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Death Record Data: Benjamin Joseph (SFR-D00036)

Mission: San Fernando Rey

Death Record No.: 00036

Burial Date: [October 1799]

Place: [unstated] (unknown)

Death Date: [blank]

Date of Notice: A los principios de Octubre [1799] (at the beginning of October)

Informant: unos gentiles (some gentiles, i.e., unbaptized Indians)

Cause of Death: matado (killed)

Notes: "A los principios de Octubre avisaron unos gentiles, como havian matado, p.r consiguiente sepultado, a un idio adulto." (At the beginning of October were warned about gentiles as having killed and buried an adult Indian.)

Age: a (Adult)

Spanish Name: Benjamin Jose [sic]

Native Name: [blank]

Origin: San Gabriel[*]

Ethnicity: [Idio] [sic; Indio]

Religious Status: Neofito (baptized Indian)

Baptism Mission: San Gabriel

Number: 01988

Notes: "San Gabriel, de donde era neofito" (San Gabriel, where he was a neophyte)

Date of Entry: November 26, 1799

Residential Status: empadronado ya en esta, con licencia de los R.s P.s M.ros de San Gabriel (previously registered at San Gabriel)


Officiant: [gentiles]

Recorder: Francisco Xavier Uria

* Incorrect; he was born at Tochonabit (Tochonanga, Newhall), not at the mission.

Source: The Huntington Library, Early California Population Project Database, 2006.

Benjamin Joseph
• Baptism 1791 age 34
• Death 1799

Jose Maria (Seuyeuyeminasu)
• Baptism 1799 (adult)

Tomasa (Teuteu)
• Baptism 1800 age 34

Hipolito de la Assumpcion
• Baptism 1786 age 8mos

Estanislao (Cabuti)
• Baptism 1799 age 3

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