo Jordan Szajner Rebecca Talkin Kevin Tanner
William Tarella Kyle Taylor Myla Tayoba Anthony Terranova Matthew Thompson Nathan Thompson
Leah Throckmorton Allison Toledo Jolyne Torres Adam Tratner Henry Trejo Manuel Trujillo
Thuc Truong Gregory Tufts-Mollison Andrew Uberstine Laci Ulrich Elizabeth Uno Alexa Updegrapt
Denisse Urquieta Juan Valadez Patrick Valaika Ruben Valles Amanda Van Boxtel Matthew Van Der
Velde Chelsea Van Name Leo Vannini Ricardo Vasquez Lauren Vega David Vera Brian Vicari
Maddie Condo, 8
"l would go bungee jumping because it's cool."
Stephanie Villa Sarai Villasenor Gina Vinatieri Alexandria Vintimilla Robert Viramontes Brittany Voth
Clint Wachter Joshua Wagner Nadim Wariq Zachary Wathen Jade Watson Cameron West
Karlie West Dylan Wheatley
Amy Whelan Katherine White Tyler Whitefield
Kali Whitehurst
Jordan Williams Carly Wilson Jacob Wilson Scott Wolf Cynthia Wood Madison Wood
Kyle Wright Nathan Wright Evan Yakel Hye Yoon Kyle Zada Sebastian Zambrano

What is your favorite holiday and why?
Carly Wilson, 8

Cynthia Wood, 8
"I like Christmas because
"I like New Year's
I get tons of presents."
cause I get to party."
"My favorite holiday is "My favorite holiday is St. Patrick's Day because Easter because I like we get to wear green." eggs."
-Lauren Gilmore, 8 -Kirsten Nicolaisen.8

"July 4th is the best be"I like Christmas because cause we watch aweI get to spend time with some fireworks." my family."
-Brittany Voth, 8 -Kelli Goss, 8

Ruben Orana, 7

Brad Picard, 7
"My favorite holiday is
"My absolute favorite
holiday is Hanukkah."
Each teacher on the Adventurers team helps students to succeed in every way they can.
Go Adventurers!
Q: What is the best thing you like about team ATTITUDE and why?
A: The teachers because they are
really nice. -Krystal Artman
Attitude Adventure, Teamwork, Trust, Integrity, Talent, Understanding, Daring, Enthusiastic
Mrs. Reed

This is a picture of everyone on team CREW.
Kids are hard at work in Mr. Schindewolf's science class.

Team Crew's Teachers are Mrs. McCall, Mrs. Daily, And Mr. Schindewolf.
Mrs. Daily's students are working hard on their Manors project.
Team Crew's history teacher, Mrs. Daily.
Tim Crews

7th Grade
Beta Abdolahi Jason Aguilar Oscar Aguilar Patricia Aguilar Henry Aguirre Tucker Aguirre Guadalupe Albarran
Pearl Aldridge Miranda Alliston Micah Altman Jessica Amaya Blake Anderson Brianna Anderson Jonathan Anderson
Lauren Anderson Tianah Anderson Ricardo Antunez Carlos Arceo Karen Arechiga Ivette Arteaga Krystal Artman
Jeffrey Asher Nicholas Ashworth Liliana Avila Anne Baker Hannah Baker Andres Baltazar Dulce Banuelos
Alixandria Barnum Karina Barragan Pedro Barrios Perla Barrios Rubi Barrios Samuel Bashor Alexander Beaulieu
Alexander Beauregard Camille Beck Justin Beirold Kevin Belanger Wilson Bellows Serena Beloro Fernando Bernabe
Steve Bernal
Amanda Besa Neftaly Betancourt Steven Beydler Nickolas Bianco
Everett Bichara Melissa Bicknell
Thomas Bilbo Rachel Bledy Robert Block Desiree Bloom Leah Blumenthal Amber Bock Chelsea Bogert
Jack Boone Judge Boothby Taylor Bouknight Douglas Boyle James Braaten Morgan Braly Tyler Bridston
Joshua Brillantes Taylor Britt Joseph Brittain Andrew Brown Heather Brown Joshua Brown Sage Brown
Jose Bucio Patrick Burgess Samantha Burghout Christopher Bustamante Abigail Cano Lance Cardey Brenna Carlson
Juan Carrera Morgan Casebolt Lauren Cassis Yvonne Castaneda Andres Castro Marilene Castro Shelby Caudle
Angelica Cervantes Vanessa Cervantes April Chama Rachael Champion Melissa Chang Omar Chaparro Arturo Chavez
Marco Chavez Erika Christopher Edward Cisneroz Aaron Clark Travis Clark Nicholas Cogswell Aurielle Conroy
John Cornelius Eddie Corona Erick Corona Maria Corona Jessica Coronado Amanda Corr Adam Correa
Kenneth Costanzo Christina Coughlin Amanda Cowan James Cox Shealyn Cox Annie Crevier Thaddeus Crockett

Megan Cruz Liam Cruz-Kelly Nicholas Czarnick Alexandria Davis Eric Davis Lane DeBellis Jesse Deering
Danielle De La Torre Marina Delgado Roman Delgado Jonald Del Rosario Aj De Mayo Morganne De Simone Beau De Stefani
Brandon Diaz Elias Diaz Daniel Dietz Marice Dindal Haley Dolan Alexandra Dominguez Carley Druschen
Kellie Due Rachel Duncan Connor Edwards Eryn Eledge Lauren Ellis Jasmine Enright J aide Esparza
Justin Espinosa Brianna Estrada Daniel Estrada Kortney Eurton McKenna Fairchild Christina Falcone Sam Falcone
Juan Falla Nikalette Farrow Kevin Felt Mallory Fencil Anthony Fernandez Katherine Finnigan Darlene Flores
Eleazar Flores Jacqueline Flores Jose Flores Kelvin Flores John Foley Kenneth Fountain Jose Franco
Markus Fromm Samantha Fructuoso Danielle Galdos Maricruz Gama Andrea Garcia Miguel Garcia Melissa Garcia de Leon
Alejandro Gavilan Dylan Gentner Alexander Gertsch Leonard Gibbs Paris Gilbert Chelsea Ginex Kennedy Girard
Tyler Glasnow Mariah Glasshoff Samuel Goldman Iveth Gomez Diana Gonzalez Edith Gonzalez Jazmin Gonzalez
Jessica Gonzalez Sergio Gonzalez Vanessa Gonzalez Hayley Good Jennifer Goodfellow Garrett Gooding Blaire Goodrick
Kyle Goodridge Trevor Gothie Addisen Graeber John Green Jack Greiner Bethany Grimes Jack Grosskopf
Maria Gutierrez Jesus Gutierrez-Chavez Evelyn Guzman Karen Guzman Luke Hammer Emma Hanashiro Kyle Hand
Nancy Harris Michael Harrison Rebecca Hartzler Nicholette Haslock Amanda Hawkins Emily Hearne Paulina Hechavarria
Cody Hegel Jordan Hegge Rebecca Heilbrw1 Ashley Heinzel Elizabeth Henry Gerardo Hernandez Anthony Herrera
David Hertel Tylor Higgins Matthew Holcombe Mark Hovey Melissa Hovey Bryan Howell Jeremy Hudson
Jennifer Hung Kirby Hutton
Andrew Hutzel
Elena Inamine David Jacomb Carlos Jaimes David Jaimes
Ingrid Jelderks Thomas Jentis Chelsea Johnson Corinne Johnson Kelly Jolliffe Alicia Jones Hallie Joslin
Andrea Kamstra Heela Kang William Kang Katelyn Kenedy Grayson King Caitlin Klinedinst Nichole Knight
Austin Kowalczyk Robert Kraskian Benjamin Kret Kelley Kreutter Joshua Kroll Adisa Kruayatidee Richard Kuehn
Brandon Lake Lauren Lamster Britney Lazear Juliana Lefko Kathryn Leon Jonathan Levy Claire Liechti
Trevor Lien Jonathan Lin Heather Lincoln Emma Lindborg Taylor Linden Benjamin Lopez Iris Lopez
J ameice Lopez Laura Lopez Andres Lozano Catherine Luna-Cruz Jerry Lung Jamie Madden Jesseann Maquindang
Samuel Marino Amanda Marotta Anais Marquez Catherine Martin Cesar Martinez Cesar Martinez Deanna Martinez
Itzel Martinez Jennifer Martinez Jose Martinez Manuel Martinez Jake Marton Marta Massoodnia Eduardo Mata
Erica Matsubara Ashley Mayer Thomas McCarthy Jeffrey McCulley Tiffany McGraw Krista McMullen Angelica Medaglia-Herrera
Renton Medcalf Joshua Medoff Allison Mendoza Brenda Merchan Dayton Meyer Jose Meza Dylan Miller
Kelsey Molidor
Erik Moller Salena Montero David Montoya Geoffrey Moore Amber Morales
Paola Morales
Mariana Moreno Kelsey Morgan Dillon Morris Kacy Morris Maddison Mott Loy Mueller Nicholas Muinos
Kevin Munn Aurelio Munoz Jose Murcia Christopher Myers Rudolph Nardone Lisa Nathan Cristian Navarro
Candice Nelson Brock Ng Harrison Nguyen Griffin Nichols Haley Niner Jason Nitcha Daniel Nolasco
Ryan Oakey Karla Ochoa Alyssa Olinger Alexa Oliver Miguel Olivera Bryanna Ontiveros Esmeralda Ontiveros

Yadira Rosales Yadira Rosdles Steven Rosso Tori Rost Caitlin Rudd David Ruiz Yomali Ruiz
Breanna Rutherford Shelly Sachdeva Maclovio Saldana Parisa Saleki Eduardo Salgado Anayeli Salinas Giovanni Salinas
Maria Salinas Javier Sanchez Sergio Sanchez-Gonzalez Gustavo Santana Noe Santana Gema Santana-Castillo Shelby Santre
Shannon Scantland Samantha Schell Alexander Schindler Colton Schwartz Jeffrey Scofield Hayden Scott Alexis Sedivec
Carla Senas Dong Seo Imhotep Shabazz Pallavi Sharma Luis Sheldon Bethany Shemanski Zachary Sibek
Colin Sickafoose Patricia Silva Riley Slater Sean Smalstig Holly Snelson Ryan Sojka Wesley Solorio
Gilberto Soltero Mackenzie Soper Lucio Sosa Anthony Soto Gemma Soto Johnny Soto Luisa Soto
Ryan Spencer Blythe Spendlove Sarah Spendlove Alexander Sparrer Cole Springer Jordan Stairs Madyson Statley

Hannah Stern Mackenzie Stevens Danny Stevenson Abigail Stewart Garrett Stoudt Liam Stuart Carina Suarez
Elizabeth Susdorf Nicole Szabo Abigail Taft Sarahi Tapia Yerusalem Tapia Salvatore Tardibuono Miky Tayoba
Isai Tellez Justin Tenney Alexander Tenorio Megan Thomas Jakeob Thurlow Kevin Tran Andrew Trejo
Matthew Trejo Kaitlyn Tremblay Katelyn Trevino Ever Trompisto Drew Troxell Keriann Uno Jessica Vairo
Maria Valadez Cristina Valencia Julian Valencia Jacob Valleau Connor Van Leeuwen Chelsea Vannoy Kathryn Vargas
Adrian Vasquez Jett Vera Jose Vidrio-Valenzuela Marius Vilkas Marko Villafana Erik Vogel Ryan W aasdorp
Ronny Wafford Wyatt Wagner Jordan Walsh Cassandra Wambsgans Christopher Ward Alexander Warham Timothy Waschak
Jacob Wathen Selena Watson Allyson Weber Adam Weisberg Stephanie Whitlatch Jaqueline Wiatt Megan Williams
Evan Winger Tyger Wish Robert Witkowski Cheyenne Wood Chelsea Woodall Ashley Woodford Oliver Woodhead


Peer pressure, drugs, and alcohol abuse are three major issues students at Placerita will soon have to face. Ms. Abbott teaches the 7th grades about these issues so they can avoid going downthe wrong path.

Students take notes about drugs and peer pressure.
Teen Issues

Q: What was your favorite project in Teen Issues?
A: I liked the drug research project because I learned a lot of stuff. -Griffin Nicholas

Q: What do you like about Teen Issues and why?
A: Ms Abbott lets you talk and she's funny. -Beta Abdolahi Q:What's your favorite thing about foods?

A: Eating what you make.
Richard Seo Grade 7

Mrs. Patten

Mr. Hampton is the Industrial Arts teacher. He teaches wood shop, aviation, and metal.

Industrial Arts
Blake Anderson is working very (Right) Mr. Hampton is explainhard on his metal project. ing to Jackie Wiatt how to begin her project.

What was your favorite tool you used?
"The hammer because you can hit things with it."
-Nathan Pedrick

(Left) Mr. Hampton is giving an (Above) Wendy Orellana is meaexplanation for what they will be suring her metal. doing for the rest of the class.

Jordan Mickimmy and Angelo Romanelli strike a pose for the camera.

What is your favorite type of art? Abstract art. -Mr. Shaheen

Art is a useful way to bring color to your life. So the students in art work hard to make their work look great. A lot of color is used in this fun class and it is a fun way of learning something new.
In Science project students are taught the scientific design process. Mr. Van Dyke works with the students on several projects including paper airplane design and testing, and soda bottle rocket design.
Marshall Esparrago

Q. What was your favorite project in Physics?
A. The rocket project because it was fun and I liked flying them.
Andrew Uberstein

Q. What was your favorite project in Physics?
A. The Bridge project because I liked building the bridge ans seeing whose project was the best built.

Science Project

Mrs. McCall is the PEACE teacher.

Students in PEACE learning about diversity.

Students working on their PEACE assignments.

Students in PEACE learn how to get along with others.

Mrs.Patten teaches students how to sew through a variety of difficult projects.

Above: Mrs.Patten lectures the
L:Mrs.Patten gives sewing
students in her sewing class about
tips and advice to a student.
various elements of the art of sewing.
Mrs. Sucheck teaches these talented, hardworking students various dance combinations, and prepares them for the dance show at the end of the year.

What is your favorite dance move? "My favorite dance move is the pique."
-Breena Beckett

What is your favorite part of advanced dance class? "The best part of intermediate dance is that i get to hang out with my friends and dance with them."
K "l G d

Why did you decide to take
Spanish? So I can talk to people when I older. -Davis Page

What is your favorite part of Spanish? My favorite part is when we have to talk to the teacher in Spanish.
-Kate White Students in French are working hard thier projects.

What is your favorite part of French? Bingo, it helps us learn the words faster and its fun.Kyle Zada


Pilar Penaranda
Q: Who or what inspired you to sing?
A: My mom and my grandma they've always told me to work for what I want.

Cynthia Wood
Q: What do you like about being in Chorus and why? A:The singing because you are able to sing as loud as you want

Alex Dominguez
Q: Who or what inspired you to sing?
A: My mom and my grandparents.

Row 1: Ingrid Jelderks, Kirsten Nicholaisen, Becky Kennedy, Pilar Penaranda, Spencer Gaman , Danni Sickafoose, Alex Dominguez, Colin Sickafoose, Catherine Martin, Hallie Joslin, and Blythe Spendlove.
, Row 2: Renne Rose, Sarah Castiel, Hayley Good, Emilia Cedron, Amanda Eyrich, Cythhia Wood, Taylor Linden Melianie Onnen, Kayce Perkins, Lillian Prolux, Celia Goldberg, Katie Trevino, Sarah Spendlove, Jonathar Ewart, Becca Nicholson, Hye Jeong Yoon, and Amber Bock. Row 3: Brenna Carlson, Lindsey Jones, Hanna! Baker, Ashley Jones, Madison Wood, Chelsey Rader, Lisa Nathan, Anne Susdorf, Corinne Johnson, Monk Castillo, Nathan Lusk, Destiny Greco, Ashley Motschenbacher, Sam Fleischer, Michael Fernandez, Eric, Nelson, Emily Harer, and Chelsea Johnson. Row 4: Laci Ulrich, Leslie Drescher, Dylan Cadwell, Katelyr Williams, Lauren Ratliff, Megan Fick, Jessica Vario, Ashley Nord, Brianna Mihn, and Oliva Rodriquez.

Over the years, Ms. Supla has worked hard to perfect her chorus. Every note must ber exact and all the words must be memorized. Her students work extremly hard all year to prepare for their semi-annual concert
a n
Students enjoy practicing very hard to improve their performances by the end of the year.


What do you like the most about being in orchestra? "I like enjoy playing the violin, and reading a variety of songs."

Why did you choose to join orchestra? "My friends wanted me to join, and I didn't want to take PEACE class."
-Ben Evans

"Let the music fill
your sou.1 -Mrs. Spula

The beginning band's students are working very hard learning new songs. Ms. Spula also works very hari teaching them. She prepares them for performances later in the year. With Ms. Spula's teachings, these studenli will have a great performance.
Students work hard perfecting Ms. Spula works very hard contheir performances ducting her students
The students work hard and enjoy learning new songs.
These advanced band members are hard at work playing their flutes and preparing for an upcoming performance.
Below are some students playing their clarinets. The music they make is to be appreciated by many.

These students (above) love to play with their instruments, which are clarinets and saxophones. Theypractice every day in Ms. Spula's classroom and at home.
Advanced Band
Ms. Spula is conducting her advanced band students while they play their various instruments, including flutes, saxophones, and more. Ms. Spula is very proud of her gifted young musicians, because they work hard and strive to be the best they can be.

"My favorite part of a need band is ching movies in class." -Daniel Botello, 8th grade

Brian King's favorite song to play on percus
sion is called
"J?riving the ufumin; Machines."
Konrad Antoniuk enjoys taking tests in advanced band.
,yan Viramontes, preferred song to play on his saxoohone is called '1Best of Queen."

Yearbook Staff


The amazing 2005-2006 yearbook staff, with enthusiasm, hard work, and a vision, did a wonderful job in creating this book. Taking pictures, planning layouts, and meeting deadlines were important responsibilities that they met performing 100% each and every time. With their dedication, they made a memorable yearbook. Scott and Gabrielle deserve special thanks for their leadership and patience. Thank you Miss Allsman for your sales and distribution, support, and sincere gratitude to all the Placerita staff in making this yearbook possible.
Kaitlin, Moriah, Maren, and Ken are definitely having fun!

Scott Strange and Gabrielle Kavounas, the editors of the yearbook.

Tiffany and Calli are proving that yearbook is a blast.
Caitlin Klinedinst, Jordan Walsh, and Nicole Prichard are the new editors-inr training.
Amanda Austel, Holly Avery, Sarah Caduff, Kathryn Cassidy, Tiffany Claiborne, Andrew Costella, Melissa Donner, Kaitlin Flores, Calli Foster, Julianna Gabler, Maren George, Raveena Gill, Kenneth Gonzalez, Tanvi Joshi, Melissa Kaufler, Gabrielle Kavounas, Caitlin Klinedinst, Catherine Moran, Lindsay Osterman, Chadwick Phillips, Nicole Prichard, Moriah Rosen, Leilani Saentong, Kaitlyn Schaffer, Scott Strange, Mrs. Schindewolf, Jordan Walsh

Chad and Holly are working hard.

Natalie Kline loved;ii]::)lanning;, the brunch activities most.
Ka tie SchneidJt' liked to input her ideas for what to do fQr schoot activities.
Maddie Mc Keon's,favorite brunch activity was putting hair dye on the PE teachers.

activity was the pie throw."
-Nick Ferry
The ASB members include: Kara Almond, Katie Arpaia, Dulce Banuelos, Ryan Briggs, Herbert Bucaro, Brittany Costanzo, Siobhan Cruz-Kelly, Olivia Dassler, Sidney Davis, Anthony Fernandez, Nick Ferry, Dylan Gentner, Lee Gomez, Blaire Goodrick, Marisol Guzman, Mitchell Heimann, Natalie Kline, Adisa Kruayatidee, maddie Mc Keon, Kacy Morris, Francesca Mueller, Christopher Myers, Candice Nelson, Alexandra Parr, Vanessa Perez, Matt Plaia, Chad Reyes, Kaylie Santos, Katie Schneider, Kristi Schneider, Hayden Scott, Madyson Stately, Hannah Stern, Patrick Stroh, Rebecca Talkin, Allison Toledo, Chelsea Van Name, lauren Vega, Allyson Weber, and Scotty Wolf. Mrs. Tait leads ASB meetings.

Most of the students involved in ASB are Nick Ferry, Allison Toledo, and Chelsea representatives. A few, however, hold more Van Name are activities commissioners, demanding positions. For instance, Kara Rebecca Talkin is the treasurer, and Olivia Almond is the president, and Scotty Wolf is Dassler is the secretary. the vice-president.

At the left, Olivia, Allison, and Maddie are working hard on a project in the ASB classroom.
responsible for planning school dances, brunch activities, and other school activities.

The S.T.O.P members are playing a game called "Let's Party." These 8th graders teach the 7th graders games and other meaningful lessons about peer pressure and communication skills.
These students are playing the game called human knot. Many of the games they play are based on ways to solve problems like rumors and bully troubles.

stands for "solving together our problems," and that's just what the kids involved in

do. With Mrs. Summers to guide them, these 8th graders mediate other students with conflicts and much more.


"My favorite game to play in S.T.O.P is human knot."

-Allison ToledQ;


What Ryan Briggs loves most about
S.T.0 .P is the friends
he made.
ali Whitehurst' s

favorite game to play is called "Smile If You love Me."

doing adiviti with her friends in S:T.O.P, and she also enjoyed the
game "human knot."

Physical Education

Q. What is the funniest momentinP.E. that you have experienced?
A. When Mr. Cota seriously thought that Tom Kalustian was in
Nakashima intermediate dance!! 8th

Q. What sport would you participate in if you had a choice?
A. Dance all year!! Sara Sanders 8th

:,Jv1y fa,;yorit~ part l!11of Kit) FLI~ is being with the p'eople, as well as c1pchoring Miner ' 111i'Morning JIW:" --Sara Sanders
Every year, select Kid
liit?C mei;lbers tne STN (Stude ~i~ion ~ .i,~ork t~rence"@~fi A

Tnere tney participate ario~,$ cont~.$.t~
Kid Fl'ix is an extracurricular program where students learn the basics of producing TV shows. Kid Flix produces Miner Morning TV, a daily morning news program. In addition, Kid Flix creates Placerita Survivor, Placerita Challenge, and Miner Morning TV for Parents.

Kid Flix
(Above) The Kid Fllix Studios (Left) An anchor types up the script.

Mrs. Schindewolf is in charge of Art Smart. She shares her passion for art with these Placerita students.
All of the students who participate in Art Smart are very talented artists. Art is a great way to express yourself.
Clay is a very messy tool, as you can see in the picture above, but you can make beautiful pieces of art with clay.
Art Smart is an after school program. Students can come in whenever they like, and Mrs. Schindewolf lets them create art masterpieces in her classroom. They use many different types of mediums, including clay, pencils, paints, and much more.
This drama class helps students to fulfill their dreams as becoming good actors and actresses.


The staff works diligently to make the magazine enjoyable to read.
Mrs. Howard is the Literary Magazine advisor and guides the staff to make a wonderful magazine.

The staff works hard at one of their meetings to make the magazine more enjoyable.

Literary Magazine .
Abdolahi, Beta Aguilar, Patricia Aldridge, Pearl Alliston, Miranda Anderson, Jonathan Anderson, Lauren Anderson, Tianah Artman, Krystal Asher, Jefferey Baker, Anne Baker, Hannah Beaulieu, Alexander Besa, Amanda Beydler, Steven Bledy, Rachel Block, Rachel Block, Robert Boothby, Judge Bouknight, Taylor Braaten, James Braly, Morgan Bridston, Tyler Brown, Andrew Brown, Sage Cardey, lance Carlson, Brenna Cassis, Lauren Caudle, Shelby Cervantes, Vanessa Chang, Melissa Chavez, Arturo Clark, Travis Cogswell, Nicholas Corr, Amanda Correa, adam Coughlin, Christina Cowan, Amanda Crockett, Thaddeus Cruz, Megan
Cruz-Kelly, Liam Czamick, Nicholas Davis, Eric De Bellis, Lane De La Torre, Danielle De Simone, Morganne Deering, Jesse Del Rosario, Jonald Dietz, Daniel Dominguez, Alexandra Druschen, Carley Due, Kellie Edwards, Connor Eledge, Eryn Fairchild, McKenna Falcone, Christina Falcone, Samuel Fencil, Mallory Fernandez, Anthony Finnigan, Katherine Flores, Kelvin Fountain, Kenneth Fromm, Markus Fructuoso, Samantha Galdos, Danielle Gentner, Dylan Gertsch, Alexander Gibbs, Leonard Gilbert, Paris Goldman, Samuel Gonzalez, Diana Good, Hayley Goodfellow, Jennifer Gooding, Garrett Goodrick, Blaire Goodrick, Kyle Graeber, Addisen Grimes, Bethany
Hammer, Luke Hanashiro, Emma Harris, Nancy Hartzler, Rebecca Hearne, Emily Hechavarria, Paulina Hegel, Cody Heilbrun, Rebecca Heinzel, Ashley Henry, Elizabeth Hovey, Melissa howell, Bryan Hung, Jennifer lnamine, Elena Jacomb, David Jaimes, Carlos Jelderks, Ingrid Johnson, Chelsea Johnson, Corinne Jolliffe, Kelly
N. J. H. S.
7th graders work hard to maintain at least a 3.5 GPA to stay on NJHS (National Junior Honor Society). In addition, they also have to get at least ten hours of community service.
Kenneth, Katelyn Klinedinst, Caitlin Kroll, Joshua Kruayatidee, Adisa Kuehn, Richard Levy, Jonathan Lien, Trevor Lin, Jonathan Linden, Taylor Lung, Jerry Marino, Samuel Marotta, Amanda Martin, Catherine Martinez, Deanna Marton, Jake Massoodnia, Marta Mayer, Ashl'ey Mc earthy, Thomas Mc Graw, Tiffany Medoff, Joshua
Merchan, Brenda Molidor, Kelsey Moore, Geoffrey Morales, Amber Moreno, Mariana Morris, Kacy Mueller, Loy Myers, Christopher Nardone, Rudolph Nathan, Lisa Nelson, Candice Olinger, Alyssa Ortiz, ltzel Parr, Alexander Percivalle, Donald Perez, Vanessa Perkins, Kayce Posey, Kevin Prichard, Nicole Radisich, Christopher Reader, Sean Rege , Evan Ritz, Matthew Rodriguez, Olivia Rodriguez, Rosa Rosso, Steven Rost, Tori Rudd, Caitlin Ruiz, Yomali Sachdeva, Shelly Santana-Castillo, Gema Santre, Shelby Scatland, Shannon Schindler, Alexander Scofield, Jeffrey Scott, Hayden Sharma, Pallavi Snelson, Holly
Sojka, Ryan Soto, Anthony Spendlove, Blythe Spendlove, Sarah Sparrer, Alexander Statley, Madyson Stern, Hannah Stewart, Abigail Stoudt, Garrett Suarez, Carina Susdorf, Elizabeth Szabo, Nicole Taft, Abigail Tapia, Sarahi Tayoba, Miky Tran, Kevin Trejo, Matthew Troxell, Drew Troy, David Uno, Keriann Vairo, Jessica Valleau, Jacob Vilkas, Marius Vogel, Erik Walsh, Jordan Wambsgans, Cassandra Ward , Christopher Warham, Alexander Watson, Selena Weber, Allyson Wiatt, Jaqueline Williams, Megan Winger, Evan Witkowski, Robert Wynn , Stewart Xu , Angeline Xue, Daniel

Acton , Erin Agren, Ashley Aguayo, Gilberto Almond , Kara Antoniuk, Konrad Arnone, Taylor Asi , Stephanie Austel , Amanda Avakian , Melody Avery, Holly Baden, David Bahena, Nancy Ballew, Brittany Bang , Jonathan Beckett, Breena Berlin, Cody Botello, Daniel Bottenfield, Joshua Boyd, Benjamin Boyer, Chelsea Brady, Kiana Briggs, Ryan Briones, Wggdin Brown , Machenzie Brumleve, Michael Bucaro, Herbert Caduff, Sarah Caprine, John Cassidy, Kathryn Castaneda, Robert Castiel, Sarah Castillo, Monica Cedron , Emilia Chavez, Angelica Claiborne, Tiffany Coffey, Cody Combs, Laura Condo, Madilyne Cook, Kyle Cornelius, Emily Costanzo, Brittany
Costello, Andrew Cruz-Kelly, Sioban Czamick, Eric Dassler, Olivia David , Casey David, Brian Davis, Jennifer Davis, Mia Davis, Sydney Diaz, Josue Donner, Melissa Dortch, John Eisen , Adam Ernstmeyer, Jessica Estrada, Lauren Ewart, Jonathan Eyrich, Amanda Fairchild, William Farr, Justin Fernandez, Michael Ferry, Nicholas Fick, Katelyn Fitzgerald, Lauryn Fitzgerald, Nicole Fleischer, Samuel Flores, Kaitlin Foley, James Foster, Calli Frayer, Ryan Gabler, Julianna Gage, Austin Galedo, Bridget George, Maren Gilmore, Lauren . Giordano, Kailey Glogow, Demi Gonzalez, Jonathan Goss, Kelli Graeber, Maxwell Gunning, Alex Gusler, Kathryn
Hammer, Michael Hanks, Justin Henningfield, Whitney Hsu , Billy Huff, Carrie Humphrey, Jonathan lndermill, Megan Jamgochian, Jennifer Johnston, Alexis Jones, Ashley Jones, Hunter Joshi, Tanvi Kalustian , Thomas Kappen , Tyler Kasdorf, Ryan Kavounas, Gabrielle Kennedy, Alexander Khajavi , Nelly Kiernan , Sean King , Brian King , Molly Kline, Natalie Kline, Tess Koehler, Jessica Kolodney, Austin Krego, Angela Kret, Kayla Kwon , Hye Rin
N. J. H. S.
8th graders strive to meet the requirements of NJHS which include keeping at least a 3.5 GPA and doing ten hours of community service.
Langlois, Kristi Laser, Wyatt Lazo, Keirin Libby, Jason Lincoln , Morgan Lindahl, Tyler Lukk, Huston Lusk, Nathan Lynn, Daniel Magallanes, Melinda Magers, Emily Martin, Jonathan Massoodnia, Roxanna Mc Bride, Starlena Mc Kee, Amanda Mc Kenna, Kelsey Mc Kean , Madelyn Mc Namara, Maris Mennell, Sarah Middleton , Jordan Miller, Kelli Miranda, Yvonne Moeller, Janell Mooney, Morgan Motoyasu , Nicole Motschenbach, Ashley Mueller, Francesca Nakashima, Michelle Nelson, Erica
Ng, Victoria Nicolaisen, Kirsten Nims, Sarah Nissen, Christina Nyotta, Kevin Ollis, Emily Onnen, Melanie Oseas, Rachel Palma, Juan Pedrick, Nathan Penaranda, Pilar Pereyda, Joana Phillips, Chadwick Plaia, Matthew Poitevint, Jennifer Poleman , Rachel Prieto, Alexander Proulx, Lillian Pruden, David Putting, Charles Ramirez, Natlaie Ramsey, Carly Reddick, Brittani Reyes, Joseph Rieck, Kathryn Rose, Renee Rosen , Moriah Rost, Blake Rubin , Jenna Ruiz, Karina Russell , Hannah Sachs, Robin Saentong, Leilani Sage, Madeline Salazar, Kassandra Sameyah, Rebecca Sanders, Sara Santos, Kaylie Schaffer, Kaitlyn Schneider, Katherine Schneider, Kristin
Sharp, Andrew Shaw, Steven Solano, Raquel Solis, Dawn Marie Stafford, Lauren Stafford, Michael Strange, Scott Struble, Bethany Sulpizio, Emily Supowit, Sydney Szabo, Danielle Talkin , Rebeca Tanner, Kevin Tayoba, Myla Throckmorton, Leah Toledo, Allison Tratner, Adam Truong , Thuc Uberstine, Andrew Ulrich, Laci Uno, Elizabeth Valaika, Patrick Van Der Velde, matthew Van name, Chelsea Vannini , Leo Vega, Lauren Vera, David Villa, Stephanie Viramontes, Robert Voth , Brittany Wachter, Clint Wagner, Josh West, Karlie White, Katherine Whitehurst, Kali Wolf, Scott Wood , Madison Yoon , Hye Jeong Zada, Kyle Zimmerman , Caitlyn

Nathan Wright and Alex Kennedy dress up in their unique costumes for Halloween.

Many students enjoy being part of the annual Halloween Costume Contest during brunch.

Joe enjoyed dressing up as the Incredible Hulk on Halloween and he participated in the Costume Contest.
Best Personality:
, Scotty Wolf and Ashley Roman
Matthew Plaia and Gustavo Ramirez and Emily Cornelios win ~endy Canelas w,~n Most Likely to "BeSt Laugh." Most AthleticBest Dancer. Succeed:

Eighth Grade

Science Wiz:
Sam Hauss and
Emily Maloney
Austin Gage and Tess .Most Generous: Most Likely to win Kline win Rodrigo Canova and
Best Smile:
James Foley and Mary Hernandez
Joshua Bottonfield and .Most Likely to have a Sydney Supowit win
Best Selling Album:
"Most Artistic."
Sam Fleischer and Pilar

Valentines Week 06
At Placerita, the students participate in a spirit week. Some of the activities include a brunch activity, a blue day, candy grams, backwards shirt day, and crazy hair/sock day.

Mix It Up Day
Left and below:Students of Placerita show respect to each other and nobully week.

Left:No-name calling week(no
bully week) helps students eat
lunch together, shown here.
Below: Girls show some personality and participate in No Bully Week.

Above:Students crowd to talk.
Left:Girls are eating lunch honoring No Name-Calling Week.
Left:Scenes like the one acted out here are not allowed at Placerita. No Bully Week has helped prevent vio
lence and bullies all over campus.

Mr.Lopez was dressed as Cher by the ventriliquist.
Terry Fator had many puppets that performed for Placerita students.
Students wait at the front of the school to be picked up for the Limo Lunch.
The students that sold a certain amount of magazines got the chance to leave school. They went to the mall ,had lunch, and shopped most of the day away.
Limosines are waiting outside Placerita Junior High to pick up the priveleged students to transport them to the mall.
Can You Guess Which Teacher...
1. Toby 2. Theodore, Millie, and Tillie 3. Sammy
7. Taipei and Shanghai 8. Raine 10. Maggie
... Belongs To Which Pet? (Answers on page 131)
A. Mrs. Schindewolf B. Mrs. Reed C. Mr. Slater

D. Mrs. Sucheck E. Mrs. Ranger F. Mr. McCall G. Mrs. Bastiaans

H. Mrs. Lathrop I. Mrs. Patten J. Mr. Lemaster

Did you know... the 4th Earl of sandwich invented the sandwich so he could eat and gamble at the same time??
Did you know... A compass needle doesn't point directly North??
C__;'Disco" means "I
---;c lear " L t ??
e n 1n a1n..
Did you know... The first VCR was made in 1956 and was the size of a piano??

Student Of

The Month
Alexandra Dominguez . Loy Mueller Konrad Antoniuk
Nicholas Muinos Herbert Bucaro Nathan Lusk
Cesar Ortiz Mark Hovey Judge Boothby
Kathryn Cassidy Kelvin Flores Oswaldo Reyes
Chelsea Van Name Roger Perez Vanessa Cervantes
Rafael Romero Emily Ollis Samantha Fructuoso
Tess Kline Chelsea Boyer Juan Jimenez

Governing Board, 2006
Front Row (left to right) : Gloria Mercado-Fortine, Patricia Hanrion. Back Row (left to right): Steven Sturgeon, Paul Strickland, Jaime Castellanos, Dennis King, Lee Patterson.

What's Your Favorite?


Live for today like
What's your favorite school memory?
there's no tomorrow.

What's your favorite school activity?
What's your favorite movie?

What's your favorite book?
What's your favorite food?
What's your favorite song?

What Do
Winner Runner Up
Verizon Cingular
Winner Runner Up
Winner Runner Up
Personality Looks

Which cell phone company do you like best?
Which college do you want to go to?
What do you look for in a girl?

You Think?

Where do you like to hang out?
Hanging out at the mall

What do you look for in a guy? Looks

Who do you think is going to win the Super Bowl?
Steelers Runner Up

At my house
Runner Up

Runner Up

3-0 ~ '8-6 '8-8 '1-L 'a -g 'r-s '.::1-v 'V-8 '0-c 'H-~ (siad ,SJ84~B8j_)
a5-ed WOJJ SJ8MSU'ef

Business Ads

Medieval Times

Seventh grade students enjoyed an exciting field trip to Medieval Times. This field trip also included a dinner and a performance by the staff. This was a fun and educational experience for some of our seventh grade students here at Placerita Junior High School.

What was your favorite part of Medieval Times?
The Tournament Edwardo Mata
What color team were you on?
Blue Team Madyson Statley
(Right) First, Second, and Third place winners hold up their trophies and smile for the camera.
(Right) All participants inthe Placerita Spelling Bee.

Contestants line up to shake Mr. Capper's hand.


Carrie, We are so proud of your
Tyler we are all so proud of
success in school. Your
your grades and
determination and effort are
accomplishments. Keep it up
never less than 100%. We love
at West Ranch.
to see you shine!

Love, Dad
Love, Dad, Mom, Katie and Roxy

Always have fun in learning,
Congratulations on 2 great years
have fun in High School. We'll
at Placerita. You're going to do
always be proud of who you are!
great at Hart.
Congratulations, Love Mom and
Love Mom, Dad, Sarah and

Leo-Time moves quickly ...
Congratulations on a job well Aclele is off to college and you
are beginning high school! Work
Love Mom, Dad, Alex and T
hard, have fun, be generous ... Bone
We love you very much. Mom and Dad

We are all very proud of all you have achieved at Placerita. Keep
Jonathan, playing your music and have fun
We are so proud of you. Good in High School!
luck at Hart! Go Titans + USC! With love-Daddy, Mommy,
Love Mom, Dad and Jessica Jonathan and all your grandparents
"Bonshiqua Shaniqua Latifa

Tyler, Congratulations! YouJackson" always shine and make us(aka Wilbur) We are very proud proud. Good Luck in everythingof your commitment to your faith you do!
and yourself.
Love, Love, Mom, Dad, KC, & TrevorYour Proud Family
Cody-you have grown a lot since You have grown so much this then-keep smiling, laughing and
year and we're so proud of you. enjoying life on your path to
We wish you great success and success.
happy times at Hart High. We Love,
love you! Mom, Rich, Cade, and C.J.
Mom and Dad
Congrats Gabrielle, Enjoy this moment. Your work Spencer thanks for being my and accomplishment are a greatsister and my best friend.
start toward lifelong learning. We Love Aubree
are very proud of you . Love, Mama, Baba, and Athena
Sydney, Cast your doubts aside, the
Way to go! We are all very proud future are yours. We're all so
of what you have accomplished very proud of you and your
at Placerita. Keep up the hard accomplishments (knees & all)
work at Hart High and have fun! Love,
Love, Mom, Dad , Scott, and Eric Mom, Dad and Jake

Brian, you have done a great job. We are very proud of you. Love, Your Family You are an awesome child. Congrats on your grades. You Laci "Rock" and we love you very much. Love Mom & Dad Ulrich
We are so proud of you ! You have accomplished a lot in these past 2 years. Always keep pushing yourself to reach the top. Love you much Mom, Dad & Alyssa Dear Chris, We are so proud of you and your accomplishments! Keep studying and never lose that big heart of yours. Good luck at Hart! Love Mom and Dad
Lillian Congratulations! Your achievements always amaze us! You 're a beautiful, intelligent young woman. We're very lucky! Your Loving Family Melissa Kauffler We are so proud of you!! You 're the best daughter there is!! Love, Mom and Dad Morgan, We are so proud!! Keep up the good work. You are a beautiful, special person with a BIG heart and smile. Remember, the next adventure is just the beginning ... Love Mom and Dad I am so proud of you! You did a great job! I love the person you have grown to be. Love, Mom

We are so proud of you! You
Way to go Mandy. Now onto
gave it your all , and you never
Hart! Love you, Dad Mom and
stopped trying! Good job!
Love Mom, Dad and Cole

Caitlyn Zimmerman
Great job at Placerita! Looking forward to 4 awesome years at Hart! Love Mom, Ashley and Heather
We're really proud of you and we'll love you until you become grandma. May God be with you in the road ahead. Love Mom, Dad and Oppa
Our Dearest Danielle, You always make us very proud! Congratulations! Good luck in high school. Keep up the good work! "I.L.Y.M." Love, Mom and Dad
Remember to always shoot for the stars, Mi Zorro! Love Mom, Dad, Georgia and Sally
We love you so much, Becca! You'll do great at Hart. Much love, Mom, Dad, Christian and Katee
Great job, Spenny! We are so proud of you. There's nothing that you can 't do! You are our joy and we love you-Mom , Dad and Aubs
Lexi, you are beautiful and courageous, caring and smart. Never doubt who you are and that you are loved. We are proud of you. Love, your parentals & sister De Da You continue to make us proud and keep us laughing at the same time! We look forward to new surprises in your high school years. Love, Mom, Dad and Todd
We are proud of your hard work and accomplishments. We love you more than the sun, moon and the stars. Break a leg! Mom, Dad, Colin, and Holly Dear Christina, Congrats on a job well done! Wishing you continued success in high Christina school! We are so very proud of you! NissenLove Always, Mom, Dad, and Cara
We are so proud of you! You always do your best and then some. Love you bunches! Mommy, Daddy and Brittany Ricky-Congratulations! Junior High is over and now you're off to Hart. We're proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Will and Katie
Great Job! We knew you could do it! Good luck at Hart! Love Mom and Dad Jen-We are so proud of you! These past two years you have worked very hard and done a great job in school. We love you. Love Mom and Dad

Myla, Continue reaching the stars of your dreams ... We love you! Best of luck for success in High School!! Love Mom, Dad, Miky, and Buddie
Good Job Alex-We are so proud of you-Keep up the good workWe love you, Mom and Dad
Alex Prieto
Alex, you are an awesome son. Continue to do well. I am proud of you. Love Mom

Kelli, We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments! Keep on shining as you move on to Hart. You'll always be our baby! Love Mom and Dad
Josh, We're so proud of all your accomplishments. You are a kind, respectful and hard working young man. Always follow your dreams! We love you Dad, Mom, Jordan, and Anna
When you were born, we knew that you were destined for greatness, and your accomplishments at Placerita reaffirm our confidence in you! Best wishes at Hart! Love, your proud family
Congratulations! We love you and we're very proud of you! Love Mom, Dad and Stephanie
Congrats on an awesome 8th grade year! You are super cool and you rock! We are so proud of you kitten! Love, Mom, Dad, Ashley and Scott

Kaitlin , I am so proud of all your achievements you have earned, even with your busy dance schedule. Keep up the hard work and dedication, and you will succeed. Love, Mom
Kailey Giordano, you worked so hard, did so well, and should be so proud. Always remember these times and the close friendships you 've made. We love you Kailey, Mom, Dad , & Brenna
Way to go, Amanda, and 8th Grade Class of '06! Keep working hard, but also have fun in high school. Love, Dad and Mom

Emilia Cedron
Dear Emilia, we're very proud of you. Keep up the good work! Much love, Anyu , Apu, and Julian
Some things will never change-like your "smile"! We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Holly, Jeremy, and Sarni
Congratulations Katie! We are very proud of you! Have fun in high school! Love, and Best Wishes from Your Whole Family
Janell Moeller, You have done such a great job! We are so proud of you and your junior high accomplishments. Love, Mom & Dad
Dear Ashley, we are so proud of your Junior High accomplishments. Continue to reach for the stars and you will always catch them! Love, Mom, Dad, Chelsea, & Courtney

Janell Moeller

Joshua Wagner, We are so proud of you with all of your hard work. You will do great at Hart H.S. and we are looking forward to sharing that with
you! Love, Mom and Dad
You did it, and we are so proud of you! Have a wonderful time in high school. Love, Mom, Dad, and Jordan
Good grades-good friends-good times-good going at Placerita, Siobhan. Go make some good memories at Hart. Have Fun! Love you , xoxoxo, Papa, Daniel, Liam, and Delia

Maren, We all love you very much! Congratulations! Mom, Dad, Kat, Jennifer, Adam, Brandon, Christine, and Whitney
Dear Becca, We are very proud of your dedication to and passion for learning. Continue on this path, and you will accomplish great things. We love you! Mom, Dad, Brenna, and Colleen
Sam , your love of learning is an inspiration to us all. We love you , Mom, Dad, and Zak

Katie you have always made us
Kirsten Nicolaisen, Congratulations to
proud, keep it up! Good luck in high
a great daughter, good friend ,
school. You're the best! Love, Mom,
accomplished student and talented
Dad , and brother
dancer! Love, Mom, Dad, and Kari

Kyle Ryan Zada, Your accomplishments are many ... you always strive to do your best ... our pride and love for you is endless. Congratulations as you enter your next chapter ... Hart High. Love, Mom, Dad, Troy, and Rocky
"Bright Eyes", we are so proud of you! Congratulations on graduation from 8th grade! Good luck in high school! God Bless. We love you, Mommy, Daddy, Alyssa, Caitlin, Daniel, and Angel Danielle

Hurricanes ravage the Gulf Coast region in the fall of 2005, posing an unprecedented test of the United States federal emergency response efforts. Hundreds of lives are lost and thousands are left.homeless in the wake of Category 4 Hurricane Katrina, followed by HitaandWilma. The tragedy spurs contributions of money, talents, homes, food and more in an attempt to raise spirits and rebuild the area.

25 Hurricane Katrina strikes Florida.
28 Mandatory evacuation of both New Orleans and Mississippi is ordered as Katrina becomes aCategory 5 storm in the Gulf of Mexico.
29 Downgraded to a Category 4 storm, Katrina hits land. 1.3 million homes and businesses lose electricity in Louisiana,Mississippi and Alabama. 30 levees are breeched, flooding New Orleans and leaving 100,000 people stranded. After slow government response, civil unrest and looting begins.
31 President Bush surveys the damage.
30,000 National Guard troops are deployed.
Gas prices spike to as high as $5 per gallon.
2 President Bush visits Louisiana and signs a$10.5 billion relief bill. Nearly 154,000 evacuees arrive in Texas.
4 The New Orleans Superdome is evacuated.
6 President Bush and Congress pledge to investigate the flawed disaster response.
9 Government-issued debit cards are distributed to evacuees. The program fails and is ended days later.
12 Michael Brown,head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, resigns. Flooding is down to 50 percent in New Orleans.
14 New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin announces a phased repopulation plan.
15 New Orleans begins to reopen. Katrina is named the most destructive hurricane in U.S. history.
20 Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco declares astate of emergency as Hurricane Rita strengthens off the coast.
22 Rita hits the Louisiana coast and heads for Texas.
23 Thousands evacuate eastern Texas and the 9th Ward of New Orleans floods once again after levees are overrun.

.... Homes across the country .... Thousands of volunteers help .... Three months after Katrina0&/0bBf are opened to families left Habitat for Humanity rebuild strikes, the first New Orleans 24 Hurricane Wilma hits southwest Florida. homeless in the wake of homes in Louisiana, Mississippi public school reopens on Hurricane Katrina. and Alabama. November 28 .

bankruptcy due to huge fuel, London is hit by terrorist the 17th Chief Justice of the
... On October 15, Iraqi voters ratify a labor and security costs. attacks. Bombs strike one United States Supreme Court U.S.-supported draft constitution that Passengers see fees for pillows, bus as well as the city's following the death of William establishes afederal state. Asecond aisle seats and more as carriers underground trains, leaving 56 Rehnquist. election, in December, creates the seek new revenue sources. people dead and 700 injured. new government's first parliament.
.._ Violence in Iraq continues to cost lives. Since the war began in March 2003, over 27,700 Iraqi civilians and 2,300 coalition troops have died.
.._ Gasoline prices surge in September – A devastating 7.6-magnitude before falling back to pre-hurricane earthquake hits the Kashmir levels. Major oil companies face region of Pakistan in October, federal questioning after revealing killing 87,000 and leaving profits of over $35 billion during 3.5 million homeless. this period.

... In January 2006, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is sworn in as Liberia's president, making her Africa's first elected female leader.
... Vice President Dick Cheney's top aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby resigns after being indicted in October on criminal charges relating to the leaking of aCIA officer's identity.
... Despite his years of anti-gang advocacy while in prison, on December 13, former Grips gang leader Stanley "Tookie" Williams is executed by lethal injection for four 1979 murders.
... Methamphetamine use becomes a national crisis as meth-related crimes skyrocket on the West Coast and in the Midwest. Pharmacies remove pseudophedrine products from shelves in an effort to control meth production.
Hoping to restart the peace ... Civil unrest rocks France as more than process with the Palestinians, 300 towns and suburbs explode with Israel evacuates the Gaza Strip, riots and arson. High unemployment, an area it has occupied since racial discrimination and rage are the 1967 Six-Day War. blamed for the outbreaks.

TA global pandemic is feared as the avian flu claims 73 lives in Asia by the end of December and threatens to spread across the world.
.... After seven years and 2.88 billion miles, NASA's Stardust capsule returns to earth carrying dust particles from the tail of the comet Wild 2. Scientists believe the samples hold clues to the formation of the Solar System.
.... The American Dental Association cites bottled water and its lack of fluoride as a major contributing factor in the rise of tooth decay in children.
.... According to recent research, chocolate can be ahealthy treat thanks to its high content of flavonoids, which help maintain good circulation and reduce blood clotting.

Multi-dose Vial
With Diluent
.... The Sichuan Wolong Panda – In August, U.S. astronaut Stephen Protection and Breed Center in Robinson successfully completes China deals with a baby boom -an unprecedented emergency repair 16 pandas, including five sets of of the space shuttle Discovery while twins, are born between July and in orbit. November 2005.

.... U.S. scientist Gregory Olsen .... The ruins of what may be the
pays $20 million for atrip oldest Christian church, built to the International Space in the third or fourth century ,. Anticipating the GB summit in July, Bob Geldo1 Station aboard the Russian A.O ., are discovered on the organizes musicians for aseries of concerts Soyuz spacecraft. grounds of Megiddo Prison in around the world to highlight the problem of

northern Israel in November.
I, I I '
— Bill Gates, Bono and Melinda Gates are named TIME's Persons of the Year for their efforts to battle poverty, AIDS and malaria in Africa.
— Natalee Holloway, an 18-year-old from Birmingham, Alabama, becomes the lead story for every major news outlet after her disappearance while vacationing in Aruba.
global poverty.
— In August, American anti-Iraq War activist Cindy Sheehan, whose son Casey was killed in action in 2003, holds an extended demonstration at a peace camp outside President George W. Bush's Texas ranch.
— Everywhere you look ..... From preppy to vintage looks, ..... Cowboy boots see a rise this year sparkle is in vests make a bold statement in popularity, and not just with teen girls. in the fall of 2005. for line dancers and country
music fans.
Style gets a ..... The "hoodie" is a staple
dose of fun in most teens' wardrobes.
over formal with these
– Blazers with a retro fit make a unique fashion big splash on the fashion scene. alternatives.
, ..



meals to freeze, take home treatment with gourmet pet consumers opt for smaller and cook offer a fun, quick foods, available in upscale pet cars with better gas mileage ..,.. The popularity of poker on television results and easy mealtime solution food shops, pet food bakeries rather than gas-guzzling SUVs. in one of the biggest fads of the year -home
for busy moms. and even ice cream parlors. Texas Hold 'Em tournaments.

f nten.,i11,,,e,1t (4-J(JfJJ
,.,,. f ,,,.,.,,,
, ..,.. f. ,..,
Podcasts, free broadcast-format audio files published to the Internet and downloaded to iPods by subscription, are a hip way to keep up-to-date.
— The new food pyramid recommends Biogs become the biggest Web
that kids eat more fruits, vegetables craze since the inception of
and whole grains than in the past, the Internet thanks to sites like
and exercise 30 to 60 minutes and
each day.

Moviegoers rush to see March of fourth movie installment of the Penguins, asurprise hit the Harry Potter series, Harry
documentary that follows ayear in the Potter and the Goblet of Fire. life of aflock of Emperor penguins.

..., Praised by critics and audiences alike, Peter Jackson's remake of the 1933 classic King Kong becomes a giant box-office success.
, , I I
shines in the hit movie Pride and Prejudice, based on the 1813 Jane Austen novel.
– The beloved C.S. Lewis series comes to life on the big screen in Walt Disney's The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
2000 Pieoole's cuoice nominations Jo~ F.auoriue Heamv
snow comoelition
Reggaeton, which blends Seattle indie favorites Death
T Green Day tops off acareer year influences of hip-hop, Jamaican Cab for Cutie break into the with seven MTV Video Music Awards, reggae and dancehall with Latin mainstream with the album including Best Video of the Year American.. bomba and plena, Plans and "Directions," a for "Boulevard of Broken Dreams." reaches it$ tteight in popularity ,.series of 12 short films.
in 2005.

– University of Texas
grad Cowboy Troy
bursts onto the
country scene with
a new music genre,
"hick-hop," which
he proudly displays
on his class ring.
– Strong releases by Kelly Clarkson, Shakira,
Mariah Carey and Gwen Stefani rule the music
scene. Carey~ The Emancipation of Mim
eight Gram~ynominations and is the to
album of 2005.


0 Entertainment
.... be virtual dog owners as well, remains ajuggernaut in the thanks to the wildly popular I I videogame industry with the ..., Gamers wait in line for hours to get their
Nintendogs series. 11 , I I winter release of Star Wars: hands on the year's hottest holiday video . -., . . , Battlefront II. game console, Microsoft's Xbox 360.
Krista Kennell/ZUMA/Corbis
The classic game
of 20 Questions
gets a makeover
for 2005 with the
artificial intelligence
powered 200,
one of this year's
hottest toys.
— Music videos and TV shows are accessible on the go with the newest must-have item from Apple, the iPod with video.

Danica Patrick, 23-year-old Citing conduct unbecoming race driver, wins Rookie of the to the team, the Philadelphia
..., In June, the San Antonio Spurs win the 2005 Year honors in both the Indy Eagles suspend wide receiver NBA Championship over the Detroit Pistons Racing League's lndyCar Terrell Owens for four games in a thrilling seven-game Finals series. Spurs Series and at the Indianapolis and deactivate him for the forward Tim Duncan wins MVP honors. 500, where she finishes fourth. remainder of the NFL season.
NHL hockey returns in fall 2005 – Hawaiian golf phenom Michelle
after losing the entire '04-'05 Wie turns professional on her 16th
season to a labor dispute. Fans birthday and signs endorsements
flock to see players in new worth $10 million, making her
uniforms and exciting innovations one of the highest paid female
like tie-breaking shootouts. athletes in the world.

.... In November, WWE superstar .... American Lance Armstrong .... BMX superstar Dave Mirra wins
Eddie Guerrero dies of heart wins his unprecedented the gold medal in the BMX Park
failure. In 2004, Guerrero was seventh Tour de France in Finals of X Games XI. .,.,. Longhorns quarterback Vince Young
only the second wrestler of July. Armstrong then retires leads Texas to a national championship
Hispanic heritage to win the from competitive cycling. with adramatic 41-38 comeback victory
WWE championship. over USC in the 2006 Rose Bowl.

— Two-time champion Tony Stewart .... Swiss tennis superstar Roger wins NASCAR's Nextel Cup Series Federer wins two Grand Slam and a record $13.6 million in titles, at Wimbledon and the
winnings in 2005. Stewart's U.S. Open, along with all four career Cup earnings now total ATP Masters Series events. over $48 million.

Beloved "Gilligan's Island" funnyman Bob Denver dies
...,. Civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks dies at 92 in of cancer at 70. Although only Detroit. Parks' refusal in 1955 to give up her 98 episodes of the popular seat on an Alabama bus eventually led to laws sitcom were made, Denver was desegregating public transportation nationally. typecast as the nutty Gilligan
his entire career.
Kristin Cavallari, featured Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang on the MTV reality show shines in the lead role of "Laguna Beach," becomes Sayuri in the film adaptation one of Hollywood's hottest of the acclaimed Arthur Golden young personalities. novel Memoirs of a Geisha.
Actor Tom Cruise, 43, makes headlines all year with his controversial
views on psychiatry, his new love, actress Katie Holmes, and his couch
gymnastics on CBS's "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and NBC's "Tonight
Show with Jay Leno."
© Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Co llection
– Actor-comedian Richard Pryor dies at 65 in
December. Pryor's concerts and movies in the
'?Os and '80s inspired performers like Eddie
Murphy, Arsenio Hall and Robin Williams.

Peter Jennings, anchor of ABC's ..... Coretta Scott King, legendary "World News Tonight," dies of lung civil rights advocate and cancer in August. The popular TV widow of the Rev. Martin journalist held the anchor position Luther King Jr., dies in for 22 years. January 2006. She was 78.
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