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John L. Scott
Interim Los Angeles County Sheriff, 2014

[LASD 2014] — Sheriff John L. Scott began his career by graduating from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Academy in 1969. During his patrol time at Lakewood Station, Sheriff Scott was involved in the "Lady Deputy in Patrol" program where the first-ever female deputies were trained to work in the field.

Sheriff Scott promoted to Sergeant in 1974 and was assigned to Firestone Station where he worked as a Field Sergeant, Training Sergeant and Detective Sergeant. Sheriff Scott transferred to the Special Enforcement Bureau in1977, where he was a Team Leader and Training Sergeant. In 1982, he was placed on-loan to the Emergency Operations Bureau where he worked the "Integrated Planning Group" for the 1984 Olympics.

In 1984, Sheriff Scott was promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to Men's Central Jail where he worked as a Watch Commander and Training Lieutenant. As a Lieutenant, he went on to work Carson Station as a Watch Commander, Training Lieutenant and Operations Lieutenant; Region II Headquarters as a Chief of Staff; LA County Director of Emergency Management during the Northridge Earthquake; Employee Relations; followed by Aide to The Office of the Assistant Sheriff.

Sheriff Scott was promoted to Captain in 1995 and was assigned to Carson Station as the Unit Commander. In 2001, he was promoted to Commander and transferred to North Custody and then to South Custody. In 2002, he was promoted to Chief and remained in Custody Operations until his retirement in March of 2005.

Sheriff Scott served as the Undersheriff of Orange County from 2008 until his appointment as the Sheriff of Los Angeles County on January 30, 2014. Sheriff Scott's appointment by the Board of Supervisors will remain in place until December of 2014, when the newly elected Sheriff (Jim McDonnell) will assume office.

Sheriff Scott holds a Bachelor's Degree in Management and a Master's Degree in Public Communications. He is married to Alice, a retired Captain from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and has four adult children, Benjamin, Wesley, John and Michael. In his leisure time, Sheriff Scott enjoys skiing, traveling and reading.

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