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Developer's Promotional Fact Sheet
Val Verde, California

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Promotional fact sheet from Val Verde owner-developer Harry M. Waterman, 1939. Waterman subdivided Val Verde and sold lots to do-it-yourself homebuilders, and he deeded 53 acres to Los Angeles County for Val Verde Park. Considering the directions to Val Verde start at North Broadway, the target audience for this piece would have been people living in or near the Lincoln Heights section of Los Angeles. As for the rest of the directions, today we would say Interstate 5 instead of U.S. 99, "Calgrove area" instead of Weldon Canyon, and Six Flags Magic Mountain instead of Richfield Tower. But those things didn't exist in 1939.

This fact sheet was entombed in the time capsule that was secreted inside the cornerstone of the Val Verde Park poolhouse on April 16, 1939. The Los Angeles County Parks Department opened the capsule in 1994 during a renovation project and photographed the contents circa 2014.

Facts About Beautiful Val Verde.

Ques. — Have you heard of Val Verde?

Yes, but I would be glad to hear more particulars.

Ans. — Val Verde is a popular mountain resort besides having many permanent residents. It is recognized as the recreational center of the 100,000 or more colored people of L.A. County.

Ques. — Is Val Verde Park connected with this community?

Ans. — Yes, it is a 53 acre Los Angeles County Park on which over a quarter million dollars has been expended in improvements, including a large recreation building with restaurant, library, dance floor, etc., always open for your pleasure, many picnic tables, out of door stoves, an athletic field for baseball, games, etc., thousands of trees, plants and shrubs which have been planted recently, which under the care of experts are maturing rapidly, fine lawns and many shady spots for rest and play; Sunrise Hill, where impressive services are held every Easter Sunday morning; also many further improvements are planned in view of making it one of the most beautiful parks in the Southland.

Ques. — Please describe the climate.

Ans. — With an elevation of from 1250 to 1400 ft., it has sunny, warm days and delightfully clear cool nights free from fog. An invigorating health restoring climate, especially beneficial to invalids and convalescents.

Ques. — Tell me how to reach Val Verde.

Ans. — Drive out North Broadway to San Fernando Road which is U.S. 99, follow same through San Fernando and Weldon Canyon to Richfield Tower, at Castaic Junction. Then turn west or to the left three miles to Val Verde sign; then north 1½ miles in the San Martinez Valley. This gives you a scenic route of 40 miles over fine paved highway, with sun at your back going in the morning, and same on return in the afternoon. This means a comfortable trip on hot days.

Ques. — Tell us about the lots and home sights [sic] in Val Verde.

Ans. — Lots range in size from 50x100 ft. to two acres, with a variety to suit all. Lots with large spreading oaks which have been growing since before Columbus discovered America, picturesque hillside lots, very attractive for your mountain cabin, hill top lots, with magnificent view; large level lots with very productive soil where you can raise fruit trees, berries, grapes, etc., plenty of room for chickens, turkeys, rabbits, etc., which do exceptionally well here owing to the ideal climate; business lots which will become very valuable as Val Verde develops into a city which is planned; and lots hidden in secluded sections where you can enjoy quietness and peace and profit by a restful week-end.

Ques. — What are the improvements in this subdivision?

Ans. — An excellent water system, with abundance of water piped to your lot without extra cost; Southern California Edison Company supplies electricity; well graded streets perpetually maintained by the county; and telephone service.

Ques. — What are charges for water and electricity?

Ans. - User buys a meter costing $12. installed — Water is supplied at minimum rate of $1.50 per month. Minimum for electricity is $1.00 per month.

Ques. — How are Val Verde lots priced?

Ans. — Lots as low in price as $99. — Others at $200. — $300. — $350. — and $400.00.

Ques. — Are there many homes in the Community?

Ans. — More than 50 homes have been built, including some very attractive places.

Ques. — What are the terms of payment?

Ans. — Terms are 10% down and easy monthly payments on balance. For a small deposit a lot can be reserved.

Ques. — Do you consider this a good time to buy in Val Verde?

Ans. — By all means, yes. Never were prices as low as now and all indications are that Southern California is about to experience another real estate boom, which of course, will affect Val Verde prices. This property being located in a valley with only a limited number of lots available will naturally mean that an increase in price will be inevitable. Desirable lots are being rapidly picked up, so do not delay in making an early selection.

Ques. — Do many people visit Val Verde?

Ans. — There is a continuous attendance at the park on holidays and for special events many thousands often attend.

Ques. — Are riding horses available?

Ans. — At present there is a string of well broken horses and excellent equipment that can be hired at reasonable rates. Many mountain trails in vicinity make riding an ideal pleasure.

Ques. — Who are owners of Val Verde tract?

Ans. — Val Verde Properties, Ltd., 1547 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles. Harry M. Waterman, president and owner has been identified with Val Verde since the organization was founded 12 years ago. Real Estate Office is maintained at tract.

/s/ Harry M. Waterman

CP3902: 9600 dpi jpeg from original fact sheet on file with L.A. County Department of Parks and Recreation.

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