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Film: Fillmore After the Flood
Fillmore Historical Museum



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Water still flows in the Santa Clara River between Fillmore and Bardsdale in this film that was made soon after the St. Francis Dam Disaster and flood that devastated the area during the wee hours of March 13, 1928.

Among the views in this film: The road between Fillmore and Bardsdale; the washed-out Bardsdale bridge; ruined crops; burning ruined citrus trees; damaged homes in Fillmore and Bardsdale; heavy equipment used to clear debris; Red Cross relief in Fillmore; destroyed vehicles at Kemp/Blue Cut (near end of film).

The film is silent; we've added an audio track. To hear it as it was intended, turn off the volume.

Filmmaker and original source unknown. Courtesy of Fillmore Historical Museum.

(St. Francis Dam Disaster 1928)

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