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Baptismal Data: (Chief) Emeterio Alaguo (SFR-B01861)

Mission: San Fernando Rey

Baptismal No. 01861

Spanish Name: Emeterio

Native Name: Alaguo

Baptism Date: April 1, 1811[*]

Type of Baptism: + (normal)

Origin: Quecchao (aka Cuecchao, Tataviam village in La Liebre area, southwest Antelope Valley)

Ethnicity: [Indio]

Sex: M

Baptism Place: [Iglesia] (church)

Age: 40 years

Level: a (adult)

Marital Status: Casado (married)

Status: Capitan de Quecchao (Chief of Cuecchao)


Spanish Name: Claudia

Mission: San Fernando Rey [baptized]

Baptism Number: 01893


Spanish Name: Bernardo | SFR 01831

Spanish Name: Prudencio | SFR 01871X


Name: Patricio Pico

Religious Status: Razon ("Mission" Indian)


Officiant: Pedro Muñoz

Recorder: Pedro Muñoz


Mission: San Fernando Rey

Record Number: 01040

Burial Date: November 18, 1813

* There was a major removal of "gentile" (non-mission) Indians from their ancestral villages in 1811.

Source: The Huntington Library, Early California Population Project Database, 2006.
Cuecchao Village

(Chief) Emeterio (Alaguo)
• Baptism 1811 age 40
Dionisio (Napcos)
• Baptism 1811 age 38
Dionisia (Aoc)
• Baptism 1811 age 36
Zenon (Chaamel)
• Baptism 1811 age 17
Zenona (Getriuna)
• Baptism 1811 age 19
Epifania (Saliyolelen)
• Baptism 1811 age 15
German (Genunchinugasu)
• Baptism 1811 age 12
• Marriage 1813
• Death <1824
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