Dam Site & Santa Paula Damage
St. Francis Dam Disaster | Ex-Ruth Teague

Set of eight BW prints (seven at 3.5x5.5 inches, one at 2.5x4 inches) obtained by St. Francis Dam historian John Nichols from Ruth Teague.

The first four photographs (as displayed here) show the dam site in San Francisquito Canyon in 1928; the last four show Santa Paula flood damage. Persons, places and photographer(s) are unidentified.

Ruth Laura Reddick Teague (1921-2007) grew up in Santa Paula and studied art at Mills College. She married Robert Dana Teague (1919-2007) and raised a family in Santa Paula. We don't know the familial relationship, if any, between Robert Dana Teague and Charles C. Teague (1873-1950), president of the Limoneira company in Santa Paula and chairman of Ventura County's "Make L.A. Pay!" committee* after the dam broke.

*Not its real name, but you get the point. He previously led the charge to stop the dam from being built in the first place.

From the Small World Dept.: The John Nichols Gallery is located inside Teague's old Limoneira building. Today (2019) it is the Santa Paula Art Museum.

Read Charles C. Teague's account of the dam disaster here.

LW3496: Download archival scans and larger images here. Purchased 2019 by Leon Worden from John Nichols.
(St. Francis Dam Disaster 1928)

thumbnail FILM: Fillmore

thumbnail Broken Highway

thumbnail Broken Water Main

thumbnail Santa Paula Structures x11

thumbnail April 8, 1928 x2

thumbnail Teague Photos x8

thumbnail Wrecked Farmhouse

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